Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar from Lush

Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar

The Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar is probably the bubble bar I was the most excited about from Lush’s 2017 Christmas line. At the showcase this year, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to make one of these. Prior to this I had never made any Lush products myself so it was a dream come true. Before the bubble mix is left to set it feels just like kinetic sand.

I loved every step of making this bubble bar, working the bubble bar mix in my hands was so relaxing, pressing it into its mold making sure the pink doesn’t go over the line and of course adding the popping candy. It really was a fantastic experience, if I worked in the Lush factory I’d want to be in the bubble bar team for sure!

Christmas Cracker’s scent is almost identical, if not the same to this year’s other popular new release the Cheer Up Buttercup bath bomb, I make it no secret that I love the citrusy products the most, I was therefore super happy to learn that the Christmas Cracker had the same zingy and energy boosting ingredients that Cheer Up Buttercup has, lemon, lime and neroli oil.

Pairing it with a fruity product such as the Blackberry bath bomb would make for an excellent Lush-bath-cocktail.

You can get 3 very generously bubbled bubble baths out of just the one Christmas Cracker, I suspect it could be stretched over more than 3 baths if you wanted it to, I haven’t tried anymore than 3 uses though as I’m spoilt and always over indulge. The mix of the pink and yellow creates the most beautiful and bright orange bath water and of course lots of fluffy white bubbles! sitting back in a Christmas Cracker bubble bath leaves you feeling elated and refreshed.

As I mentioned above, the Christmas Cracker bubble bar has popping candy hidden in the inside of it. When I very first used this bubble bar I had completely forgotten about the popping candy within it. There is quite a delayed reaction to the popping candy and the water. I was sat back, submerged by the cheery bubbles for a good few minutes before the popping candy surprised me with its unignorable presence.

As always popping candy makes for a very entertaining bath, once it starts to react with the water it crackles away for a good 5 or so minutes. I have paired Christmas Cracker with the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb which is also jam packed with popping candy, it’s like having your own mini firework display in the bath tub.

What really stood out for me with the Christmas Cracker bubble bar was how hydrated it left my skin, the scent also stayed with me for the best part of the day after using it too. I will definitely be stocking up on this bubble bar before Winter is through. Lush have made some amazing additions to their bubble bar family this year, it’s made me very excited for whatever they have planned for us next!

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