Christmas Angel Bath Bomb from Lush

Halo there, welcome to my very first Lush review of 2017. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and are 3 days in to your best year yet, may it be filled with lots of Lush, happiness and good health…

I’ve been poorly myself so am getting back into blogging  after the Christmas break slower than I expected, hopefully I will be on the mend soon as we’re hurtling right into my impending wedding day a lot faster than I’d like, weddings don’t organise themselves… #HelpABrideOut

Although this review is a little late for Christmas, I wanted to get it up on my blog as I am very confident that the Lush Kitchen will feature it again as it always sells well and for good reason!
christmas-angel-bath-bombThe Christmas Angel Bath Bomb is a dusky pink, Angel shaped bath product that smells of mint-chocolate-chip ice cream.

Its design is undeniably cute. I love that Lush sometimes bring out products that aren’t just a ball of bicarb, giving their products faces and making them into characters gives them a desirable edge that provides them with an advantage when it comes down to sales.

The Abombinaball bath bomb, Mumkin bubble bar and Monsters’ Ball bath bombs are all perfect examples of best selling, character products.cabbgroupIf you’re into the super colourful bath bombs such as The Experimenter then the Christmas Angel probably isn’t for you. When I first got into Lush I thought the more colourful the bath bomb the better. With time I have however learnt to appreciate the not so in your face bath bombs.

Once placed in the bath, the Christmas Angel’s delicate mint-chocolate-chip ice cream scent immediately invites you in. It instantly begins to froth, slowly making a soft, milky-pink layer on the top of your bath water.

Hidden within the Christmas Angel’s ingredients is organic cocoa butter, soya milk powder and almond oil making it one of the most hydrating bath bombs I have ever used.


Not only does it hydrate, soften and pamper your skin it also leaves a subtle yet devastatingly moreish scent on it. Its scent although very delicate remains on your skin long after getting out of the bath, it always leaves me craving another.

Christmas Angel is notoriously slow to dissolve, some may not like this, I however quite enjoy the slow ones as I feel like I get that little bit longer to relax and enjoy it.

I’d love to see the Christmas Angel bath bomb in another format, a shower gel or body lotion equivalent would be out of this world.

Overall I really do like this bath bomb. Its scent and the light pink colour it leaves your bath water has a very calming effect on me. I also think it would work well in a cooler bath that you’d maybe have in the Summer months. This bath bomb is worth stocking up on and I will be buying it at every opportunity I get.

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