Slow Down Bath Bomb from Lush

Back in September 2022, Lush did a collaboration with The Poetry Pharmacy. The 3 bath bombs created for this super-unique line have sold well and are currently still available to purchase at the time of writing this review.

The Poetry Pharmacy is a shop in the heart of a little town in Shropshire Hills. In store, you will find The Poetry Pharmacy’s pharmacist on hand to prescribe poetic medicine for a complicated mix of emotions.

For a deeper insight into what the, The Poetry Pharmacy get up to, please visit their website by clicking here.

The third and final of the 3 bath bombs from the Lush X Poetry Pharmacy collaboration that I would like to introduce you to is the Slow Down Bath Bomb.

As I mentioned earlier, the bath bombs within this collection are truly unique to anything Lush have released before.

Each of the bath bombs have a hidden paper insert inside of them with a short poem on it relating to the bath bombs name.

The Slow Down bath bomb is a milky blue standard shaped Lush bath bomb at approximately 180g. Colour wise it is very similar to the Atom Heart Mother bath bomb.

The idea behind the poetry bath bombs are that they are an easy way to immerse yourself in perfume and poetics. As its name suggests, the Slow Down bath bomb wants you to do just that. Slow down, give yourself a well-earned break and moment to destress.

Lush’s website lists it as to be used ‘to evoke moments of reflection and serenity,’. 

Ingredients wise the Slow Down bath bomb contains bergamot, neroli and petitgrain oils.

The Lush-scent-family that it comes from is called Nero. Slow Down’s scent is a gentle citrus with floral notes, it is probably the lightest scent of the 3 poetry bath bombs.

Even though Slow Down is quite a light fragrance it’s still incredibly refreshing, as soon as I put the bath bomb in the bath water, I began to feel more relaxed.

As soon as you put the Slow Down bath bomb in the water you are greeted with a gentle hiss, tiny light blue bubbles erupt from the bath bomb as it starts to turn your bath water a milky shade of blue.

It’s gentle yet refreshing scent fills your bathroom, lulling you into a more relaxed state of mind. Things really do slow down if you take a moment to just relax and enjoy the bath bombs show.

After only 3 minutes the Slow Down bath bomb has fully dissolved revealing its hidden poem. Sometimes the quick fizzing bath bombs are the best as they give you more time to just enjoy its waters.

I’d like to point out that not everyone gets the same poem in the same bath bomb. I am unsure on how many different poems are put in each of the bath bombs BUT have seen other people get a different poem to me that also relates to the bath bomb’s theme.

My skin basks in the silky-smooth bath water created by the Slow Down bath bomb. My skin feels so soft to the touch. None of the poetry bath bombs give you any bath art, but they all give you a truly relaxing bathing experience. The scent of the Slow Down bath bomb although subtle, lasts on my skin long after I have got out of the bath.

Overall, I am very impressed with the Slow Down bath bomb, I think I’ll go as far as to say it’s my favourite from the poetry collection. I wholeheartedly recommended giving each of the poetry bath bombs a try, the added aspect of poetry makes them all the better of an experience to use. What amazing concept will Lush think of next? 

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