Eyeball Bath Bomb from Lush

I am always really excited to reacquaint myself with fresh limited edition, golden-oldie Lush products, particularly those from the Halloween line. There’s just something about this time of year that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

When the 2018 Halloween line was announced, I was utterly devastated when I found out that the Pumpkin bath bomb was no longer in the line up.

The brand new Eyeball Bath Bomb has taken its place. As sad as I was at the loss of one of my favourite smelling bath bombs, I kept an open mind. New products keep things fresh and although I adore the Pumpkin bath bomb, the Eyeball bath bomb looked as if it had a bit more bath-art-potential. A trait I always enjoy in a bath bomb.


The first thing that I noticed about the Eyeball bath bomb was how hideous it looks. With it however being a Halloween product, its hideousness is of course all a part of its charm.

Mainly white, when it is upside down I have mistaken it for a Dragon’s Egg bath bomb more times than I can remember. When it is the right way up, you can see that it has been designed to look like a cartoonish eye ball; The bath bombs centre is a black pupil surrounded by an eerie-orange iris.

The Eyeball bath bombs scent is not at all what I imagined. Containing Brazilian orange, lavender, ylang ylang oil and rose absolute it should smell like your nan’s hand bag. It’s however nothing like your nan’s hand bag, if anything I feel it’s quite a youthful scent, one that ALL ages can enjoy.

phonto 2

Reading the Eyeball bath bombs ingredients list I expected it to have a rich and super overpowering floral scent, it however has a very soft and delicate scent. The lavender and rose absolute give it a soft almost musky edge and the Brazilian orange rounds both of them off adding a subtle layer of sweetness.

By all means it’s not an unpleasant scent I just wouldn’t have ever associated the scent with the Halloween season.

As soon as the Eyeball bath bomb hits the water a burst of orange erupts into the water. Dotted around the bath, black and orange bubbly streaks appear. At first the bath art it created reminded me of the Tiger Tiger Burning Bright bath bomb.


The bath art was however very short lived, I have found every Eyeball bath bomb I have used thus far, to be exceptionally quick fizzers. The bath art appeared to end almost at the same moment it began. I have seen some people say the complete opposite though.

I’m not sure if I got a bad batch or whether the pressure and type of water (hard/soft) in different areas make a difference. My skin did feel revived and fresh once I’d got out of the bath, the scent didn’t last on my skin very long but with it being so subtle in the bath I was expecting this.

If you’re not into bath bombs for bath art and prefer the gentler colours and scents then the Eyeball bath bomb would be a very good choice for you. I wasn’t blown away by Eyeball but I did enjoy using it. Sadly I have decided that I won’t be stocking up on the Eyeball bath bomb before the Halloween season is over, as I was a little underwhelmed by it in comparison to the other Halloween bath bombs, sorry Eyeball the Monsters’ Ball bath bomb is still my favourite product from the Halloween range!

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The World’s Smallest Disco Bath Bomb from Lush

The World's Smallest Disco Bath BombThe World’s Smallest Disco Bath Bomb is brand new to Lush this year. Although it isn’t obvious upon first glance, it is in fact a product from Lush’s Winter 2018 collection. I decided to start my Winter reviews with the, The World’s Smallest Disco bath bomb as it’s a product that doesn’t scream the C word; CHRISTMAS.

I have heard some people say a lot of this years Winter line isn’t Christmassy enough, I’m afraid I’m on team Scrooge and disagree, Winter is about so much more than just Christmas, Autumn too. The less Christmassy the better for me, especially when it’s only just turned October… There’s plenty of time for all things Christmas once we reach December!


Over the last few years Lush have designed and released several black coloured products, in 2017 we were introduced to the brand new Secret Arts jelly bomb and Bewitched bubble bar too. Back then myself and my very white bath were naturally wary about bathing in the darkest of black bath-water and this was the case for many others which is why I guess Lush hadn’t made many (if any), black-bathing products previously.

Regardless of my wariness, I did give both of the aforementioned black products a go and even though I thought I wouldn’t enjoy either, I in fact REALLY enjoyed both.

As you can see from the above photographs the, The World’s Smallest Disco bath bomb is yet another black product. Seeing as I had enjoyed both Secret Arts and Bewitched I had an open mind about the, The World’s Smallest Disco. It has a similar design to the Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb (the multicoloured bath bomb discs that decorate it). Designed to look just like a disco ball you can’t help but feel drawn to it.

The World’s Smallest Disco bath bomb contains several uplifting and feel-good ingredients. Persian lime and grapefruit oil leave not only your skin feeling refreshed but also your mind too. Just like the Golden Wonder bath bomb, The World’s Smallest Disco also contains cognac oil, this gives its bitter citrus scent a warming edge.

I don’t like to complain but I can’t help but mention the steep price of The World’s Smallest Disco, I don’t normally go into pricing in my reviews but it’s currently available at just over £5. For £5 I want the bath bomb to sing and dance, I assume this price is because of the cognac oil as Golden Wonder has gone up in price a huge amount too. I did say in previous reviews from 2017 that I’d begrudge spending anymore than £4.95 on a single use product, I am therefore a little disappointed that this bath bomb is so expensive.

I do however completely appreciate Lush’s ethics and the fact that cruelty free ingredients do cost more to source etc, I am just a little taken back as it’s a lot more than I had expected. To warrant me buying any more it really had to be an all singing, all dancing, bath time extravaganza.

As soon as the, The World’s Smallest Disco comes into contact with the bath water there is an explosion of silver/grey foam. As the bath bomb dances around your bath, spewing lime scented foam, the multicoloured bath bomb discs slowly come loose from the bath bomb, just as the ones in Luxury Lush Pud do. Once it’s fully dissolved you are left with pitch black bath water decorated with multicoloured dots. It reminds me of a starry nights sky on a clear night, (if stars were multicoloured anyway.)

The scent of the bath bomb diminishes somewhat after it’s dissolved and doesn’t last the whole bath. A soak in a World’s Smallest Disco bath does however leave my skin feeling soft and refreshed, which is a trait I really like a bath bomb to have. At the end of the bath it also all went down the plug hole with no fuss. There was no mess at all, as long as your bath is clean and doesn’t have any soap scum on it prior to using this bath bomb you’ll be fine, even with its dark colour.

Overall I did thoroughly enjoy using this bath bomb, the price does however put me off a little, it’s one I would like to use again but will be saving for special occasions only because of how expensive it is.

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Sugar Plum Fairy Naked Lip Scrub from Lush

Sugar Plum Fairy Naked Lip Scrub

One of the very first products that I ever got from Lush was a pot of their Bubblegum lip scrub, from the very first use I was hooked. When it comes down to lip exfoliation you can’t go wrong with Lush. Up until this years winter line came out, Lush’s lip scrubs had only ever been sold in a glass 25g pot. Now, they also come in a ‘naked’ form.

The main ingredient in all of Lush’s lip scrubs (potted or naked) is caster sugar. When I tried my very first Lush lip scrub, I was blown away at the fact that a product with such a basic ingredients list worked so much better than any other lip exfoliator that I had tried before. Caster sugar is the perfect ingredient for gentle yet effective exfoliation.

Making a naked and solid version of their much loved potted lip scrubs is in my eyes the best idea Lush have ever had. The potted lip scrubs work like a dream but since trying the naked versions I doubt i’ll be buying the potted versions ever again. Lush have managed to improve what I already deemed a perfect product.


I honestly raved about the potted lip scrubs to anyone who would listen. The naked version however blows the potted version right out of the water. I don’t think I’ve ever been this impressed with a Lush product shake-up. Smelling almost identical to the, The Comforter bubble bar and shower cream the Sugar Plum Fairy Naked Lip Scrub has a beautiful and rich berry scent, living up to its scent families name, it truly does have a warm and comforting fragrance.

The difference between the naked and potted lip scrubs apart from the obvious is that the naked lip scrubs are solid. When I have been asked to describe the new naked lip scrubs texture I always compare it to a very moisturising sugar cube. I know that isn’t technically a thing but it’s the only way I can think of describing it. It is solid and scrubby just like a sugar cube, it however is strangely moisturising too.

The solid lip scrubs are nothing like their potted equivalent, they do not crumble at all. I always make a right mess when using the potted versions, often accidentally wasting some of the product as it falls before making it to my lips. With the naked lip scrubs there is no mess or product waste at all.

My favourite thing about the naked lip scrubs is that they are solid, because of this you can apply so much more pressure on to your lips during application, it makes buffing away the dry bits of skin so much easier than it was before. If you have long nails like me then you’ll be pleased to know that there is also no more trouble fishing the product out of the pot.

To use, all you have to do is rub it onto your lips in a similar way you would put lipstick on. Once you feel satisfied with the coverage, you then just wipe the sugar away to reveal smooth and lovely looking lips. Some wipe it off while others lick, both options are perfectly safe.

Just like the Black Rose naked lip scrub the Sugar Plum Fairy naked lip scrub is incredibly hydrating for your lips, I wasn’t expecting this at all as the potted versions aren’t anything as moisturising as these. I am over the moon with all of the new naked lip scrubs, I hope Lush bring out more of them soon as I want them all. I don’t think I have ever been more satisfied in a product before. Lush’s perfection par just got a whole lot higher!

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Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar from Lush

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble BarThe Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar is a product that never fails to make an appearance in Lush’s Halloween product line up. Year in, year out it comes back, ready and waiting to take on yet another Lush autumn. As its name suggests the Sparkly Pumpkin is a bright orange, pumpkin shaped bubble bar that has a generous coating of golden lustre with a single piece of cinnamon stick as its stalk. 

I think the first time I ever used Sparkly Pumpkin was back in 2015, it wasn’t a product that instantly stood out to me, visually I didn’t and still don’t find it the most eye catching of Lush products. Back then the only reason I originally gave it a chance was because it came in a gift set that my husband bought me.

Although the bubble bar doesn’t wow me as much as other Lush products do, I can still see that it has some amazing qualities and can also identify the reasons why it comes back to stores every autumn.

The Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar is relatively small, it fits snuggly in my ‘child-sized’ hand. I can see why some people are tempted to use the whole bubble bar for just one bath, I however use the one Sparkly Pumpkin over 2 baths without any compromise on quality or how many bubbles it creates.

Sparkly Pumpkin bubbles up very quickly, I recommend using it in a sieve as I find it is quite a crumbly bubble bar, many people don’t use a sieve for it though, some simply just crumble it in their hands under a running tap. I have tried both ways and because it is quite a soft product I’ve had the best results from the sieve, I find letting it just crumble doesn’t get the most out of it bubble wise, you tend to waste quite a bit, finding pieces of it at the bottom of your tub once you get in.

In regards to Sparkly Pumpkins scent, I expected it to be jam packed with all things pumpkin, it however isn’t. Strangely, the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar actually contains juniper berry, lime and grapefruit oils. This unique blend of essential oils makes the Sparkly Pumpkins scent a woody and gentle citrus blend, I find a soak in a Sparkly Pumpkin bath leaves me feeling both soothed and uplifted. If you favour the products with a more subtle scent then Sparkly Pumpkin would be a great one for you.

I know some people want to run a mile when they see a shimmery Lush product but being honest as always, the sparkling products really aren’t that troublesome. I get a little tired of explaining this in all of my sparkly product reviews but as someone who once too feared anything glittery, I can’t help but mention it. I have been converted and now love a sparkly Lush product. The shimmer just rinses away, I always describe it as cosmetic shimmer, kind of like what you get in make-up such as some bronzers and highlighters.

A Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bath leaves your skin silky-smooth and well nourished. Its scent unfortunately doesn’t hang around on your skin for very long but it does last throughout the bath.

Sparkly Pumpkin isn’t one of my favourite bubble bars purely because I find it a little boring, I do however like to pair it with a bath bomb. Last year my favourite Lush cocktail that contained Sparkly Pumpkin was it, mixed with the Pumpkin bath bomb. This year the Christmas Sweater bath bomb was however introduced to the winter line and  that works with Sparkly Pumpkin perfectly too.


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Twilight Naked Shower Gel from Lush

Twilight Naked Shower Gel

When I first heard about Lush’s latest invention the ‘naked’ product line, I found myself scratching my head in confusion, especially when it came down to naked shower gels. I had so many questions, how, what and why? were the questions that bounced around my head the most. Lush are infamous for releasing the wackiest of products and I always like to give Lush the benefit of the doubt by trying everything new, after all you can’t have a real opinion on a product if you haven’t even tried it…

I was as curious about how the naked products worked as I was confused at their release. The first of the naked products that I tried were the naked lip scrubs, the Black Rose naked lip scrub won me over instantly and just like that I decided that I needed to try every single naked product from this years winter range.

I decided to try and review the Twilight Naked Shower Gel first as it shares its scent with the first Lush bath bomb I ever bought and used, Twilight. Its scent is mostly dominated by the lavender oil in it, it however also contains tonka absolute which gives the shower gel a vanilla like scent-kick too. It is one of the very first Lush scents that I fell in love with so it seemed only natural to review the Twilight naked shower gel first.

The Twilight naked shower gel has pretty much the same ingredients as the original Twilight shower gel that comes in a bottle, the only difference is the sodium stearate, this ingredient is what makes the product solid. All of the naked shower gels work in exactly the same way as their plastic-bottled-equivalents would, they simply just don’t come in any type of packaging (they’re naked). My very first thought when I heard about and see the naked shower gels piled up high at the Lush Creative Showcase 2017 was, surely it’s just a soap? To look at I’d say it was soap through and through, the naked shower gels however contain no soap base at all.

You use a naked shower gel just as you would a normal shower gel. Instead of fiddling with a lid and then squidiging the product out of the bottle you now just have to lather the naked shower gel similar to how you would a bar of soap, Twilight in particular I find lathers up really quickly. It Is just as consistent as the normal shower gel is, I cannot tell the difference between the naked and normal shower gels once I am rubbing it in. The naked shower gels are also not hard like bars of soap either. They are ever so slightly squishy, solid enough to hold their shape without packaging, but, squishy enough to help give you an easy lather. Once you feel like you have enough product out of it, you then simply pop it on the side to dry out ready for you to use in your next shower or bath.

Once used, the scent of the Twilight naked shower gel stays with you throughout the evening and even lasts on your skin for most of the next day. Not only do you benefit from its beautifully subtle scent hours and hours after using it, you also get soft, smooth and gloriously hydrated skin. I was not expecting this at all, as shower gels go I am very, very impressed, this naked shower gel in particular works just as well at hydrating your skin as a bottled shower cream such as the Comforter would.

So far I have used the Twilight naked shower gel 4 maybe 5 times and there’s no signs of obvious use just yet. I can see this lasting longer than the normal shower gels which is a huge bonus in my house as my husband always over indulges with my Lush shower gels.

If you love the Twilight scent as much as I do I’d recommend using the Twilight sparkle jar once you’ve showered with the shower gel. I love layering up scents from the same scent family and with Sleepy body lotion and the Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb from Lush currently being available as well, you really can go all out and enjoy the Twilight scent through multiple product formats.

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Man in the Moon Bubble Bar from Lush

Man on the Moon Bubble Bar2The Man in the Moon Bubble Bar is the Lush product I have been wishing for ever since I took my very first sniff of the Calacas shower gel. I don’t think I have ever been as excited finding out the scent of a Lush product before. The Calacas scent is one of Lush’s most popular, so much so that it completely baffles me as to why Lush hadn’t brought a Calacas scented bubble bar out long before now.

Much like the new Plum Snow bubble bar, the Man in the Moon Bubble Bar is a lot bigger than I had anticipated, a bigger sized product always pleases me as I love getting more for your money, who doesn’t? Another thing that has impressed me in regards to the Man in the Moon bubble bar is how a little amount of it goes such a very long way.

As time has gone on, Lush seem to have perfected the skill of making their bubble bars go further and further, with most of the new bubble bars it is now possible to use them several times without any drop in its quality or performance.

Lush have thought very hard about the design of this bubble bar. Made to be a full moon with a face it has some rather distinguishing features such as its Victorian era moustache and monocle. The whole idea behind the bubble bar is said to be inspired by a creepy silent-film made in France back in 1902. If you take on board what happened in said the short film you’d know that the monocle is actually a rocket that has landed in the ‘man in the moons’ eye, eeek!!!

The Calacas scent is refreshing, uplifting and zingy. Lush have carefully combined oil of lime, neroli and olibanum to make the perfect pick-me-up bubble bar, bathing in a Man in the Moon bath will reinvigorate both your mind and body. Some people describe the Calacas scent as smelling just like fruit pastille sweets, I can see where they are coming from but its scent is so much better than just fruit pastilles. I adore its scent and it works beautifully in all formats that Lush have released so far. *prays for perfume*

I’ve heard a few people say that the Man in the Moon bubble bar smells identical to the discontinued Oxford Street exclusive, the Man in the Mushroom Mask. My nose however doesn’t pick it up at all. I personally think that the Man in the Mushroom Mask smells like almonds and caramel, which is far from the fruity lime that Man in the Moon’s scent offers. Regardless, scents can come across differently to different people so I am not saying I’m right and they’re wrong, both products scents are favourites of mine but for me the Man in the Moon bubble bar is Calacas scented through and through.

As mentioned above, the smallest amount of the Man in the Moon bubble bar goes a very long way. I can get 4 more than generously bubbled baths out of just the one bubble bar. I’d go as far as to say that spreading it over just 4 baths is in fact a little wasteful, that is unless you feel like overindulging in bubble bath heaven. Which is something I am more than happy to do with any Lush product that is Calacas scented.

Underneath the blanket of bubbles is lime green, silky smooth water. My skin always looks and feels it’s best after a long and relaxing soak in a Man in the Moon Bath. My most favourite thing about the Man in the Moon bubble bar is how its scent stays with you so long after using it. Paired with the Monsters’ Ball bath bomb (which also shares the Calacas scent) makes the most perfect bath. Just writing about the combination is making me want another Calacas themed bath right now… I am obviously head over heels in love with this bubble bar and it is one I will most definitely be stocking up on before winter is through.

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Pumpkin Bath Bomb from Lush


The Pumpkin Bath Bomb was first released by Lush as a part of their 2016 Halloween line, when I heard the news that it would be making a return this year I was so pleased. Originally the Pumpkin bath bomb wasn’t the bath bomb I was most interested in from 2016’s Halloween range, its vanilla sweet and cinnamon spicy scent however won me over. I can never resist cinnamon!

I have been told by several reliable, pumpkin spice latte fans that the Pumpkin bath bomb is the fresh cosmetics product equivalent. Therefore if a cheeky cup of pumpkin spice isn’t quite hitting the spot for you anymore you may want to indulge yourself by using a Pumpkin bath bomb or two.


The Pumpkin bath bomb was actually the first I tried from the rather large loot of products I bought from the very first Lush Creative Showcase back in September 2016.

Upon first sniff the Pumpkin bath bomb really reminded me of the Yog Nog bath bomb from previous years. I thought maybe this was its substitute however it really isn’t at all related. The spice in both had me confused. Both are very warming bath bombs and Pumpkin’s warming elements is what first caught my interest, which is why it was one of the first I tried.

Suffering with chronic pain I am always on the look out for warm and relaxing products. I am so pleased that Lush brought not only the Pumpkin bath bomb back this year but also spoiled us with another spicy bath bomb, the Christmas Sweater.


The Pumpkin bath bomb is a very fast fizzer. I however did not mind this as the quicker it dissolves, the quicker I can lay back and soak up all of its relaxing and warm awesomeness. A lot of people have asked me on Instagram and on here about cutting up bath bombs to make them go further, for example halving the bomb so that you can get 2 baths out of it instead of 1.

For some bath bombs I think it would be a Lush crime to cut them up, the Pumpkin bath bomb is however one that I’d say you can split between 2 baths without taking anything away from how it performs, smells and how it affects you (essential oils wise) in the bath tub.

Overall I am very impressed with the Pumpkin bath bomb, it might not be as colourful as the other bath bombs currently available but the spiciness with in it has worked wonders on my aching muscles. I will without question be stocking up on these before Halloween has been and gone!

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This post was originally posted on this website on the 27th of September 2016. I have been slowly updating each post on this blog as with time my photos have improved(ish) as has my product knowledge – Lulu @ Lush Upon A Time