Purple Carrots Shower Gel from Lush

The Purple Carrots Shower Gel was one of 5 products available in this month’s Kitchen box (April 2022). SPOILER ALERT, I wholeheartedly believe that it is the best shower gel Lush have released in a very long time. With Calacas shower gel being the exception, Purple Carrots is now my all-time favourite Lush shower gel. A bold statement indeed, but one I stand by.

As much as I like the What’s Up, Doc? shower gel from this year’s Easter line, I will never understand how it got made a part of the Easter line over the Purple Carrots shower gel. Both are amazing, Lush have really outdone themselves when it comes to their new shower gels this year BUT Purple Carrots has blown me away so much more than the latter has.

The Purple Carrots shower gel is, as its name suggests, purple. It’s a slightly lighter shade of purple than the Plum Rain shower gel and has a thick but easy to get out of the bottle consistency.

The Purple Carrots shower gel contains a long list of ingredients. It has both purple carrot infusion and carrageenan extract, as well as the following essential oils; bergamot, buchu and Sicilian lemon. It actually shares its scent with several past products – best remembered in the likes of the Follow the White Rabbit bath bomb and the Bunch of Carrots reusable bubble bar.

The delicate yet refreshing scent of the Purple Carrots shower gel is very nostalgic to me as it reminds me of my paternal nan and grandads house when I was a little. It makes me feel safe and uplifted, it’s a simple but beautiful citrusy fragrance that I cannot get enough of.

As I said earlier, Lush have really outdone themselves this year when it comes down to their new-release shower gels, they just keep getting better. If Purple Carrots doesn’t become a mainline product in the not-so-distant future, Lush are making a big mistake. Choosing not to release the Purple Carrots shower gel properly, would be as big of a mistake from Lush as when they decided to cut off all their customers with their ‘deletion’ of social media.

It is a crime to let the Purple Carrots shower gel be just a one-off exclusive to April 2022’s Lush Kitchen Subscription box. If Lush were still on social media I’d be tagging and messaging them every day, bugging them to bring it out as a new shower gel in their permanent all-year-round line.

As I said earlier, the Purple Carrots shower gels consistency is deliciously thick but not so thick it’s hard to get out of the bottle. It lathers up easily and a small amount goes a very long way. Once the hot water and steam of the shower meets the shower gel and you begin to lather it up, its scent engulfs you, filling your bathroom with its gorgeously refreshing scent.

The Purple Carrots shower gel leaves my skin looking and feeling clean, refreshed, soft and well moisturised. After I’ve used it, the scent lasts on my skin for a good few hours. It’s also really hydrating too. It seems to lock in moisture just as well as a body lotion does. Overall, I cannot recommend the Purple Carrots shower gel more, I am extremely bitter to only have one bottle of it. Lush, please, please bring it out properly!

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