Princess Peach Body Spray from Lush

At the time of writing this review, Lush’s most recent collaboration with the, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is by far Lush’s most popular collaborations to date. Today I’m going to be reviewing another of my favourite products from the collection, the Princess Peach Body Spray.

The Mario and Luigi shower gels that are also a part of this collection are both remakes of older Lush shower gels, unlike Princess Peach which is a brand-new Lush scent!

I do love when older Lush scents come back to life in new products, BUT brand-new scents are always exciting too. The Princess Peach body spray is described on Lush’s website as a ‘fruity burst of peach and pineapple’.

Ingredients wise, the Princess Peach body spray contains organic sweet orange oil, buchu oil, litsea cubeba oil, olibanum resinoid and champaca absolute. This carefully selected group of ingredients create such an uplifting fragrance that is fit for a princess. If you’ve ever wondered what Princess Peach smells like, the Princess Peach body spray is the answer!

If you are familiar with Lush’s Peachy bath bomb, Princess Peach is quite similar to that but with a tropical twist. The longer you sniff it, the more complex the fragrance gets. At first, I can smell a cocktail of peach and pineapple then after a few more seconds there’s a muskiness to the scent, it reminds me of the little mushroom sweets I used to eat as a kid.

With mushrooms being such an intricate part of the Super Mario Bros. world I can’t help but think this may have been deliberate.

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but as soon as I see the pink label on this body spray with Princess Peach on it, my inner princess couldn’t help but squeal a little. Lush were wise to use these types of visuals on their packaging for this particular line. I know Lush are trying hard to use less and less packaging but sadly I think this line has had so much success due to its packaging.

The packaging with all of the characters on them is a huge reason that customers were tempted into Lush stores. I feel that how great the products actually are, is secondary to the Mario Bros. packaging.

The packaging of this body spray was brilliant at tempting new customers in but how amazing the body spray smells is what has made new Lush customers, forever-Lush-customers. Old customers like me, seem to have really loved the Mario Bros. line too so it’s a win, win!

I am very interested to see how well future collaborations go if the products aren’t so obviously a collab, like the Princess Peach body spray is.

Just a few spritz of the Princess Peach body spray either on your body or clothes is all you need for it to last on you all day. Its delicate fruity scent is delightful and a good choice if you dislike the heavier Lush scents. Overall, I adore this body spray and hope it’s not the last we see of the scent. I will be reviewing its shower jelly equivalent in the next few days so keep checking back! 

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Author: Lulu

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