Sex Bomb Solid Perfume from Lush

Sex Bomb Solid PerfumeBack in May the Lush Kitchen team put a list together of Lush’s most popular scents, the Lush community then had to pick their top 5 scents from that scent list. With these results the Lush Kitchen promised that they would make several never-before-been-released products in the chosen top 5 scents. Once the results had been collected I was excited to see that the Sex Bomb scent had been chosen as one of the 5.

The Sex Bomb scent is very far away from what I normally go for when it comes down to Lush products as I always favour the fruity ones, that is until I was introduced to the Sex Bomb bath bomb. containing jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage the Sex Bomb scent is floral all the way. The Lush Kitchen worked hard and with the Sex Bomb scent they created a Sex Bomb Solid Perfume and a Sex Bomb body lotion too. When my Sex Bomb solid perfume arrived I was in love from first sniff. I regret bitterly that I never ordered the body lotion too.

Lush’s solid perfumes consistency visually resembles Vaseline, they are however not as soft and easily manipulated to the touch as Vaseline is. I’d describe them as more like a cooled, solid candle wax. The warmth of your finger heats up just enough of the product to put on your wrists and neck. I like its consistency as it stops you from using too much by accident.

Applying the Sex Bomb solid perfume is very easy, even when you’re on the go. It can slip in your pocket or purse ready for when you need it. As it’s solid it is also perfect for hand luggage when travelling. What really impressed me with the Sex Bomb solid perfume was that its scent stayed with me for a good 8 or so hours after application. This gave the Sex Bomb solid perfume a huge advantage when compared to my experience with the Brightside solid perfume. Unfortunately the Brightside perfume is barely noticeable on me after about 10 minutes, knowing this you can imagine how pleased I was with the staying power that Sex Bomb has.

I’d describe the Sex Bomb’s scent as heady, it’s what I would call a young person’s floral fragrance which is me trying to say in a very nice way that it doesn’t leave you smelling like your nan’s prized handkerchief. I find its scent calming, sensual and soothing. The main ingredient I can detect with my nose is definitely the jasmine, which is another point that impressed me as I am not a fan of the products with too much ylang ylang. Jasmine has been used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac which I guess is how this scent got its sexy name.

All in all, I feel the Lush Kitchen have captured the Sex Bomb scent in the solid perfume format perfectly, I hope that they decide to bring more products out with its scent soon as it’s not very often that I like floral scented products.

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Author: Lulu

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