Golden Pear Soap from Lush

Golden Pear SoapWhen it comes down to Lush Cosmetics I rarely review the soaps. This isn’t because I dislike them, I just get through them so slowly that I am currently still working through a long list of soaps from 2014! The fact that they can be used day in day out, while lasting so long is a real credit to Lush. At the 2017 Lush Creative Showcase I was instantly drawn towards the Golden Pear Soap. It looks just like a real pear and photographs beautifully, realising this, I couldn’t help but bump it to the top of my review list.

The Golden Pear has a very sophisticated scent, its ingredients include pear puree, cardamom oil, Brazilian orange oil, sandalwood and murumuru butter. What I like most about this soap is how its scent differs from when you first have it to when you use it. Straight off of the shelf the Golden Pear has a strong and very sour scent, it’s not sour in the same way as the Calacas shower gel is though. The use of actual pear seems to soften the zest of the orange oil in it while also giving it a sweeter edge. It reminds me of boiled sweets that you’d get from one of the old fashioned sweet shops, pear drops and pineapple cubes spring to mind.

Once in use the Golden Pears scent becomes less sour and a much warmer fragrance. The pear in it that smells so fresh at first quickly becomes more musky and super sweet. This extra layer of warmth reminds me ever so slightly of the Fizzbanger bath bomb. As I mentioned above, the Golden Pear soap looks just like a real pear. That is until you see that the soap is in fact divided into 2 pieces then stuck back together with a creamy center, much like one of Lush’s popular bubbleroons. Yuzu and Cocoa and Peeping Santa being 2 of my personal favourites from the bubbleroon family.

Sadly for bubbleroon fans Golden Pear is just a soap, sorry if I got your hopes up when making the comparison… It is however a very good soap so don’t feel too hard done by. It lathers up quickly while its pear like design also makes it the perfect shape for wet hands, there’s no slipping and sliding in your hands with this soap, it’s a very easy lather.

Golden Pear Soap1

It’s very normal for a bar of soap to dry out my hands, with the Golden Pear soap this doesn’t however happen. Alongside its truly unique scent, this is what made me really like the Golden Pear soap. The murumuru butter in it makes it so much more moisturising than other bars of soap, it leaves my skin feeling so soft. Its scent does however fade on me quite quickly, it doesn’t seem to last on my skin but I have heard others say it does on theirs so don’t just take my word for it.

As Lush soaps go, the Golden Pear is certainly one of the best to have come out this year. I like its scent but can see how some may find it a little over powering, its sweetness level is up there with the Snow Fairy fragrance.

The oddly shaped soaps that are famous from Lush are often a little difficult to handle. In my opinion a lot of them are more of a novelty product than anything else. Golden Pear however breaks the mold, it’s a work of art as well as a brilliant soap. The fact it doesn’t even look like a soap gives it that special edge. Thanks to the Golden Pear soap I have decided that I need to give Lush’s soap selection more credit, expect to see a lot more soap reviews here in the foreseeable future!

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