Snow Fairy Shower Gel from Lush

I make it no secret that the super sweet products from Lush are normally my least favourite. It is because of this that I had always avoided the Snow Fairy Shower Gel, reaching out for other products instead.

Last Winter I however decided to give the Snow Fairy shower gel a go as my boyfriend loved it and I also wanted to try to understand the hype around it.

Products that share the Snow Fairy scent have been made in to so many different formats that I just couldn’t avoid embracing it any longer.

Since last year my nose has warmed to it. It’s not the type of scent that I am normally comfortable with and it did take a while to get used to but I am starting to quite enjoy it when used with other Lush products.


The Snow Fairy shower gel is a glorious, bright pink which happens to be the best colour in the world. Smelling of candy floss and bubblegum, I can see why it’s such a hit with the younger Lush addicts.

The shower gel is at the perfect consistency for using in the shower, it’s not too thick and not too runny either.

A little bit of the product goes a long way and although the scent is a little overpowering at first, once you’re out of your bathroom, the scent left on your skin isn’t nearly as fierce.

Once you’re out and the scent has toned down some what,  I begin to really it.

Some Lush scents are very in your face and are very enjoyable I however feel I only like the Snow Fairy scent an hour or 2 after using it.


Snow  Fairy is not my favourite Lush shower gel and I hate saying stuff like this but I don’t think I’d miss it to the point of tears, if it didn’t come back next winter.

This isn’t because I dislike the product, it’s okay, I just prefer other shower gels and because the Snow Fairy scent is featured in so many other products we’d never, ever be fully without it if I ever did decide that I in fact love it…

With it being such a beautiful pink I really do wish I liked it more.

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Author: Lulu

Hello, my name is Lulu and I am a 33 year old with a very unhealthy obsession with Lush Cosmetics. I mostly blog about Lush but I also do posts that touch upon disability, mental health and invisible illnesses on various other social media platforms. If you can read this then I guess I should thank you for visiting my blog, I hope to see you again soon! :)