NEW Golden Pudding Bath Bomb from Lush

The Golden Pudding Bath Bomb was first released last year (2021) and was a combination of 2 much loved Christmastime products, the Golden Wonder and Luxury Lush Pud bath bombs. This year (2022) the Golden Pudding bath bomb has made a return but with a slightly different look.

The new Golden Pudding bath bomb still shares the same scent as last year’s version; Its shape is however different. Golden Pudding is no longer the standard round-bath-bomb shape, it now has a larger face, flat back, and the inside of it is hollow with loose bath-bomb chunks. When you shake it, it rattles in a similar way as the Jingle Bells bath bomb did.

The Golden Pudding bath bomb is mostly golden, with a white top and mini candy holly-shaped-crown. You’ll recognise its scent from several different past Winter products, some I have mentioned above, others include the Bubbly shower gel and Buck’s Fizz body conditioner.

Ingredients wise, the Golden Pudding contains both sweet wild orange and lime oils. It’s a tangy citrusy scent with a warm, boozy punch.

As soon as you place the Golden Pudding bath bomb into the water it starts to slowly fizz away. Golden foam trickles out of it as it calmly bobs around the bath.

It didn’t take long for the bath bomb to start spinning. A burst of orange-foam suddenly spills out of it.

The older version of the Golden Pudding bath bomb used to have both orange and pink inside of it, so I was a little disappointed to see that this new version only had a short-lived, tiny burst of orange.

The bath art from the Golden Pudding bath bomb was nowhere near as good as the original version of it, hence me only having the one photo of its bath art in this review. I couldn’t stop taking photographs of last years in action so this was also a disappointment.

The water left behind by the Golden Pudding bath bomb is a glorious shade of gold and so incredibly shimmery. Its scent lasts throughout your whole bath and lingers in the air once it has gone down the plug hole too. Laying back in its sweet yet warm waters left me super relaxed.

Its silky-smooth waters are also really soothing on worn out, Winter skin. Golden Puddings beautiful scent remains on your skin for the best part of the rest of the day too, something that’s quite unusual for a citrus based product.

Overall, I did enjoy using the new-look Golden Pudding bath bomb but it’s no way near as good as its original design. Its most redeeming feature is its incredible scent but performance wise it just wasn’t on par with last year’s version.

Lush get most things right but sadly changing the Golden Pudding bath bomb wasn’t one of them. This bath bomb has unfortunately been placed in my Lush-metaphorical ‘don’t fix what isn’t broke’ box.

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