Rose Jam Shower Gel from Lush


Rose Jam shower gel is a golden oldie. It returns year in, year out and its scent can be found in a vast number of Lush’s best selling products.

The Rose Jam scent was the first scent I came across in Lush that I realised also featured in a number of their other products…

The Rose Jam shower gels scent also features in the Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar, Pearl massage bar and the Rose Jam bubbleroon. Those 3 products are currently available all year through so if you want to try out the scent before you invest in a shower gel, go give them a sniff. I recommend all 3 and speak very highly of them all.
Rose Jam Shower Gel EXTRA.pngRose Jam shower gel is a deep red. It reminds me of raspberry jam although its shade of red is a little lighter. I actually grew to love the scent through a Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar. The name ‘Rose Jam’ initially put me off as I ignorantly associated rose scents with older people. I turned my nose up at the bubbleroon without even giving it a chance. The first time that Rose Jam shower gel became available to me I however ordered a 100g bottle as I really liked the Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar.

Once it was in my hands I instantly regretted ordering the smallest size, 100g of this beautiful shower gel is not enough and it will never be enough. Always buy more rather than less.

Although Rose Jam is a floral rose scent, it also has other depths making it more desirable to me. Alongside the rose and argan oil there is a slight hint of musky-sweet vanilla mixed with lemon giving it a sweet and zingy edge.rosejammixIt is quite a thick gel, (the perfect consistency in my eyes) and it lathers up well, the smallest amount of it goes a long way and I often use it as a shampoo as well as, as a shower gel.

My boyfriend loves it just as much as me which is a pain in the bum as it is limited edition.

If you want to try it get some now as it won’t be around after Christmas.

The scent stays with you all day after using it. If I had the Rose Jam liquid perfume I’d spray it in my hair too, spreading the Rose Jam scent that little bit more as I think it’s beautiful. It compliments absolutely everyone no matter the occasion.

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Please note that this post was originally posted on this website on the 19th of December 2015. I have updated each post on this blog several times as with time my photos have got better as has my product knowledge. – Lulu @ Lush Upon A Time

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