Cranberry Fizz Lip Scrub from Lush

Cranberry Fizz Lip Scrub (1)The Cranberry Fizz Lip Scrub was brand new to Lush at the back end of 2018. It was a part of their Winter 2018 line and what an impression it has made on me. The main ingredient in Lush’s lip scrubs is caster sugar. To this day I am still lost for words that such a basic and natural formula can do such a good job. I use lip scrubs almost every day so new flavours always get me very excited. A change is as good as a holiday, after all!

Lush’s lip scrubs are ridiculously underrated. Using them requires the minimum of effort and they cover everything your lips need to always look and feel their best. They are the perfect product to exfoliate dry or chapped lips while also softening and hydrating them too.

Ingredients wise the Cranberry Fizz lip scrub has a little more in it than the others I have used from Lush before. For example the Bubblegum lip scrub only has caster sugar and jojoba oil in.

Along side the caster sugar, Cranberry Fizz also contains the following oils; Peach kernel, cranberry seed, Brazilian orange and lime. This is what gives Cranberry Fizz its super hydrating edge; I thought all of the other Lush lip scrubs were great at balancing both exfoliation and hydration but Cranberry Fizz is absolutely incredible at it.

Cranberry Fizz also smells and tastes incredible. Super sour and fruity, I just can’t get enough. It’s obviously not meant to be eaten but if a bit does end up in your mouth in the process of scrubbing your lips with it, don’t worry, you’re not going to die. – I’m not quite sure how Lush have done it but the Cranberry Fizz lip scrub really does smell fizzy.

Taking its lid off and having a sniff feels just like the very first swig of a fizzy glass of lemonade, it even tickles your nose!

There’s not much more I can really mention for this scrub, it does its job perfectly and has become my favourite of the Lush lip scrubs so far. Lush have released another new one for Valentine’s 2019 and I can’t wait to try it, especially if it’s as good as Cranberry Fizz!

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Author: Lulu

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