Sex Bomb Shower Gel from Lush

In the UK, the Sex Bomb Shower Gel first came out, back in the Summer of 2019 as a part of a community release with 5 other never-before-been-released shower gels and the Cookie Dough body scrub. I felt Sex Bomb was one of the most popular (if not the best) out of the 6 exclusive shower gels released back then, I’m still confused as to why it has never become a main line product even only for a season.

Fast forward to 2023 and rumour has it that the Sex Bomb shower gel may be in the February Lush Kitchen Subscription Box, so I decided it was about time that I finished my half-written review on it! 

The Sex Bomb shower gel obviously has the same scent as the best-selling Sex Bomb bath bomb. The shower gel is a pearlescent, light pink and has quite a thin formula in comparison to most of Lush’s most recently released shower gels.

The Sex Bomb shower gel contains a long list of ingredients, some of those included are jasmine absolute, clary sage, ylang ylang and rose infusion. Jasmine has been used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac, which explains the inspiration and name of this shower gel.

The scent is a soft floral and not at all ‘old-lady like’. Mixed in with the floral element of Sex Bomb is the sweetness of the ylang ylang. That, and the clary sage help round of Sex Bomb’s fragrance in an almost musky way.

If you like floral scents that are fresh and fun, Sex Bomb would be a good choice for you. You’d be surprised with how much thought goes into even just the harvesting of Lush product ingredients. For example, the jasmine used in the Sex Bomb shower gel is picked exclusively at sunrise as that’s when it is most fragrant.

The Sex Bomb shower gel lathers up easily and a very small amount of it goes a long way. Mixed in with the steam and hot-shower-water the scent really comes to life, you and your bathroom have never smelt sexier! 😉

Once out of the shower the Sex Bomb scent remains on your skin for the best part of the rest of the day, although it is not as strong on your skin it is still very noticeable. It also does a really good job of cleansing your skin leaving it looking and feeling much brighter. I do however find it a little drying on the skin if you overindulge and use a little more than you should, less is definitely more when it comes down to using the Sex Bomb shower gel.

Overall, I love the Sex Bomb shower gel and am confused as to why Lush never made it a Valentine’s Day exclusive-product since its first release back in 2019, as I believe it would sell well.

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Author: Lulu

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