95% of my posts are written up and then pre scheduled in advance. Just because a post has been posted on one day doesn’t mean I’m actually online that day.

I love receiving questions and other things through the tabs below but I can’t always reply straight away. I promise to get back to every email I receive as soon as possible, I’m not ignoring you or rude, I’m just impossibly slow due to my ever reliable poor health.

If you do need anything urgently you can always contact me via my Instagram, I pretty much check in to it every day! 🙂


PLEASE NOTE – I have recently had an increasing number of emails in regards to people or companies enquiring about working with me to sell/distribute/better advertise the products I write about on Lush Upon A Time. I DO NOT SELL LUSH PRODUCTS and I am in no way affiliated with Lush, I am just a die hard fan with a dangerous addiction.

This blog is my hobby and nothing more. While I am flattered by your interest, I’d really appreciate it if you would do your research before sending me any business propositions. It would save us both a lot of time! 😊


I am in no way affiliated with Lush Cosmetics, on the rare occasion I get a freebie/random act of kindness gift from them or anyone else I will say so in my review of said product.

Lush Upon A Time is my space on the internet where I can share my personal thoughts on Lush Cosmetics. I am always honest in my reviews and all opinions expressed are my own.

Lush is my hobby, I am here for a good time.

All photos on Lush Upon A Time are owned by me and are protected by copyright.

If you’re looking for product information such as the ingredients in a certain Lush product, please get in contact with Lush Cosmetics themselves, they’ll have all of the correct and up to date information. I do not work for Lush I just review their products as a hobby.

Thank you for visiting! 🙂

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