NEW Black Rose Bath Bomb from Lush

The Black Rose Bath Bomb has had a mini makeover; I have received a handful of emails asking why the Black Rose bath bomb in my 2018 review looks a little different to the one currently available in store and online so I thought I’d do a shiny new review.

Originally the Black Rose bath bomb was 1 of the 6 Lush Japan, exclusive bath bombs that were available to purchase in very limited amounts at the 2018 Lush Showcase; Each of the 6 bath bombs were sold for one hour only over the 2-day event.

Since the 2018 Lush Showcase the Black Rose bath bomb had become more readily available. For a little while Lush did actually discontinue it but brought it back, albeit with a slightly different look, hence this review.

At the point of writing this review, the Black Rose bath bomb is listed as a Lush bestseller. Bringing it back was a very wise idea, indeed!

The Black Rose bath bomb is quite the piece of art and is made to look just like a rose. The original version had red petal edges that were hand painted on to each individual bath bomb, now it is just a plain black rose. Without the painted on petal-edges I imagine it is now much quicker to hand make. – Even without the red edges, the bath bomb’s attention to detail is still just as beautiful as its previous version. Based on its looks alone I can see why it is still so popular.

Black Rose is a part of the Rose Jam scent family, you will most likely recognise it from the Rose Jam shower gel. The Rose Jam fragrance features heavily in several different Lush products throughout the year, it’s very popular so I could tell upon first sniff at the Lush Showcase that the Black Rose bath bomb would sell well.

The Black Rose bath bomb contains rose, geranium and Sicilian lemon oil. Although Rose Jam is primarily a floral based, rose-rich scent, it also has other depths to it with the addition of the lemon oil, this pinch of sourness really rounds off the scent, it’s almost musky. Rose scents are stereotyped as a scent for older people but the Rose Jam scent is and can be enjoyed by both youngsters, old dears and all those in between!

Now I think I shall address its colour, this isn’t the first only black bath product Lush have released. The first black bath bomb in my memory is the Secret Arts jelly bomb. I will admit, before using that for the first time I was terrified at the prospect of a very dirty bath after use, much to my surprise it wasn’t messy at all and neither was the Black Rose bath bomb.

With every bath bomb (even the light coloured ones) I do recommend using them in a clean bath as any bath bomb colour will cling to residue left in the tub (even the almost invisible stuff like soap scum.) If you do find yourself in a situation where a simple rinse with the shower head doesn’t work, my secret weapon is dish washer soap.

A sponge, hot water and dish washer soap cuts through grime and grease fantastically! I actually use it to clean my bath all the time. It’s that good a combo.

Once the Black Rose bath bomb hits the water you are greeted with an explosion of black foam sizzling out of the bath bomb, slowly turning the bath water a dark and shimmery black. From this point on, this new version of the Black Rose bath bomb is exactly the same as its older version, Bath art and all.

As the Black Rose bath bomb charges around your bath spreading black foam it doesn’t take long for the hidden purply-pink innards of Black Rose to make an appearance. The photos I took and have put in this blog post do the bath art that Black Rose creates no justice at all.

It’s a fairly slow fizzer but once it has all gone you are left with jet black, shimmery water with an ever so slightly purple tinge. Overall I really did enjoy using the Black Rose bath bomb, it left my skin smooth and soft to the touch, its light scent remained on my skin for several hours after getting out of the bath too.

Apart from the now absent painted-on-red-petal-edges, there’s not much difference between this version of the Black Rose bath bomb and the older one. Black Rose isn’t one of my favourite bath bombs but I would happily use it again as I’m a fan of its Rose Jam scent.

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Kitsune Bath Bomb from Lush

Kitsune Bath Bomb

The Kitsune Bath Bomb was 1 of the 6 Lush Japan, exclusive bath bombs that were available to purchase in very limited amounts at the 2018 Lush Showcase; Each of the 6 bath bombs were sold for one hour only over the 2 day event.

Fortunately, Kitsune is now readily available online and in Lush stores that have chosen to stock it as a part of the 30 years-of-bath-bombs celebrations. For anyone out of the loop, thirty years ago the bath bomb was invented by Mrs Lush (AKA Mo Constantine) in her garden shed. A very happy 30th birthday to the bath bomb!

Containing Sicilian red Mandarin, patchouli and benzoin resinoid the Kitsune bath bomb has many great qualities. Its scent is packed full of energy, I’d describe it as a warmer version of the Avobath bath bomb. It seems to have the same citrus-punch as the aforementioned bath bomb it however has a much warmer fragrance-layer because of the benzoin resinoid.

This makes it a great bath bomb to use if you are like me and live with chronic pain, the benzoin resinoid mixed with the patchouli stimulates your blood flow which helps you wind down and relax, relieving any tired and achy muscles as you lay back and enjoy Kitsune’s waters.

When I first see the Kitsune bath bomb piled high at the 2018 Lush Showcase I thought it was a sea shell design, I was getting beach and mermaid vibes and it had me so, so excited. I was however wrong; Flip the Kitsune bath bomb the other way and it is actually a foxes head.

May I add without eyes – which isn’t a bad thing as I do find myself getting attached to all of the Lush products with eyes… Not ideal when you’re all waiting for a review!

I now know after 10 or so minutes of research, that ‘Kitsune’ is the Japanese word for Fox. The Kitsune in particular is a mythical, 9 tailed fox that commonly features in Japanese folklore. As soon as I realised the 2 pointy bits on the bomb were in fact fox ears I couldn’t wait to see how it performed in the bath.

As soon as the Kitsune bath bomb touches the water an explosion of foam bursts out of it. Shimmery gold, pastel reds, oranges and yellows erupts from within. Next, the Kitsune bath bombs magic truly begins. As most bath bombs do, Kitsune bobs around the waters surface slowly spinning. The photo below does this bath bomb no justice at all, you really have to try it to appreciate how much of a performance it puts on.


As Kitsune spins in the water, gold and pastel yellow lines seem to appear, this is what Lush meant when they described Kitsune as a ‘shapeshifter’ (something the Kitsune from Japanese folklore can do.)

The magic of a Kitsune fox is displayed so cleverly in this bath bomb, I always say that the Lava Lamp bath bomb is the cleverest bath bomb design and concept but Kitsune is just as good! Who knew that a bath bomb could tell you a story and so vividly?

As Kitsune is quite the fast fizzer you don’t have to wait very long for its spectacular show to be over allowing you to lay back and relax in its even more spectacular waters. The Kitsune bath bomb leaves your skin silky smooth with a tiny splash of beautiful, natural shimmer.

The Lush website claims that you’ll rise out of a Kitsune bath ‘wiser and clearer of mind’  and I really, really believe that you do. Its scent is so zingy and warming and can still be detected on your skin hours and hours after using it. It’s a very hydrating bath bomb too. I’d love to see this scent feature in other product formats in the future.

Overall I would say that Kitsune was my favourite of the Showcase 2018 Japan exclusives. Lush were kind enough to send me one out as a random act of kindness earlier this week and I cannot wait to share another bath with it. Maybe I’ll get better photos of the Kitsune ‘shape shifting’ the next time I use it, watch this space! 👀

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Princess Bomb Bomb Bath Bomb from Lush

For Christmas 2018 Lush created 3 different Bomb Bombs; The Snowman, Santa and the Princess Bomb Bomb. The idea behind the bomb bomb is that you get 2 bath bombs in one character. One of the bath bombs is its head the other is its body, hence the ‘bomb bomb’.

Being honest as always, I will just come out and say what everyone else is thinking, this bath bomb won’t be winning any prizes for its looks anytime soon. Out of the 3 bomb bombs from 2018, Princess is by far the strangest to look at. As I have said in my other bomb bomb reviews, I feel as if all 3 of them were thrown together at the very last minute and I stand by my statement that each of them are just novelty products.

The Princess Bomb Bomb has a pink dress, a green face, an orange crown, yellow hair and 2 big vegan candy eyes. I hate to sound like a broken-record but Lush really could have done so much better with this bomb bombs design. The bomb bomb is such a good idea and concept, the only problem I have is that all I see when I look at the Princess Bomb Bomb is a frog in fancy dress! – I normally find some sort of charm in this type of ‘ugly’ Lush product, Princess is however an entity.

The Princess Bomb Bomb contains bergamot, cedarwood and ylang ylang oil. I was taken by surprise with this line up of ingredients. Due to its bright and mainly pink colouring I automatically assumed that the Princess Bomb Bomb would share its scent with the Snow Fairy shower gel. Yet again I was wrong.

Its scent is so far from what myself and the rest of the Lush community were expecting when the 3 bomb bombs were announced. It has sweet, subtle and musky floral elements to it and in my opinion is definitely a scent that would appeal to the older members of the Lush community in particular.

As soon as the Princess Bomb Bomb comes into contact with the bath water it begins to hiss. Yellow and pink bubbles fizzle out of it and spread across the waters surface. Just like the other bomb bombs, Princess dissolves fast, so fast that I didn’t manage to get any half -decent photographs of it in action.

What the Princess Bomb Bomb lacked in bath art was well made up for with how moisturised it left my skin. I did use both the head and body together (see photo above) some people have however spread their Princess Bomb Bomb over 2 baths, one day using the head and another day using its body.

I didn’t fall head over heels in love with the Princess Bomb Bomb for all of the reasons I have mentioned above. I do however hope that Lush use its scent in a future product as it is one that my nose rather enjoyed!

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Cranberry Fizz Lip Scrub from Lush

Cranberry Fizz Lip Scrub (1)The Cranberry Fizz Lip Scrub was brand new to Lush at the back end of 2018. It was a part of their Winter 2018 line and what an impression it has made on me. The main ingredient in Lush’s lip scrubs is caster sugar. To this day I am still lost for words that such a basic and natural formula can do such a good job. I use lip scrubs almost every day so new flavours always get me very excited. A change is as good as a holiday, after all!

Lush’s lip scrubs are ridiculously underrated. Using them requires the minimum of effort and they cover everything your lips need to always look and feel their best. They are the perfect product to exfoliate dry or chapped lips while also softening and hydrating them too.

Ingredients wise the Cranberry Fizz lip scrub has a little more in it than the others I have used from Lush before. For example the Bubblegum lip scrub only has caster sugar and jojoba oil in.

Along side the caster sugar, Cranberry Fizz also contains the following oils; Peach kernel, cranberry seed, Brazilian orange and lime. This is what gives Cranberry Fizz its super hydrating edge; I thought all of the other Lush lip scrubs were great at balancing both exfoliation and hydration but Cranberry Fizz is absolutely incredible at it.

Cranberry Fizz also smells and tastes incredible. Super sour and fruity, I just can’t get enough. It’s obviously not meant to be eaten but if a bit does end up in your mouth in the process of scrubbing your lips with it, don’t worry, you’re not going to die. – I’m not quite sure how Lush have done it but the Cranberry Fizz lip scrub really does smell fizzy.

Taking its lid off and having a sniff feels just like the very first swig of a fizzy glass of lemonade, it even tickles your nose!

There’s not much more I can really mention for this scrub, it does its job perfectly and has become my favourite of the Lush lip scrubs so far. Lush have released another new one for Valentine’s 2019 and I can’t wait to try it, especially if it’s as good as Cranberry Fizz!

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NEW Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb from Lush

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb

The Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb never fails to be a part of Lush’s Christmas line, year in year out it returns, ready and waiting to fill our bathrooms with a rainbow of bright and happy colours. Up until its Winter 2018 release, the pink and white Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb had always shared its scent with the Twilight bath bomb. I often referred to it as the Twilight bath bomb’s super cool and very cute auntie.

Every year I always look forward to stocking up on the Luxury Lush Pud, I find peace of mind ensuring that I have plenty to see me through until the following Christmas. This year Lush however decided to throw a very unexpected curve ball, they changed the Luxury Lush Puds scent completely. 2018’s Luxury Lush Pud now shared its scent with The Comforter bubble bar instead.

Although I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be getting any fresh Twilight scented  Luxury Lush Pud bath bombs any more, I do enjoy the, The Comforter scent and having craved for other products in its scent since Lush discontinued its shower cream counterpart, I welcomed the new Luxury Lush Pud with open arms.

The Twilight scented Luxury Lush Pud is and always will be a Lush classic BUT after a nice, long soak in the waters of the new Luxury Lush Pud, I am still left feeling just as warm, snug and relaxed as I did when using the older version. Its change in scent hasn’t taken away from its charm at all either. – The bath art it creates is just as beautiful as the bath art created by the others from all of the Winters before.

Instead of its lavender ingredients the Luxury Lush Pud now contains mood brightening bergamot, cypress and cassis oil. This well thought out blend of ingredients gives the bath bomb a very distinctive blackcurrant fragrance. The Comforter scent is often compared to getting a big and very loving hug and that’s exactly how I feel when I am submerged in Comforter scented bath water.

Not only do you benefit from its beautiful and very berrylicious scent, hours and hours after using it, you also get soft, smooth and gloriously hydrated skin too. There is something about the Luxury Lush Pud that always leaves me wanting more. The photos speak for themselves. It is a very slow fizzer leaving you with plenty of time to enjoy or capture on camera, the bath art it creates!

Overall I am very impressed with this new version of the Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb. It did take me a short while to get over its scent change – after years of using it with a completely different scent it was bound to confuse my senses ever so slightly, my brain and nose needed a little extra time to adjust BUT it didn’t take them long to do so. I’m not normally one to favour change either, the Comforter scent however really does suit the Luxury Lush Pud and all of its pretty colours.

The bath art is as I mentioned above, still just as phenomenal as the bath art created by its bath bomb ancestors. I was even lucky enough to grab several of the Luxury Lush Pud bath bombs in the Boxing Day sale last week, therefore I won’t be running out of them any time soon. I predict lots of fruity, colourful baths in my very near future!

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Santa Bomb Bomb Bath Bomb from Lush

Santa Bomb Bomb Bath Bomb

Being honest as always I admit that I have left the reviews of the 3 different ‘bomb bomb’ bath bombs until last as I see them as just a novelty product. I’m just going to say what everyone else is thinking, this bath bomb won’t be winning any prizes for its looks anytime soon. I feel as if all of the bomb bombs this year were rushed, last minute products, they could have done so much better with all of their designs.

Out of the 3 ‘bomb bombs’ available I thought I would like the Santa Bomb Bomb Bath Bomb the least. For that reason I actually left the Santa Bomb Bomb as the last bath bomb from the entire Winter 2018 collection that I used.

This Winter Lush created 3 different Bomb Bombs. The idea behind them is that you get 2 bath bombs in one character. One of the bath bombs is its head the other is its body, hence the ‘bomb bomb’.

Ingredients wise the Santa Bomb Bomb has a little more to offer than the  Snowman Bomb Bomb.

The Santa Bomb Bomb contains both vanilla and cocoa absolute as well as bergamot oil. I couldn’t however understand why Lush were describing this bomb bomb as having a ‘chocolatey-sweet and uplifting scent’. To me in the shop it just smelt bland and as if the ingredients were all thrown in together at the very last minute.

This rushed assumption of mine was however undermined once I’d placed the Santa Bomb Bomb in my bath water. I used both the head and the body together, some people have however spread their bomb bombs out over 2 baths, one day using the head and another day using its body.

As soon as the Santa Bomb Bomb is placed in the water it begins to hiss, deep red bubbles explode across the waters surface. I wasn’t expecting the colour to be so intensely red. Even once the bath bomb had fully dissolved into the water the intensity of the red never faded. Unfortunately the Santa Bomb Bomb much like the Snowman was a very fast fizzer.

Considering I used both of the bath bombs together I was rather disappointed at how quickly they both disappeared. Some people do enjoy the fast fizzing bath bombs though as it means they can sit back and relax sooner.

What I wasn’t expecting from the Santa Bomb Bomb was its scent, it seemed to completely change once placed in the water. I could smell elements of the Butterball bath bomb in it which my nose approved of. A scent I wasn’t at all sure about at first actually turned out to be very nice!

Overall I think the Santa Bomb Bomb bath bomb was the best of the 3. I was really surprised by this as I honestly thought this one would be my least favourite of them all.

Although its scent was bland when in my hand, once in the water it really came to life. Its scent however seemed to fade within about 10 minutes (way before I pulled the plug.) Nevertheless a half hour soak in its waters did leave my skin feeling soft and well nourished.

There’s a little bit of me that still thinks I’d have much rather spent my money on 2 completely different Lush Christmas bath bombs such as the Christmas Sweater and Mistletoe. Or if Lush could have even made the head and bodies different scents so that more people would use them as 2 separate bath bombs?

The bomb bombs are a cute idea, I just think instead of the 3 bomb bombs released this year we could have actually been offered 6 individual bath bombs instead, widening the choice while also keeping long term Lushie’s happy with retro products that we haven’t been able to get hold of since the closing of the weekly Lush Kitchen. I won’t be sad if this bath bomb doesn’t make a return next year, I am however glad I got to try it.

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Snowman Bomb Bomb Bath Bomb from Lush

Snowman Bomb Bomb Bath Bomb

I have a confession, being honest as always I admit that I have left the reviews of the 3 different ‘bomb bomb’ bath bombs until last as I see them as more of a novelty product more than anything, they have also proven incredibly difficult to photograph!

Out of the 3 ‘bomb bombs’ available I think the Snowman is probably my favourite because it has such a simple scent and is the most recognisable character of the 3.

This year there are 3 Bomb Bombs. The idea behind them is that you get 2 bath bombs in one. One of the bath bombs is its head the other is its body, hence the ‘bomb bomb’.

Ingredients wise the Snowman bomb doesn’t have much in it at all. Apart from the regular bath bomb ingredients the only essential oil in it is spearmint. At first I thought its scent was similar to the One Eskimo bubble bar and then after another sniff I wondered if it was closer or the same as the Christingle body conditioner.

It however doesn’t share a scent with any other Lush product, it’s just pure spearmint through and through.

The Snowman Bomb Bomb Bath Bomb was the first of the 3 bomb bombs that I used. I decided to use the head and body of the Snowman in just the one bath (see photo below) some people have however spread their Snowman bomb out over 2 baths, one day using the head and another day using its body. There’s no right or wrong way to use it, the choice is entirely yours – savour it or in my case, over indulge!

As soon as Snowman bomb is placed in the water it begins to hiss, sending blue and white bubbly foam across the waters surface. Unfortunately the Snowman bomb was a very fast fizzer. Considering I used both of the bath bombs together I was rather disappointed at how quickly they both disappeared. Some people do enjoy the fast fizzing bath bombs though as it means they can sit back and relax sooner.

There wasn’t much chance of getting any bath art shots, I did however capture the Snowman looking at me as he melted away leaving nothing but his sweet vegan eyeballs. (see photo below). The water left behind was a cloudy shade of blue.

Overall I feel I have really struggled to put a positive spin on this bath bomb, it’s cute and I love its simplistic and refreshing scent but I just can’t help but think that I’d have rather spent my money on a minty old-school Christmas Lush bath bomb such as Abombinaball or Thundersnow.

Pushing my disappointment aside, the Snowman bomb did leave my skin feeling soft and well nourished. Its scent didn’t however last on my skin once I was out of the bath which was another let down.

Out of the 3 bomb bombs I believe the Snowman is probably the best. I won’t be buying any of the bomb bombs again but I am glad I gave them all a go once. – I’ll make sure to get the other 2 bomb bombs reviewed before Christmas!

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Cinders Shower Gel from Lush

Cinders Shower Gel

Lush’s brand new Cinders Shower Gel had me very excited as it supposedly shares its scent with a product of the same name, the Cinders bath bomb. Although I feel it isn’t exactly the same, their scents are close enough to each other to satisfy my nose. The Cinders bath bomb hasn’t been a part of Lush’s Winter line for a good few years now but I haven’t ever forgotten it.

The Cinders shower gel is a gloriously bright orange, it’s a little runnier than I expected but its scent is super similar to the bath bomb. Thanks to its magical cinnamon ingredient, showering with it is like having thousands of tiny hands deeply massaging your tired and aching muscles.

As I said earlier, Cinders shower gel is a little runny, this isn’t a negative point at all. A small amount goes a very long way and I find it also lathers up quickly and with ease, especially when compared to  super-thick shower gel and creams such as Bubbly or Ectoplasm.

My skin feels very clean after using it. Cinnamon isn’t Cinders only magical ingredient either, packed with a generous helping of aloe vera, it is also incredibly hydrating for your skin. Cinders also contains a long list of other warming ingredients such as paprika, ginger powder and nutmeg. Its scent is not as in your face Christmas as the, The Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar but it’s equally as yummy!

Pumpkin seed oil is also found in Cinders, all of these carefully selected ingredients make for an amazingly stimulating and hydrating shower gel.

Any Lush product with cinnamon in always has a lasting effect on me. Cinnamon is a wonderful spice, I suffer with chronic pain and it is really good at soothing aching muscles, its warming effects stimulate blood circulation too. Cinders shower gel is a game changer for me. I miss the bath bomb equivalent terribly BUT the shower gel is so much better as it’s not a one trick pony and is incredibly versatile.

I’ve used it on my body in the shower and have also dribbled some into a running bath for some musky-sweet and spicy bubbles. As if we needed yet another Lush product that smells good enough to eat!

Cinders is definitely my favourite of the shower gels this year, there wasn’t a huge collection to choose from which was a little disappointing but both Sleepy and Cinders have impressed me enough to warrant buying an extra bottle for my shower gel stash.

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Cheery Christmas Bath Bomb from Lush

As a self-confessed lover of all things pink, the Cheery Christmas Bath Bomb was always going to be the first bath bomb from the Christmas 2018 range that I gravitated towards. This hexagon shaped bath bomb has a perfectly etched, white snowflake design on its top making it very easy on the eye.

I actually had a chance to make one these at the 2018 Lush Showcase; The compounders make it look so easy, I am not ashamed to say it was actually really hard work. The bath bomb pictured above was mine, I was very pleased with myself. Let’s all pretend that this took me 10 seconds (like the compounders) and not 10 minutes… Doh!

Although pink isn’t the first colour that comes to mind when you think of Christmas or snowflakes, this bath bomb really does fit in with the other seasonal products perfectly. The best part about the Cheery Christmas bath bomb however hasn’t been mentioned yet… I assumed because of its pink colour that it would be a Snow Fairy shower gel scented product. I don’t dislike the Snow Fairy scent, it is just so over used over the Christmas period.

We already have the Snow Fairy jelly bomb so I kept my fingers crossed that it wouldn’t be Snow Fairy scented and I’m pleased to announce that it’s far from Snow Fairy scented! Containing buchu and Sicilian lemon oil the Cheery Christmas bath bomb has quite the unique scent.

Off of the top of my head I think the last product to come out that contained buchu oil was the Scrub Scrub Scrub shower scrub. It is a very strangely fragranced ingredient but not at all unpleasant, it has a strong blackcurrant fragrance with hints of mint, mixed with the Sicilian lemon oil I find the Cheery Christmas bath bombs scent both uplifting and relaxing.

Just like the scent of the Naughty Elf bubble bar, Cheery Christmas’ scent isn’t something I’d immediately associate with Christmas BUT it really does fit within this years range. As soon as Cheery Christmas hits the water it creates a mini explosion of foam, pink flecks whizz out of the bath bomb and then you notice lots of blue foam too. I wasn’t expecting any blue at all! – This was a fantastic surprise. My photos do the bath art this bath bomb creates no justice at all.

The blue and pink bath art is reminiscent of the Twilight bath bomb but the colours definitely have more clout. Cheery Christmas turns your bath water into a dark pink shimmering pool of beauty, I couldn’t help but run my fingers through the mesmerisingly soft waters, letting the water cover every inch of my skin leaving my skin silky smooth and ready to take on the rest of the day.

Overall I am really impressed with this bath bomb, it’s unique scent and design makes it stand out from all the rest, I have wrapped a few up to put in my bath bomb storage before they retire with the rest of the Christmas line. I think next year they could bring out a blue version of it with a pink middle too, maybe make it the same scent as the Frozen bath bomb? hint, hint Lush! 😉

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Naughty Elf Bubble Bar from Lush

Naughty Elf Bubble BarThe Naughty Elf Bubble Bar is yet another brand new, never-before-been-released Lush product that is a part of Lush’s Winter 2018 range. As much as I miss last years Man in the Moon, Christmas Cracker and Plum Snow bubble bars I do love a new product and out of all of the new bubble bars from this years range, Naughty Elf was the first to catch my attention.

Naughty Elf’s name is pretty self explanatory – and if any elf is worth having it’s a naughty one! The Naughty Elf bubble bar is a little bit bigger than my hand; it rocks an over-sized pointed red hat, a big nose and a bright white moustache and beard; It just screams Christmas. I have seen that the Naughty Elf bubble bar has been mistaken for a mini Father Christmas by quite a lot of people. My guess is that the Naughty Elves first naughty deed was stealing Father Christmas’ hat? That would explain it being much to big for him… Did I just start a Lush conspiracy theory? whoops!

The Naughty Elf bubble bars scent isn’t what I expected at all. Containing mango leaf, violet leaf, Jasmine absolute, lemon myrtle and petitgrain oil it’s quite an eclectic mix and one I wouldn’t expect in a Christmas product. Although I was a little put out that Naughty Elf wasn’t a spicy bubble bar (before I read the ingredients list I fantasied that it would be just like the, The Magic of Christmas) it still has an overwhelmingly inviting warmth about it.

I got 3 very generously bubbled baths out of just one Naughty Elf. To use bubble bars like the Naughty Elf I either crumble, or break it up then stick it in a sieve and let the running bath-water trickle over it. I find this the most effective way to use the single use bubble bars. This method is the best way to ensure none of the bubble bar gets accidentally wasted and through trial and error, I have found that it makes the most bubbles.


Although it took a little longer than I expected, (I just had to hold the bubble bar under the tap for a little longer than I am used to) Naughty Elf created copious amounts of fluffy bubbles and turned the bath water the most stunning shade of red. Specs of shimmer also decorate the water, reminding me of the water left behind by the Poisson D’Avril bubble bar.

A good old soak in a Naughty Elf bath left me feeling warm and snug, although I thought the ingredients were strange for Christmas-time they actually worked really well together and left my skin feeling brighter, refreshed and silky soft to the touch. I really enjoyed using the Naughty Elf bubble bar, I can however say I enjoyed last years  selection of Christmas bubble bars a lot more. 2017 was definitely Lush’s best year for bubble bars. I do however really like the Naughty Elf’s scent and I would love to see it in another product format in the future.

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