Glitch Shower Gel from Lush

The Glitch Shower Gel was first released as a part of Lush’s 2022 Father’s Day line. You may recognise its scent from a much-loved golden oldie Lush product the Avoshower shower gel. The Glitch shower gel is a revamped version of Avoshower and if I’m going to be honest, I actually much prefer it. We’ll get more into why a bit later…

This year Lush have released some amazing new shower gels and Glitch is up there with my favourites. Until we’ve seen this year’s Halloween and Christmas stock I can’t say for sure that it’s my favourite shower gel from 2022 but right now it’s in my top 3 for sure.

Unlike the Sticky Dates shower gel from this years Eid line, Glitch sadly wasn’t kept on once the Father’s Day line retired for the year, luckily I however managed to grab an extra 2 bottles before they had completely sold out.

The Glitch shower gel is a lovely and bright shade of green, it’s so bright it almost glows! It has a thick but easy to get out of the bottle consistency – which is the complete opposite of the same-smelling, super-runny Avoshower shower gel. It is lovely and creamy and also lathers up effortlessly too. Its ingredient list includes some of the following: Lemon balm infusion, lemongrass oil, bergamot oil, fresh lemon and lime juices and carrageenan extract.

Another popular product that shares its scent with the Glitch shower gel is the Avobath bath bomb, both are perfect products to use if you’re in need of a boost, there’s nothing like using Glitch shower gel first thing in the morning.

Its scent is so incredibly refreshing, its citrus rich and full of zing. Just a quick whiff of it from the bottle is enough to give you a little boost of energy. Mark my words, it’s a legendary shower gel, if Lush don’t bring it back again I will be very disappointed.

When it comes down to their new-release shower gels, Lush have really outdone themselves this year. As I have said in my previous 2022 shower gel reviews, Lush’s shower gel selection was in desperate need of new life and 2022 has been a brilliant year for Lush shower gels. Customers have demanded new shower gels and Lush have pulled through. Glitch has left me so excited for the new shower gels set to arrive in Autumn. If they’re half as good as Glitch we’re going to be very happy customers.

The Glitch shower gel lathers up easily and is super-duper creamy. I recommend adding a little of the shower water to it once it’s in your hands just to get it at the perfect lathering consistency, it’s incredibly creamy, one of the creamiest I’ve had from Lush. Adding a little water to it in your hands will ensure that a small amount of the shower gel goes a very long way. Without that extra water it would be quite gloopy.

Once the hot water and steam of the shower meets the shower gel and you begin to lather it up, its awakening scent engulfs you, filling your bathroom with a ‘powerhouse of invigorating lemongrass, lemon balm tea and cleansing lime juice.’ Overall, I cannot recommend Glitch shower gel enough, it has certainly made any early mornings I face a lot easier to handle!

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Author: Lulu

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