Sex Bomb Bath Bomb from Lush


Lush’s Sex Bomb Bath Bomb is quite the eye catcher, it is mostly pink but has a purple tie-dye effect on its upper half. One rice paper flower also takes pride of place on its top, giving the Sex Bomb bath bomb its own crown.

I actually discovered at the 2016 Lush Showcase that the rice paper flower that Lush use in the Sex Bomb is in fact edible. Myself and my friend Lizzi both tried one, lets just say they’re better off used in the bath…

Photo 11-12-2016, 10 21 26

The main ingredients that stand out to me in the Sex Bomb bath bomb are jasmine and ylang ylang. Jasmine has been used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac which I guess is why this bath bomb got its sexy name. The ylang ylang that is also used in Sex Bomb is very uplifting, it makes Sex Bomb an ideal product choice if you’re feeling stressed or down in the dumps.

I’d describe the Sex Bomb’s scent as very heady, it’s a floral fragrance with quite a musky undertone. I find its scent calming, sensual and soothing.

Much like the Blackberry and Avobath bath bomb, Sex Bomb is quite a fast fizzer. I know some people see this as a negative but for me it’s not a negative, sometimes I just want to get on with my bath, not all bath bombs have to create pretty patterns and works of art, sometimes all you need is a bath and those carefully selected essential oils.

Photo 10-06-2017, 15 41 33

A Sex Bomb bath is a real treat for all of your senses, it turns your water into a bright and gorgeous shade of pink, pink is my favourite colour and I always feel ridiculously happy to be bathing in pink water, especially when it smells as good as the Sex Bomb does!

What pleases me the most is that its scent (once you’re out of the bath) stays with you for the rest of the day.

The last time I used a Sex Bomb was actually last night as I wanted a fresh perspective on it before I reviewed it, at the point of writing this I can still smell it on my skin almost 24 hours later. The fragrance at this point is much more subtle and I actually prefer the scent once it has gentled down somewhat.

Photo 11-12-2016, 10 21 31

I very much enjoy using the Sex Bomb bath bomb, it however isn’t one of my favourites. I wouldn’t be particularly bothered if Lush ever discontinued it to make way for another product. I have of course said this about a bath bomb before and regretted it bitterly once it had been given the sack at a later date.

The only negative thing I’d say about Sex Bomb isn’t actually that much of a negative, it’s more of a funny story. It’s in regards to the rice paper flower, the very first time I ever used a Sex Bomb bath bomb I thought I was getting attacked by jellyfish that had been living in my bathrooms water pipes.

I obviously now know that it was just the rice paper flower separating itself as the bath bomb dissolved, the way it looks once it has got wet is just like a Jellyfish, my imagination has always been quite a challenge… Makes for very interesting bath times though! 😉

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