The Enchanter Bath Bomb from Lush

Wide awake at 6 on a Saturday morning I decided that today I’d dedicate a whole blog post to my new favourite bath bomb, The Enchanter. Prior to finally getting hold of it, I had been absolutely desperate to give it a try, I had however always missed it whenever it popped up in the Lush Kitchen.  NOT THIS TIME! Although I was absolutely gutted that its release day was at the end of an expensive month, I did manage to get hold of 3 which in comparison to not having any at all, did make me a very happy bunny!

I don’t even quite know where to begin as everything about The Enchanter Bath Bomb is in my opinion perfect.  I know that, that is a very bold statement but I honestly haven’t used a bath bomb quite like it ever before.  Sorry Frozen, The Enchanter is my number 1 bath bomb now.

Fresh out of its Lush Kitchen wrapper I was greeted by a pastel yellow and orange ball of bicarbonate magic.  The light, pastel colours who would disappoint some, didn’t deter me at all as good Lushies know to never judge a book bath bomb on its cover first appearance.

The Enchanter Bath Bomb shares its scent with the Lush scent Calacas.  I think other than Twilight, Calacas was the first Kitchen shower gel that I ever ordered.  I actually left my one bottle of this in the bathroom and Joe (the hubby-to-be) decided it was communal, by the time I had noticed my error more than half of it had gone.  I get that it smells amazing but what was he doing with it?! a little goes a VERY long way, he must have been having one hell of a 1 person shower-party.

Calacas was actually made available again in the Lush Kitchen very recently but I didn’t have the spare cash so just had to watch it sell out… It was soul destroying to say the least.

The Calacas Lush scent is actually one of my favourites, I know I have quite a few favourites but I generally really do LOVE Calacas.  I am letting Lush Kitchen know here and now that they need to put a solid perfume form of it on the menu very soon.

The Enchanter Bath Bomb‘s Calacas scent is refreshingly zingy.  The combination of its carefully selected ingredients, oil of lime, neroli and olibanum makes for an energising bath time treat said to perk up the weariest of souls, reinvigorating both mind and body.


When it comes to trying out new-to-me Lush products I find that the bath bombs are the ones that give the best surprises.  For this reason I try my hardest to avoid watching any online demos, that is until I have actually had a chance to use it.  Seeing as this bath bomb was first released as a Halloween special some years ago and had furthermore been released in the Kitchen on the odd occasion, it was a little hard to avoid but its safe to say I was very surprised when I first had it in front of me, its luminous pink centre was just, WOW.

Unfortunately I learnt of its pink centre because the bath bombs I had ordered where very broken upon arrival, I know this is not Lush’s fault at all, they pack their delivery boxes with a huge amount of care, I’d go as far as to say that I’d trust them with Cinderella’s remaining glass slipper.  The blame is pointed at my careless postman who I have been having quite a bit of trouble with lately. *grr*…  Pushing that aside, the bath bombs however all work the same in the bath tub, I even managed to get a decent enough photo of this one that gives the illusion of it being unbroken and new!  (see first photo of this post 😉 )


Upon hitting the water The Enchanter Bath Bomb ferociously fizzes away and within seconds the best bath bomb show begins.  Brilliant orange, striking yellow and fluorescent pink foam spreads out making little patterns in your bath water, the only word that comes close to describing its array of colours is the word magical.

The pink and the yellow fizzing out of the spinning bath bomb are such bold and bright colours, I couldn’t stop taking photos.  As well as being the prettiest bath bomb in action that I had ever seen, the scent took my opinions on this bath bomb to a whole new level.

When I am feeling depressed a quick wash with my Calacas Shower Gel lifts my spirits, the scent always reminds me of happiness and having it near by makes me feel happier.  Add that scent into the most amazingly coloured bath bomb that I’ve ever seen and you’ve got The Enchanter Bath Bomb.


The next time The Enchanter is in the kitchen I will be ordering as many as humanly possible, I can’t even think of life without having at least one in my Lush store.  As for Calacas Shower Gel I’m snapping as many up of them as I can too.  Lush Kitchen, I’m depending on you!!!

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