There’s Room for Everyone on the Nice List Bath Bomb from Lush

I have been super-excited to review the, There’s Room for Everyone on the Nice List Bath Bomb as it really reminds me of Lush’s phenomenal 2016 Christmas line.

2016 was such an exciting year for Lush as we had the first, legendary Lush-creative-showcase. It is one of my (if not my) fondest memories of Lush and I still get butterflies thinking about what an amazing experience it was.

The There’s Room for Everyone on the Nice List bath bomb wasn’t a product available back then so you’re probably confused as to why I am even mentioning it BUT this bath bomb just seems to capture the same feelings of excitement in me.

I am a self-confessed Christmas-Scrooge so for me to be this excited about a product that is an in-your-face Christmas product is a huge deal indeed…

You’ve probably noticed the, There’s Room for Everyone on the Nice List bath bomb’s long name, to make it easier for you to read this review (and me to write this review) I will furthermore refer to it as the ‘There’s Room bath bomb’.

At the time of writing this review, the There’s Room bath bomb has only ever been available exclusively to those who purchased the December 2022, Lush-Kitchen-Subscription-box.

Whether it will come back as an actual product you can buy individually for Winter 2023 is a question that can only be answered by Lush. I however have my fingers crossed that it does make a reappearance at some point!

The There’s Room bath bomb contains some of the following ingredients: Rose oil, violet leaf absolute, sandalwood oil, and maple syrup and shares its scent with the Confetti perfume.

The scent is best described as heavily-violet, sweet and floral. I feel as if it is a mix of the Rose Jam shower gel’s scent and the Ultraviolet bubble bar. It’s floral but not in an old-lady way, it’s a fun scent that uplifts yet calms you down.

As you can see from the first and 2nd photos I have included in this review, the There’s Room bath bomb is a very clever design. I had to also include a side-shot of this bath bomb just to show you all how detailed it really is. Shaped as a yellow elf’s head, it has a pointed green elf-hat, pointed yellow elf-ears and bright pink elf-cheeks.

It’s one of the cutest bath bombs Lush have ever made, I imagine pressing this bath bomb is quite timely and that’s why it was only released as a Lush Kitchen exclusive.

As soon as the, There’s Room bath bomb comes in to contact with the bath water you are greeted with a soft hiss of yellow and green bubbles. As the bath bomb slowly dissolves the water gets to the bath bombs pink elf-cheeks and then pink bubbles start to spill out of the bath bomb too.

The bath art it creates reminds me of the bath art created by the 2021 version of the Lord of Misrule bath bomb albeit slightly different colouring. Some of the pictures I took of it also remind me of the Mermaid bath bomb although, There’s Room is much more colourful.

The There’s Room bath bomb takes a good 10-12 minutes to fully dissolve.

It doesn’t take long for the pink cheeks to disappear leaving you with just yellow and green bath-art-bubbles. Once all of the bath bomb has gone you are left with bright green, silky soft bath water.

The water is super-hydrating on your skin and once you’re out of the bath, the scent stays on your skin for the rest of the day. I could still smell it on my skin the next morning too.

As I said earlier, the scent of this bath bomb is quite a heavy one. Violet leaf is a powerful ingredient in perfume, and it works so well in the bath bomb format mixed with rose and sandalwood oil.

I can see this scent being made into several more different product formats in the future. As for my overall thoughts on the There’s Room for Everyone on the Nice list bath bomb, I loved it. I have my fingers crossed that Lush find a way to bring it out as a part of the 2023 Christmas line so that everyone can get a chance to try it, it’s fabulous!

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Zesty Body Spray from Lush

Previously known as the Calacas body spray, the Zesty Body Spray’s scent happens to be one of my most favourite Lush scents of all time. My first experience with a Zesty/Calacas scented product was when I ordered the Calacas shower gel back when Lush was all shiny and new to me.

I fell hopelessly in love after just one use and just like that, my Lush-life’s mission became trying anything and everything Lush brought out with the same fragrance.

Before the body spray’s release, I had been putting in weekly requests to Lush for a Calacas perfume for what felt like an eternity, it had been my most wanted product for well over 5 years. On the 1st of December 2018 Lush finally came through. The Lush Kitchen made a Calacas Body Spray! Since then, it has not only had a name change but has also been made into a mainline product thanks to it being so popular.

The Zesty body spray was inspired by the Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead is celebrated throughout Mexico during the last week of October and first few days of November. It is a celebration in honour of the family and friends who are no longer with them.

Zesty contains lime, frankincense and neroli oils, the Zesty scent is sweet, sharp and thanks to the neroli oil an instant mood booster. Lush have joked that it’s so zingy it could wake the dead.

The Zesty scent is hugely popular within the Lush community and Lush have made it into many different product formats, my favourites that share its scent (other than the body spray and shower gel) are the Monsters’ Ball bath bombMan in the Moon bubble barThe Enchanter bath bomb and Calacas body lotion.

Zesty is a beautiful, citrus body spray. Another thing I really like about it is that it isn’t super-duper in your face strong like some other citrusy scents. One quick spray on to my clothes leaves me smelling of it all day.  I can often still smell it on my top if I wear it the next day too.

I love wearing it on special occasions so that whenever I do get a whiff of it, I feel special.

Another thing I like to do with it is spritz it on the ends of my hair. Several people have asked me what shampoo I use as my hair smells so lovely. Overall, I am over the moon with this body spray. It has pride of place on top of my dresser next to my Celebrate and Once Upon a Time body sprays.

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Moon Bath Bath Bomb from Lush

The Moon Bath Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited-edition product, it was first released as a stand-out product from Lush’s incredible 2022 Christmas line.

Moon Bath happened to be the first bath bomb in the 2022 Christmas line to catch my attention because I’m a mini-Scrooge and love all of the Christmas products that aren’t in-your-face Christmassy.

You’ll recognise Moon Bath’s scent if you’re familiar with the Halloween-favourite, Ghostie bath bomb as they share the same powerful, zesty-fragrance. If you need to wake yourself up, a quick sniff of the Moon Bath bath bomb will do the trick.

The first thing I noticed about the Moon Bath bath bomb was how much it reminded me of a past Christmas-time product, the Angels Delight bath bomb. Both are decorated with a half moon face but that’s their only similarity. Moon Bath is a lot bigger than Angels Delight was, it’s the same size as the all-year-round bath bomb’s Twilight and Avobath.

Ingredients wise, the Moon Bath bath bomb contains – lemongrass, Sicilian lemon, Persian lime oils and plenty of popping candy.

As I said earlier, its scent is a powerful one. It’s super-sour, zesty fragrance will awaken all of your senses. People that think that all bath bombs make you feel sleepy have clearly never tried Moon Bath.

As soon as the Moon Bath bath bomb goes into the water it starts to fizz away. Slowly, thin orange foam spills out of it. It begins to spin, bobbing around your bath.

After 5 minutes a small burst of red foam spills out of the Moon Bath bath bomb. Thicker orange and red foam then begin to create the prettiest bath art.

The bath art that Moon Bath creates is very similar to the bath art that the Christmas Sweater bath bomb did, orange and red swirls go around and around right up until the bath bomb dissolves and it doesn’t take long after putting the bath bomb in for the popping candy to make an appearance too. Snap, crackle, pop!

The photos I have included in this review of the Moon Bath bath bomb do it no justice at all, I couldn’t get enough of this bath bomb in action. The zesty scent fills the room and really comes to life in the steaming-hot bath water. It’s impossible to not feel a spring in your step just by being in its presence.

The water left behind by the Moon Bath bath bomb is a warm and welcoming shade of orange.

Its scent lasted throughout the whole bath but didn’t last for very long on my skin once I was out of the bath. I think this leaves Lush with an obligation to make us a body lotion or body spray that has the Moon Bath fragrance! 😉

The silky-smooth, orange water left behind by this bath bomb is really soothing on your skin which isn’t always the case for citrus based bath bombs. I didn’t find Moon Bath drying on my skin at all BUT I do really think Lush need to create a body lotion with the same scent so that we can layer the scent up.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the Moon Bath bath bomb. With it not being particularly Christmassy, I could actually see it working as an all-year-round product. Maybe one day Lush could add it to the permanent all-year-round range as I’m confident that it would be very popular as a summery scent too!

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Intergalactic Showder from Lush

The Intergalactic Showder is one of several products released by Lush in a collaboration with Lazy Oaf. I’m ashamed to say that before this collaboration I’d never actually heard of Lazy Oaf. Each product within this line ties in with something that you’d find in a launderette.

The entire line is inspired by Lazy Oaf’s up-front acknowledgement that life comes with both good days and bad days. The collection has been put together to remind customers that taking time to care for themselves should be as routine as doing your laundry.

I’m always honest in my reviews and I admit that this collaboration didn’t excite me very much but I’m a diehard Intergalactic bath bomb fan so when I heard there was a showder that shared its scent, I couldn’t resist buying a box.

For anyone who hasn’t experienced a Lush showder before, I suspect you’re wondering what a showder even is… A showder is quite simply a shower-powder. To use a showder all you have to do is take a handful of the powder from its box, then add water.

The Showder then foams up and creates a lovely thick lather. The reaction is not dissimilar to how a bath bomb reacts when it first gets wet. Once you have it all mixed up, you use it just as you would a shower gel.

Lush’s Intergalactic scent is a bestseller, the Intergalactic Showder contains a mixture of peppermint, vetivert and grapefruit oils. Its scent is primarily a peppermint one, the grapefruit in it however adds a fruity and citrusy sharpness to it. It’s incredibly difficult to describe and really is a fragrance you must experience yourself to truly appreciate how refreshing it is.

Scent wise the Intergalactic showder is spot on, as a product to shower with however, I’m not so sure. I hate to point out the obvious but it’s just not a very practical product. Firstly, it’s in a cardboard box, secondly, I feel I had to use a lot of the powder to get anywhere with it. With it being £15.00 for just 170g I just can’t see myself investing in a second box.

Yes, it did an alright job of cleansing my skin and its scent also remained on my skin for the best part of the rest of the day after using it BUT for its price I expected it to go a lot further, so many Lush products can be stretched out over several showers and baths but I was lucky to get 3 showers out of this one box.

Overall, I am glad I gave the Intergalactic showder a go, it’s a beautiful fragrance and an interesting concept but I think I much preferred the bottled Intergalactic shower gel if I am going to compare the two together.

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Golden Angel Bubble Bar from Lush

The Golden Angel Bubble Bar is a limited-edition product from Lush’s 2022 Christmas line.

With it sharing its scent with the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb (a bestselling Christmas product that never fails to return every Winter) I can see it being a popular choice to purchase.

Golden Angel is one of Lush’s smaller-sized bubble bars that weighs in at 120g. For comparison purposes, the all-year-round bubble bar, Brightside is 200g.

Yes, the Golden Angel bubble bar may be on the smaller side but if I’ve learnt anything from the hundreds of Lush products that I have tried, size doesn’t dictate the products quality, especially when it comes down to Lush’s bubble bars.

The Golden Angel bubble bar contains some of the following ingredients, bergamot, Ho wood and Brazilian orange oil. The Lush-scent-family that Golden Angel is a member of is called Honey I Washed the Kids and its scent is truly delicious.

Its scent smells just like honey with elements of yummy caramel in it too, it is mouth-wateringly good and always leaves me craving biscuits.

To use the Golden Angel bubble bar, I put broken up pieces of it into a sieve and let the running bath-water trickle over it. I find this sieve-method the most effective way to use the single use Lush bubble bars.

This method also happens to be the best way to ensure none of the product gets accidentally wasted and maximises the bubble bars bubble potential!

One of my favourite things about Lush’s bubble bars is that unlike their bath bombs, bubble bars can be spread out over several baths.

I think you can get 2 adequately bubbled bubble baths out of one Golden Angel bubble bar without it hindering the quality of it at all, I however used all of it in one bath, greedy but absolutely worth it.

It doesn’t take long for the blanket of fluffy white bubble to form once you run Golden Angel under the tap.

Underneath the blanket of fluffy, white bubbles the water is liquid-gold and is so incredibly shimmery!

Using all of a Golden Angel bubble bar in one bath made for one of the bubbliest baths I have ever had. It was a foam party for one and I do not regret over-indulging at all.

It left my skin feeling silky smooth and its gorgeous scent lasted on my skin for the rest of the day too. It left me smelling so good I was a little worried that someone other than my cat would try to lick me… 😉

Overall, I really enjoyed using the Golden Angel bubble bar. Lush do use the Honey I Washed the Kids scent a lot but whatever product format they put it in always works.

I’m unsure whether this bubble bar will return next year but if it does, I’ll be sure to buy another!

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Happy Holidays Shower Gel from Lush

The Happy Holidays Shower Gel was an exclusive item that was a part of Lush Kitchen’s December 2022 subscription box. Previous to this, it had been released before but under a different name, the Merry Christmas shower gel.

Back when it was the Merry Christmas shower gel, it had only been available in the 2021 advent calendar and only in a measly 100g bottle.

Having a fresh 250g bottle of it (albeit with a different name) has made me very happy indeed.

You’ll recognise the Happy Holidays shower gels scent from the discontinued, Valentine’s Day product the Cherryish body scrub.

Cherryish happens to be my most favourite of all of Lush’s body scrubs as it exfoliates and buffs my skin so well. I was therefore very excited to get another bottle of the shower gel scent-equivalent.

The Happy Holidays shower gel is jam-packed with the prettiest golden shimmer, getting a decent photo of it was ridiculously difficult, the photos included in this review do it no justice at all. You really must see it for yourself to truly appreciate it, it’s so SPARKLY!

To look at, the Happy Holidays shower gel is quite similar to the Hot Toddy shower gel.

It is however a lot brighter shimmer wise and a little more transparent.

Consistency wise, the Happy Holidays shower gel is thick but still very easy to get out of the bottle.

The Happy Holidays shower gel contains aloe vera, agave syrup, cocoa absolute, cinnamon, and almond essential oil. Its scent is a subtle cherry fragrance with a slight hint of chocolate and spice.

Its scent is both warm and tangy like a sweet and fruity jam. It lathers up in your hands easily and the chocolate element within it really comes through when mixed with the hot water and steam of the shower.

Something I often find with Lush shower gels is that less-is-more when it comes down to using them and this is the case for Happy Holidays, a little goes a very, very long way!

Comparing both the Cherryish body scrub and Happy Holidays shower gel scent wise, the shower gel is a lot stronger yet still very subtle. As I said earlier, the smallest amount of it goes a very long way. This is a huge bonus when you consider how rare the shower gel is at the time of writing this review.

Happy Holidays scent can still be detected on your skin once you’re out of the shower. It also leaves your skin appearing brighter, as well as softening it too; It’s perfect to use in the cold Winter months.

I would love to see bottles of the Happy Holidays shower gel become a main line Winter product next year and I’d also like more Cherryish scented products too!

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Sweet Pudding Bath Bomb from Lush

The Sweet Pudding Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited-edition product first released as a part of Lush’s 2022 Christmas line. While it looks like a mix of the past Christmas bath bombs, the Luxury Lush Pud and The Golden Pudding, it doesn’t smell like either.

Sweet Pudding actually shares its scent with the Mr Loba Loba bath bomb.

Sweet Pudding is the average size Lush bath bomb at 200g (the same size as the best sellers, Twilight and Intergalactic)

This bright pink pudding-shaped bath bomb was one of the first of the new 2022 Winter products to catch my eye, pink will always be my favourite colour and after falling in love with the Mr Loba Loba bath bomb, I couldn’t wait to give another bath bomb sharing its same scent a go.

The Sweet Pudding bath bomb contains benzoin resinoid, tonka absolute and almond oil. Its scent is sweet and warming. It smells almost like a blend of vanilla with hints of some type of berry. The almond oil adds a slight nuttiness to its fragrance which rounds off the tonka absolute.

It is incredibly moreish, and I can see why Lush have re used the scent again in this bath bomb.

As soon as the Sweet Pudding bath bomb hits the water a burst of thick pink foam erupts from it, slowly the foam begins to thin out but the bright pink colour still spreads, both across the surface of the water and underneath.

I must admit, I expected a little more bath art out of the Sweet Pudding bath bomb, I imagined pink and white swirls that were quite similar to the bath art created by the, The Comforter bath bomb however bath art isn’t all that makes a bath bomb good…

The scent is probably my most favourite thing about this bath bomb, that and the colour it turns the bath water.

While it doesn’t create much bath art it does turn your bath water an incredibly inviting, bright pink. I much prefer it over the Snow Fairy bath bomb.

Sweet Pudding takes approximately 8 minutes to fully dissolve, the water it leaves behind is incredibly soft and left my skin feeling super hydrated and silky-smooth.

Once you’re out of the bath, Sweet Puddings scent can still be smelt on your skin for the best part of the rest of the day. Its scent also lingers around in your bathroom for a good few hours after using it too.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Sweet Pudding bath bomb. I would love to see it return next Christmas but sadly most of the new bath bombs in the Christmas line only get to see one Christmas.

If Lush don’t want to bring it back then I’d like to at least see the scent appear again, a shower gel equivalent would be divine!

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Elf Shake Shower Gel from Lush

The Elf Shake Shower Gel is a brand-new release from Lush; It is a limited-edition product that is a part of Lush’s 2022 Christmas line. Taking into account its ingredients, I believe that its name is a play on an ‘health shake’. Changing health to Elf gives the shower gel the perfect Christmas twist. 😉

Elf Shake is an opaque, bright green shower gel. Its colour is almost identical to look at as the Glitch shower gel. On several occasions when I have been in a rush, I have mistakenly grabbed Glitch instead of Elf Shake and vice versa, not realising until after I had started to use it. They may look the same but really do have completely different, clearly identifiable scents!

Elf Shake has a thick but easy to get out of the bottle consistency, it could easily be classed as a shower cream instead of a shower gel.

Elf Shake contains a long list of fresh ingredients including, mint infusion, apple juice, grape juice, kiwi juice, lime juice, sweet wild orange oil and ylang ylang oil. Lush’s website describe it as a ‘sour gumball smoothie’.

I cannot compare its scent to anything released by Lush before, the ‘gumball’ element of the fragrance does make me think of last year’s Jolly shower gel a little BUT it is such a small amount of likeness that I almost didn’t want mention it.

If you like fruity scents that aren’t citrus-thick, Elf Shake may be a good option for you. The kiwi and apple juice in it are what my nose picks up on the most. It’s hard to describe, to me it smells like one of those super-healthy, bright-green smoothies (the pleasant on the tongue kind).

It’s mouth-wateringly good, the apple brings a crispness to it and the mint infusion rounds it off giving it a candy-cane like Christmas edge.

When it comes down to their newly released shower gels, Lush have really outdone themselves this year. As I have said in my previous 2022 shower gel reviews, Lush’s shower gel selection was in desperate need of new life and 2022 has been a brilliant year for Lush shower gels. Elf Shake isn’t my favourite from this year’s new releases, but it’s in my top 3. My husband really likes it and claims that it is the best shower gel Lush have ever released.

The Elf Shake shower gel lathers up easily and a very small amount of it goes a long way. If the rumours are true and Lush UK won’t be selling the seasonal shower gels in bottles come 2023, opting for capsules that you burst just before using instead, I will kick up a stink.

The best thing about all Lush shower gels is how such a small amount goes a long way, introducing just capsules will be such a waste. Not to mention how difficult capsules are to use for customers with bad hands due to illness or injury like me. BUT back to the thankfully, bottled Elf Shake…

…Once out of the shower the Elf Shake scent remains on your skin for the best part of the rest of the day, it also does a really good job of cleansing your skin, leaving it looking and feeling brighter. All of the fresh juice in it really does have an effect on you.

Overall, I love the Elf Shake shower gel, I have my fingers crossed that Lush UK don’t ruin their best year for shower gels yet by getting rid of the bottled shower gels come January 2023. 🤞

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Cobweb Bath Bomb from Lush

The main reason that I subscribe to the Lush Kitchen’s monthly subscription box is because sometimes it makes it possible for customers to get their hands on long-gone, discontinued products from Lush’s past.

I was therefore over the moon to see that the Cobweb Bath Bomb had made it into the Lush Kitchen’s 2022 Halloween box. Before this, I believe it had only ever been available as an online exclusive several years ago.

This smoky-grey, shimmery cobweb shaped bath bomb really stood out amongst the other treats in the 2022 Halloween box, I couldn’t help but buy another on eBay as soon as my box arrived. The Cobweb bath bomb shares its scent with the Black Pearl shower gel, (a product I promise to review soon).

The Cobweb bath bomb contains black sugar, chamomile blue oil, lavender absolute, olibanum oil and myrrh resinoid. It has one of Lush’s most relaxing scent families and is a good alternative if you’re getting a little bored of the heavily featured, Sleepy scent.

Like the Sleepy scent found in the likes of the Twilight and Sleepy bath bombs, the Cobweb bath bombs scent is rich with lavender, the Cobweb bath bomb however smells more herbal and has a generous helping of calming chamomile in it too.

If each word in the dictionary had its own fragrance, I’d like to believe that the word ‘relax’ would smell just like the Cobweb bath bomb.

At 110g the Cobweb bath bomb sits in my hand snuggly, it’s a little bit bigger than the I Want My Mummy bath bomb and a little bit smaller than the Ghostie bath bomb. It’s definitely too small to be a cobweb created by the huge Tarantula shower jelly from this year’s Halloween range! 😉

While it’s quite a plain bath bomb, the etched-in cobweb design makes it truly unique to any other bath bomb ever released by Lush. I love that the Cobweb bath bomb also has a slight shimmer to it. It’s just like a cobweb with drops of morning dew decorating it.

The photos I have included in this review do the Cobweb bath bomb no justice at all. While it doesn’t create bath art it does create the most mesmerising cloudy grey water, it reminds me of a water colour painting of a stormy or cloudy day. The Cobweb bath bomb is an incredibly quick fizzer and has completely dissolved within about 2 minutes of it being placed into the bath water. The water it leaves behind is so very sparkly. Like a star-spangled dusky nights sky.

As I said earlier, the Cobweb bath bomb’s scent is one of (if not the) most relaxing scent-family created by Lush. Laying back in its waters leaves me ready for a deep-sleep marathon. Lush really need to bring this scent back to life and throw it in to other product formats.

Lush, please bring back more old school products like this in the Lush Kitchen subscription boxes, getting to try such incredible Lush treasures is a real treat that makes my soul so very happy!

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Toil and Trouble Shower Scrub from Lush

The Toil and Trouble Shower Scrub is yet another product from Lush’s huge 2022 Halloween line. Toil and Trouble isn’t just a shower scrub either; Inside the pot, sat right on top of the shower scrub you will also find 2 mini bat-shaped shower jellies too! See the series of photos below.

The Toil and Trouble scrub with jelly bats is the first of its kind so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pot. Toil and Troubles consistency is very similar to something in between the Magic Crystals and Mamma Mia shower scrub.

Its ingredients include lavender, peppermint, orris, patchouli, sage and plenty of fine sea salt. The sea salt is the magic ingredient that makes this scrub scrubby, it is the perfect go-to product to use when you’re in need of a full-body exfoliation.

At the time of writing this review, Toil and Trouble doesn’t share a scent with any other Lush products as it’s a brand new scent. It’s rich with lavender with a sage and peppermint twist, the patchouli in it adds an autumnal aspect to the scent, in some ways it reminds me of the Lord of Misrule bath bomb and in others like the Magic bath bomb.

To use, all you must do is scoop out a small amount of scrub from the pot followed by then working it into your skin just like you would a shower gel.

A small amount of the scrub goes a very long way but please feel free to overindulge! With any exfoliator, I recommend that you pay a particular amount of special attention to any dry patches of skin that you may have, such as your knees and elbows.

What’s different about the Toil and Trouble shower scrub in comparison to the other shower scrubs by Lush is the added extras, the mini bat jellies. Lush’s website states that the jelly bats are better to use over the scrub if you are looking for a more ‘gentle cleanse’.

The shower jellies lather up well and each have lasted me about 3 showers. I decided to use them after giving myself a full-body scrub, the skin on my arms, legs and chest have never felt smoother or cleaner.

Toil and Trouble is an excellent exfoliator, not only does it buff away all of your dead, dry skin it also leaves the skin that’s left behind super hydrated too. This is a huge bonus as exfoliating can be a little harsh on your skin.

For me personally, the scrubbier a shower scrub is, the better but I know super-scrubby isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Toil and Trouble is the perfect balance of scrubby and soothing in my opinion.

I will admit, I’m a little disappointed that Lush still haven’t made a shower scrub that shares its scent with the Calacas shower gel. Calacas is not just one of my most favourite Halloween scents it is one of my most favourite Lush scents of all time.

I am mentioning the Calacas scent because there is a similarly named, Calacas scented bubble bar from Lush called Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble. Sadly, the name is the only similarity between the 2 products. Both products have completely different scents.

While I am still hoping that Lush release a Calacas scented shower scrub I did really enjoy Toil and Trouble.

The extra mini shower jellies really added to the scrub and I can see Toil and Trouble being quite popular to Lush customers that don’t have bath tubs. Not everyone would have tried shower jellies before so adding them to this scrub is a good way to introduce them to shower-jelly-reluctant customers!

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