Christmas Eve Bubble Bar from Lush

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

Although the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar is a golden-oldie-Lush-product, I had never had the pleasure of trying it up until Lush made it a mainline bubble bar as a part their winter 2017 line. Much like the So White and Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, the Christmas Eve bubble bar has received a bit of a facelift since its original debut. Unfortunately I haven’t got a photograph of what it used to look like as, as I said earlier this bubble bar is a first for me! It is quite rare for an ‘old’ Lush product to be new to me so I was very excited when I first see a big pile of the Christmas Eve bubble bars…

The Christmas Eve bubble bar shares its scent with the Northern Lights bath bomb which happens to be one of my all time favourites as well as another product that received a facelift just last year, (2016). I was incredibly sad to see that the Northern Lights bath bomb hadn’t been included in the winter 2017 line, the inclusion of the Christmas Eve bubble bar has however made it a little easier to be without.

Being honest as always I was a little taken aback at the size of the Christmas Eve bubble bar. I think I have however been spoilt with the likes of The Comforter and Brightside bubble bars, both are huge and once you’ve had them that big it is only natural to be disappointed when presented with a product that is so much smaller. With it being only £1 less than the giant bubble bars too, I can see why some people have been put off of buying it.

Although the Christmas Eve bubble bar is small, it does pack some power. I can get 2 very generously bubbled baths out of just the one bubble bar. One half of the bubble bar creates a copious amounts of fluffy white bubbles, whilst also turning your bath water into the most beautiful, silky-soft, light shade of blue.

In my personal opinion the scent of the Christmas Eve bubble bar is not particularly strong, those that are new to its scent may however say that it is, this is because the Northern Lights scent really is out-of-this-world unique. After reading its ingredients list you’d be forgiven for guessing that the Christmas Eve bubble bar would smell very similar to the Sakura bath bomb. Although jasmine absolute is definitely in both Sakura and Christmas Eve, they really don’t have that much in common when it comes down to scent. I have heard many people refer to the Northern Lights scent as a lot like laundry detergent, I can see what they mean as its scent is so fresh and crisp.

As for its effect on your skin, I much prefer the bubble bar to the Northern Lights bath bomb. Its scent not only stays with you for the best part of the day but also leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. This is something that the bath bomb didn’t do for my skin so I was of course very happy to discover this. Overall I am very impressed with this bubble bar, the only thing that lets it down is its price, for its size I would expect it to be closer in price to the Lush bubbleroons. It however has the best, freshest and 100% ethically sourced ingredients so it will always be slightly high in price.

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