Moon Bath Bath Bomb from Lush

The Moon Bath Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited-edition product, it was first released as a stand-out product from Lush’s incredible 2022 Christmas line.

Moon Bath happened to be the first bath bomb in the 2022 Christmas line to catch my attention because I’m a mini-Scrooge and love all of the Christmas products that aren’t in-your-face Christmassy.

You’ll recognise Moon Bath’s scent if you’re familiar with the Halloween-favourite, Ghostie bath bomb as they share the same powerful, zesty-fragrance. If you need to wake yourself up, a quick sniff of the Moon Bath bath bomb will do the trick.

The first thing I noticed about the Moon Bath bath bomb was how much it reminded me of a past Christmas-time product, the Angels Delight bath bomb. Both are decorated with a half moon face but that’s their only similarity. Moon Bath is a lot bigger than Angels Delight was, it’s the same size as the all-year-round bath bomb’s Twilight and Avobath.

Ingredients wise, the Moon Bath bath bomb contains – lemongrass, Sicilian lemon, Persian lime oils and plenty of popping candy.

As I said earlier, its scent is a powerful one. It’s super-sour, zesty fragrance will awaken all of your senses. People that think that all bath bombs make you feel sleepy have clearly never tried Moon Bath.

As soon as the Moon Bath bath bomb goes into the water it starts to fizz away. Slowly, thin orange foam spills out of it. It begins to spin, bobbing around your bath.

After 5 minutes a small burst of red foam spills out of the Moon Bath bath bomb. Thicker orange and red foam then begin to create the prettiest bath art.

The bath art that Moon Bath creates is very similar to the bath art that the Christmas Sweater bath bomb did, orange and red swirls go around and around right up until the bath bomb dissolves and it doesn’t take long after putting the bath bomb in for the popping candy to make an appearance too. Snap, crackle, pop!

The photos I have included in this review of the Moon Bath bath bomb do it no justice at all, I couldn’t get enough of this bath bomb in action. The zesty scent fills the room and really comes to life in the steaming-hot bath water. It’s impossible to not feel a spring in your step just by being in its presence.

The water left behind by the Moon Bath bath bomb is a warm and welcoming shade of orange.

Its scent lasted throughout the whole bath but didn’t last for very long on my skin once I was out of the bath. I think this leaves Lush with an obligation to make us a body lotion or body spray that has the Moon Bath fragrance! 😉

The silky-smooth, orange water left behind by this bath bomb is really soothing on your skin which isn’t always the case for citrus based bath bombs. I didn’t find Moon Bath drying on my skin at all BUT I do really think Lush need to create a body lotion with the same scent so that we can layer the scent up.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the Moon Bath bath bomb. With it not being particularly Christmassy, I could actually see it working as an all-year-round product. Maybe one day Lush could add it to the permanent all-year-round range as I’m confident that it would be very popular as a summery scent too!

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Sweet Pudding Bath Bomb from Lush

The Sweet Pudding Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited-edition product first released as a part of Lush’s 2022 Christmas line. While it looks like a mix of the past Christmas bath bombs, the Luxury Lush Pud and The Golden Pudding, it doesn’t smell like either.

Sweet Pudding actually shares its scent with the Mr Loba Loba bath bomb.

Sweet Pudding is the average size Lush bath bomb at 200g (the same size as the best sellers, Twilight and Intergalactic)

This bright pink pudding-shaped bath bomb was one of the first of the new 2022 Winter products to catch my eye, pink will always be my favourite colour and after falling in love with the Mr Loba Loba bath bomb, I couldn’t wait to give another bath bomb sharing its same scent a go.

The Sweet Pudding bath bomb contains benzoin resinoid, tonka absolute and almond oil. Its scent is sweet and warming. It smells almost like a blend of vanilla with hints of some type of berry. The almond oil adds a slight nuttiness to its fragrance which rounds off the tonka absolute.

It is incredibly moreish, and I can see why Lush have re used the scent again in this bath bomb.

As soon as the Sweet Pudding bath bomb hits the water a burst of thick pink foam erupts from it, slowly the foam begins to thin out but the bright pink colour still spreads, both across the surface of the water and underneath.

I must admit, I expected a little more bath art out of the Sweet Pudding bath bomb, I imagined pink and white swirls that were quite similar to the bath art created by the, The Comforter bath bomb however bath art isn’t all that makes a bath bomb good…

The scent is probably my most favourite thing about this bath bomb, that and the colour it turns the bath water.

While it doesn’t create much bath art it does turn your bath water an incredibly inviting, bright pink. I much prefer it over the Snow Fairy bath bomb.

Sweet Pudding takes approximately 8 minutes to fully dissolve, the water it leaves behind is incredibly soft and left my skin feeling super hydrated and silky-smooth.

Once you’re out of the bath, Sweet Puddings scent can still be smelt on your skin for the best part of the rest of the day. Its scent also lingers around in your bathroom for a good few hours after using it too.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Sweet Pudding bath bomb. I would love to see it return next Christmas but sadly most of the new bath bombs in the Christmas line only get to see one Christmas.

If Lush don’t want to bring it back then I’d like to at least see the scent appear again, a shower gel equivalent would be divine!

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Orangutan Bath Bomb from Lush #WestTobaForest

Lush are well known for doing a lot of work for charity and the Orangutan Bath Bomb is the latest of their charity bath bombs to be released.

The Orangutan bath bomb is raising money for the Sumatran Orangutan Society – you can read more about the work they do as well catching up on what has happened since Lush’s last fundraiser for them, through the selling of the Orangutan soap back in 2017, here:

While the Orangutan bath bomb is linked to the Orangutan soap it does not share the same scent. The Orangutan bath bomb shares its scent with the Lush Halloween classic, the Lord of Misrule bath bomb.

Like the Orangutan soap the Orangutan bath bomb is shaped like a mini orangutan. It’s quite a small bath bomb at only 90g but its attention to detail is beautiful. It contains, black pepper oil, Sumatran patchouli oil, vanilla absolute and kukui nut oil.

It has a strong and musky, peppery-herbal like fragrance. If you like the Lord of Misrule scent, you’ll love a huge amount of the upcoming products from this year’s Halloween line, there are a lot of Lord of Misrule scented newbies on the way!

With the Orangutan bath bomb being so small it is quite expensive BUT it is for charity so I can’t really complain. As I said earlier too, its design is incredibly intricate, it would have taken quite a while to make its mould with the 3D printers that Lush use.

As soon as the Orangutan bath bomb touches the water you are greeted with an explosion of orange foam. Like the Avobath bath bomb, the Orangutan bath bomb isn’t a bath bomb that creates any bath art. Its unique selling point is definitely its design and the cause it has been made for.

Being honest as always, in use this charity bath bomb wasn’t as exciting as past charity products, especially when it is compared to the likes of the charity bath bomb from a few years ago, the IRL bath bomb but that’s just my personal opinion. I know that some customers prefer the less colourful bath bombs.

While the Orangutan bath bomb doesn’t create any bath art, it does turn the bath water a bright orange colour.

The Orangutan bath bomb dissolves very quickly; In less than 2 minutes of it being placed into the water it completely fizzles away.

I love how beautiful the Orangutan bath bomb is to look at. It’s lovely to also see that the sales of the Orangutan soap from 2017 have already made such a difference.

Overall it’s a good bath bomb for a good cause. I’d like to end this review with a huge thank you to the Sumatran Orangutan Society for all that they do for the Orangutans. Sadly we’re still a long way from being able to take Orangutans off of the endangered species list but I’m hopeful things will continue to improve with all of the Sumatran Orangutan Societies hard work.

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NEW Black Rose Bath Bomb from Lush

The Black Rose Bath Bomb has had a mini makeover; I have received a handful of emails asking why the Black Rose bath bomb in my 2018 review looks a little different to the one currently available in store and online so I thought I’d do a shiny new review.

Originally the Black Rose bath bomb was 1 of the 6 Lush Japan, exclusive bath bombs that were available to purchase in very limited amounts at the 2018 Lush Showcase; Each of the 6 bath bombs were sold for one hour only over the 2-day event.

Since the 2018 Lush Showcase the Black Rose bath bomb had become more readily available. For a little while Lush did actually discontinue it but brought it back, albeit with a slightly different look, hence this review.

At the point of writing this review, the Black Rose bath bomb is listed as a Lush bestseller. Bringing it back was a very wise idea, indeed!

The Black Rose bath bomb is quite the piece of art and is made to look just like a rose. The original version had red petal edges that were hand painted on to each individual bath bomb, now it is just a plain black rose. Without the painted on petal-edges I imagine it is now much quicker to hand make. – Even without the red edges, the bath bomb’s attention to detail is still just as beautiful as its previous version. Based on its looks alone I can see why it is still so popular.

Black Rose is a part of the Rose Jam scent family, you will most likely recognise it from the Rose Jam shower gel. The Rose Jam fragrance features heavily in several different Lush products throughout the year, it’s very popular so I could tell upon first sniff at the Lush Showcase that the Black Rose bath bomb would sell well.

The Black Rose bath bomb contains rose, geranium and Sicilian lemon oil. Although Rose Jam is primarily a floral based, rose-rich scent, it also has other depths to it with the addition of the lemon oil, this pinch of sourness really rounds off the scent, it’s almost musky. Rose scents are stereotyped as a scent for older people but the Rose Jam scent is and can be enjoyed by both youngsters, old dears and all those in between!

Now I think I shall address its colour, this isn’t the first only black bath product Lush have released. The first black bath bomb in my memory is the Secret Arts jelly bomb. I will admit, before using that for the first time I was terrified at the prospect of a very dirty bath after use, much to my surprise it wasn’t messy at all and neither was the Black Rose bath bomb.

With every bath bomb (even the light coloured ones) I do recommend using them in a clean bath as any bath bomb colour will cling to residue left in the tub (even the almost invisible stuff like soap scum.) If you do find yourself in a situation where a simple rinse with the shower head doesn’t work, my secret weapon is dish washer soap.

A sponge, hot water and dish washer soap cuts through grime and grease fantastically! I actually use it to clean my bath all the time. It’s that good a combo.

Once the Black Rose bath bomb hits the water you are greeted with an explosion of black foam sizzling out of the bath bomb, slowly turning the bath water a dark and shimmery black. From this point on, this new version of the Black Rose bath bomb is exactly the same as its older version, Bath art and all.

As the Black Rose bath bomb charges around your bath spreading black foam it doesn’t take long for the hidden purply-pink innards of Black Rose to make an appearance. The photos I took and have put in this blog post do the bath art that Black Rose creates no justice at all.

It’s a fairly slow fizzer but once it has all gone you are left with jet black, shimmery water with an ever so slightly purple tinge. Overall I really did enjoy using the Black Rose bath bomb, it left my skin smooth and soft to the touch, its light scent remained on my skin for several hours after getting out of the bath too.

Apart from the now absent painted-on-red-petal-edges, there’s not much difference between this version of the Black Rose bath bomb and the older one. Black Rose isn’t one of my favourite bath bombs but I would happily use it again as I’m a fan of its Rose Jam scent.

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The Elephant in the Tea Room Bath Bomb from Lush

The Elephant in the Tea Room Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited-edition, 2022 Mother’s Day product. This year’s Mother’s Day line is packed full of some of the cutest products Lush have ever created, Lush have gone with an animal theme, and I can’t get enough of it!

The Elephant in the Tea Room bath bomb has been created to look like an elephant shaped tea pot. One side of it is pink the other is blue.

It is quite a big bath bomb at 220g (for size comparison purposes, the average sized bath bomb such as the Twilight bath bomb, is only 200g.) With half of it being my favourite colour pink, it was the first of the Mother’s Day products to catch my attention.

Lush have released previous, tea-orientated bath bombs before, the most recent being the More Tea and Sympathy bath bomb, this product also happened to be shaped like a tea pot.

The Elephant in the Tea Room bath bomb boasts a brand new Lush scent.

It is described on the Lush website as a way to ‘bring afternoon tea to your bath time’. The Elephant in the Tea Room bath bomb contains a long list of ingredients; Bergamot and lemon myrtle oils, benzoin resinoid, soybean flour, powdered gunpowder tea and organic sencha tea powder.

Its scent is difficult to describe, aspects of it remind me of the Melusine bath bomb but it has a strong malt-biscuity-undertone to it too, this rounds off the sharpness of the lemon myrtle and bergamot oil in it.

I can’t really smell the tea aspect of it but as someone who doesn’t consume any caffeine and therefore isn’t familiar with it, I personally wouldn’t be able to distinguish the tea in it anyway.

As soon as the, The Elephant in the Tea Room bath bomb is introduced to your bath water you are welcomed with an explosion of blue and pink. A thin layer of silky soft foam spreads across the water’s surface as the bath bomb slowly bubbles away.

The scent of the, The Elephant in the Tea Room bath bomb really comes alive in the water, the heat of the water intensifies the scent somewhat. The sencha tea, bergamot and soya milk make for a super hydrating and immersive bath time experience.

I can only guess that this is how a tea bag feels when it is being brewed… 😆

Colour wise, I must admit I’m getting a little bored of all the pink and blue bath bombs that Lush keep releasing. As for the bath art that the, The Elephant in the Tea Room creates, it is very similar to that created by the Monsters’ Ball bath bomb, however it’s not nearly as pretty in the water.

It’s a relatively slow fizzer taking approximately 10 minutes to fully dissolve. Once the, The Elephant in the Tea Room bath bomb has fully dissolved you’re left with purple, cool-toned water. The bath bomb softens the water a lot and I find laying back in its waters for just a few minutes really soothes and hydrates my skin.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the, The Elephant in the Tea Room bath bomb. As fun as it is to be reintroduced to old, much-loved Lush scents through both old and new products, I am always welcome to trying new Lush scents.

I’m very interested in seeing whether Lush bring this scent out in other product formats in the future, I could see it working quite well in a shower gel format or even a body lotion.

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Lucky Tiger Bath Bomb from Lush

The Lucky Tiger Bath Bomb is a product collaboration between Lush Japan and Lush’s Greater China teams to create an inclusive product specifically for the Lunar New Year celebrations. It was released at the start of January 2022 which happens to be the year of the tiger.

Last year, Lush created another product for Luna new year with the release of the Dragon Legend reusable bubble bar. I was incredibly excited to see that Lush had decided to celebrate the Lunar New Year again for 2022.

The Lucky Tiger bath bomb is the standard sized 200g bath bomb. It’s created in the shape of a tiger’s face. As a self-confessed crazy-cat-lady I of course couldn’t resist picking up a couple. It’s such a beautiful bath bomb with its big-bold cat eyes, tiger-stripes, and whiskers!

Lucky Tiger is a bright orange bath bomb coated in plastic-free, shimmery golden pigment (mica). It’s an incredibly sparkly bath bomb so not for the faint hearted, ALTHOUGH – I always feel like I must explain in my reviews of products like this that there’s no need to be afraid of anything sparkly.

When I first got into Lush the thought of using ‘glittery’ products terrified me. However, it’s not at all scary and after just one bath I was sold on all things shimmery. Bath bombs such as the Lucky Tiger make for very pleasant experiences, it’s not like jumping into a giant pot of glitter, I promise.

Lucky Tigers scent is from Lush’s scent family, Karma. It is a hugely popular, Lush-retro-fragrance that has featured in copious amounts of different Lush products, in several different formats over the years. The most recent Karma scented product that I have reviewed from Lush is the Karma Yantra bath bomb.

The Lucky Tiger bath bomb contains a long list of ingredients; Patchouli, Brazilian orange, lavandin, Siberian fir needle, lemongrass, and elemi oil. On paper you’d think all of those oils would clash terribly but in reality – all of them blended together work beautifully. Each ingredient compliments one another perfectly.

I’d say the most prominent ingredients to come through when I sniff the Lucky Tiger bath bomb are the patchouli, orange, and pine oils. The Karma scent is super refreshing – which I think is down to the orange and pine oils. The patchouli oil also adds a peppery almost spicy layer to its fragrance too. It quite simply oozes happiness and good vibes fitting right in with the ‘lucky’ theme!

As soon as the Lucky Tiger bath bomb touches the water you are greeted with a ferocious hiss. Small orange bubbles fizzle out of it as the water quickly turns bright orange. The golden shimmer also starts to spread around the water, swooshing it around and watching the sparkles catch the light is incredibly relaxing.

You don’t get any bath art out of the Lucky Tiger bath bomb and it’s not a foamy bath bomb either, the star point of the Lucky Tiger is its scent and how lovely it leaves your skin feeling. It’s a fairly fast fizzer leaving you with more time to immerse yourself in its ‘good vibe’ waters.

The Lucky Tiger bath bombs scent remained on my skin right through until the next day, I could still smell it on my dressing gown 2 days later too. It left my skin smooth and refreshed looking.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the Lucky Tiger bath bomb, it’s a fantastic product inspired by a beautifully reflective and special time of year. I am looking forward to seeing what Lush come up with for Luna new year, 2023!

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Toby’s Magic Cow Bath Bomb from Lush

Toby’s Magic Cow Bath Bomb has both a cute design and back story. Maya, a 10-year-old customer sent a letter to Lush asking if they could make a bath bomb for her brother Toby. She said that Toby loves both cows and rainbows. Maya’s request was taken very seriously, so seriously that Lush did combine a cow with a rainbow and out of it, Toby’s Magic Cow bath bomb was born!

Toby’s Magic Cow bath bomb is designed in a very similar way to the Snowman Dreaming and Follow the White Rabbit bath bombs with their semi-hidden rainbow-insides. Both have proved very popular within the Lush community so I suspect Toby’s Magic Cow to sell equally as well.

Toby’s Magic Cow bath bomb shares its scent with the Milky Bath bubble bar, it’s a very musky and gentle fragrance so a good bath bomb to go for if you like the Lush products with a more subtle and less in-your-face presence.

Ingredients wise, Toby’s Magic Cow contains popping candy for a bit of extra bath-time-magic, Brazilian orange and patchouli oils and plenty of skin softening coconut milk powder too.

Lush’s Milky Bath/Toby’s Magic Cow scent is admittedly a little strange as it doesn’t seem to match the ingredients list in the product. I’m so used to orange and patchouli being overly dominant ingredients in Lush products (such as the Karma Yantra bath bomb – both orange and patchouli oils feature in it too) that the gentleness of Toby’s Magic Cow’s scent really threw me.

The photo above is of Toby’s Magic Cow having a MOOch in my garden, I had way too much fun with Toby’s Magic Cow long before I even got around to putting it into my bath.

If you have Instagram I recommend that you have a look under the hashtags #TobysMagicCowBathBomb and #LushCommunity as it’s full of beautiful and creative photos of Toby’s Magic Cow – as well as much better cow puns than my own!

Toby’s Magic Cow is a good size, fitting snuggly into my hand. On first appearance it is pretty-much white all over although you can see the odd splash of colour around its edges. It’s a little bit bigger than the other rainbow-bath-bombs that I compared it to earlier, (Snowman Dreaming and Follow the White Rabbit) – The rainbow aspect of Toby’s Magic Cow is also better hidden, that is until it gets wet…

As soon as the Toby’s Magic Cow bath bomb touches the water you are greeted with an explosion of rainbow-colours. Pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and blues shoot out of it, leaving behind a rainbow-stream of bath-bomb-foam.

Unlike the Snowman Dreaming and Follow the White Rabbit bath bombs the colourful rainbow foam bursts out of the whole of the Toby’s Magic Cow bath bomb, framing it with its rainbow streaks.

Its soft peppery scent slowly fills the bathroom as you sit back, relax and enjoy the colourful show it puts on.

Overall I really enjoyed using the Toby’s Magic Cow bath bomb, its scent isn’t one of my favourites from Lush but it is gentle enough to pair up with plenty of other Lush products if you want to make it a little more interesting.

It left my skin feeling really soft and hydrated. The best part about Toby’s Magic Cow bath bomb is definitely it’s colours and the bath art it creates.

My photos as always, do the bath bomb no justice at all. It’s a beautiful product and wherever Maya and Toby are, I hope they get to enjoy their colourful creation!

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The Sleeping Giant Bath Bomb from Lush

There have been several giant-sized bath bombs released by Lush over the last few years but none of them have been quite like the Sleeping Giant Bath Bomb. What sets this giant bath bomb apart from all of the rest is the inclusion of the reusable glow in the dark wax stars and moon.

The Sleeping Giant shares its scent with the Sleepy/Twilight range, it’s a massively bestselling Lush-scent, you are most likely to recognise it from the Twilight bath bomb and Sleepy body lotion. There are however many, many more products with the same scent currently available to try as well.

Inside the hollow Sleeping Giant bath bomb are lots of dry flowers. There’s sprigs of dry lavender, dry rose petals, dried pink delphinium petals, dried blue mallow flowers and my favourite, chamomile flowers too.

Being honest as always I don’t ordinarily go for the bath bombs with loose flowers in just because of the clean up afterwards, sometimes they are however worth using as a special treat. I only used all of my Sleeping Giant bath bomb together, petals-and-all as I wanted to get some good photos and also wanted to see it in all of its glory so that I could give you guys a fair review on it. 😊

Pushing the dry flowers to one side, the bath bomb part of the, The Sleeping Giant contains lavender, brenzoin resinoid, tonka absolute and ylang ylang oils. Anything including the, The Sleeping Giant bath bomb from the Sleepy range is perfect to use just before bed. The lavender and tonka absolute are the perfect ingredient to help you wind down after a long, hard day.

After using the Sleeping Giant bath bomb its scent stays with you throughout the evening and even lasts on your skin for most of the next day. Not only do you benefit from its beautifully subtle scent hours and hours after using it, you also get soft, smooth and gloriously hydrated skin too.

The glow in the dark reusable wax stars and moon shapes are a very welcome extra from this bath bomb. We’ve had a glow in the dark soap (the Ghost in the Dark soap) before now but nothing like this that is completely reusable! To activate the glow in the dark moon and stars simply have them sat in natural light so that they can charge, before using them.

The photo below is of one of them broken away from the bath bomb, I sadly couldn’t get a photo of them that showed just how bright they do glow. Like many other Lush products the, The Sleeping Giant bath bomb is one of those products you have to experience for yourself to really get a taste of how it is to use. Photos do not do it justice at all.

Overall I did really enjoy using the, The Sleeping Giant bath bomb. As it is a giant bath bomb it is a little expensive but I am glad I tried it once as a treat. Would I purchase it again? No but only because I can now add the glow in the dark moon and stars to my bath with any Lush product I want now. I love that they are reusable!

The only issue I really had with the, The Sleeping Giant bath bomb is the clear up afterwards. Those dry petals get everywhere! Luckily I have a gadget that goes over the plug so none get stuck, blocking my bathroom pipes up. Scooping them up is easy enough at the end but not something I’d want to be doing after every bath.

I am always first to roll my eyes when people moan that bath bombs are messy so when I say the clear up was a little frustrating it really was. I am however glad I tried this bath bomb as a treat to myself. If I did have the opportunity to use it again I’d probably either take all of the dried petals out or only allow a few into the water.

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Turmeric Latte Bath Bomb from Lush

The Turmeric Latte Bath Bomb first came out back in 2019. At the time it was one of the many limited-edition bath bombs released in the celebration of 30 years since the invention of the bath bomb. Since its initial release, it has become a main line product and is still readily available at the time of writing this review.

As someone who doesn’t consume caffeine in any form whatsoever, I cannot personally vouch for this bath bomb being just like an actual turmeric latte. I have however heard from a very reliable source that its scent is very similar to a turmeric latte but with ‘an extra super-sweet twist’.

The Turmeric Latte bath bomb contains a long list of carefully selected ingredients; Each have been put together in the perfect quantities to create warm and inviting, velvety-smooth, turmeric latte-like bath water. All you have to do is simply plonk the bath bomb into your bath water – which is a lot less effort than making a fancy latte if you ask me!

The main ingredients in the Turmeric Latte bath bomb are tonka absolute, benzoin resinoid, vanilla absolute, coconut milk powder and turmeric powder. I know that many of Lush’s customers were over the moon to find out that the Turmeric Latte bath bomb contained coconut milk as it means it is 100% vegan.

As soon as the Turmeric Latte bath bomb hits the water you are greeted with an explosion of white and golden bubbles. If you like bath art then look no further… The Turmeric Latte bath bomb floats around the water surface creating swirls of delicate bath art, the shimmery golden bubbles are truly magnificent.

The subtle turmeric latte scent fills your bathroom as the bath bomb slowly dissolves. The Turmeric Latte bath bomb is a really slow fizzer so sit back, relax and watch its shimmery golden show.

Once the Turmeric Latte bath bomb has fully dissolved the water left behind is a beautiful shade of shimmering gold; It rivals the sparkly water created by the Golden Slumbers bath bomb which (if you’ve experienced both) you’ll know really is impressive.

My photos included in this post do the bath bomb no justice at all. It looks and smells absolutely gorgeous throughout your whole bath and makes for a truly extravagant-bathing-experience!

What really impressed me about the Turmeric Latte bath bomb was just how moisturising it is on your skin. I find most Lush bath bombs to be somewhat hydrating but Turmeric Latte leaves my skin smooth and soft to the touch, it would normally only usually appear and feel so hydrated if I also used a body lotion.

If you’re looking for a subtle scented bath bomb which is bound to impress, I would definitely recommend the Turmeric Latte bath bomb. It ticks all of the boxes for what I like in a bath bomb!

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#TBH365 Bath Bomb from Lush

The #TBH365 Bath Bomb is yet another wonderful, limited edition, charity bath bomb released in May 2021 by Lush. #TBH365 is an abbreviation of the statement, Teach Black History, all year round. This fundraising bath bomb is raising money for a social enterprise called The Black Curriculum.

The Black Curriculum was founded back in 2019, its main purpose is to address the lack of Black British history within the UK national curriculum.

All proceeds (minus VAT) made from the sales of the TBH bath bomb will be donated to The Black Curriculum.

The Black Curriculum deliver art focused Black history programmes and provide teacher training to facilitate social change. The programmes they deliver are suitable for all young people aged 8-16. Here is a direct link to their website if you’d like to find out more information. (The Black Curriculum)

I left school back in 2006 and honestly cannot remember studying any black history in length at all. I think we joined in with Black history month all of once and it was more or less just one or two lessons. As someone who has always been very interested in history (my history GCSE teacher hated me and would disagree, but I do generally enjoy the subject) I find this appalling.

If it wasn’t for campaigns like this, so many people do, would and will remain ignorant to the inexcusable fact that the teaching of Black history just isn’t given the right or in some cases any amount of coverage within schools.

For the purpose of this review, I am going to refer to the #TBH365 bath bomb as the TBH bath bomb from now on, just to make writing and reading this review a little easier. I don’t know about you but too many hashtags and numbers are making my eyes go funny!

The TBH bath bomb shares its scent with the Charity Pot/Grassroots Lush-scent-family and contains a carefully selected list of ingredients that work together impeccably. – Geranium, rosewood and ylang ylang oils alongside a generous helping of vanilla absolute means its fragrance is best described as a warm yet gentle-floral and vanilla rich affair.

The TBH bath bomb is designed to look like an open book, it is decorated with the, The Black Curriculum’s Logo and also includes an etched ribbon-bookmark and is a HUGE bath bomb! You can see just how big it is in the photo of me holding it. – I have actually seen several people snap their bath bomb in half using each piece in 2 different baths.

Sporting a beautiful blend of pretty colours, red, orange, yellow and white; I was excited to see what bath art the TBH bath bomb would create. Not only is TBH designed with bright, warm, and super inviting colours but it also has a very generous amount of hypnotizingly-sparkly gold shimmer in!

The bath art that the TBH bath bomb creates is truly stunning, my photos in this review do the bath bomb no justice at all. As the bath bomb is quite big, it takes a long time to fully dissolve BUT once you’re in the tub with it, it doesn’t take long for you to drift off into a state of pure relaxation.

Once the TBH bath bomb has fully dissolved you are left with bright orange, shimmery-gold-water that I couldn’t help but swirl around a bit before I got out, the way it swirls around is just so incredibly mesmerising.

The bath bombs gentle scent remains on your skin for a good few hours after leaving the bathtub, it also left my skin feeling hydrated and appearing brighter and completely refreshed. Overall, I am over-the-moon in-love with the TBH bath bomb. It is made to raise awareness and funds for a brilliant cause, creates captivatingly beautiful bath art all while also smelling absolutely delicious! …Oh how I wish it wasn’t a limited edition product.

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