Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb from Lush


I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I very first see the huge pile of Monsters’ Ball bath bombs at the Lush Creative Showcase last month. They looked like they had fallen straight out of the Monsters Inc Disney movie.

At the time I was so perplexed by its unique design that I completely missed the fact that it is Calacas scented. Calacas happens to be my all time favourite Lush scent, as of late it is rarely in any products outside of the Lush Kitchen so you can only imagine how excited I was to get hold of a few.

To my delight the Monsters’ Ball bath bomb not only smelt identical to my personal favourite Lush product – The Enchanter Bath Bomb but it also puts on quite the colourful bath time show too. Other Calacas scented bath bombs such as the Skullduggery although very pleasant don’t have the same wow factor in the water when it comes to bath art.

Many people have suggested that the Monsters’ Ball bath bomb is the reformulated version of the Enchanter bath bomb, from a scent perspective this is correct, however if this is the case and it means no more The Enchanter bath bombs then I am officially heartbroken. As good as Monsters’ Ball is, it isn’t The Enchanter. I still and always will stand by The Enchanter as my favourite bath bomb. The colours are truly beautiful in both bath bombs and I hope that Monsters’ Ball is just a new member of the Calacas scent family rather than a replacement for my beloved The Enchanter.


As soon as you place Monsters’ Ball into your bath water you hear a furious hiss, followed by copious amounts of Calacas scented, purple foam fizzing out of the bath bomb, spreading itself slowly across the top of your bath water. The water instantly makes your skin feel silky smooth, you can’t help but lay back and relax in all of its beauty.

Monsters’ Ball contains both lime and neroli oil. My first Lush memory of neroli oil is from the Frozen bath bomb. I wasn’t sure of it at first but I have grown to love its scent. It’s a really bitter citrus scent that is rounded off in the Monsters’ Ball with a sweet, much lighter and softer citrus scent provided by the additional lime oil.

Neroli oil has been scientifically proven to increase the levels of serotonin (the happy hormone) in your brain, therefore if you need a bath that will boost your spirits Monsters’ Ball is a good bath bomb to go for.

Once the bath bomb has been in the water for a little while it begins to spin, creating even more beautiful purple foamy patterns with blue streaks too.

As the bath bomb dances around your bath, the water slowly turns a dark and sparkly purple colour. Its scent stays with you through out the bath and I can still smell it on my skin the next day. I can’t get enough of the Calacas scent, it’s so cheery and always puts me in a better mood.
Monsters’ Ball may look ugly but it really is a fantastic bath bomb that I wish Lush had created and sold years and years ago. Not only does it smell fabulous but it also creates beautiful bath art that is sure to catch anyone’s attention.

The final thing I like about Monsters’ Ball is that its one eye is actual, vegan friendly chocolate. I however wouldn’t recommend eating it, let your bath have the chocolate treat, your skin will thank you for it I promise.


I will be stocking up on the Monsters’ Ball bath bombs before Halloween is over without question. It’s such an amazing addition to the Halloween product line and has made 2016’s line the best yet, I cannot wait to see what they come up with next year.

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