Eggy Wegg Bath Bomb from Lush


The Eggy Wegg Bath Bomb first featured in 2021’s Easter line, with it being my favourite colour, it was the very first product within the line that caught my eye. Bright pink with 3 fried eggs on its top-half as decoration, it’s hard to not be drawn to it.

Eggy Wegg is similar in design to the Atom Heart Mother bath bomb, instead of 3 clouds the Eggy Wegg bath bomb has its 3 fried eggs. Others have also compared Eggy Wegg to the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, while both have 3 unique decorations on its top half, unlike Eggy Wegg’s fried eggs, the golden stars in Shoot for the Stars are mini bath melts.

I don’t like the comparison of Eggy Wegg and the aforementioned Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, I find the added bath melts in a bath bomb really do make for a completely different bathing experience. If you’re like me and don’t always enjoy super hydrating baths, then Eggy Wegg is well worth a try.

The Eggy Wegg bath bomb includes ingredients that I wouldn’t ever imagine working together, strangely they do however work. Sicilian lemon and spearmint oil blend together to give Eggy Wegg a fragrance a bit like a big bag of pick-and-mix sweets.

Its scent has a tropical-fruit twang and also a generous helping of invigorating spearmint. Both scents round each other off, it’s a unique scent but one I’d love to see in other product formats in the future.

As soon as the Eggy Wegg bath bomb comes in to contact with the bath water you are greeted with a hiss of hot pink, fizzing bubbles. It doesn’t take long for the beautiful bath art to begin spilling out of the bath bomb, charging around your bath tub.

Pink, yellow and white swirls begin to dance their way around the water surface, creating the most beautiful swirling bath art. The photos I have included in this review do the Eggy Wegg bath bomb no justice at all.

The yellow and pink patterns created by Eggy Wegg clash perfectly, if you’re familiar with the Angels Delight bath bomb, expect the same type of stand-out bright yellow and warm pink bath art.

Once the Eggy Wegg bath bomb has fully dissolved you are left with bright pinky-orange tinted water. The water is silky-smooth and leaves your skin appearing and feeling softer and brighter.

For a bath bomb with a mix of such dominantly scented ingredients (lemon and spearmint) you’d expect its fragrance to be really strong on your skin, it is however a very subtle fragrance, not at all in-your-face. I could see the fragrance working very well in a body lotion format.

Overall I am very much in love with the Eggy Wegg bath bomb, it didn’t smell how I imagined an Easter product to smell but I think that’s what has made it so perfect. I’ll be very sad if this bath bomb doesn’t come back next Easter.

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Atom Heart Mother Bath Bomb from Lush

The Atom Heart Mother Bath Bomb is a brand-new, limited edition product from Lush’s 2021 Mother’s Day collection. When I learnt that it shared its scent with my all-time favourite Lush bath bomb (So White 2016 edition) I ordered 2 as soon as they became available.

The Atom Heart Mother bath bomb is light blue in colour and decorated with 3 white clouds on its top part, a lot of people have been comparing the cloud design to the ‘Woody wallpaper’ used in Andy’s bedroom in the Disney film, Toy Story.

A lot of Lush customers have become rather perplexed at the point of discovering the Atom Heart Mother bath bombs peculiar name. I myself was very confused, as well as slightly annoyed with its name. As someone who never stops talking about Lush a name that doesn’t roll off of the tongue can be some-what bothersome! 😉

After a quick Google I learnt that Lush didn’t just throw 3 random words together; The Atom Heart Mother bath bombs name was in fact inspired by the name of Pink Floyd’s first number 1 album.

I personally couldn’t name or sing/hum a single Pink Floyd song even if my life depended on it. I am however confident that many older customers (or those with a wide range of musical knowledge) will get the reference immediately.

According to Google, the rock band came up with the albums bizarre name after coming across an article in a newspaper that was about a woman who had been fitted with a ‘nuclear-powered pacemaker’. Your guess is as good as mine as to whether that is true or not!

Now that the Atom Heart Mothers peculiar name has been explained some-what, I can begin to let you all know my thoughts on the bath bomb itself.

When my parcel containing the Atom Heart Mother bath bombs arrived, I was pleased to see (or should I say smell) that its scent was exactly the same as the So White bath bomb that I mentioned earlier. Containing a blend of rose absolute, bergamot, neroli and Brazilian orange oils the Atom Heart Mothers scent smells just like crisp, freshly sliced apple chunks.

As soon as the Atom Heart Mother bath bomb comes in to contact with your bath water you are greeted with a gentle hiss of small blue and white bubbles. After a minute or so pink bubbles begin to materialise from it as well.

It doesn’t take long for the pink bubbles to become the most dominant of the 3 colours spurting out of the Atom Heart Mother bath bomb. Slowly but surely pink, white and small flecks of blue-bubbly-foam make beautiful swirling patterns on the bath water’s surface as the Atom Heart Mother charges around like a miniature power boat.

Underneath the blanket of beautiful bath art left behind by the bath bomb is silky soft, lilac coloured bath water. Unlike some Lush bath bombs the Atom Heart bath bombs scent remains through-out the entire time you are in the bath. Once out of the bath the apple scent also remains on your skin for the rest of the day.

I always come out of an Atom Heart Mother bath feeling instantly refreshed, its scent is incredibly uplifting and always gives me a real happiness-boost. I can’t help but top up its scent with the Once Upon A Time body sprayAtom Heart Mothers body spray equivalent.

Any product that has the So White/Once Upon A Time fragrance will always be one of my favourites as, as I said earlier it is one of if not my favourite Lush scent family. Since taking the colour out of the So White bath bomb back in 2019 the Lush Community have been crying out for a colourful tantamount and the Atom Heart Mother bath bomb does not disappoint! 😊

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Blow Me A Kiss Bubble Blower from Lush

The Blow Me A Kiss Bubble Blower is a brand-new product from Lush’s 2021 Valentine’s Day collection. Just like the previously released and original bubble-blowing-product the I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles reusable bubble bar, the Blow Me A Kiss bubble blower can be used in the same way, as a reusable bubble bar and also to blow bubbles with too!

The Blow Me a Kiss reusable bubble bar boasts a never-before-been-released, brand-new Lush scent; it’s a deliciously fruity fragrance that really stands out up against all of the other traditionally floral fragranced products that are also in the 2021 Valentine’s Day line.

Containing bergamot and davana oils, the Blow Me A Kiss bubble blower is a zesty and magnificently uplifting product that breathes energy into the ridiculously cold, short February-days.

The bergamot oil gives its fragrance a fizzy-sherbet twang while the davana oil adds a little warmth to the fragrance; Davana oil is often described as smelling just like a big bowl of super-ripe-fruit and adds a tropical element to Blow Me A Kiss’ fragrance. The davana scent is also very well known to be an aphrodisiac, tying it in with the Valentine theme of love beautifully.

I am pleased to report that the Blow Me A Kiss bubble blower does not disappoint as a bubble bar or a bubble-blowing-toy. It probably won’t happen, but I think it would make a wonderful all-year-round product, keeping it just for the Valentine’s day line is a crime in my eyes.

As soon as you place the Blow Me A Kiss bubble blower under a running tap your bath begins to fill up with beautiful, blood-orange water. Slowly but surely the bath also begins to fill up with bright-white, fluffy bubbles.

The Blow Me A Kiss bubble blower goes a very long way bubble wise, making it excellent value for money. I expected to get 2 baths out of it maximum but have managed 4 adequately bubbled bubble baths out of just one bar.

Underneath the bubbles is silky-smooth blood-orange bath water. As the bath runs, Blow Me A Kiss bubble blowers fruitylicious fragrance fills your bathroom transporting you into thinking that you’re on a sunny, Summer holiday rather than stuck at home on a notoriously-cold-February.

The bubbles last throughout the whole of your time in the bath tub and so does the beautiful fragrance. I normally find the reusable bubble bars to be quite drying on the skin, Blow Me A Kiss bubble blower however left my skin feeling moisturised as well as appearing brighter. Its scent also stayed with me for several hours after getting out of the bath.

The bubble blowing side of this bubble bar (although more of a novelty feature) actually works surprisingly well. I can see children and adults alike enjoying this extra-special-feature. Over all I really have enjoyed using the Blow Me A Kiss bubble blower, it has left me very excited to see what bubble blowing products Lush come up with next!

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Love Me Do Bath Bomb from Lush

The Love Me Do Bath Bomb is a brand-new product from Lush’s 2021 Valentine’s Day collection. As you can clearly see from its picture, Love Me Do isn’t your average bath bomb as it is wrapped in a fully compostable muslin cloth…

With the Love Me Do bath bomb being wrapped it means you can enjoy the dry red-rose-petals that are hidden within it without the fear of clogging up your pipes with the bits of flowers that could end up going down your plug hole when the bath drains. It is also a huge bonus for those customers that dislike any ‘bits’ floating around in the bath with them. Put simply, you get all of the benefits from the ingredients without the mess!

The Love Me Do bath bomb contains a list of floral ingredients, there’s ylang-ylang and lavender oils, rose absolute and the aforementioned dried red-rose-petals. The tag and raffia-chord can both be composted too.

Scent-wise the Love Me Do bath bomb is the epitome of romance, it’s a fresh and powdery rose and lavender blend with entwined notes of ylang-ylang. If anyone got me a bunch of flowers for Valentine’s Day, I’d be very happy if the bouquet smelt like the Love Me Do bath bomb!

As soon as the Love Me Do bath bomb hits the water you are greeted with a hiss of bubbles. Love Me Do is incredibly pigmented, the water starts to immediately turn a deep-plumb-red and the powdery-floral-fragrance fills your bathroom, instantly relaxing you.

If you’re looking for bath art the Love Me Do bath bomb wouldn’t be a good choice of bath bombs to go for, what it however lacks in bath art, it well makes up for with its scent and how it makes your skin feel – I’ll talk a bit more about that later, *spoiler alert* it’s the best bit about this bath bomb…

After the Love Me Do bath bomb has fully dissolved all that’s left in the muslin cloth are the dried flower pieces. I’m not sure if the heat of the water and the petals combined make any difference to your bathing experience (like the seaweed in the Big Blue bath bomb softens the water) but I left the muslin cloth in the water right up until I pulled the plug anyway.

As promised here is a paragraph or 2 of my favourite thing about the Love Me Do bath bomb, HOW AMAZING MY SKIN FELT AFTER GETTING OUT OF THE BATH. I wasn’t expecting results quite like this at all, I’d always thought most Lush bath bombs left my skin looking and feeling brighter but the Love Me Do bath bomb is a game changer, my skin felt incredible. Hydrated, refreshed, brighter and silky-smooth.

Overall, I am really impressed with the Love Me Do bath bomb; I hope it comes back for the Valentine’s Day collection for years to come!

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Dragon Legend Reusable Bubble Bar from Lush

The Dragon Legend Reusable Bubble Bar is a brand new Lush product released in celebration of the Lunar New Year. Traditionally during the Luna New Year an ancient dragon-dance is performed to scare away any evil spirits.

Dragons are said to bring luck, wisdom and strength. With the way the last 12 months have been for everyone, I think we could all do with a dragon-dance or 2, anything to help us move on from 2020 and to move forward into 2021 with a better mindset and a bucket-load of hope is good for me! 🤞

The Dragon Legend reusable bubble bar shares its scent with the Christmas Eve bubble bar and Northern Lights bath bomb, it’s quite an acquired taste BUT fortunately it is a scent that I enjoy in whatever format Lush choose to release it in.

Dragon Legend contains jasmine absolute, dragon fruit powder and ylang ylang oil. Summed up quickly. Dragon Legends scent is a punchy and musky-floral. Often compared to the smell of washing detergent, it is a delightfully refreshing and crisp fragrance. The more you sniff it, the more your nose seems to pick up from it.

Lush have stated that you can get 3 adequately bubbled baths out of just one of the Dragon Legend reusable bubble bars. Although I feel it always depends on your bathrooms water pressure and whether you live in an area with hard or soft water, I’d say getting 3 baths out of the one bubble bar isn’t at all optimistic.

I am often very greedy when it comes to Lush, using much more than I need per bath but with Dragons Legend I really didn’t need to over-indulge to get the best out of it.

As soon as you place the Dragon Legend reusable bubble bar under the running tap, bubbles and water begin to fill up your bath tub. The water underneath the quickly forming blanket of fluffy white bubbles is decorated with a shimmery-plastic-free-gold and is an invitingly-warm orange colour. Its clean, fresh scent slowly fills your bathroom as the bath fills up with water.

Once you have your desired amount of bubbles in the bath tub, to get the most out of the reusable bubble bar put it out of the way in a cool, dry place, leaving it to dry until you want to use it again. As I said earlier, I love nothing more than to over indulge when it comes to Lush, especially with Lush bubble bars but with Dragons Legend you get a lot of bubbles very quickly, making it very cost effective.

The bubbles created by the Dragon Legend reusable bubble bar sadly do not last as long as I had hoped they would. I do find that this is often the case with Lush’s reusable bubble bars though.

Its fragrance does however last and it remains on your skin hours after getting out of the bath too. It leaves my skin soft-to-the-touch and it also appears plumper and a little brighter as well.

I have really enjoyed using the Dragon Legend reusable bubble bar and I hope that Lush decide to bring out a larger Lunar-New-Year line next year and every year from here-on-out. There is also a huge gap on the Lush shelves for a Dragon Legend/Northern Lights scented body lotion and body spray; Hint, hint, Lush! 😉

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Heart Beat Bath Bomb from Lush

The Heart Beat Bath Bomb is a brand new release from Lush’s 2021 Valentine’s Day line. Lush have taken inspiration for the Heart Beat bath bombs design from the much loved, Christmas-time-classic, the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb.

Just like the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb the Heart Beat bath bomb has 3, shimmery-gold bath melts set in its side, the difference being that they are heart shaped instead of stars! (see photos above and below).

You may recognise the Heart Beat bath bombs scent as it features in several other much-loved Lush products, Rose Jam shower gel being the first product that springs to my-mind that is (at the time of writing this review) currently available to purchase too.

The Heart Beat bath bomb contains a long list of lovey-dovey floral ingredients; there’s rose absolute, rose oil and geranium oil. There is also some lemon and almond oil mixed in alongside an impressive amount of popping candy.

The heart shaped melts are made of organic cocoa butter and much like the Butterball bath bomb it is recommended that you use the Heart Beat bath bomb in a hot as you can stand it bath so that your skin can get the full benefits from the super-hydrating, heart shaped bath melts.

My very first experience with the Rose Jam scent was a surprise as, as soon as I had heard its name I ignorantly assumed that it would be an older ladies fragrance, it is however far from it. It is a rose-dominated-scent but the lemon oil in it gives it a sweet and zingy edge making it highly desirable to everyone, young or old.

As soon as the Heart Beat bath bomb comes into contact with your bath water you are greeted with a fierce hiss of fizzy, dark-pink bubbles. It slowly dances around the waters-surface, fizzing away, spreading small amounts of shimmer from the gold bath melts as it fills your bathroom with its inviting and warm Rose Jam scent.

Once Heart Beat is in the water my nose can’t help but pick out a candy-like fragrance coming from it. I’m wondering if this could maybe be from the popping candy that is in it as it’s not something I have noticed with any other Rose Jam scented product before…

Heart Beat is a fairly slow fizzer, by the time the popping candy started to do its thing I had completely forgotten it was even inside of the bath bomb. As always the popping candy puts on a snap, crackle and popping bath-time-show that you’d expect only from the likes of a fireworks display.

As I said earlier the Heart Beat bath bomb is best enjoyed in a hot as you can stand it bath as this melts down the heart-shaped-bath-melts into an oil making it one of Lush’s most hydrating bath bombs. I’m not a huge fan of the super hydrating bath bombs as I’m not very steady on my feet and generally have quite oily skin to start with but using one every now and again is quite the treat.

Annoyingly I do have to either hose myself down or dab off the excess oil with a towel once I am out of the bath, the Rose Jam scent however stays on your skin so you’re not losing the fragrance just the excess oils.

The bath-tub-clean-up isn’t too bad either, I run a wet (with hot water) sponge with a dab of shower gel over the bath and the oil does rinse away easily. Quite often I don’t need to do this with Lush bath bombs but Heart Beat does require a tiny bit of clean up. – Overall I do however really like the Heart Beat bath bomb and recommend that you try it at least once before the Valentine’s day stock retires for another year. 😊❤️

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Watermelon Sugar Lip Scrub from Lush

The Watermelon Sugar Lip Scrub is brand new to Lush and the first of many products that I’m hoping to review on my blog in 2021!

As a huge fan of watermelon the first thing I noticed about the Watermelon Sugar lip scrub was how much it really does smell just like a bowl full of mouth-wateringly-refreshing watermelon.

The main ingredient in Lush’s lip scrubs is caster sugar. To this day I am still amazed that such a simple blend of natural ingredients can do such a thorough, yet gentle job of exfoliating your lips without drying them out.

Using Lush lip scrubs requires the minimum amount of effort. They cover everything your lips need to always look their best. They are the perfect product to exfoliate dry, chapped lips and are also very good at softening and hydrating them at the same time.

Exfoliating your lips has never been easier (or tastier) thanks to Lush!

As well as caster sugar the Watermelon Sugar lip scrub also contains maple butter and organic jojoba, oat kernel, watermelon seed, bergamot and rose oils.

Like the Unicorn and Toffee Apple lip scrubs, Watermelon Sugar has 2 different colours in the one pot. The top layer is a pinky-red and the bottom layer is lime green.

As far as I am aware, unlike the Unicorn and Toffee Apple lip scrubs BOTH layers of Watermelon Sugar smell and taste exactly the same, the different colours being the only difference between the 2.

The one thing I strangely have to point out in every lip scrub review that I write is that Lush lip scrubs aren’t food. Although, when using the scrub if a little of the mixture does end up in your mouth, there really is no need to panic.

Taste-wise, the Watermelon Sugar lip scrub reminds me of something I like to drink when I’m on a sunny holiday, sour-lime watermelon juice, but again, it’s not sold as a product you eat. *Please do not email me asking how many calories it is per pot.* 😂 IT’S A LIP SCRUB!

A little of the Watermelon Sugar lip scrub goes a very long way. Consistency wise, I’d say that the Watermelon Sugar lip scrub is one of Lush’s most gentle to date. Its less-coarse formula actually works really well.

Its finer consistency really helps the exfoliation process, I’m not entirely sure on how it works but it seems that the smaller the sugar grains the quicker and smoother my lips become after use.

While I still recommend using a lip balm after using the Watermelon Sugar lip scrub it is one of the most hydrating of Lush’s lip scrubs to date. I’m guessing that this is because of the organic jojoba oil and maple butter within it.

I find a lot of Watermelon scented products (outside of Lush) can smell really artificial, with this in mind I was pleasantly surprised that the Watermelon Sugar lip scrub smelt just like Watermelon and sweet, sweet sugar.

Am I impressed with the Watermelon Sugar lip scrub? YES! It ticks all of the boxes on what I like a lip scrub to be. It smells beautiful, tastes great and leaves my lips soft and buffed, It’s the perfect product to use to prepare your lips before applying a lip stick or gloss.

I would love to see more Lush products made with the new Watermelon Sugar fragrance.

As I said earlier, it’s very difficult to find Watermelon scented products that don’t smell artificial, Lush seem to have however mastered the fragrance with Watermelon Sugar. It’s mouth-wateringly refreshing and I just can’t get enough! 😊🍉

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