Deep Sleep Magnesium Bath Bomb from Lush

Straight after Christmas 2022, Lush released a range of magnesium-based products. The new collection contains 3 magnesium massage bars and 2 Epsom salt bath-bomb-cubes. Today I am reviewing the Deep Sleep Magnesium Bath Bomb.

This new magnesium-based bath bomb is not to be confused with the Deep Sleep bath bomb also currently available. They however, both have the same dreamy scent so if you did enjoy the original Deep Sleep bath bomb, this magnesium version is definitely worth a try.

The magnesium range was created with exercise in mind. Magnesium is said to have many benefits on your body before, during and after exercise. These products have been made to help support exercise performance, recovery and to aid you into getting a more restful sleep. As a wheelchair user, exercise isn’t really my thing but ensuring I get a restful night’s sleep is right up my street!

Epsom salt is very popular to use in hot baths to help with muscle pain, even though I don’t exercise as much as I’d like due to illness, I do get a lot of muscle pain. The Deep Sleep Magnesium bath bomb was therefore, naturally the first product from the new magnesium range that I reached out for.

The Deep Sleep Magnesium bath bomb is cube shaped, 1 half of it is pink and the other is purple. They are approximately 180g each so a little bit smaller than the average sized Lush bath bomb but we all know size doesn’t matter… 😉

The Deep Sleep Magnesium bath bomb contains some of the world’s most relaxing ingredients; Lavender, chamomile and neroli. Its scent is both soothing and relaxing. Scent-wise my nose mostly picks up on the lavender, it’s a very sweet yet herbal scent.

As soon as the Deep Sleep Magnesium bath bomb touches the water you are greeted with a ferocious hiss. The purple and pink colour that spills out of the bath bomb are subtle in comparison to how bright the colours are in the actual bath bomb. I didn’t expect the Deep Sleep Magnesium bath bomb to be very foamy due to the Epsom salt and I was right.

The Deep Sleep scent intensifies and engulfs your bathroom from the moment the bath bomb touches the hot water. Again, due to the salt in the Deep Sleep Magnesium bath bomb it’s a very quick fizzer. Within 2 minutes the bath bomb has fully dissolved. There’s no bath art, this bath bombs star qualities are definitely its scent and how it leaves you feeling both physically and mentally.

My skin lapped up the wonderfully soothing, Deep Sleep Magnesium-infused-waters, it left my skin so incredibly soft and really did make a difference to my tired muscles. Laying back in its waters is like floating on a cloud.

Overall, I loved everything about the Deep Sleep Magnesium bath bomb. Its scent and its ingredients really do leave my muscles feeling lighter and my mind much calmer. Used just before bed it is perfect to help lull you into a truly relaxed state of mind. I’m a terrible sleeper so always grab products like this to use of an evening.

If you’re chasing a better night’s sleep, I couldn’t recommend the Deep Sleep Magnesium bath bomb more. Although I no longer do much exercise, I can tell how good it would be to use after a run or session at the gym. It’s magic on my tired, achy muscles after a long day.

I wish it existed back when I was at school as I could have really done with it the day after having a PE lesson!

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