Snowman Bomb Bomb Bath Bomb from Lush

Snowman Bomb Bomb Bath Bomb

I have a confession, being honest as always I admit that I have left the reviews of the 3 different ‘bomb bomb’ bath bombs until last as I see them as more of a novelty product more than anything, they have also proven incredibly difficult to photograph!

Out of the 3 ‘bomb bombs’ available I think the Snowman is probably my favourite because it has such a simple scent and is the most recognisable character of the 3.

This year there are 3 Bomb Bombs. The idea behind them is that you get 2 bath bombs in one. One of the bath bombs is its head the other is its body, hence the ‘bomb bomb’.

Ingredients wise the Snowman bomb doesn’t have much in it at all. Apart from the regular bath bomb ingredients the only essential oil in it is spearmint. At first I thought its scent was similar to the One Eskimo bubble bar and then after another sniff I wondered if it was closer or the same as the Christingle body conditioner.

It however doesn’t share a scent with any other Lush product, it’s just pure spearmint through and through.

The Snowman Bomb Bomb Bath Bomb was the first of the 3 bomb bombs that I used. I decided to use the head and body of the Snowman in just the one bath (see photo below) some people have however spread their Snowman bomb out over 2 baths, one day using the head and another day using its body. There’s no right or wrong way to use it, the choice is entirely yours – savour it or in my case, over indulge!

As soon as Snowman bomb is placed in the water it begins to hiss, sending blue and white bubbly foam across the waters surface. Unfortunately the Snowman bomb was a very fast fizzer. Considering I used both of the bath bombs together I was rather disappointed at how quickly they both disappeared. Some people do enjoy the fast fizzing bath bombs though as it means they can sit back and relax sooner.

There wasn’t much chance of getting any bath art shots, I did however capture the Snowman looking at me as he melted away leaving nothing but his sweet vegan eyeballs. (see photo below). The water left behind was a cloudy shade of blue.

Overall I feel I have really struggled to put a positive spin on this bath bomb, it’s cute and I love its simplistic and refreshing scent but I just can’t help but think that I’d have rather spent my money on a minty old-school Christmas Lush bath bomb such as Abombinaball or Thundersnow.

Pushing my disappointment aside, the Snowman bomb did leave my skin feeling soft and well nourished. Its scent didn’t however last on my skin once I was out of the bath which was another let down.

Out of the 3 bomb bombs I believe the Snowman is probably the best. I won’t be buying any of the bomb bombs again but I am glad I gave them all a go once. – I’ll make sure to get the other 2 bomb bombs reviewed before Christmas!

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