Intergalactic Showder from Lush

The Intergalactic Showder is one of several products released by Lush in a collaboration with Lazy Oaf. I’m ashamed to say that before this collaboration I’d never actually heard of Lazy Oaf. Each product within this line ties in with something that you’d find in a launderette.

The entire line is inspired by Lazy Oaf’s up-front acknowledgement that life comes with both good days and bad days. The collection has been put together to remind customers that taking time to care for themselves should be as routine as doing your laundry.

I’m always honest in my reviews and I admit that this collaboration didn’t excite me very much but I’m a diehard Intergalactic bath bomb fan so when I heard there was a showder that shared its scent, I couldn’t resist buying a box.

For anyone who hasn’t experienced a Lush showder before, I suspect you’re wondering what a showder even is… A showder is quite simply a shower-powder. To use a showder all you have to do is take a handful of the powder from its box, then add water.

The Showder then foams up and creates a lovely thick lather. The reaction is not dissimilar to how a bath bomb reacts when it first gets wet. Once you have it all mixed up, you use it just as you would a shower gel.

Lush’s Intergalactic scent is a bestseller, the Intergalactic Showder contains a mixture of peppermint, vetivert and grapefruit oils. Its scent is primarily a peppermint one, the grapefruit in it however adds a fruity and citrusy sharpness to it. It’s incredibly difficult to describe and really is a fragrance you must experience yourself to truly appreciate how refreshing it is.

Scent wise the Intergalactic showder is spot on, as a product to shower with however, I’m not so sure. I hate to point out the obvious but it’s just not a very practical product. Firstly, it’s in a cardboard box, secondly, I feel I had to use a lot of the powder to get anywhere with it. With it being £15.00 for just 170g I just can’t see myself investing in a second box.

Yes, it did an alright job of cleansing my skin and its scent also remained on my skin for the best part of the rest of the day after using it BUT for its price I expected it to go a lot further, so many Lush products can be stretched out over several showers and baths but I was lucky to get 3 showers out of this one box.

Overall, I am glad I gave the Intergalactic showder a go, it’s a beautiful fragrance and an interesting concept but I think I much preferred the bottled Intergalactic shower gel if I am going to compare the two together.

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