The Experimenter Bath Bomb from Lush

At the time of writing this review and as far as I am aware, The Experimenter (apart from the Magic bath bomb) is the only other hexagonal shaped bath bomb ever created by Lush.

It was originally released and presented as an Oxford Street exclusive at the opening of Lush’s London-flagship-store in 2015. Demand for this colourful bath bomb grew at an unbelievable rate and at the time of writing this review they are available both online and in all Lush stores.

Sporting an array of colours The Experimenter is an eye-catcher and a half. For the plainer coloured bath bombs I always tend to write in my reviews that they get overlooked because of other, more colourful bath bombs. The Experimenter is one of those legendary colourful bath bombs, that are virtually impossible to ignore.

All of the Experimenter bath bombs are of an hexagonal prism shape, this makes it exclusive to any other Lush bath bomb currently available in Lush’s all-year-round product line.

The Experimenter’s shape although a little more complicated than the standard Lush bath bomb has made it possible for it to have its own symmetrically-perfect design.

It is divided into 4 equal pieces, each of the pieces being a different colour; Pink, blue, goldy-orange and ivory. Above I have shared a photograph I took of 2 Experimenters next to each other so that you can see all of their colours. The 4 colours are then lined with what I could only describe as a purple belt. Later editions of this bath bomb however lost the purple belt.

In regards to the Experimenter’s scent, when I finally got my hands on one I wasn’t that much of a fan. I can remember sniffing it for the first time sat on my living room floor, I was a little disappointed.

The Experimenter bath bomb has a very musky and smoky scent. My first one was posted up to me from Oxford Street and it totally dominated the other bath bombs that were in the same package.

Looking at its colours I however decided that I would still give it a go. After all, I do find that a lot of the scents that Lush create take a while to get used to. A great example of a bath bomb’s scent that grew on me is Frozen.

As soon as you plonk the Experimenter bath bomb into the bath it starts to furiously fizzle away, spurting a rainbow of frothy, crisp colours. When used as fresh as possible the Experimenter puts on the most amazing, technicolour bath time show.

I remember the first time I used one, I was completely overwhelmed with the pressure of capturing a photograph that did it justice. I didn’t know where to point the camera, there was just so much going on and I missed most of it! naturally this meant I NEEDED to buy it again!

I left writing the review of the Experimenter bath bomb for over a year, I wanted to get a proper feel of it and I personally do really like it. Performance-wise, to me it is what Lush bath bombs are all about.

I however know that a lot of people are disappointed by the end result. Once all the bath bomb has fizzled away it leaves your bath water a dark-brownish shade of grey.

I’m not quite sure what the people that are disappointed expected the end result to be as all of those colours mixed together can only really end in one way!

When people point it out I like to compare the bath water you’re left with to an artist’s paint brush water after painting a masterpiece. Think Vincent Van Gogh or Paul Klee! This sometimes wins people around but I understand why the end result of the Experimenter bath bomb wouldn’t appeal to some. It has however sold very well since its release and I can see it sticking around for a long time.

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Author: Lulu

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