Cobweb Bath Bomb from Lush

The main reason that I subscribe to the Lush Kitchen’s monthly subscription box is because sometimes it makes it possible for customers to get their hands on long-gone, discontinued products from Lush’s past.

I was therefore over the moon to see that the Cobweb Bath Bomb had made it into the Lush Kitchen’s 2022 Halloween box. Before this, I believe it had only ever been available as an online exclusive several years ago.

This smoky-grey, shimmery cobweb shaped bath bomb really stood out amongst the other treats in the 2022 Halloween box, I couldn’t help but buy another on eBay as soon as my box arrived. The Cobweb bath bomb shares its scent with the Black Pearl shower gel, (a product I promise to review soon).

The Cobweb bath bomb contains black sugar, chamomile blue oil, lavender absolute, olibanum oil and myrrh resinoid. It has one of Lush’s most relaxing scent families and is a good alternative if you’re getting a little bored of the heavily featured, Sleepy scent.

Like the Sleepy scent found in the likes of the Twilight and Sleepy bath bombs, the Cobweb bath bombs scent is rich with lavender, the Cobweb bath bomb however smells more herbal and has a generous helping of calming chamomile in it too.

If each word in the dictionary had its own fragrance, I’d like to believe that the word ‘relax’ would smell just like the Cobweb bath bomb.

At 110g the Cobweb bath bomb sits in my hand snuggly, it’s a little bit bigger than the I Want My Mummy bath bomb and a little bit smaller than the Ghostie bath bomb. It’s definitely too small to be a cobweb created by the huge Tarantula shower jelly from this year’s Halloween range! 😉

While it’s quite a plain bath bomb, the etched-in cobweb design makes it truly unique to any other bath bomb ever released by Lush. I love that the Cobweb bath bomb also has a slight shimmer to it. It’s just like a cobweb with drops of morning dew decorating it.

The photos I have included in this review do the Cobweb bath bomb no justice at all. While it doesn’t create bath art it does create the most mesmerising cloudy grey water, it reminds me of a water colour painting of a stormy or cloudy day. The Cobweb bath bomb is an incredibly quick fizzer and has completely dissolved within about 2 minutes of it being placed into the bath water. The water it leaves behind is so very sparkly. Like a star-spangled dusky nights sky.

As I said earlier, the Cobweb bath bomb’s scent is one of (if not the) most relaxing scent-family created by Lush. Laying back in its waters leaves me ready for a deep-sleep marathon. Lush really need to bring this scent back to life and throw it in to other product formats.

Lush, please bring back more old school products like this in the Lush Kitchen subscription boxes, getting to try such incredible Lush treasures is a real treat that makes my soul so very happy!

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UFO Bath Bomb from Lush

The UFO Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited-edition product from Lush’s 2022 Halloween line. 

UFO is not the average type of bath bomb either, it has been specifically designed so that it can be used over 3 baths, although most people (including myself) use it all as one as it makes one truly epic Halloween bath!

The UFO bath bomb is 3 different products in 1, the photo above is all of the bath bomb pieced together. The photo below is the bath bomb with its lid off, inside of it are green bath salts. Photo 3 in this post is the bath bombs lid which can be used as a bath bomb on its own too.

As I said earlier, I used all 3 parts of this product in one bath starting with tipping the green bath salt into the bath water as the bath was filling up.

I was really surprised at how quickly the green bath salt changed the colour of the water, to be honest I was surprised it changed the colour of the water at all!

The bath water was a glorious neon green before I’d even finished running the bath, the bath salt also left the bath water so incredibly soft.

I then put the lid in the photo above on top of the yellow piece, placing it back together again before putting the UFO bath bomb into the water.

Upon putting it in to the water you are greeted with a gentle hiss as yellow foam bursts out of the bomb. As the yellow part of the UFO bath bomb is hollow it doesn’t take long for the blue lid-part of the bath bomb to come into contact with the water too.

Blue and yellow foam slowly starts to create swirling patterns on the water’s surface, the colours and bath art it created remind me of the now retired, Fizzbanger bath bomb.

After about 5 minutes, all of the UFO bath bomb has fully dissolved, and you are left with a darker green (but still neon green) bath water.

Now that I have talked through how I personally used the UFO bath bomb let’s get into its scent.

The UFO bath bomb has a brand new Lush scent, on Lush’s website they describe the UFO bath bomb as ‘lemonade-scented’. When I sniff it, I don’t get reminded of lemonade at all, I get a slightly more complicated scent. It’s a tart and almost smoky, lemon and blackcurrant like fragrance.

The UFO bath bomb contains coarse sea salt, blackcurrant absolute and Sicilian lemon and lemongrass oils.

Lush’s website also says that the UFO bath bomb contains popping candy which I believe is in amongst the green bath salt, although, my UFO bath bomb didn’t seem to contain any popping candy. There were no snaps, crackles, or pops for me.

As I said earlier, the UFO bath bomb takes approximately 5 minutes to fully dissolve, some other bath bombs that include sea salt such as the Geo Phyzz bath bomb have bigger chunks of salt so can scratch your bottom a little, UFO’s salt is however a lot finer and seems to dissolve very quickly!

Laying back in the bath water left behind by the UFO bath bomb is a true escape from the stresses of real life. I find UFO both uplifting and calming.

The bath water is silky smooth, and my skin laps it up, upon getting out of the bath my skin feels and looks brighter too. The scent doesn’t last on my skin very long.

UFO also isn’t the most hydrating of bath bombs, but it doesn’t leave my skin any dryer than normal.

This year’s Halloween range was Lush’s biggest yet and sadly I did overlook the UFO bath bomb over the likes of the Big FootScreamo and I Want My Mummy bath bombs, this wasn’t intentional, I guess one of them had to be the last one I used…

I think I left it until last as it’s so different from the standard bath bomb. We’ve had similar products such as the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb but nothing like this for Halloween.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the UFO bath bomb, I hope Lush introduce us to more products with colourful bath salts in, in the future. I think they really do help soften the water and make bath time a lot more fun. 😊

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Screamo Bath Bomb from Lush

The Screamo Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited-edition product first released as a part of Lush’s 2022 Halloween line. Any horror-movie-buff can see that it is clearly inspired by the film, Scream.

It’s a bright-white screaming face with dark blue holes for its eyes and mouth and a slight imprint of a nose too.

While I was sad that the Monsters’ Ball bath bomb didn’t make a return for Halloween this year I was happy to see a much bigger Halloween line with several new bath bombs thrown in, Screamo being one of them.

Last year Lush actually released a reusable bubble bar equivalent of the Screamo bath bomb but it didn’t sell as well due to it falling apart immediately after first use, sometimes even before you’d had a chance to use it like mine did, (the reason why I never got round to reviewing it).

Even with this at the back of my mind I was still keen to give the Screamo bath bomb a go.

The Screamo bath bomb contains a long list of ingredients, some of them include; benzoin resinoid, ylang ylang and almond essential oils. It has a rich and incredibly sharp, cherry-almond scent. It’s mouth-wateringly yummy!

At 120g the Screamo bath bomb fits snuggly in my hand it’s a little bit bigger than the Butterbear bath bomb and a little bit smaller than the Ghostie bath bomb.

With Screamo’s contrasting white and royal-blue colours I knew that the bath art it would create would be dramatic to say the least.

As soon as the Screamo bath bomb touches the water you are greeted with an explosion of royal-blue foam. Blue bubbles slowly fizzle out of it as the bath bomb floats upon the surface of the water.

The photos I have included in this review do the Screamo bath bomb no justice at all. While the bath art it creates is mainly blue with small streaks of white and not a rainbow of different colours, it was still incredibly mesmerising to watch as it slowly spun around, swirling gently in the water.

Underneath the blue foam, the water turns a deeply inviting, royal-blue.

As the bath bomb slowly dissolves away the bath water becomes softer and softer, almost silky like. Screamo takes a good 10 minutes to fully dissolve taking a lot longer than the other new Halloween bath bomb, Big Foot.

As I said earlier, the Screamo bath bomb creates the most incredibly soft bathwater and I found that it left my skin feeling hydrated and silky-smooth too.

The bath bombs delicious cherry-almond scent is what really wins it for me though. That moreish scent can still be smelt on your skin for the best part of the rest of the day once you’re out of the bath too.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Screamo bath bomb, the bath art wasn’t a rainbow of colours but sometimes, less really is more!

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I Want My Mummy Bath Bomb from Lush

The I Want My Mummy Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited-edition product from Lush’s 2022 Halloween line. Its sweet-honey fragrance is very similar to the scent family found in the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb HOWEVER there’s an extra element to its scent; My nose also detects something that smells like lashings of sticky caramel in it too.

It’s mouth-wateringly good and leaves me craving biscuits. Just writing this introduction is making me hungry…

Playing up to the theme of Halloween, the I Want My Mummy bath bomb is designed to look like a mummy (and not the motherly-figure type) this mummy is the zombie wrapped in bandages type. Considering it’s replicating a resurrected dead body covered in bandages, it’s actually ridiculously cute!

The I Want My Mummy bath bomb contains Brazilian orange and bergamot oils. To look at, it doesn’t stand out as much as the likes of the bold and brightly coloured Big Foot or Bat Art bath bombs but I’ll say it now and I’ll say it again, never judge a bath bomb until you’ve given it a whirl in a bath tub.

Like the Butterball bath bomb, I Want My Mummy is very plain to look at and has very few ingredients in, you won’t get bath art from it but sometimes bath art isn’t all bath bombs are good for.

No, the I Want My Mummy bath bomb doesn’t spout a kaleidoscope of colours once placed into the water BUT its scent and skin soothing ingredients make it a bath bomb you need to try at least once.

I recommend using the I Want My Mummy bath bomb in a hot-as-you-can-stand-it bath, this really helps the cupuaçu butter in it melt into the water, ready for your skin to soak up.

It’s perfect for soothing tired, dry skin. If you’re like me and need an extra splash of hydration on your skin this time of year, it’s well worth giving the I Want My Mummy bath bomb a try.

I usually use the aforementioned Butterball bath bomb at this time of year for the same skin-hydration reasons; Both the Butterball and I Want My Mummy bath bombs are very good at keeping your skin moisturised without having to slather yourself with a body lotion. It’s a quick and easy way to ensure your skin is in tip-top condition while also saving you time as you do not need to lotion up after getting out of the bath.

As soon as the I Want My Mummy bath bomb comes into contact with the water you are greeted with a gentle hiss of soft white bubbles. It’s a fairly quick fizzer so it doesn’t take long for it to fully dissolve leaving you with soft, milky-like, luxuriously-smooth bath water to lay back in and enjoy.

My skin adores an I Want My Mummy bath and its delicious scent remains on your skin for the best part of the day after using it too.

Overall I love the I Want My Mummy bath bomb, it may not win any prizes for bath art but its scent and how it leaves my skin feeling makes it a firm favourite. It is very similar to the Butterball bath bomb, but I think I may just like it more. It’s nice to have a bath bomb to use that’s just as moisturising as Butterball but with a different scent.

Lush, consider yourself warned; I’ll be very disappointed if this bath bomb didn’t come back for Halloween next year!

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Big Foot Bath Bomb from Lush

The Big Foot Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited-edition product first created for Lush’s 2022 Halloween line. If you were a fan of Lush’s Monsters’ Ball bath bomb, then you will be happy to hear that the Big Foot bath bomb shares the same ‘Zesty’ scent.

The Monsters’ Ball bath bomb was always a Halloween-favourite of mine so when Lush didn’t bring it back for Halloween last year, I was very sad. I was therefore over-the-moon to see that the 2022 Halloween line featured a bath bomb with the same scent of my all-time favourite Halloween product.

Not only does the Big Foot bath bomb share a scent with the Monsters’ Ball bath bomb it also shares the same pink and blue colours.

As you can see from the photos that I have included in this review, the Big Foot bath bomb is just that, a big foot. It actually reminds me of a children’s book that I recently read by the author Sophie Anderson. The book is called The House with Chicken Legs.

While I am not sure if this product is inspired by the same Prussian fairy tales that Sophie Anderson gets her book inspiration from, both do fit right into the whole Halloween theme perfectly!

The Big Foot bath bomb contains a long list of ingredients, some of them that are included are; coconut milk, Epsom salt, Himalayan rock salt, olibanum resinoid, popping candy and the following essential oils, lime and neroli.

Neroli is a really bitter-citrus-scent on its own but when it is mixed with lime oil its bitterness is drowned out and you’re left with a much lighter and somewhat warming citrusy scent. Some say the scent reminds them of sour gum sweets.

The Big Foot bath bomb is approximately 120g and fits in my hand snuggly, size-wise it’s about the same size as the Rocket Science bath bomb.

With Big Foot being differently shaped to the standard round bath bomb, even though it is clearly a brightly coloured pink and blue bath bomb I wondered whether the bath art it created would be on par with the aforementioned Monsters’ Ball bath bomb.

As soon as the Big Foot bath bomb touches the water you are greeted with an explosion of pink and blue foam. Light blue and pink bubbles sizzle out of it as it floats just under the waters surface. Bath art wise the Big Foot bath bomb isn’t as good as Monsters’ Ball, but I think I managed to get some okay photos of it in action to include in this review.

Big Foot has fully dissolved after about 5 minutes which is fairly quick for its size but what really shines through with this bath bomb is its gorgeous scent. I love it. The popping candy was a nice surprise too, although it didn’t snap, crackle and pop for very long.

In all honesty, I have totally over compared the Big Foot bath bomb with Monsters’ Ball, yes, it is very similar because of its colouring, scent and the time of year it is released but what sets it apart is the end water colour and how hydrating its waters are on my skin. Unlike the purple water Monsters’ Ball leaves you with, Big Foots water is a gorgeous shade of royal blue.

The Big Foot bath bomb creates the most incredibly soft bath-water and I found that it left my skin feeling super hydrated and soft too. The coconut milk, Epsom and Himalayan salt are incredibly soothing on your skin which is perfect now the Autumn weather is starting to kick in.

Its scent can still be smelt on your skin for the best part of the rest of the day which is rare for citrus based scents; Lime seems to be the magic ingredient that has scent-staying-power.

Overall, I enjoyed the Big Foot bath bomb and I’m sorry to compare it to the Monsters’ Ball bath bomb yet again BUT I feel it needs mentioning that Big Foot does not have big enough feet to fill Monsters’ Balls boots. If you however look at Big Foot as a brand-new bath bomb it’s great!

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Orangutan Bath Bomb from Lush #WestTobaForest

Lush are well known for doing a lot of work for charity and the Orangutan Bath Bomb is the latest of their charity bath bombs to be released.

The Orangutan bath bomb is raising money for the Sumatran Orangutan Society – you can read more about the work they do as well catching up on what has happened since Lush’s last fundraiser for them, through the selling of the Orangutan soap back in 2017, here:

While the Orangutan bath bomb is linked to the Orangutan soap it does not share the same scent. The Orangutan bath bomb shares its scent with the Lush Halloween classic, the Lord of Misrule bath bomb.

Like the Orangutan soap the Orangutan bath bomb is shaped like a mini orangutan. It’s quite a small bath bomb at only 90g but its attention to detail is beautiful. It contains, black pepper oil, Sumatran patchouli oil, vanilla absolute and kukui nut oil.

It has a strong and musky, peppery-herbal like fragrance. If you like the Lord of Misrule scent, you’ll love a huge amount of the upcoming products from this year’s Halloween line, there are a lot of Lord of Misrule scented newbies on the way!

With the Orangutan bath bomb being so small it is quite expensive BUT it is for charity so I can’t really complain. As I said earlier too, its design is incredibly intricate, it would have taken quite a while to make its mould with the 3D printers that Lush use.

As soon as the Orangutan bath bomb touches the water you are greeted with an explosion of orange foam. Like the Avobath bath bomb, the Orangutan bath bomb isn’t a bath bomb that creates any bath art. Its unique selling point is definitely its design and the cause it has been made for.

Being honest as always, in use this charity bath bomb wasn’t as exciting as past charity products, especially when it is compared to the likes of the charity bath bomb from a few years ago, the IRL bath bomb but that’s just my personal opinion. I know that some customers prefer the less colourful bath bombs.

While the Orangutan bath bomb doesn’t create any bath art, it does turn the bath water a bright orange colour.

The Orangutan bath bomb dissolves very quickly; In less than 2 minutes of it being placed into the water it completely fizzles away.

I love how beautiful the Orangutan bath bomb is to look at. It’s lovely to also see that the sales of the Orangutan soap from 2017 have already made such a difference.

Overall it’s a good bath bomb for a good cause. I’d like to end this review with a huge thank you to the Sumatran Orangutan Society for all that they do for the Orangutans. Sadly we’re still a long way from being able to take Orangutans off of the endangered species list but I’m hopeful things will continue to improve with all of the Sumatran Orangutan Societies hard work.

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NEW Black Rose Bath Bomb from Lush

The Black Rose Bath Bomb has had a mini makeover; I have received a handful of emails asking why the Black Rose bath bomb in my 2018 review looks a little different to the one currently available in store and online so I thought I’d do a shiny new review.

Originally the Black Rose bath bomb was 1 of the 6 Lush Japan, exclusive bath bombs that were available to purchase in very limited amounts at the 2018 Lush Showcase; Each of the 6 bath bombs were sold for one hour only over the 2-day event.

Since the 2018 Lush Showcase the Black Rose bath bomb had become more readily available. For a little while Lush did actually discontinue it but brought it back, albeit with a slightly different look, hence this review.

At the point of writing this review, the Black Rose bath bomb is listed as a Lush bestseller. Bringing it back was a very wise idea, indeed!

The Black Rose bath bomb is quite the piece of art and is made to look just like a rose. The original version had red petal edges that were hand painted on to each individual bath bomb, now it is just a plain black rose. Without the painted on petal-edges I imagine it is now much quicker to hand make. – Even without the red edges, the bath bomb’s attention to detail is still just as beautiful as its previous version. Based on its looks alone I can see why it is still so popular.

Black Rose is a part of the Rose Jam scent family, you will most likely recognise it from the Rose Jam shower gel. The Rose Jam fragrance features heavily in several different Lush products throughout the year, it’s very popular so I could tell upon first sniff at the Lush Showcase that the Black Rose bath bomb would sell well.

The Black Rose bath bomb contains rose, geranium and Sicilian lemon oil. Although Rose Jam is primarily a floral based, rose-rich scent, it also has other depths to it with the addition of the lemon oil, this pinch of sourness really rounds off the scent, it’s almost musky. Rose scents are stereotyped as a scent for older people but the Rose Jam scent is and can be enjoyed by both youngsters, old dears and all those in between!

Now I think I shall address its colour, this isn’t the first only black bath product Lush have released. The first black bath bomb in my memory is the Secret Arts jelly bomb. I will admit, before using that for the first time I was terrified at the prospect of a very dirty bath after use, much to my surprise it wasn’t messy at all and neither was the Black Rose bath bomb.

With every bath bomb (even the light coloured ones) I do recommend using them in a clean bath as any bath bomb colour will cling to residue left in the tub (even the almost invisible stuff like soap scum.) If you do find yourself in a situation where a simple rinse with the shower head doesn’t work, my secret weapon is dish washer soap.

A sponge, hot water and dish washer soap cuts through grime and grease fantastically! I actually use it to clean my bath all the time. It’s that good a combo.

Once the Black Rose bath bomb hits the water you are greeted with an explosion of black foam sizzling out of the bath bomb, slowly turning the bath water a dark and shimmery black. From this point on, this new version of the Black Rose bath bomb is exactly the same as its older version, Bath art and all.

As the Black Rose bath bomb charges around your bath spreading black foam it doesn’t take long for the hidden purply-pink innards of Black Rose to make an appearance. The photos I took and have put in this blog post do the bath art that Black Rose creates no justice at all.

It’s a fairly slow fizzer but once it has all gone you are left with jet black, shimmery water with an ever so slightly purple tinge. Overall I really did enjoy using the Black Rose bath bomb, it left my skin smooth and soft to the touch, its light scent remained on my skin for several hours after getting out of the bath too.

Apart from the now absent painted-on-red-petal-edges, there’s not much difference between this version of the Black Rose bath bomb and the older one. Black Rose isn’t one of my favourite bath bombs but I would happily use it again as I’m a fan of its Rose Jam scent.

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Light the Night Bath Bomb from Lush

The Light the Night Bath Bomb is one of Lush’s very first, limited edition Eid inspired products. It first became available earlier this year (2022) and was exclusively available to purchase in the weeks leading up to Eid 2022.

As you can see from the photos that I have included in this review, the Light the Night bath bomb is shaped just like a shimmery gold and purple lantern. Weighing in at approximately 110g, the Light the Night bath bomb is a little bit bigger than the Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb, but not by much!

The Light the Night bath bomb contains jasmine and vanilla absolutes, alongside those are a generous helping of rose syrup, labdanum resinoid and pomegranate molasses too.

When I first see that the Light the Night bath bomb had jasmine in it, I was worried I wouldn’t like its fragrance. Out of all of the fresh ingredients that Lush use in their products I feel as if the ‘Marmite’ ingredient is jasmine.

Customers seem to either love or hate it. I am not a huge fan of the jasmine fragrance but can stomach it in most Lush products.

Luckily, I actually didn’t mind the scent of the Light the Night bath bomb, the 2 more dominant fragrances I get from it are the jasmine and vanilla, there seems to be just the right amount of vanilla to round off the heaviness of the jasmine I tend to not favour. Light the Nights scent is a fairly light, vanilla-rich fragrance.

Considering the smaller size of the Light the Night bath bomb I have to admit that I think it’s a little overpriced. I rarely mention price in my Lush reviews as they are subject to change so often but (at the time of writing this review) the Light the Night bath bomb is priced at £6 each. Over the last few years, I have been really worried that Lush are beginning to price themselves out and I feel that with Light the Night, they are doing just that.

Quality wise Lush products are the best out there, all of the ingredients that they use are ethically sourced and of the best quality too, this has always reflected in the products prices but with bath bombs being single use products I find myself feeling a little robbed if I am charged anything over £4.50 per item.

As soon as the Light the Night bath bomb touches the water you are greeted with an explosion of yellow, green and blue foam. It doesn’t take long for the bath bomb to start spinning around the water’s surface, creating peacock-like coloured bath art. 

My Light the Night bath bomb took approximately 7 minutes to dissolve; it creates the most incredibly soft bath-water and I found that it left my skin feeling super hydrated and soft too. Its scent didn’t really last on my skin once I got out of the bath but it made a huge difference on how my skin felt.

There’s nothing better than silky soft feeling skin after a relaxing bath.

Overall, I enjoyed the Light the Night bath bomb a lot more than I expected, as I said earlier the jasmine ingredient seems to be either a clear hit or miss with customers and for this bath bomb it was very much a hit for me. I am really looking forward to seeing what other holidays Lush begin to honour with future product lines after this years small yet amazing Eid line!

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The Imperial Egg Bath Bomb from Lush

I was really enjoying Lush’s 2022 Easter line; You can see this from all of the previous-to-this-posts, written reviews. It however wasn’t until I got April’s Lush Kitchen Subscription box that I realised how much better the Easter line could have been…

The Imperial Egg Bath Bomb was one of 5 products available in this month’s Kitchen box and I promise you that I am not exaggerating when I say that April 2022’s box was the best Lush Kitchen box to date.

The Imperial Egg bath bomb is exactly the same shape and size as this years’ The Golden Egg bath bomb. It’s a small one weighing in at only 90g but if Lush products have taught me anything over the years, it is that size doesn’t indicate how good or bad a product is going to be.

The Imperial Egg bath bomb is a shimmery, light-blue and contains eucalyptus, lemongrass, and peppermint oils. Its scent is incredibly refreshing. It has a clean, sharp fragrance that could wake up the weariest of souls. The peppermint and eucalyptus within it are the more dominant ingredient, scent wise.

As soon as the, The Imperial Egg bath bomb meets the water little bubbles begin to sizzle out of it. After just over a minute of light, gentle bubbles, green foam suddenly starts to spill out of the bath bomb.

The blue part of this bath bomb appears more white than blue, once it has been in the water for a while. Slowly but surely, the green foam spilling out of the, The Imperial Egg bath bomb becomes fiercer. Spouting from 2 points of the bath bomb instead of just the one. As the bath bomb spins in the water, beautiful green and white bath art begins to form on the water surface.

Looking back at the photographs and video footage that I captured of this bath bomb in action, I can see that it only took 7 minutes to fully dissolve. As you can see from the photos, I have included in this review it didn’t disappoint when it came down to pretty colouring and bath art.

Earlier, I mentioned that the 2022, Lush Easter line could have been so much better had they included some of the products exclusive to April’s Lush Kitchen box in the line. I think the, The Imperial Egg bath bomb would have been a best seller had they included it. I hope that Lush see sense and put it in next year’s Easter line as I’d love to use it again.

The Imperial Egg bath bomb’s scent make it a good product to go for if you have the sniffles, the eucalyptus in it makes it especially good for helping soothe sinus issues. For centuries, eucalyptus oils have been used to help manage with the symptoms of the common cold.

Even without a cold, the eucalyptus and peppermint oils in the, The Imperial Egg bath bomb make it a super awakening bath bomb. It is a great bath bomb to use if you’re in need of just an energy boost.

Once the bath bomb has fully dissolved you are left with bright green water, all of the goodness from the bath bomb’s ingredients makes the water incredibly soft and laying in its waters leaves your skin feeling silky smooth to touch and also leaves your skin appearing much brighter.

Overall, I am really, really impressed with the, The Imperial Egg bath bomb. I don’t mean to repeat myself, but I really do hope that Lush decide to release it in their Easter 2023 line as I’d love to use it again, and I feel others who aren’t subscribed to the Lush Kitchen boxes deserve a chance to use it too.

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NEW SHAPE Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb from Lush

I’ve been asked several times now if the new shaped Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb is any different from the older one (found here).

I wasn’t going to review it as the changes really are purely decorative but the more, I get asked the more I think, I’ll just do a post on it!

The new shaped Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb is the exact same ingredients, scent, and everything else as the previous one, the only difference is that Ickle Baby Bot now has a big belly, something I am guilty of getting myself over the years… 😉

Ickle Baby Bot’s new look is just as adorable as before and was redesigned still with children still in mind. It contains lavender, chamomile and sandalwood oil which is the perfect recipe to prepare you or your little ones for a great night’s sleep.

The Ickle Baby Bot has a very gentle formula and because of this was one of the first Lush products that I ever tried. I was told that it was suitable for babies from 6 months plus. Feeling safe with this knowledge, I figured that Ickle Baby Bot was a good first product choice for myself when I first got into Lush.

Ickle Baby Bot is a miniature sized, robot shaped, pastel-blue coloured bath bomb. As I said above it was designed with kids in mind and is desirable to both boys and girls.

I do not dislike the Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb, but I do prefer the alternative lavender-based bath bombs that are a bit more theatrical in the bathtub. I popped my very first Ickle Baby Bot into my bath then went straight to the toilet. Before I came back to it, it had already fizzled away.

As it is a smaller sized bath bomb, I wasn’t too surprised by this. Pushing bath time theatrics aside, I love how quick, simple, and effective the Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb is. Sometimes you just want to get on with your bath, making Ickle Baby Bot a popular choice for people pushed for time.

It really all depends on what you want out of the bath bomb you’re about to use. If a quick fix is what you’re after Ickle Baby Bot is a good choice.

An Ickle Baby Bot bath is perfect for the night-time. It can be made even better if paired up with the Sleepy shower gel and/or the Twilight bath bomb.

I love lavender and how versatile it is as an herb. It makes Ickle Baby Bot the perfect bath time buddy for winding down and clearing your head of any stress.

Being one of the cheapest bath bombs currently on offer, Ickle Baby Bot though very small remains a very popular bath bomb.

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