Roses All The Way Soap from Lush

We haven’t even finished the first quarter of 2016 and already Lush Cosmetics have brought out more new and exciting products than I can keep up with.  We’ve had the Valentine’s Day range, the Mother’s Day range and of course the Easter range as well as everything else in-between.

In all honesty I am literally stuck in a state of disbelief that we have actually already entered March?! As the saying goes – time flies when you’re having fun and with all of the new Lush goodies on offer, by me, fun is most certainly being had!

Today I am reviewing the Roses All The Way Soap, never before been released – this beautiful heart shaped, rose detailed soap had me intrigued within seconds of stumbling across it online.

The Roses All The Way Soap is a generous size that takes up the best part of my hand.

Comparing it to the usual, rectangular soap slabs its unique design, size and shape make it a lot easier to grip when using it in the bath or shower. For me, as a disabled person my particular needs in a soap are catered for just on the fact that it is easier to grip.

Until my Lush addiction hit me bad, I was never a fan of floral scents, I don’t know why but I had always associated rose, lavender and other flowery scents with getting old.

Slowly but surely the Rose Jam scent however grew on me, alongside that, a lot of other scents that I never thought I’d enjoy all of a sudden became desirable.  I’d go as far as to say that my sense of smell has matured since joining the Lush crowd.  I am now recognising and appreciating scents I had never really taken much notice of before.  Lush has opened my eyes and although I am still far from an expert when it comes to scents, I am getting better!

Roses All The Way Soap is of course primarily a rose scent.  At first I thought it was the Rose Jam scent but after a while I realised it actually has a softer floral tone and is actually quite sweet, almost zesty.  The more I used it, the more prominent the lemon oil in it appeared to be.

The idea behind this soap was inspired by Alice In Wonderland’s ‘painting the roses red’ chapter/scene.  Living in the Alice In Wonderland town I couldn’t pass a try of this soap up.

Although I live in the Alice in Wonderland town my only real knowledge of Alice in Wonderland is probably all from the animated Disney film, I have copies of the books but have never finished them, a literature crime that I’m sure many are secretly guilty of.

The big old tree adjacent to my mum’s house is actually called the Alice in Wonderland tree as that’s where Lewis Carroll (or Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) supposedly sat when the inspiration for the story first sparked in his brain.

The back of this soap is white, as you use it, its red side starts to turn a light pink, eventually going white.  Any one who is familiar with the Alice in Wonderland story will know that the Queen of Hearts angrily demands that all of the white roses in her court yard are to be painted red.  Painting the white roses red is exactly what her pack of card guards then do…  If you’re unfamiliar with the story then this whole paragraph is wasted on you.  I’m not as mad as a hatter, it’s all part of Wonderland. 😉

When I walk into Lush or browse for it online the soaps aren’t my first port of call, I however have a few and am slowly broadening my Lush soap horizons.  Several hours after my bath I can still smell this soaps soft and zingy fragrance on my skin.  It lathered up well and didn’t dry out my skin which has amazed me as most bars of soap do, which is another reason why I haven’t tried that many yet.

Overall I am really impressed with Roses All The Way, it’s a wonderful addition to the Lush Soap family.  Since enjoying it so much I have made it my new Lush goal to try several more soaps in the near future.  Watch this space!

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