Tiger Tiger Burning Bright Bath Bomb from Lush

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright Bath Bomb

At the time of writing this review the Tiger Tiger Burning Bright Bath Bomb has only been available to purchase at the 2018, Lush Summit event, once the 2018 Summit was over, all of the stock that hadn’t sold was delivered to Lush Oxford Street.

I was lucky enough to have been in London at the time and therefore managed to grab a few of the beautiful exclusives. I was very pleased with myself as luck hasn’t been on my side as of late.

The Lush Summit is one big charity event, all proceeds made from the sales of the products that are there, go to that products chosen charity. I would have loved to have written a lot more on each of the products chosen charities, this years Summit was however only open to Lush staff so anything I do mention here in regards to proceeds etc is what I have heard via hearsay.

It’s more than obvious that the Tiger Tiger Burning Bright bath bomb is ‘Tiger’ related. It’s design captures all of the beauty of a tiger and more. It’s mostly orange and has a splodge of white at its top. Its black stripes are what I believe to be salt, exactly the same as the Calavera bath bomb (another review I still haven’t completed -doh!)

As far as I am aware this bath bombs cause was to raise awareness and funds for tigers in the wild, the threat of their extinction has never been so dangerously close to becoming a reality.

The tiger is such a beautiful, majestic almost magical looking creature. If mankind end up stripping the earth of this incredible animal the world will never be the same. I pray that Lush make this bath bomb available on a global scale as it’s for such an important cause.

The Tiger Tiger Burning Bright bath bomb shares its scent with the Prince Charming shower cream. This news filled me with delight as the Prince Charming scent is a Lush-scent-family I have been waiting to try in a different format for a very, very long time. It suits the bath bomb format so well, I’d go as far as to say that I favour it over the shower cream equivalent.

As soon as the Tiger Tiger Burning Bright bath bomb hits the water a burst of orange erupts from it, slowly but surely it dances around the water’s surface. After about 20 or 30 seconds red foam appears alongside the orange creating swirls of brilliant orange and bold red. The scent is detectable throughout the whole bath, it’s a very mellow fragrance. Warming and sweet, I see what people mean when they say it is similar to the Yuzu and Cocoa scent, it isn’t however zingy, I’d describe its scent as quite similar to marshmellows.

A good, long soak in a Tiger Tiger Burning Bright bath leaves your skin perfectly hydrated. Even once out of the bath I could see a difference in my skin, it definitely appeared brighter and also felt incredibly smooth too. I regret bitterly that I didn’t pick up several more of these bath bombs, not only are they in support of a great cause but are also a very enjoyable product.

It would be a crime for Lush to not bring out more of these incredible bath bombs, please, please, please bring these out online Lush, to not only raise further awareness for the wild tiger but to also let the world have a chance of using this unbelievably perfect bath bomb!

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Poisson D’Avril Bubble Bar from Lush

Poisson D'Avril Bubble Bar.png

The Poisson D’Avril Bubble Bar translates from French to English as ‘April Fish’, which, to this day, remains the French term for April Fools. I did a little research into the inspiration of this never-before-been-released bubble bar, I just love learning of how and where Lush pull their product-creation inspiration from. The last product that got me researching like this was the Cyanide Pill bath bomb, I love learning just as much as I like Lushing!

Poisson D’Avril is a part of Lush’s beautiful and bright Easter 2018 line. Back in 1564 King Charles XIV of France reformed the calendar to what we go by today, back then news took a lot longer to spread. HOW DID ANYONE GET THROUGH EVEN AN HOUR WITHOUT WIFI?!!! The people that lived in the rural areas of France were the last to hear of the new calendar. Just like the people of today many of them hated change.

Some stubbornly clung to the old calendar system and continued to celebrate the New Year during the week of March 25th and April 1st (April Fools day). April Fools day originated from this, those who refused to go by the new calendar became victims of pranks, people would surreptitiously stick paper fish to their backs, making them an ‘April Fool.’

Moving away from the unwanted history lesson ~ I know you’re only here for the Lush! Poisson D’Avril is a red and orange/yellow, fish shaped bubble bar. Its ingredients include neroli, cinnamon leaf and black pepper oil. It wasn’t until I used Poisson D’Avril with the New shampoo bar that I realised it was a fruity AND spicy scented product.

I don’t know how I even missed its spicier notes at first, sniffing it now, it’s so obvious. On paper the ingredients list appears a little crazy, I however feel that Poisson D’Avril is one of the best smelling bubble bars Lush have made to date. It reminds me of several different products, there’s elements of the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb in there as well as elements of the Christmas Sweater bath bomb too, both might I add pair beautifully with Poisson D’Avril.

Its scent is warm and citrusy but not in an in-your-face way, in my opinion it’s the perfect balance of both. It’s fruity enough to leave you and your skin feeling brighter, yet warm enough to banish away any lingering Winter time blues. Laying back in a Poisson D’Avril bubble bath is the perfect way to say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring.

Although Poisson D’Avril is in my opinion a larger bubble bar, I have found that to experience it at its full potential you should only really split it over 2 baths. I know some people have used the whole thing for one bath, a true Lush extravagance that I will not be willing to embrace unless the Poisson D’Avril becomes regular line, *hint, hint Lush.* I always get so sad at the thought of so many wonderful products only being available for a short amount of time, even more so now the Lush Kitchen is no longer a weekly affair.

Just half of the Poisson D’Avril crumbled under a hot, running tap creates mounds of fluffy white bubbles. Underneath the thick blanket of bubbles is the most dazzling of water. It’s not only a brilliant shade of red but also speckled with a slight golden lustre too.

Its scent isn’t very strong on the skin once you get out of the bath, it is however still ever so slightly detectable the morning after using it. I’d do absolutely anything to get hold of a body lotion in the Poisson D’Avril’s scent. Although I’d have naturally wanted for Poisson D’Avril to be a bubble bar I could spread out over several baths, I did enjoy using it thoroughly, so much so that I have ordered several more. I just had to stock up on them as I know that I’ll be more than sad to see the Poisson D’Avril bubble bar go once Easter 2018 is through.

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Mum, Look What I Made For You Bath Bomb from Lush

Mum, Look What I Made for You Bath Bomb.png

The Mum, Look What I Made For You Bath Bomb is yet another beautiful product that Lush released as a part of their 2018, Mother’s Day line. With this bath bomb I think Lush have captured the cutest and most innocent of concepts perfectly. Designed to look just like one of those pictures you painted for a loved one as a kid, it’s the perfect gift for anyone you look up to, not just your mum.

Although I quite enjoyed last years flower-shaped bath bomb the Ups-A-Daisy, there’s just something about Mum, Look What I Made For You that is that little bit more desirable to me.

If you were a fan of the Cherryish body scrub from this years Valentine’s range, then it is very likely that you’d enjoy this bath bomb too. Its soft cherry-sweet fragrance is very much like the Cherryish’s scent. This surprised me a great deal as when I very first learnt of Mum, Look What I Made For Yous ingredients I would never have associated the 2 products together.

As well as having a wonderfully warm and inviting scent that rivals the likes of the Comforter bubble bar, the Mum, Look What I Made For You bath bomb is also quite easy on the eye. As soon as the Mum, Look What I Made For You bath bomb hits the water there is an explosion of colour. It’s not quite on par with the colours created by the, The Experimenter bath bomb but is close enough to impress the likes of me. Out of it bursts yellows, oranges, pinks and blues.

It’s scent although gentle, lasts the whole bath. It is a fairly slow dissolver too meaning it puts on an incredible show, the colours and swirls of the bath bomb in the water creates bath art galore. The photographs I have captured of the Mum, Look What I Made for You in action does the bath bomb no justice at all. You really do have to experience it for yourself to see it’s true potential.

As well as the Mum, Look What I Made For You bath bomb being visually pleasing it also has skin-soothing properties. Used alongside the Cherryish body scrub you’ll be left with hydrated, smooth and beautifully buffed skin. Even without the use of the Cherryish body scrub, I find that the Mum, Look What I Made For You bath bomb just on its own is a real treat for dull, tired skin.

After a good soak in a Mum, Look What I Made For You bath, your skin is left delicately fragranced with its warming cherry-sweet scent for the best part of the next day. At first I wasn’t 100% sure that I liked the scent but after falling in love with Cherryish I couldn’t resist buying a couple of the Mum, Look What I Made For You bath bombs and I have no regrets on stocking up on it either!

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Antiope Naked Shower Gel from Lush

Antiope Naked Shower Gel.png

The Antiope Naked Shower Gel has followed in the footsteps of the Tender is the Night naked shower cream; It is the second packageless ‘naked’ shower gel/cream that Lush have dared to only release in a naked form. Although I wholeheartedly miss the bottled seasonal gel and creams we have previously been spoilt rotten with, I know in my heart that plastic is actually just a luxury and that making and using it in such huge quantities does more bad than good to the world.

Through the exploration and inventing of packageless products Lush are proving that plastic packaging for cosmetics isn’t the only manufacturing and distribution route we can follow now and in the future. Whatever you believe in regards to the naked Lush products, we all know that they are a small yet positive step in the right direction of helping save the planet we live on. If the release of ‘naked’ products gets people talking and consciously being more responsible with plastic, then Lush have achieved a lot more than any other cosmetic companies thus far.

My first impression of the Antiope naked shower gel was how incredibly bright it was. After a long and dull Winter its brilliant and bold yellow colour sure was a sight for sore eyes. There’s just something about it that radiates the sunshine, out of all of the Mother’s Day 2018 stock it was the Antiope that I was immediately drawn to. That was until I smelt it.

I’ve heard a fair few crazy descriptions of the Antiope’s scent, it’s more than unique and definitely one of those scents that will forever be an interesting topic of conversation amongst Lushies. To me, with it being unused and just in my hands it smells of leaf compost in the Spring time; The Spring time being a dryer and slightly warmer time of year, by this I mean it isn’t a muddy scent but still has earthy, dry elements to it. This scent obviously wasn’t what I had expected at all and this expectation is reflected in a lot of other people’s reactions to first sniffing Antiope too.

Containing Amazonian clay, Brazilian orange oil and limonene you’d expect Antiope to be fruity-sweet upon first sniff. The collector in me still decided to buy some Antiope, with its scent not being my usual go-to, it did take a bit of persuading back and forth in my head to actually use it. One night I decided to just go for it and took it into the shower with me. We have just had a new shower fitted so I didn’t have any excuses to not try it at least once.

Once I’d let the shower gel run under the hot water for a few seconds it was ready to start lathering up. You use a naked shower gel just as you would a normal shower gel. Instead of fiddling with a lid and then squidiging the product out of the bottle you now just have to lather the naked shower gel similar to how you would a bar of soap. Antiope lathered up quickly and with minimum effort, its lather was highly pigmented in colour and a little of it went a long way too, even when it was well and truly rubbed into my body it remained a bright yellow, the brightness of it was just as bold as the Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream.

As soon as the hot water came into contact with the Antiope its scent completely changed. The earthy tone it had when dry was still noticeable (albeit much more subtle) but it also suddenly become very sweet, I’d describe it as almost pineappley. At first I thought my nose was playing tricks on me so I lathered up some more, my nose wasn’t however paying tricks on me! its scent had suddenly became very, very desirable.

When first lathering it up I did get a little scared at the intensity of its colour, I felt like I was turning myself into a character from the Simpsons. It however rinsed off just like any other Lush shower gel does and I was pleasantly surprised with how cleansed and smooth it left my skin. Once out of the shower I couldn’t smell the earthy tone of the shower gel on my skin anymore, there was a very gentle scent of sweet pineapple left behind and that lasted for a few hours after.

The only problem I really had with it was storing it after use. The Lush naked shower gel and creams are double the concentrate of the liquid shower gels and for the Antiope in particular with it being such a bright yellow it caused a little problem. For all of the other naked products I have, after use I leave them out on a metal rack to dry out as instructed. I found that Antiope was a bit of a dripper though.

My husband walked into the bathroom about 20 minutes after I had left. Where the Antiope had dripped so much he thought that I had, had a wee in our shower and not washed it away! *cringe*. I made him smell it to prove my innocence and luckily he believed me… It’s not ideal for drying it out but leaving it in a metal Lush tray instead saves any mess or unwanted shower-wee-wee accusations. All in all I did like Antiope, it’s one of the best examples of why you should always give a Lush product a try even if not impressed at first sight, or for Antiopes sake, first sniff!

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April Showers Bath Bomb from Lush

April Showers Bath BombThe April Showers Bath Bomb is a brand new release from Lush, it’s a part of Lush’s Easter 2018 range and I have to say that this year’s collection (the bath bomb’s in particular) are so much better than last years! for me personally, I quite like a wide variety of choices when it comes down to bath bombs.

Sometimes you crave a bold and colourful bath and other times you just want something a little more relaxed, be that a cooler more calmer scent or even just a gentler bath product that maybe displays less colour.

April Showers Bath Bomb

I grabbed the April Showers bath bomb out of the box of Easter stock first as I wanted a quick bath, I assumed that because of its crisp white exterior that it would be similar to the likes of the Sakura or original So White bath bomb. My expectations of the April Showers bath bomb were that it would be a quick, no fuss fizzer…

April Showers is a white, cloud shaped bath bomb that is decorated with pink and purple, raindrop-shaped bath melts. I ignorantly didn’t even realise that the raindrops were actually bath melts until I had used it.


With the Ultra Violet bubble bar not making a return yet again and the Baa Bar bubble bars recent change of ingredients April Showers is the go-to violet scented item in this years Spring collection.

I find April Showers scent to be an incredibly strong and very dry violet based one, not unlike the Ne Worry Pas bath bomb, it is however so much more in-your-face strong.

Once I had put the April Showers bath bomb in the bath the scent intensified even more.


I normally always stock up on any Springtime products with violet in as they tend to really help with my migraines. With April Showers scent being so much stronger than I am used to unfortunately it doesn’t really help me with my migraines, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t make a good bath though!

True, I am disappointed to no longer have a violet based product that helps with my migraines readily available, this however doesn’t take anything away from how much I like this new Lush bath bomb. As I had predicted April Showers was a fairly quick fizzer, what I didn’t expect from it was such beautiful bath art.

As mentioned above the pink and purple raindrops that decorate the April Showers bath bomb are in fact bath melts. It reminded me of the Lava Lamp bath bomb (but you’ll be pleased to hear) is a much easier clean up! – pink and purple oil decorate the milky violet water. I felt myself instantly relax when I lay back in its waters.


It made the water silky soft and in turn moisturised my skin thoroughly. After getting out I did need to pat myself down with a towel but other than that I was fine. A splodge of Fairy liquid and hot water helped rinse the leftover oil from the bath away (no scrubbing necessary!)

Its scent also stayed on my skin too. Once out of the bath, the intensity of the scent did dampen down on my skin it was however still noticeable the morning after which started my day off with me feeling just as relaxed as I was when I first got in the April Showers bath the night before.

Although April Showers isn’t the most eye catching of products upon first glance, it puts on such an amazing show. I am stocking up on this product before Easter is through, I love how unique it is, please try it, it’s a beautiful addition to the Easter 2018 product line.

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Mother of Pearl Marbled Bubbleroon from Lush

Mother of Pearl Marbled BubbleroonThe Mother of Pearl Marbled Bubbleroon is one of three brand new, limited edition bubbleroons that are a part of Lush’s 2018 Mother’s Day line. With my favourite bubbleroon, Yuzu and Cocoa being discontinued last Summer, I have been waiting for something to fill the huge gap it has left. Bright blue in colour, Mother of Pearl is hard to miss.

What’s different about the 3 new Mother’s Day bubbleroons is that they have a marbled-effect-bath-melt on their top. A bit like fancy icing on top of a cupcake. Lush aren’t just dipping their bath bombs (i.e Roller) in bath melt to finish them off anymore, the Mother’s Day bubbleroons are also getting the dip treatment too now!

The Mother of Pearl marbled bubbleroon shares its scent with the Sakura bath bomb. Containing mimosa, orange and jasmine absolute you’d expect its scent to be quite heady and strong like the Fox bath bomb, instead it has a very light and sweet floral fragrance. I often find floral scents a little overpowering, Mother of Pearl is however gentle enough for me to enjoy thoroughly.

With its gentle mix of floral ingredients, Mother of Pearl has a very refreshing and clean fragrance. It reminds me of freshly washed bed sheets, sinking into a Mother of Pearl bubble bath is just like slipping into a freshly made bed.


With bubbleroons I like to dice them up (still in large chunks not crumbled up) and then run them under the tap in a sieve. There’s no wrong way to use Lush bubble bars, the sieve is just my chosen method as I find you get the right amount of bubbles with it, I have quite low water pressure, after much trial and error I have found this method to be the most effective in my bathroom. Just one Mother of Pearl bubbleroon can be spread across 3 beautiful bubble baths.

What first impressed me about the Mother of Pearl bubbleroon was its bubble power. I found with the Heart of Enlightened Expectation (an earlier released bubble bar with a bath melt top) that the bubbles didn’t last for as long as I had hoped, I thought that this was probably because of the melt. I however didn’t have this problem with the Mother of Pearl bubbleroon.c

The water underneath the blanket of fluffy white bubbles was also such a vivid and dazzling shade of blue, I couldn’t help but take a picture of it alongside my fluorescent pink nails just to emphasise how truly spectacular the shade of blue water was.

Used alongside Lush’s Rub, Rub, Rub shower scrub (also the same scent as Mother of Pearl) my skin has never felt better. The Mother of Pearl bubbleroon is super hydrating all on its own but paired up with Rub, Rub, Rub is a game changer for me. I will certainly be stocking up on this bubbleroon before the Mother’s Day line retires for another year.

If you’re looking for a product with a gentle scent that’s fit not just for Spring but the Summer too then I strongly recommend trying the Mother of Pearl bubbleroon. It’s so hydrating on the skin and it’s making me so excited for the Summer!

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All You Need is Love (and Peace) Bath Bomb from Lush

The All You Need is Love (and Peace) Bath Bomb formerly known as Groovy Kind of Love, made a return at the Lush Summit this year (2018). At the time of writing this review, this bath bomb (with the exception of the left over Summit products that were sent to Lush Oxford Street) have only ever been available to buy at the 2017 and 2018 Summit.

Last year it was one of the first products at the Lush Summit to catch my eye. With it being so very colourful I don’t think many people could resist picking at least one up for themselves. On appearance alone, the All You Need is Love (and Peace) bath bomb is easily on par with more colourful bath bomb’s such as; Granny Takes A Dip, Somewhere Over the Rainbow and The Experimenter bath bomb.

Scent wise the All You Need is Love (and Peace) bath bomb is not what I had expected when I first see it. Containing a mixture of patchouli and neroli oil the All You Need is Love (and Peace) bath bomb has a very peppery and grounding aroma, the addition of the neroli oil makes it a little less spicy than other patchouli products that I have tried such as, the Lord of Misrule bath bomb. Its twang of neroli-sweetness up against the patchouli is what makes All You Need is Love (and Peace) really stand out to me.

As soon as the All You Need is Love (and Peace) bath bomb hits the water there is of course an explosion of colours. Blue, pink, purple, orange and yellow froth spill out of the bath bomb creating mounds of colourful bubbles. All You Need is Love (and Peace) spins and spins, spurting out patches of different coloured bubbles, you find yourself under what looks like a blanket of patch work bubbles. All You Need is Love (and Peace) is however a very quick fizzer so capturing any ‘bath art’ isn’t easy for someone slow like me.

Many people thought this bath bomb would leave the water a dull grey colour just like the, The Experimenter bath bomb does. its pastel colours however save the day. The water turns a warm and inviting shade of orange, far more desirable than the grey and murky water left behind  by the, The Experimenter bath bomb.

There was a rumour that the All You Need is Love (and Peace) would be a part of Lush’s 2018 Valentine’s range, it however never made an appearance which I know disappointed quite a few people.

An All You Need is Love (and Peace) bath leaves me feeling relaxed and toasty. Its slight spiciness really helps soothe tired and aching muscles and although products with patchouli oil in aren’t usually my favourite, I can make an exception for this rainbow of a product. It’s not my favourite from the Lush Summit exclusives but I do still recommend trying it at least once.

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