Perle De Sel Bath Bomb from Lush

Perle De Sel Bath Bomb

The Perle De Sel Bath Bomb is brand new to Lush this year, it’s a part of the limited edition, Winter 2018 line and I can report form hear-say that it has been widely enjoyed throughout the community so far. Perle De Sel is a member of the Snow Cake scent-family sharing its fragrance with the very popular but as of this Winter, discontinued Snow Angel bath melt.

I’m not a huge fan of Lush’s Snow Cake fragrance, the easiest way to describe it is marzipan-sweet. Although I knew the scent of Perle De Sel wouldn’t blow me away, I still wanted to try it because there is nothing quite like a brand new Lush bath bomb. I didn’t need much persuasion visually either, as you can see from the photos it’s a product that is very easy on the eye.

Perle De Sel contains benzoin resinoid, cassie and rose absolute. Alongside those is also a copious amount of skin-softening sea salt. Perle De Sel translates from French into English as ‘Salt Pearl’. Once I learnt this, Perle De Sels design and all of its ingredients made sense. What I like most about Perle De Sel is its unique, shimmery-gold decorated top – the pearls!

Perle De Sel is the standard, round bath-bomb-shape. It’s an offish-white colour and could easily be mistaken as the Dragon’s Egg or original So White bath bomb by those not very familiar with Lush products. Described on Lush’s website as ‘not just any Christmas bath bomb’ and the ‘epitome of decadence and class’ Perle De Sel radiates everything I associate pearls with. Royalty, Luxury and Glamour galore.

Once Perle De Sel hits the bath water its sickly-sweet marzipan scent softens somewhat. As someone who isn’t a lover of marzipan this pleased me a great deal. I can imagine this not being ideal for anyone who is a Snow Cake super fan though. Its scent is by all means still present, it is however a much more subtle fragrance and is no where near as strong as the scent given by the aforementioned Snow Angel bath melt.

Slowly but surely Perle De Sel fizzles away, bobbing around in your bath water leaving a stream of tiny bubbles. Its shimmery gold top spreads a burst of sparkle into the water and is shortly followed by an explosion of turquoise blue. I wasn’t expecting such pretty bath art from what I thought was going to be a fairly colourless bath bomb.

Once dissolved Perle De Sel leaves your water a pearlescent blue. It is very similar to the waters left behind by the Frozen bath bomb but it is a much more subtle, pastel shade of blue.

Part way through the bath bombs performance it did unfortunately sink, this was however expected by me as all products with sea salt in are much heavier. The likes of Big Blue and the Geo Phyzz bath bombs both do the same. The excess sea salt is however so good for your skin as it not only softens your skin but cleanses your pores deeply too.

Even though the Perle De Sel bath bomb did sink I did manage to get a couple of colourful photographs. What it doesn’t give us in bath art it well makes up for with its skin nourishing properties.

Its scent although hard to detect, did stay on my skin for a good few hours after using it. I’d go as far as to say I actually really like the subtle scent it left. Something I never imagined, considering I despise marzipan and all of the other Snow Cake scented Lush products (that I have tried so far anyway). It just goes to show that some products are worth giving a go, even if you’re not sure on it, you may just end up with a new favourite!

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