Twilight Shower Jelly from Lush

My love for the Twilight scent is no secret. Luckily for me (and all of the other Twilight fans) it features in a lot of Lush’s best selling products. The first time I came across the scent was in the Twilight bath bomb, we hit it off straight away and ever since I have been a Twilight super fan.

When Lush Kitchen released their menu last week I couldn’t quite believe my eyes, a Twilight Shower Jelly was up for grabs. (I am not 100% sure so correct me if I am wrong) but I think the shower jelly version of Twilight has never been released before. Whether it is an oldie or a newbie, the Twilight shower jelly is an exclusive for me so I just had to order it.

The short time that the Twilight shower jelly took to completely sell out, told me that I wasn’t the only person eager to own a pot or three.

Twilight Shower Jelly.png

Upon the shower jellies arrival I wish I had got a thousand pots instead of just the one.

Twilight shower jelly is quite easily the prettiest Lush shower jelly I have ever clapped eyes on. Each individual Twilight shower jelly, is a lovely mix of the colours blue and pink, much like the loved Twilight bath bomb.

Just like every other Twilight product, Twilight shower jelly oozes of gorgeous lavender. What makes the Twilight scent stand out from all other lavender based Lush products is the inclusion of tonka absolute and ylang ylang oil.

Used at night time, Lavender and ylang ylang oil combined are an excellent and natural way to help calm your mind after a long and busy day. Alternatively, if the Twilight shower jelly is used in the morning, it helps get you into a calmer, more relaxed frame of mind, better preparing you for the day you have ahead.

Alongside the lavender and ylang ylang oil, the Twilight shower jelly also has a splash of tonka absolute. The tonka absolute adds a layer of sweetness to the shower jellies scent, it is widely used in cosmetics as it is known to help relax and relieve tired or stiff muscles. The Twilight shower jelly really is the perfect shower partner for any time of day.

Twilight Shower Jelly 2.png

The one question that is bouncing around Lush Cosmetics land is, is the shower jelly as good as the shower gel? My answer is yes. The only difference I have noticed (apart from the obvious) is it is not as moisturising on the skin. The jelly however by no means dries out my skin, it just doesn’t leave my skin quite as silky smooth as the shower gel equivalent does.

Another question I have been asked is will I be buying the Twilight shower jelly again? the answer is.. yes! I love the shower gel version of Twilight however I find all Lush shower jellies last longer than the gels. Twilight shower jelly is therefore in my opinion, well worth stocking up on.

I hope it comes back to the Lush Kitchen soon, it really is yet another great and robust Lush product that I will be very happy using time and time again.

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Skullduggery Bath Bomb from Lush


Every time the Skullduggery Bath Bomb has been available to buy through the Lush Kitchen over the last year or so I have missed it. My luck however changed this August and I managed to bag a few from the Kitchen’s most recent batch.

The Skullduggery bath bomb’s design is calavera inspired. Calavera is Spanish for the word skull. The most widely known calaveras are models of human skulls created with sugar cane for the Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead.

The Day of the Dead is celebrated throughout Mexico during the last week of October and first few days of November. It is a celebration in honour of family and friends who are no longer with them. The whole idea around human skulls may be creepy to some however when you take the time to learn about the sugar skulls heritage you realise it’s not at all creepy and actually a lovely way to remember loved ones that have passed.


The Skullduggery bath bomb is a member of the Calacas scent family. The Calacas scent happens to be my all time favourite Lush scent, (so far anyway…) as you can imagine, seeing as it is my FAVOURITE Lush scent I was super excited to get my hands on a product that was completely new to me.

Although Skullduggery is not nearly as colourful as other bath bombs with the same scent such as The Enchanter, I think they’re the perfect product to include in a Lush bath-cocktail.

The Calacas scent is a zingy and refreshing, mood-boosting scent. The combination of its carefully selected ingredients; Oil of lime, neroli and olibanum makes for an energising bath time treat that ‘perks up the weariest of souls,’. The Skullduggery bath bomb works great on its own, although as I said above it isn’t as colourful as other bath bombs and to get the most out of it I like to use it in bath cocktails. I find a dash of Calacas shower gel helps the scent stay with you all day. Another great bath cocktail to try is a chunk of some Milky Bath bubble bar with the Skullduggery, it is like bathing in silk.

To some the Skullduggery’s scent may be quite strong. I wasn’t at all sure of it when I first experienced it, I have however grown to love it, once you have used a Calacas product the scent of it remains with you but it’s a lot more gentle once on your skin. It’s not at all overpowering and always leaves me craving more.

Skullduggery Bath Bomb 1

As soon as the Skullduggery bath bomb hits the water it starts to fizz away creating copious amounts of pure white foam. The Skullduggery’s heart shaped eyes once submerged leave a small stream of red bubbles. After about 30 seconds the red eyes are no longer visible and the rest of the bath bomb is white all through. The Skullduggery then continues to create soft white foam until the bath bomb completely dissolves.

Performance wise I’d compare the Skullduggery bath bomb to the May Day bath bomb, it isn’t very colourful but its scent makes a lasting impression. Skullduggery is also a very slow fizzer and in this aspect it reminds me of the So White bath bomb, a slow fizzer with a beautiful, delicate scent that stays with you even once the bath bomb is completely dissolved.

Skullduggery Bath Bomb 2

The bath water leaves your skin silky smooth and its delicate fruity scent stays with you all day.

Although I still prefer the The Enchanter bath bomb over the Skullduggery one, I would recommend Skullduggery over it if it is just the essential oils you are interested in. I know some people go for bath bombs based purely on their colours in the bathtub but for someone who wants something a little more gentle colour-wise, Skullduggery is a very good choice.

I am waiting very patiently for a Calacas perfume to come out. I have my fingers crossed that it does soon as it really is my favourite scent. In the meantime while I wait, I will just have to enjoy the Calacas scented products that I currently have. Although I am running a little low so am sending Lush Kitchen a virtual nudge for more!😉

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Rose Jam Shower Gel from Lush

I know it is only August but we all know that winter is fast approaching. How fast has this year flown by? blink and you miss a whole year… With the transition of summer gracefully turning into autumn, there is of course a flurry of both old and new, Lush winter products due an arrival.

I have heard from a very reliable Lush source that new products for autumn will be on the shelves as early as next month, so you all better start saving those pennies, I have a feeling the upcoming line is going to be fan-dabby-do-zee!

Last winter (2015) by far had the best selection of products I have ever seen from Lush. There was so much to choose from, I actually found it a little overwhelming. Although no products have been officially confirmed as on the way for 2016, I decided that over the next few weeks I should catch up on my winter product reviews.

One of my favourite shower gels that I feel is very likely to return this year (because it always does) is the Rose Jam Shower Gel.

Rose Jam Shower Gel

Rose Jam shower gel is a golden oldie. It returns year in, year out and its scent can be found in a vast number of Lush’s best selling products. The Rose Jam scent was the first scent I actually came across in Lush that I realised featured in a number of their other products.

Before Rose Jam I was completely oblivious to anything about Lush and the unique Lush-scents that they create.

The Rose Jam scent that is in the Rose Jam shower gel also features in the Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar, Pearl massage bar and the Rose Jam bubbleroon. Those 3 products are currently available all year through so if you want to try out the scent before you invest in a shower gel go give them a sniff. I recommend all 3 and speak very highly of them all.Rose Jam Shower Gel EXTRA.png

Rose Jam shower gel is a deep red. It reminds me of raspberry jam although its shade of red is a little lighter. I actually grew to love the scent through a Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar. The name ‘Rose Jam’ initially put me off as I ignorantly associated rose scents with older people. I turned my nose up at the bubbleroon without even giving it a chance. The first time that Rose Jam shower gel became available to me I however ordered a 100g bottle as I really liked the Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar.

Once it was in my hands I instantly regretted ordering the smallest size, 100g of this beautiful shower gel is not enough and it will never be enough. Always buy more rather than less.

Although Rose Jam is a floral rose scent, it also has other depths making it more desirable to me. Alongside the rose and argan oil there is a slight hint of musky-sweet vanilla mixed with lemon giving it a sweet and zingy edge. I always struggle with scent descriptions but I’d say Rose Jam is a soft floral scent with a zingy and sweet edge.

It is quite a thick gel, (the perfect consistency in my eyes) it also lathers up well, a little goes a long way and I often use it as a shampoo as well as, as a shower gel.

My boyfriend loves it just as much as me which is a pain in the bum as it is limited edition.

The scent stays with you all day after using it. If I had the Rose Jam liquid perfume I’d spray it in my hair too, just to spread the Rose Jam scent that little bit more as I think it’s beautiful. It compliments absolutely everyone no matter the occasion.

If Rose Jam shower gel does become available upon release of Lush’s winter 2016 line I totally recommend you buy some. You’ll be hooked from your first shower!

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Mask of Magnaminty Face and Body Mask from Lush

Having skin like a hormonal teenager wasn’t any fun when I was actually a hormonal teenager. Zoom, zoom, zoom into the future (as in well over a decade) and you’ll find me as a 26 year old.

At almost 27, the awkward teenage stage we all hate to remember should be long forgotten. I however still get the odd angry break out of very noticeable spots. Even though my head now sits on wiser shoulders, spot breakouts still have a huge and negative impact on my life and self-confidence levels.

For over 15 years I have dabbled with and tried a lot of skincare products. I find some very good however none of them are efficient for long term use.

My skin becomes so familiar with a product that it goes from one extreme to another, my spotty and dry skin becomes oily and unmanageable and the battle with my skin changes course but not for the better.

I have been trapped in a vicious cycle with my skin ever since I was 11. After years and years of trial and error I thought I’d never find a product that would work for me all the time. That is until I came across Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty Face and Body Mask…

The Mask of Magnaminty has a carefully selected mixture of gentle, natural ingredients that all work in harmony together to clean, calm and clear your skin.

Used just once a week, the Mask of Magnaminty helps me maintain, bright healthy-looking, blemish-free skin.

The ingredient that is most prominent in the Mask of Magnaminty both from its name and its scent is peppermint oil. Peppermint oil has a cooling effect on your skin and as soon as you start to put the Mask on, you feel it working its skin-soothing-magic.

The cooling effect you feel on your face immediately after application always makes me feel so relieved. I can feel my skin relax ready for its weekly treat.

Peppermint oil, marigold oil, honey, evening primrose seeds and aduki beans is what makes up the Magnaminty mask.

The peppermint oil cools and soothes skin, while the marigold oil and honey, cleanse and moisturise the skin. Both marigold oil and honey have antibacterial properties so are very popular ingredients throughout the cosmetics industry.

The addition of primrose seeds and aduki beans adds texture to the Mask of Magnaminty, the face and body mask is not only a great cleanser but also a very gentle exfoliator too.

Primrose is used in cosmetic products all over the world for its natural, anti-inflammatory properties. It is a very suitable, gentle and natural ingredient to use on skin like mine.

When I apply any Lush face mask I do it with a teaspoon out of personal choice.

Lush face masks are often advised to be applied using just your fingers. I however use a spoon as it gets messy very quickly. I also prefer to use a teaspoon because I don’t want to add any unnecessary bacteria to the spare product left in the pot.

Using your fingers shortens the face masks shelf life and means that you have to throw it away sooner and before it is all finished. It makes sense to keep the ingredients as fresh as possible so that I can use the mask all up, wasting none.

Using a spoon not only helps my mask stay fresher for longer but it also helps me spread out the mask more evenly.

Once the mask is applied I leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes.

As the 15 minutes tick away, if you look in the mirror you can see the mask working its magic. It drags out all of the nasty oils and impurities from your pores and it is so, so refreshing.

If your skin, like mine is often angry and scattered with blemishes then I definitely recommend you try the Mask of Magnaminty face and body mask. It is suitable for delicate skin although as someone with easily irritated skin, I recommend doing a small patch test on your jaw line prior to using it in a bigger quantity.

Not all people’s spots appear on their face, I get quite a few on my shoulders and back too. The Mask of Magnaminty can be used all over the body and isn’t exclusively just for your face.

When it comes to taking it off I grab a clean flannel, wet it in hot, clean water and slowly wipe it off until all has been removed. The first time I used it I could really, really see a significant change in the size of my pores, some were now so small that if I didn’t know they were once there I wouldn’t know they ever existed.

The Mask of Magnaminty really is an amazing skincare product that I always make sure I have plenty of close by. I don’t think I could ever live without it!

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10 Random Facts About Me

This is a bit of a cop out post but I thought writing it would make my Monday afternoon slightly more entertaining as I’m bored and suffering with nausea again… I realised today that I write a lot about Lush and my illnesses but not much else, hopefully this helps my readers get to know me a little better, if you’re as bored as me I’d love to hear of any random facts about yourself in the comments! here goes nothing…

1. I am left handed as are all of my cousins on my mum’s side of the family. Yup, every single one of us. Growing up I remember jokes about us being ‘children of the devil,’ I’ve never really thought much about it but just did a quick Google search on it out of curiosity. Some of the stuff I have found is very.. erm.. Interesting? ‘…left-handers will burn in hell for all of eternity…’ was one thing I found quite entertaining. Oh boy, lucky me.

2. Growing up I wanted to be a marine vet that specialised in all things whale, I remember learning about whales in primary school aged about 6 and I was obsessed. As I got older I however realised that I was scared of fish and water and it didn’t really progress any further after that realisation.

3. Talking of all things marine… I once rescued a sea lion from choking on litter, I was only about 9 maybe 10. It was quite a day. She was fine afterwards no permanent damage for either of us.

4. Here’s a good one. Growing up I was bullied so badly that I truly believed I was ugly, unloveable and doomed to eternal loneliness. I was wrong for letting them make me believe all of that. I’m getting married to my boyfriend of 10 years next year and I don’t see any of the bullies as happy as me right now. Don’t let the Bastards grind you down, ever.

5. My dream is to write a book, maybe a series, move over J.K.Rowling (but not just yet because I haven’t figured out anything else so far other than that I want to write a book…) I fall in love with books over and over and I find myself wishing I could get inside the author’s heads so that I can explore the characters, their world, their lives… I love that random marks on bounded paper can take you anywhere. This world isn’t always nice and it’s a blessing that we can travel to others just through words.

6. This isn’t random, it is in fact quite an ordinary thing but without my glasses I can’t see a thing. If I ignore you in the street it’s not because I am rude it’s because I didn’t see you because… NO GLASSES. Sometimes even when I do have my glasses on I am so away with the fairies that I don’t SEE things properly anyway, therefore I am sorry if I ever ignore you, it is not intentional. You’d know if I intended it which brings us into fact 7..

7. I hate upsetting people. I will do my utmost best to make someone happy. If I am slacking as a friend I honestly am not meaning to let you down. If I have a bone to pick with someone I bang that bone around with the person until I am heard. No sideswiping or bitchy, sly digs, life is too short and not all relationships are meant to last. People grow apart, it’s life. Honesty is the best policy always and holding sadness within causes more issues than it ever needs to, I believe in being honest and happy.

8. I’m really struggling for 10 facts right now.. I mean I could write my favourite colour is pink but that’s not particularly interesting. I guess I could tell you about when I fell in Highams Park lake. I was 3 years old and it was a few days before Christmas in the UK so was absolutely freezing. My mum had to rescue me. At first she grabbed my foot and my little welly came off. I was screaming for her, ‘I can’t swim! mummy save me, I can’t swim,’ luckily my good old 90’s puffer jacket acted as a life jacket keeping me above water and my mum after another attempt got me out. I’m still here writing this so you can put a big bet on the fact that I didn’t die that day.

9. Growing up I used to have an imaginary friend called Legzy. Legzy used to visit me at 11:11 and grant me wishes. I have no idea what  Legzy looked like, I don’t even know if Legzy was a girl or boy. I can’t believe I’ve just told you all of that… Legzy’s wishes always came true and she even had a birthday, 11th of November. I can’t tell you what wishes Legzy granted me as they’re all a secret. We never spoke as such, Legzy was an invisible telepathic.

10. Last but not least I hate using the telephone. I hate it with a passion the whole idea of it makes me so anxious, which is ridiculous considering my job was once first port of call for all incoming phone calls for a whole year.

Well I am glad I finally made it to my 10th random fact about myself, after all of that I now I need a lie down, good bye!

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Roller Bath Bomb from Lush

The Roller Bath Bomb was released back in February 2016 as an Oxford Street, Mother’s Day exclusive. My birthday is in February and in aid of it, I had booked to visit the flagship store as Oxford Street is quite literally the best Lush store in the universe.

I had, had a cheeky Synaesthesia treatment with all thanks to Lush and was eager to kill 2 birds with one stone by also doing a little bit of shopping after it, focusing on the Oxford Street exclusives from 2016’s Valentine’s and Mother’s Day range. Unfortunately the Roller bath bomb had been held back on its release and it was the only product I didn’t manage to get hold of that day.

I was born in London and had lived there for 24 years before moving to North Yorkshire for a quieter, better life.

If I had known about the flagship store opening almost directly opposite to where I once worked, I often wonder if I would have moved over 200 miles away? Luckily living so far away isn’t too much of a heartache as I have family and friends in London. My sister-in-law lives a short bus ride away from the flagship store and she goes above and beyond with her sister-in-law duties and picks me stuff up from there all the time. She’s a diamond, you should all be insanely jealous.

Of course while running my Lush errands she has also become a hardcore Lushie, which was inevitable as all Lush stores have a contagious atmosphere, especially Lush Oxford Street!

Although I was a bit late to the Roller bath bomb party as it had sold out almost as soon as it was restocked several times, I finally got hold of some of my own and I have honestly never experienced a bath bomb quite like it.

The Roller bath bomb is completely unique to any other Lush bath bomb I have had before.

It is actually half bath bomb, half bath melt. The top half of Roller is a waxy-like purple melt, while it’s bottom half is the standard bath-bomb-formula that we are all used to getting from Lush.

At first I wasn’t sure of the Roller bath bomb. It looked and smelt fantastic, I am however not a fan of any bath products that are too oily because I am not steady on my feet. I already require assistance to get in and out of the bath and don’t want to over-complicate things.

Roller is however in my opinion, the perfect balance of both bath bomb and bath melt. It’s formula always leaves my skin the softest it has ever felt, I also didn’t feel like an over oiled engine part as I had feared.

It’s as if my skin soaked up all of the Roller’s goodness, conditioning my skin into the best I have ever seen or felt it.

The Roller bath bomb shares it’s scent with the Yummy Mummy Shower Cream that was also released earlier this year for Mother’s Day, it was however not an Oxford Street exclusive as it was available everywhere for a short period. I hope they bring it back next year as it is perfection in shower cream form. If you’d like to read my review on it click the link above.

The Yummy Mummy scent is a strawberry fans idea of heaven, the Roller bath bomb makes for a very delightful, strawberry-cream, bath time delicacy.

When the Roller bath bomb first hits the water it’s purple-melt-half floats just below the water surface, with it’s white side just above. it slowly froths up, spreading sweet and fruity scented foam around your bathtub.

It then slowly starts to spin, so that the purple side is now sometimes in vision. Slowly but surely the Roller bath bomb decorates your bath water with streaks of white, purple, blue, aqua green and pink swirls.

After some time the Roller bath bomb appears to break into two white pieces. Even though the Roller is now in half, it still carries on making the most gorgeous patterns of breathtaking colours.

I don’t normally include so many photographs in my Lush reviews but can you blame me for not wanting to miss a single moment of this precious bath bomb?

Whenever the Roller bath bomb becomes available to buy I strongly recommend you grab as many as you can. Actually scratch that… Don’t buy any at all, that way they’ll be even more exclusively for me😉 Mwah ha ha ha!

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NEW Mouthwash Tabs from Lush

After the most amazing Lush filled week, I have finally found the time to get my 3rd and final post drafted up on the new mouthwash tabs from Lush. If you have been following my posts then you’d know that the wonderful people behind the Lush Kitchen kindly gifted me all 3 flavours prior to their release date last week.

I won’t repeat myself as I am eager to get on with my reviews, I will however leave you with 2 links just in case you missed my earlier posts on the subject, post one can be found here, as well as post 2 here.

I am going to start by writing a little bit about the concept behind a solid mouthwash. A lot of people just don’t get it. Liquid mouthwash is easy enough to get hold of and works just fine. That statement is true but now that Lush have created a solid version the possibilities of mouthwash have grown.

Travelling light is always a struggle. Especially if your chosen mode of transport is an aeroplane. If you’re only taking hand luggage with you, there are so many restrictions on what you can take on board. This also applies just for travelling in general, if you can have a lighter bag due to not having to pack huge bottles etc then the concept of making solid cosmetics to travel with is ideal and a complete cosmetics game changer.

The list of supplies I need to have with me when travelling is never ending, it’s not until you do start to pack for a trip that you realise how much you really do need at hand.

Mouthwash tabs are therefore a much welcomed addition to the the solid cosmetics family invented by Lush Cosmetics. Several solid Lush products have already proved very popular and their sale stats reflect their popularity. A solid cosmetics boom has taken over the cosmetics and beauty industry and it is so exciting to have been given the chance to be a part of it. Thank you Lush Kitchen!

The clever people at Lush have provided us with the likes of solid deodorant, solid shampoo and conditioner bars, solid toothy tabs (used just like toothpaste), solid perfumes, shower jellies and even solid sun block. There was therefore most certainly a gap in the market for a mouthwash equivalent.

The bottles of the mouthwash tabs are both small and compact, the tabs are easily used anywhere making them a great ‘I can’t leave the house without it,’ product.

Directions on how to use the tabs are as follows; ‘After brushing your teeth, pop one tab into the mouth and take a sip of water to start the fizz. Nibble and swish before spitting out. They can also be used throughout the day whenever you fancy a bit of oral refreshment.’

All you need is one tab and a small swig of water to aid you in the quest of quick and easy oral refreshment. Freshening ones breath in-between morning and nightly brushing, has never been so easy!

Many people have asked me which one of the 3 tabs are my favourite. I honestly can’t decide. All 3 have qualities I look for within a mouthwash and I am keen to discuss them with you below.

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Mouthwash Tabs

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster mouthwash tabs were the second of the 3 mouthwash tabs that I tried. Out of the 3 I’d say that this one left my mouth feeling the cleanest. several hours after using it my teeth still felt as if I had only just brushed them, whenever I use one I can’t stop running my tongue over my teeth, nothing feels better than a decent set of pearly whites!

As far as mouthwash products go you would expect the one that left your mouth feeling the cleanest would be minty. Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster mouthwash tabs aren’t minty at all.

Reading their ingredients I thought I wouldn’t actually like the taste of them. Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters have lemon and aniseed oil in, aniseed is something I personally really don’t like as an ingredient as I dislike the flavour.

I was nervous about putting the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster tab in my mouth as there’s nothing more icky than not being able to get a taste out of your mouth I however took one for the team and shock, shock, horror, horror I was pleasantly surprised! it was the complete opposite of a horrifying experience. I liked its flavour.

The lemon and aniseed compliment each other and neither packed too much flavour. They appeared to be in perfect quantities. The scent was even pleasant, the lemon being more prominent than the aniseed. The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster may have also changed my opinion on aniseed too which is a HUGE thing for me.

Crème De Menthe Mouthwash Tabs

The Crème De Menthe Mouthwash Tabs are probably the best ones to start off with if you’re unsure of the concept of solid mouthwash. It like traditional mouthwash is peppermint based so is an excellent first stepping stone for the uncertain mouthwash-tab newbies.

The presence of peppermint oil was what made me decide that Crème De Menthe would be the tab I tried first.

I find the Crème De Menthe tabs to be really refreshing. They aren’t quite on par on a fresh-scale as the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster but they do an equally good job.

Like the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster tabs my mouth feels so clean after using it. The fact it has peppermint in makes it the mouthwash tab I feel most confident in using. It is excellent used as a quick oral-refresher after meals.

Ugai Mouthwash Tabs

From reading other people’s reviews on the Ugai Mouthwash Tabs I can conclude that it is the least popular of the three. The same feelings I had for Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster in regards to the aniseed ingredient were present for the Ugai tabs too as I really wasn’t sure how I felt about its ingredients.

Tea tree is one of my favourite ingredients within Lush products, putting it into a product that is meant to be put in my mouth however had me feeling anxious.

Influenced by my positive experience with the aniseed in the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster tabs, I decided that I could yet again be wrong so tried Ugai without hesitation.

My new found trust in Lush has taken me by surprise, I have learnt that you really do have to try everything at least once…

People in reviews have said that they couldn’t get their head around the Ugai being mainly tea tree based. They have also said that they couldn’t stand the taste of the Ugai as in addition to the tea tree there is also a huge amount of sea salt in it.

Against all odds I actually really like the taste of ‘too much’ salt. Salty water although I obviously don’t drink it has always been a nice taste for me. I would happily gargle salty water for hours and have had to do so because of dental work I’ve had etc.

Using a Ugai mouthwash tab was in no way an unpleasant experience for me. I liked it just as much as I did the other 2. I would recommend using it as a palate cleanser in between food as its flavours doesn’t change much within the mouth. It cleanses but isn’t masked by scent/taste.

We’ve all tried sipping orange juice straight after brushing our teeth with minty toothpaste and it’s not a pleasant experience at all! This is why I feel that Ugai is perfect for cleansing your palate in between courses or just in between meals.

The tea tree and sea salt within Ugai makes it antibacterial too. This will prove very beneficial if you have any infections within your mouth and throat, gargling it alone won’t get rid of any infections it however is an excellent way to keep things orally clean.

Overall I am blown away and so, so, so impressed with all 3 of the brand new mouthwash tabs, as I said above each one has its own reason for being great and I strongly recommend giving them a go, my mouth has never been so spoilt!

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My very first Lush Kitchen, blogger experience #GoAnywhere (Part 2)

Part 1 of my very first Lush Kitchen, blogger experience can be found here: part 1

The 3rd of August soon arrived and at 8am I was up and ready to watch the Lush, Facebook live product launch… LAUNCH being the operative word too😉

After receiving the 3 new mouthwash tabs in the post the previous day I was already ahead on the what’s and why’s I however still had no idea what the Lush Goggles where for…


It wasn’t long until I realised that video footage shared on the Lush Kitchen Facebook’s page is what we should be watching through the goggles. My mum had already carefully constructed my goggles all that was left to do was to pop in my phone, load up the video and sit back and enjoy.

I won’t write a detailed account as I know some of the first people to place their order on the 3rd will be getting their own goggles too, I won’t spoil the surprise but a fresh perspective is most certainly had!

The above limited edition patch will have pride of place on my much loved Lush tote bag. I will have to do a post on them soon as I now have quite the collection.

Detailed reviews on the 3 new Lush Mouthwash Tabs will be uploaded on my blog over the next few days!

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My very first Lush Kitchen, blogger experience #GoAnywhere (part 1)


What a crazy August I’ve had so far, so much has happened and I can’t quite believe we are only 4 days in.

It all started on the 1st of August, I was texting my sister in law to be and I noticed mid text that I had got an Instagram notification from Lush Kitchen. I squealed as it was in my direct messages, what could it be? I went to click straight on it but found myself suddenly crippled with fear, I don’t quite know why, I knew it wasn’t going to be anything bad but I was so nervous!

I deleted the text I was about to send my sister in law to be and sent her a text about this mystery email that I was too scared to open. She instantly text back with ‘Do it!!! Xx’ so I did…

‘Hey, it’s Kel from the Lush Kitchen Team. I hope you are having a lovely day.

Please can I ask you to send me over your preferred email and postal address…we may have a little surprise for you! 😉 -Kel’

I replied almost instantly, I couldn’t believe my luck!

The 2nd of August came and I was positively glowing with excitement, what could it be?

I started to scroll through my emails the same way I do every morning and it was then that I discovered another email from the Lush Kitchen!

‘Greetings Earthling.

You’ve been selected as one of ten planet representatives to venture into uncharted territory with @LushCosmetics’ brand new range.

Prepare to #GoAnywhere this Wednesday! See attached for your full invite and keep an eye out for the postman (he’s delivering vital supplies for your expedition).

Kind regards,


I screamed the house down with excitement, I was 1 of only 10 Lushies to have been given this fantastic opportunity and I planned on enjoying every second of it.

Before I had even managed to stop squealing about the email there was a knock on my front door. It was a mystery Lush Kitchen parcel!!! The timing could not have been better, Lush Kitchen are magic!

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such excitement at that rather early time of day before…

Inside the parcel there was a Lush patch and a Lush Kitchen polaroid of an unidentified, NEW, Lush product.


The next few minutes were a complete blur of excitement. I couldn’t get the packaging peanuts out of the box quick enough.

I was surrounded by them sat on my bed. It was like I was sat in my very own, homemade Lush nest. I  then discovered 3 bottles that resembled those used for the much loved Lush Toothy Tabs.


 The three bottles were full of 3 different types of Mouthwash tabs!

In reference to the photograph above, bottom to top are, Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Mouthwash Tabs (yellow), Creme De Menthe Mouthwash Tabs (green) and Ugai Mouthwash Tabs (white).

I then noticed another item in the parcel. It was made of cardboard just like the box. Attached to it were velcro tabs and 2 lenses!

My mum worked out the instructions and after some very careful folding, my very own pair of Lush goggles were created! by this point I was completely overwhelmed and giddy with happiness. While also a little confused with the addition of Lush goggles?!! LUSH GOGGLES???


I couldn’t wait to find out what they were for, I had less than 24 hours to wait until the 8am Lush Kitchen Facebook live event… I don’t think I have ever been so excited for an 8am start before.

Post 2 on my Very First Lush Kitchen Blogger Experience, what the Lush goggles are and detailed reviews on the 3 new Lush Mouthwash Tabs will be uploaded on my blog over the next few days.

Thank you so much for this opportunity Lush Kitchen, keep your eyes peeled for part 2 of my posts!🙂


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Big Calm Shower Jelly from Lush


Big Calm Shower Jelly was yet another Lush product I desperately wanted but always seemed to miss. My luck however changed for the better and this June just gone, I managed to bag myself a whole big pot!

Anyone who has read any of my Lush reviews before will know that Shower Jelly is quite a new novelty for me. In my childhood I’d developed a phobia of jelly after a few too many bowls of it, I’m not quite sure of the why’s but I’d put money on it being because my mum used to tell me things like the mushrooms on the pizza were SEA SLUGS. Anything sloppy was of course a no, no growing up. – The awkward stage of your life where you’re still gullible but it isn’t cute anymore (because you’re 15) dragged on for me a few years longer than it should have.

It wasn’t until I tried Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly that I realised I only disliked jelly substances if I had to eat them. Showering and bathing with jelly is a whole other level of living the Lush life…

Without further ado let’s get into my review of the most tropical shower jelly I have come across in Lush so far.

Described by the Lush Kitchen team as a way to ‘take a dip into the Caribbean and enjoy year round sunshine,’ Big Calm shower jelly is a bit of me.


Big Calm smells just like a piña colada. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it at first, it smelt good enough to drink and it really reminded me of beach, pool and sun holidays. Which might I add is the only type of holiday I think is worth going on because I’m lazy and can never get enough sunshine.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than basking in the sunshine, book in one hand, cold drink in the other. When I am on holiday I want to do the same things all day, every day. Breakfast, drink, book then pool. Lunch, drink, book then pool and on and on until bedtime. Bliss.

A cold pool to cool down in makes hot weather so much more manageable, I am getting depressed writing this as I literally CRAVE a holiday right now… That’s  where the Big Calm shower jelly comes in, although it isn’t a Caribbean holiday, if you shut your eyes in the shower it smells and feels pretty close to one.

Packed with several tropical ingredients; Pineapple, coconut infusion and sweet orange oil, this jelly really does smell like a dream holiday.

Big Calm also has vetivert oil in, I feel this adds a smoky depth to the jelly. In my imagination it makes me think of a beautiful beach BBQ, sand in between your toes, salt in the air, delicious food in your belly.


Big Calm is a deep dark blue with flecks of white. The exact shade of blue matches the deep parts of the sea that you wouldn’t want to snorkel in on your own, just in case Jaws was out swimming at the same time and same place. We’ve all seen the movie…

When I very first used Big Calm I was sure that something that smelt so fruitylicious would be sticky. It wasn’t, it lathered up so quickly and left my skin soft and smooth.

The refreshing scent stayed with me throughout the day. It made me really crave a pineapple and coconut juice. As much as I’d love a jug of piña colada or 10 I no longer drink alcohol, by ‘no longer,’ I mean I don’t even have the one glass on special occasions any more, boring I know. A pineapple and coconut juice however suffices and if you add a Big Calm shower into the mix it’s basically the same thing as a piña colada anyway.

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