Grass Shower Gel from Lush

Grass Shower Gel has been available from Lush on and off for well over 10 years and has very recently come back again as an all-year-round product. Most recently the Grass scent featured in 2023’s Lunar-New-Year bath bomb, Gold Rabbit. With Gold Rabbit being so popular it has introduced new customers to the Grass scent while also reuniting older customers with it too.

All of the customers that cannot get enough of the bath bomb have been pointed in the direction of the shower gel and yet again, it’s flying off of the shelves. Some of the photos in this review I actually took back in 2018, it’s taken me a while to get around to reviewing it but better late than never!

The Grass shower gel is a khaki green colour, it’s quite a thin formula compared to a lot of the newer released shower gels, so I recommend giving the bottle a little shake before using it.

The Grass shower gel contains a long list of ingredients, some of those included are the following essential oils, sandalwood, bergamot and neroli. Also included in it is plenty of fresh wheatgrass juice and fine sea salt.

The scent is best described as being very similar to freshly cut grass. It’s earthy, fresh, and warm. Every time I get a whiff of it, I am transported to a beautiful summer’s day, I can hear birds singing and the neighbour’s lawn mower mowing away in the distance. Grass shower gel has a warmth to it that makes me think of the sun which instantly makes me happy too.

If you like non-synthetic more natural scents (AKA not Snow Fairy shower gel) then the Grass shower gel would be a good choice for you. It has a beautiful calming fragrance and thanks to the neroli oil in it, it brightens your mood too.

The Grass shower gel lathers up easily and a very small amount of it goes a long way. Mixed in with the steam and hot-shower-water the scent really comes to life, it’s literally like you’re showering outside, freshly cut grass under your feet.

Once out of the shower the Grass scent remains on your skin for the best part of the rest of the day, although it is not as strong on your skin as it is straight out of the bottle it is still noticeable. It leaves your skin clean and looking and feeling refreshed.

Overall, I love the Grass shower gel and am very glad to have it back in my life, it always seems to sell well so I don’t understand why Lush took it away, let’s hope that this time round it is here to stay!

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Author: Lulu

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