Celebrate Foaming Body Scrub from Lush

The Celebrate Foaming Body Scrub is a brand-new, limited-edition product from Lush’s 2023 Easter line. 

It is sold in pots of 240g and is described on Lush’s website as a ‘Citrussy sweet celebratory scrub’ that is Lush’s take on a ‘luxurious, champagne bathing experience’. Lush have released quite a few body scrubs to date BUT none have been a foaming body scrub. 

The Celebrate foaming body scrub is a vibrant yellow colour and is a little harder consistency-wise than I am used to from Lush body scrubs. Its texture is very similar to a lip balm but with grit. 

Although it is slightly more solid than other potted, Lush-body-scrubs it’s very easy to get out of the pot, ready to use.

Celebrate foaming body scrub’s scent is as its name suggests, Celebrate scented. Celebrate is a very popular scent-family amongst Lush customers and has featured in several other recently released products such as the Tea Party bath bomb and the massage bar of the same name. Other products that share its scent are the Celebrate body spray and Golden Pudding bath bomb.

The Celebrate foaming body scrub contains a long list of ingredients, some of those included are, sweet wild orange oil, lime oil, jojoba oil and soya oil. Also included in the ingredients list is ground white rice. This is the secret-scrubby-ingredient that makes the Celebrate foaming body scrub such a great exfoliator.

A very small amount of the Celebrate foaming body scrub goes a long way, I scoop out about 3 fingers worth and that easily does my whole body. I recommend starting off by working it into wet skin slowly, this seems to get the most out of it being a scrub, once you feel like you have scrubbed enough add a little bit more water and speed up the rubbing-in to make it foam up, cleansing and exfoliating your skin all in one.

The one thing that I feel that I need to point out is that less is more when it comes down to the Celebrate foaming body scrub. I found using too much left my skin oilier than I like my skin to feel if I’m just getting out of the shower.

Its tangy citrusy scent with notes of bubbly champagne remains on your skin long after you have used it. It leaves my skin smoother, brighter-in-appearance and incredibly hydrated. There is no need to moisturise after using it.

I found that the end-result of using it, isn’t as oily-an-experience if you start off by rubbing it into your skin slowly. In short, if you don’t give it a proper chance to scrub and then foam-up it will feel very cakey on your skin once out of the shower. A small amount is best and putting it on slowly makes for the best results.

Overall, I love the Celebrate foaming body scrub. I cannot wait to see if Lush create more foaming body scrubs in the future!

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Author: Lulu

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