Abracadabra Bubble Stick from Lush

The Abracadabra Bubble Stick is one of Lush’s newer reusable bubble bars, it was released in the UK earlier this year alongside several others to celebrate the anniversary of the invention of the bubble bar, 30 years ago.

Abracadabra shares its scent with the Blackberry bath bomb and Sultana shower gel. The Blackberry/Sultana Lush-scent-family is one of my all-time-favourites so I always make sure to buy everything that is released in its scent.

Using any product that shares a scent with the Abracadabra bubble stick before bed really helps me get a good nights sleep. Sleep is something I have always struggled with so anything that helps me drift off easier is gold dust to me. Making a magic wand shaped product with this incredible scent couldn’t be more appropriate in my eyes, as it really is magic!

Containing bergamot and frankincense oils, the Abracadabra bubble stick is the perfect blend of ingredients to be around when you need to wind down and chill out. The frankincense offers a sweet yet gentle woody aroma while the bergamot gives it a delicate citrus-fruit edge.

Reusable bubble bars are slightly different to the normal bubble bars, you don’t have to break a reusable bubble bar up and use it in pieces, you simply run it all under the tap as shown in the photo below.

Once you have the desired amount of bubbles in your bath simply place the bubble bar out of the way where it can be left to dry ready for when you next decide to use it. It says on the Lush website that you can get 3-4 baths out of just the one Abracadabra bubble stick. I am however super greedy and always over indulge spreading it over just 2.

As soon as you hold the Abracadabra bubble stick under the tap, the water starts to turn a beautiful shade of purple while a steady stream of fluffy white bubbles begin to build up on the waters surface.

I wish I had a shower head attached to my bath as blasting the bath water with that is a much quicker way of getting bubbles when it comes down to the reusable bubble bars. If you have one, I strongly recommend giving it a go if you really want to go to town with the quantity of bubbles! if not, a good swirl of the water with your hand works great too.

After just a few minutes of holding the bubble bar under the running tap, the bath will be ready for you to get into. The dark purple water it creates is super inviting, you can almost feel the stresses of the day leave you as you slowly sink yourself in.

The fluffy white bubbles hang around right up until it’s time to pull the bath plug out, as does its relaxing scent. It leaves my skin soft, hydrated and appearing brighter. The bergamot and frankincense fragrance stays on my skin for the best part of the next day too.

Overall I really do love the Abracadabra bubble stick, I find the reusable bubble bars to not always be on par with the ordinary ones but Abracadabra has really impressed me, I’m really glad that it’s currently (at the point of writing this review) a main line product.

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Bathos Bubble Bar from Lush

Bathos Bubble Bar

The Bathos Bubble Bar is a very popular, golden-oldie that Lush bring back every now and again. At the time of writing this review it most recently made a return for a limited time in celebration of the invention of bubble bars, 30 years ago.

If you’re a fan of all-things-violet then Bathos is perfect for you. Bathos contains violet leaf, ylang ylang, rose absolute, bergamot and clove bud oils… Roses are red, violets are blue.

On paper it’s a floral scent through and through however the inclusion of ylang ylang and bergamot oil adds an extra but very subtle fruity layer to Bathos’ fragrance. I personally find violet leaf really good at combating tension headaches making Bathos a must have product in my house.

Although the Bathos bubble bar is on the smaller size in comparison to the likes of the, The Comforter bubble bar it does hold its own, it is small but mighty. You can get 2 adequately bubbled baths out of just the one bubble bar.

To use the non-reusable bubble bars like the Bathos bubble bar, I break it up then stick the bubble bar pieces (like the photo below) in to a sieve and let the running-tap trickle over it. This method is the best way to ensure none of the bubble bar gets accidentally wasted and through trial and error, I have come to the understanding that it is the sure way to get the most out of your bubble bar, bubble wise!

Just one half of the Bathos bubble bar creates copious amounts of fluffy white bubbles and turns the water underneath a tantalising shade of shimmery lilac.

Laying back in a Bathos bath, surrounded by the mind-soothing-scent of violets is an excellent way to unwind and destress. When I use a Bathos bubble bar just before bedtime I always find myself dropping off to sleep much easier. 

The shimmery lilac water is so very inviting, it leaves my skin looking and feeling so much brighter. Within minutes of soaking in its water I can feel all of my worries and stresses I’ve carried through out the day, melt away.

As bubble bars go, Bathos in my opinion is one of the best that Lush have on offer. Please Lush, I’d really love to see some new violet-based-products coming out in the near future!

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Mermaid Tail Bubble Bar from Lush

Mermaid Tail Bubble Bar

The Mermaid Tail Bubble Bar started its Lush life as a Harajuku, Japan store exclusive. It is however at the time of writing this review currently available from Lush’s UK website alongside a mountain of other bubble bars released in celebration of 30 years since the bubble bar was invented.

I’m always honest in my reviews and my first thought upon receiving the Mermaid Tail bubble bar was that it was quite small for its price. At the point of ordering, I was completely unaware that the Mermaid Tail bubble bar also had a bath-melt part. The blue detailed fin is in fact a bath melt, learning this made me a little happier about this products higher price.

The Mermaid Tail bubble bar shares its scent with the Baked Alaska soap and the Mermaid bath bomb, it contains lemon myrtle, ylang ylang and grapefruit oils so has quite an in-your-face citrus fragrance, if you’re looking for a product to wake you up, SEARCH NO MORE.

To my nose, the grapefruit oil is the most noticeable ingredient in Mermaids Tail, its scent is incredibly sharp, demanding your full attention.

Ordinarily I’d use a bubble bar this small all in one bath however after taking its scent-strength into consideration, I decided to break the bubble bar up, spreading it over 2 baths. I’m so glad I did this as I think my eyes would have started watering had I used it all together!

The first time I used the Mermaid Tail bubble bar I took the bath melt out of it, putting it to one side. Using just half of the bubble-bar-part of Mermaid Tail turned the bath water a beautiful shade of light purple, copious amounts of bubbles floated upon the waters surface too.

When it came round to using the other half of the Mermaid Tail, I decided to use the rest of the bubble-bar-part and the bath-melt-fin. The light purple water I experienced before was now a calming, pastel blue. I thought using the bath melt would stop there from being so many bubbles, I was wrong. I was extremely surprised that such a small amount of bubble bar could create so many bubbles.

I’d definitely say that the bath melt part of this bubble bar was the strongest scented part of it; Its scent lasted right up until the last drop of water went down the plug hole and then lingered in the air for a few hours after. The water was smooth and pearlescent, leaving my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Once I had got out of the bath I felt full of energy, its refreshing fragrance stayed on my skin for the best part of the rest of the day too, putting a spring in my step.

Overall I am quite impressed with the Mermaid Tail bubble bar, even though it’s small it served me 2 perfectly bubbled baths. Something I wasn’t expecting upon seeing its size. I also love the addition of the bath melt, I never normally have time to use bath melts but have made a mental note to try use more now as I really enjoyed the one included in the Mermaid Tail bubble bar.

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Rainbow Bubble Bar from Lush

Rainbow Bubble Bar

The Rainbow Bubble Bar started its Lush life as a Harajuku, Japan store exclusive. At the time of writing this review it is currently only available in the UK within a Lush gift set; This makes it a little bit harder to get a hold of BUT with the 30 years of the bubble bar celebration due to start, I suspect that it will soon be readily available for all. 🤞

Apart from its bright colours, the first thing that struck me about the Rainbow bubble bar was its larger size. Its design is very similar to a previously-released, retro-Lush-product the Ultra Violet bubble bar. Which is also rumoured to be making a return for the 30 years of the bubble bar celebration!

Containing a blend of benzoin resinoid, lemon myrtle and Sicilian lemon oils the Rainbow bubble bars scent is sweet and uplifting. Its scent is fabulously fruity yet subtle; Strangely it really smells of raspberries. I’ve never been very good at describing scents but Rainbow smells like a bowl of fresh raspberries with a splash of lemon; it is deliciously moreish to say the least!


To use the non-reuseable bubble bars like the Rainbow bubble bar,  I either crumble, or break them up then stick the bubble bar pieces (like the photo above) in to a sieve and let the running bath-water trickle over it. I find this the most effective way to use the single use bubble bars. This method is the best way to ensure none of the bubble bar gets accidentally wasted and through trial and error, I have found that it makes the most bubbles!

I managed to get 3 very generously bubbled baths out of just the one Rainbow bubble bar, I am confident that you could however spread this product out over more than 3 baths. Although I feel as if 3 baths showed it to its full potential. A little amount of the bubble bar really does go a long way making it fantastic value for money.

The Rainbow bubble bars scent lasts throughout the bath as do the bubbles. The water underneath the blanket of fluffy white bubbles is a bold and very inviting shade of orange, it is a very similar colour to the water you get from the Brightside bubble bar. The water is also silky smooth to the touch and is really moisturising without being at all oily, a trait I always love in a bubble bar!


If you’re looking for a bath product that leaves you feeling happy and refreshed then the Rainbow bubble bar would be perfect for you. A good soak in a Rainbow bath leaves me feeling ready to take on the world. Once out of the bath my skin is fairly hydrated too, my skin is however normally very dry so the Rainbow bubble bar might be even more hydrating on other peoples skin.

Overall I am really impressed with the Rainbow bubble bar, we have needed a raspberry scented bubble bar for ages; If you miss the Mumkin bubble bar then you really do need to try Rainbow! Not only does my skin feel good after using Rainbow but its gentle fragrance stays on my skin for the rest of the day too. I have my fingers crossed that this bubble bar is a part of the 30 years of the bubble bar celebration as I’d love to stock up on a few.

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Yog Nog Yule Log Bubble Bar from Lush


Yog Nog Yule Log Bubble BarWhen I first heard about the release of the Yog Nog Yule Log Bubble Bar I was super happy as it shares its scent with the Yog Nog bath bomb. Lush’s Yog Nog scent is a classic Christmas fragrance that is perfect for the festive period.

The Yog Nog Yule Log bubble bar is brand new to Lush this year and smells just like warm, gooey cinder toffee. Packed with warming cinnamon and nutmeg powders, it’s the perfect amounts of both sweet and spicy.

Designed and made in the same way as a Battenberg cake the Yog Nog Yule Log looks good enough to eat. Disclaimer, do not eat it, it’s a bath product. I just thought it was best that I clarify this as I wouldn’t want to mislead anyone. (it really does smell and look irresistibly delicious though…)

I managed to get 3 very well bubbled bubble baths out of just the one Yog Nog Yule Log bar. I could have probably stretched it out to more than 3 baths but I’m a greedy guts.

To use bubble bars like the Yog Nog Yule Log I either crumble, or break it up then stick it in a sieve and let the running bath-water trickle over it. I find this the most effective way to use the single use bubble bars, nothing gets wasted – making it the best way to maximise their true bubble potential.

Yog Nog Yule Logs scent remains just as delicious as it did at the start of your bath, right up until the last bit goes down the drain after pulling the plug. I found that this bubble bar left my skin exceptionally soft and perfectly hydrated, so much so that I didn’t need a body lotion afterwards.

Underneath the blanket of fluffy white bubbles is shimmery gold water, nowhere near on the sparkle-par as the waters after a Golden Slumbers bath (thankfully!) but it is equally as mesmerising. I prefer the Yog Nog Yule log bubble bar much more than the Yog Log Roulade from a few Christmas’ ago.

With this months release of the Yog Nog perfume in the Lush Kitchen, I can really go to town with layering up the Yog Nog scent. What pleased me the most about the Yog Nog Yule Log was how long its scent did last on my skin after using it in the bath (and I’m talking about without putting the perfume on too). It leaves me smelling like a scrumptious Christmas biscuit well into the next day, it truly is Christmas in bubble bar form.

I always find bubble bars quite tricky to review, I try to stick to small factors; their scent, design, bubble power etc. As difficult as I find reviewing them it’s safe to say that for me, the Yog Nog Yule Log bubble bar gets a big tick for everything I like in a bubble bar. Thanks Lush, yet another Lush product I need to stock up on before Winter is through. As if I need anymore! 😉

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Poisson D’Avril Bubble Bar from Lush

Poisson D'Avril Bubble Bar.png

The Poisson D’Avril Bubble Bar translates from French to English as ‘April Fish’, which, to this day, remains the French term for April Fools. I did a little research into the inspiration of this never-before-been-released bubble bar, I just love learning of how and where Lush pull their product-creation inspiration from. The last product that got me researching like this was the Cyanide Pill bath bomb, I love learning just as much as I like Lushing!

Poisson D’Avril is a part of Lush’s beautiful and bright Easter 2018 line. Back in 1564 King Charles XIV of France reformed the calendar to what we go by today, back then news took a lot longer to spread. HOW DID ANYONE GET THROUGH EVEN AN HOUR WITHOUT WIFI?!!! The people that lived in the rural areas of France were the last to hear of the new calendar. Just like the people of today many of them hated change.

Some stubbornly clung to the old calendar system and continued to celebrate the New Year during the week of March 25th and April 1st (April Fools day). April Fools day originated from this, those who refused to go by the new calendar became victims of pranks, people would surreptitiously stick paper fish to their backs, making them an ‘April Fool.’

Moving away from the unwanted history lesson ~ I know you’re only here for the Lush! Poisson D’Avril is a red and orange/yellow, fish shaped bubble bar. Its ingredients include neroli, cinnamon leaf and black pepper oil. It wasn’t until I used Poisson D’Avril with the New shampoo bar that I realised it was a fruity AND spicy scented product.

I don’t know how I even missed its spicier notes at first, sniffing it now, it’s so obvious. On paper the ingredients list appears a little crazy, I however feel that Poisson D’Avril is one of the best smelling bubble bars Lush have made to date. It reminds me of several different products, there’s elements of the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb in there as well as elements of the Christmas Sweater bath bomb too, both might I add pair beautifully with Poisson D’Avril.

Its scent is warm and citrusy but not in an in-your-face way, in my opinion it’s the perfect balance of both. It’s fruity enough to leave you and your skin feeling brighter, yet warm enough to banish away any lingering Winter time blues. Laying back in a Poisson D’Avril bubble bath is the perfect way to say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring.

Although Poisson D’Avril is in my opinion a larger bubble bar, I have found that to experience it at its full potential you should only really split it over 2 baths. I know some people have used the whole thing for one bath, a true Lush extravagance that I will not be willing to embrace unless the Poisson D’Avril becomes regular line, *hint, hint Lush.* I always get so sad at the thought of so many wonderful products only being available for a short amount of time, even more so now the Lush Kitchen is no longer a weekly affair.

Just half of the Poisson D’Avril crumbled under a hot, running tap creates mounds of fluffy white bubbles. Underneath the thick blanket of bubbles is the most dazzling of water. It’s not only a brilliant shade of red but also speckled with a slight golden lustre too.

Its scent isn’t very strong on the skin once you get out of the bath, it is however still ever so slightly detectable the morning after using it. I’d do absolutely anything to get hold of a body lotion in the Poisson D’Avril’s scent. Although I’d have naturally wanted for Poisson D’Avril to be a bubble bar I could spread out over several baths, I did enjoy using it thoroughly, so much so that I have ordered several more. I just had to stock up on them as I know that I’ll be more than sad to see the Poisson D’Avril bubble bar go once Easter 2018 is through.

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Mum in a Spin Bubble Spinner from Lush

Mum In A Spin Bubble Spinner

The Mum in a Spin Bubble Spinner is yet another brand new release from Lush’s Mother’s Day line. Packed with a long list of relaxing ingredients including both lavender and tonka absolute, it’s a must try product for all, not just mum’s. When Lush first released the bubble bar equivalent of a fidget spinner I honestly had no idea what a fidget spinner was.

I have since learnt that a fidget spinner is a small toy comprising of two or three prongs arranged around a central bearing. They are designed to be spun by the fingers as a means of improving concentration and a reliever of stress.

Although the bubble bar equivalents of a fidget spinner do not work in quite the same way, (the water from the tap is what essentially makes the bubble spinner spin) I can see why they are so popular. Getting in on the fidget spinner craze is a very clever move on Lush’s part, their original creation of a Bubble Spinner sold very well which is why we have now been presented with a brand new bubble spinner product, the Mum in a Spin.


Mum in a Spin is a reusable bubble bar, much like the first bubble spinner that Lush created it has a wooden pin in its middle. This allows the bubble bar part of it to spin as the tap water hits it just like a water mill. It has 3 spokes, two of them are decorated with the letter ‘M’ and the third with a love heart spelling out Mum/Mom.

Reusable bubble bars are slightly different to the normal bubble bars, you don’t have to break a reusable bubble bar up to use it, you simply run it under the tap to create bubbles. Once you have the desired amount of bubbles you then put it somewhere it can dry off, ready for the next time you want to use it.

As Mum in a Spin is submerged under running tap water, its scent fills the room. It shares its scent with the much loved Twilight bath bomb, making it the perfect night-time-bath treat. As the bubble bar is run under the tap copious amounts of bubbles begin to form, the water also becomes a stunningly bright pink. Overflowing with ingredients that have been carefully put together to help you wind down, it didn’t take very long for me to feel the stresses of the day melting away as I let myself lay back underneath the blanket of fluffy white, Twilight scented bubbles.

Sometimes I find that the reusable bubble bars don’t create quite as many bubbles as the ordinary bubble bars do, I found that with Mum in a spin this wasn’t the case at all. You can get 3 very generously bubbled bubble baths out of just the one Mum in a Spin. Another trait that reusable bubble bars tend to have is that they don’t create as vividly colourful water as their ordinary counterparts, this wasn’t the case for Mum in a Spin either, I was very happy to be bathing in such a beautiful and bold shade of pink water.

Another thing that impressed me about the Mum in a Spin bubble spinner was that its scent lasted throughout the whole bath, it also lasted on my skin once I was out of the bath too. There is nothing better than stepping out of a Mum in a Spin bubble bath followed by slathering yourself up with Sleepy body lotion.

I know some people are eager for Lush to start creating new scents as they’re growing bored of the same scents coming back time and time again. There is however something quite special about revisiting much loved scents through a different product format, I don’t think I could ever get bored of the Twilight scent. Overall I am very impressed with the Mum in a Spin bubble spinner, it ticks every box for what I like in a bubble bar. I will therefore be stocking up on them before 2018’s Mother’s Day period is through.

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Christmas Eve Bubble Bar from Lush

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

Although the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar is a golden-oldie-Lush-product, I had never had the pleasure of trying it up until Lush made it a mainline bubble bar as a part their winter 2017 line. Much like the So White and Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, the Christmas Eve bubble bar has received a bit of a facelift since its original debut. Unfortunately I haven’t got a photograph of what it used to look like as, as I said earlier this bubble bar is a first for me! It is quite rare for an ‘old’ Lush product to be new to me so I was very excited when I first see a big pile of the Christmas Eve bubble bars…

The Christmas Eve bubble bar shares its scent with the Northern Lights bath bomb which happens to be one of my all time favourites as well as another product that received a facelift just last year, (2016). I was incredibly sad to see that the Northern Lights bath bomb hadn’t been included in the winter 2017 line, the inclusion of the Christmas Eve bubble bar has however made it a little easier to be without.

Being honest as always I was a little taken aback at the size of the Christmas Eve bubble bar. I think I have however been spoilt with the likes of The Comforter and Brightside bubble bars, both are huge and once you’ve had them that big it is only natural to be disappointed when presented with a product that is so much smaller. With it being only £1 less than the giant bubble bars too, I can see why some people have been put off of buying it.

Although the Christmas Eve bubble bar is small, it does pack some power. I can get 2 very generously bubbled baths out of just the one bubble bar. One half of the bubble bar creates a copious amounts of fluffy white bubbles, whilst also turning your bath water into the most beautiful, silky-soft, light shade of blue.

In my personal opinion the scent of the Christmas Eve bubble bar is not particularly strong, those that are new to its scent may however say that it is, this is because the Northern Lights scent really is out-of-this-world unique. After reading its ingredients list you’d be forgiven for guessing that the Christmas Eve bubble bar would smell very similar to the Sakura bath bomb. Although jasmine absolute is definitely in both Sakura and Christmas Eve, they really don’t have that much in common when it comes down to scent. I have heard many people refer to the Northern Lights scent as a lot like laundry detergent, I can see what they mean as its scent is so fresh and crisp.

As for its effect on your skin, I much prefer the bubble bar to the Northern Lights bath bomb. Its scent not only stays with you for the best part of the day but also leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. This is something that the bath bomb didn’t do for my skin so I was of course very happy to discover this. Overall I am very impressed with this bubble bar, the only thing that lets it down is its price, for its size I would expect it to be closer in price to the Lush bubbleroons. It however has the best, freshest and 100% ethically sourced ingredients so it will always be slightly high in price.

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The Magic of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar from Lush

The Magic of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar It’s always so exciting to get your hands on a brand new Lush product but there’s nothing quite like having one of your favourites return year in, year out. The Magic of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar wand is definitely one of my all time favourite from the winter line.

If you’ve read any of my previous reviews you’ll know that I’m normally not the biggest fan of the reusable bubble bars. I feel as though they are more of a novelty product than anything else, I also find that the majority of them just aren’t as colourful or vibrant in use as the ordinary bubble bars are.

Lush put a lot of effort into making the reusable bubble bars look beautiful and desirable but in my personal opinion, Lush tend to relax a little with them in regards to how well they work as an actual bubble bar. The Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar is however the exception to this, it creates just as many bubbles and the brightest of orange water giving the Brightside bubble bar (an ordinary bubble bar) a serious amount of competition.


Last year, (2016) Lush released 4 reusable bubble bars for their winter line, I can’t help but think that the Jester and Santasaurus reusable bubble bars didn’t make a return for 2017 because of how dull the bubble bars made the colour of the bath water.

The Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar however never fails to return and it’s not hard to see why. For me, it ticks all of the boxes of things I look for in a bubble bar. It looks beautiful, smells fantastically moreish, creates mounds and mounds of fluffy white bubbles, all while turning your bath water a sparkly and warm shade of orange.

The thing that I like the most about the Magic of Christmas wand is that its stick is in fact a real cinnamon stick, it’s such a good idea. I love cinnamon so can never get enough of this bubble bar. You can use every last piece of this bubble bar, even the decorative ribbon and bell tied around it can be used again.

The Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar creates a generous amounts of spicy-scented, fluffy white bubbles in no time at all. I can easily get 6 baths out of just the one bubble bar which makes it incredible value for money. To use it all you have to do is hold it under the tap like in the photograph above. Once you have your desired amount of bubbles you simply place it on the side so that it can dry, ready for you to use it again whenever you wish.

Decorated with cinnamon seeds and organic cloves the Magic of Christmas literally smells like my idea of heaven, I don’t think Christmas would ever be the same should Lush decide to retire this bubble bar. When the winter weather is dragging me down there is nothing better than a Magic of Christmas bath to lift me out of the darkest of winter blues. The cinnamon and clove packed ingredients work a treat on over worked and aching muscles as well as brightening up my tired and dull skin.


The Magic of Christmas also makes the bath water silky smooth, it soothes and nourishes my dry skin perfectly. My current favourite Lush cocktail that includes the Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar is, Magic of Christmas, the Christmas Sweater bath bomb and Hot Toddy shower gel. They all mix so well together and are all brilliant products. Hot Toddy isn’t very easy to get now that the Lush Kitchen is in limbo but if you ever get a chance to grab a bottle on ebay etc, DO IT!

Overall I am completely besotted by this beautiful bubble bar, I always make sure I have stocked up on them before winter is through. I have actually had the privilege of making one of these by hand myself, I haven’t included a photo of my version because it was awful, It’s a lot harder to make Lush products than it looks!

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Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar from Lush

Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar

The Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar is probably the bubble bar I was the most excited about from Lush’s 2017 Christmas line. At the showcase this year, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to make one of these. Prior to this I had never made any Lush products myself so it was a dream come true. Before the bubble mix is left to set it feels just like kinetic sand.

I loved every step of making this bubble bar, working the bubble bar mix in my hands was so relaxing, pressing it into its mold making sure the pink doesn’t go over the line and of course adding the popping candy. It really was a fantastic experience, if I worked in the Lush factory I’d want to be in the bubble bar team for sure!

Christmas Cracker’s scent is almost identical, if not the same to this year’s other popular new release the Cheer Up Buttercup bath bomb, I make it no secret that I love the citrusy products the most, I was therefore super happy to learn that the Christmas Cracker had the same zingy and energy boosting ingredients that Cheer Up Buttercup has, lemon, lime and neroli oil.

Pairing it with a fruity product such as the Blackberry bath bomb would make for an excellent Lush-bath-cocktail.

You can get 3 very generously bubbled bubble baths out of just the one Christmas Cracker, I suspect it could be stretched over more than 3 baths if you wanted it to, I haven’t tried anymore than 3 uses though as I’m spoilt and always over indulge. The mix of the pink and yellow creates the most beautiful and bright orange bath water and of course lots of fluffy white bubbles! sitting back in a Christmas Cracker bubble bath leaves you feeling elated and refreshed.

As I mentioned above, the Christmas Cracker bubble bar has popping candy hidden in the inside of it. When I very first used this bubble bar I had completely forgotten about the popping candy within it. There is quite a delayed reaction to the popping candy and the water. I was sat back, submerged by the cheery bubbles for a good few minutes before the popping candy surprised me with its unignorable presence.

As always popping candy makes for a very entertaining bath, once it starts to react with the water it crackles away for a good 5 or so minutes. I have paired Christmas Cracker with the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb which is also jam packed with popping candy, it’s like having your own mini firework display in the bath tub.

What really stood out for me with the Christmas Cracker bubble bar was how hydrated it left my skin, the scent also stayed with me for the best part of the day after using it too. I will definitely be stocking up on this bubble bar before Winter is through. Lush have made some amazing additions to their bubble bar family this year, it’s made me very excited for whatever they have planned for us next!

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