Magical Santa Bath Bomb from Lush

The Magical Santa Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited-edition product from Lush’s 2022 Christmas line. I believe it has been released as a replacement for the Snowman Dreaming bath bomb as on the Lush website it is described as a ‘festive rainbow maker’.

Not only is it a brand-new bath bomb it also has a brand-new fragrance, its scent is a sweet, sugary raspberry. It has sherbet elements to it too, I hope to see more products with its fruity-scent in the future as it’s a real treat for your nose.

The first thing I noticed about the Magical Santa bath bomb was its size, at approximately 150g it is a lot bigger than I had anticipated, I was expecting it to be a lot smaller, closer in size to the Sleepy Bear bath bomb.

Ingredients wise, the Magical Santa bath bomb contains – Sicilian lemon, rosewood, lemon myrtle and carrot seed oils. It also has both beetroot juice and raspberry powders in it too. As I said earlier, its scent is a real treat for your nose, even long before I’ve put it in the bath I can’t get enough of it…

As soon as you place the Magical Santa bath bomb into the water it starts to fizzle away, bright pink and warm orange foam slowly spills out of it as its gorgeous scent starts to fill your bathroom (or bedroom for me as that’s where my bath tub is.)

The Magical Santa bath bomb wasn’t quite as colourful as I’d hoped, especially when you take into account that it is meant to be one of Lush’s ‘rainbow bombs’ this however didn’t ruin my experience of it though, the pink, white, warm yellow and orange bath art it created was really enjoyable.

The photos I have included in this review of the Magical Santa bath bomb do it no justice at all, there wasn’t a huge amount of bath art but the little patterns it did create were very tricky to photograph, in the end I decided to just lay back and enjoy the show.

The water left behind by the Magical Santa bath bomb is a warm and welcoming shade of blood-orange. Its scent lasted throughout the whole bath and still lingered in the air long after the last bits of the bath water had gone down the plug hole. I found it really refreshing to be using a fruity-scented bath bomb that wasn’t strictly citrus.

The silky-smooth blood-orange water left behind by this bath bomb are really soothing on your skin. Magical Santa’s beautiful scent although subtle, also remains on your skin for a good few hours after you have got out of the bath.

Overall, I did enjoy using the Magical Santa bath bomb, I’d have maybe liked to see a few more colours from it but everything else performance wise was perfect. I hope Lush bring it back next year and I’d love to see more products with its scent in the future as well.

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Author: Lulu

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