Flamingo Egg Bath Bomb from Lush

The Flamingo Egg Bath Bomb was first released by Lush as a part of 2021’s Easter line, this year it has made, what seems to be for most people, a much-welcomed return.

One side of this popular egg-shaped bath bomb is pink, and the other is blue; Both sides have a cracked-shell-effect look and the pink side has a little bit of extra added detail, it’s decorated with a sprinkling of sparkly sea salt.

It is approximately 195g so just a tiny bit smaller than the average sized all-year-round bath bombs; Twilight and Intergalactic.

The Flamingo Egg bath bomb contains both lemon and vetivert oils, as well as labdanum resinoid and coarse sea salt. Its scent is quite tame for Lush and is described on Lush’s website as ‘cotton-candy scented’.

As soon as the Flamingo Egg bath bomb meets the water there is an explosion of blue and pink foam. Colour and bath art wise, the Flamingo Egg is just like the, The Elephant in the Tea Room bath bomb.

I said in that review that I was growing tired of the pink and blue bath bombs; This is also a huge reason as to why I am only reviewing this bath bomb now instead of when it was first released last year.

The Flamingo Egg bath bomb takes approximately 6 to 7 minutes to dissolve. Its scent also becomes a bit more prominent once the bath bomb is added to the hot bath water.

It’s not a scent I’d usually go for if I was shopping in store, BUT I always strive to try everything from the limited-edition and seasonal lines at least once, as quite often I am left impressed by products I’d never normally consider trying.

The water left behind by the Flamingo Egg bath bomb is silky soft and a dark shade of purple, it is not dissimilar to the waters left behind by the Monsters’ Ball bath bomb. The bath bomb softens the water a lot, leaving my skin with a gentle tingling feeling as I lay back in its waters.

Overall, I don’t dislike the Flamingo Egg bath bomb I just think I’m bored of the same old bath art, over and over. There are so many other colour combinations Lush could use but lately Lush just seem to be going for the same colour schemes with every bath bomb.

I admit that I was shocked to see it make a return alongside the Follow the White Rabbit bath bomb this year. I much preferred the Eggy Wegg bath bomb and was sure that was the bath bomb that would be returning with the Follow the White Rabbit bath bomb.

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Lakes Bath Bomb from Lush

The Lakes Bath Bomb was first released by Lush as a product that was exclusive to August 2021’s Lush Kitchen subscription box. Shortly after this super-exclusive release it became a part of Lush UK’s regular line, giving more customers an opportunity to try it. At the time of writing this review it is still currently available.

Back before the Lakes was even released in the Lush Kitchen box, I read on one of Lush’s co-founders Instagram accounts that the Lakes bath bomb was inspired by a song written and performed by bestselling artist, Taylor Swift.

The Lakes bath bomb is a pretty little thing and is one of my favourite bath bomb releases from 2021. I am ecstatic that it has become a part of Lush’s permanent line. It would be a crime to have not made it more readily available for all to try.

It is a pastel green and pastel pink colour. To look at, it is very similar to (but not the same) as the charity bath bomb that was released by Lush a few years ago, Mermaid.

It is a standard shape and standard size bath bomb at 200g. There is just something about Lake’s pastel shades that make me instantly feel relaxed and refreshed. It’s plain but beautiful – sometimes less, is more.

The Lakes bath bomb was also inspired by the tranquillity of the Lake District, somewhere I have been lucky enough to visit back in my twenties. If I ever get to visit again – I’ll be sure to bring along a Lakes bath bomb.

The Lakes bath bomb has a long list of grounding and calming ingredients; labdanum resinoid, osmanthus absolute, myrrh resinoid, Siberian fir needle oil and oakmoss. Laying back in its waters really does make you feel as if you are reconnecting with nature.

The Lakes bath bomb’s scent is one I would love to have in perfume form. It’s fizzy like sherbet and both earthy and refreshing too. It’s not an easy scent to describe. The best I can come up with is that it’s like a breath of crisp, fresh air. One you’d only experience on a walk in the countryside.

As soon as you put the Lakes bath bomb into your bath water there is an explosion of green foam, as it bobs around the waters surface pink streaks begin to foam out of it too. The green and pink are both very cool shades which all adds to the tranquillity of the Lakes bathing experience.

Lakes is a slow fizzer, where its colours are of pastel shades, you don’t get any striking bath art, the colours do however create subtle light pink and green patterns. Lakes’ unique selling point is 100% its glorious scent.

As I said earlier, using it is just like you’re reconnecting with nature itself. If you shut your eyes and take a deep breath while lying in its waters it’s almost as if you’re bathing outside in the middle of a meadow, birds tweeting around you.

The Lakes bath bomb takes a good 10 minutes plus to fully dissolve. The water left behind is very similar to the water left behind by the Avobath bath bomb, however, Lakes’ water has a milkier more pearlescent finish. The water is silky smooth, my skin has never felt better after a good soak in the bath with a Lakes bath bomb.

Overall, I am a huge fan of this plain but beautiful bath bomb. I wholeheartedly stand by my earlier statement that it is one of my favourite Lush releases from 2021!

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Unicorn Poop Bath Bomb from Lush

The Unicorn Poop Bath Bomb first became available in the UK at the end of November 2021. If you know me, you’ll know I’m absolutely obsessed with anything to do with unicorns, saying I was excited to try the Unicorn Poop bath bomb would be an understatement indeed.

Much like the Follow the Rabbit and Snowman Dreaming bath bombs, Unicorn Poop is full of a rainbow of colours. It is shaped like the poo emoji with pink, yellow, purple and blue swirls in its twisted top. Just looking at it shows you exactly how the Unicorn Poop bath bomb got its name.

The Unicorn Poop bath bomb doesn’t share its scent with the Unicorn Horn bubble bar or the Unicorn lip scrub – it actually belongs to the Cocktail scent family. The Cocktail scent is very similar to the scent found in the Fizzbanger bath bomb BUT not nearly as fruity, its scent is a lot sharper and has musky elements too.

I’d go as far as to say that the Unicorn Poop’s scent, out of all of the scents Lush have created over the years is one of the most mature to date. I therefore find it a puzzling scent choice considering that the bath bomb is literally named after unicorn poo, something that would appeal more to children than senior citizens.

It contains calamine powder, jasmine absolute and the following essential oils – bergamot, davana and ylang ylang.

I’m always honest in my reviews and I hate to start 2022 with a wishy-washy review but the Unicorn Poop bath bomb wasn’t as good in the bath as I had imagined it to be.

Upon hitting the water the Unicorn Poop bath bomb has a little eruption of pink and white foam. Purple foam then begins to trickle out of it too. As the Unicorn Poop bath bomb dances around in your bath water more colours come out of it, although only small amounts.

The bath art side of this bath bomb isn’t nearly as good as I’d had hoped a ‘rainbow bath bomb’ like this to be. It bubbles away until it fully dissolves leaving you with pearly pink bath water.

The Unicorn Poop bath bomb takes approximately 15 minutes to fully dissolve, for such a slow fizzing bath bomb I really did expect more bath art, I’m wondering if the pastel tones of the colours is what dampens the bath art down somewhat.

Once the Unicorn Poop bath bomb has fully dissolved the water is silky smooth. I didn’t find the water very moisturising but it didn’t dry out my skin at all.

Sadly, the Unicorn Poop bath bomb isn’t one I’d get again. It was perfectly marketed to me as a unicorn-mad Lush fan but in my opinion the scent just didn’t fit within the theme of it at all. I’d have also liked to have seen more bath art from it considering its name and how colourful it is.

Lush have recently released some amazing rainbow coloured bath bombs that are so much better than Unicorn Poop. It’s very rare for me to dislike a bath bomb but Unicorn Poop didn’t captivate me in the same way as most other Lush bath bombs do.

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Snowball Bath Bomb from Lush

The Snowball Bath Bomb is yet another brand-new product from this year’s Christmas line-up.

There has never been a bath bomb quite like it either; Each Snowball bath bomb is hand pressed without a bath-bomb-mould so that it looks just like an actual snowball.

I promise they aren’t just ‘imperfect’ bath bombs made by the Lush manufacturing team after helping themselves to the whisky that was meant to be left out for Santa!

The Snowball bath bomb contains eucalyptus, lemongrass, and peppermint oil. Its scent is fresh and crisp which is just how I would also describe snow;

Eucalyptus is a popular ingredient to use if you’re feeling under the weather and features heavily in anything made to help manage the symptoms of a common cold, this is due to its decongestant and antibacterial properties. It is perfect for this time of year.

The Snowball is a sharply scented and incredibly refreshing bath bomb, its scent alone can help clear and balance your mind as well as banishing away any Winter blues.

The Lush website tells you to not be fooled by the Snowball bath bombs initial ‘low-key’ appearance, it may look just like a snowball but inside it’s a whole different story.

As soon as the Snowball bath bomb touches your bath water you are greeted with a burst of ice-white-foam. The Snowball bath bomb floats around for a good 5 minutes spilling out just white, then suddenly blue foam begins to spill out of it too.

At first, I thought that the blue foam wasn’t going to last for very long, but I was wrong… If you’ve had the pleasure of using the Frozen bath bomb before, you wouldn’t be completely bonkers to think that the bath art photos below were created by the Frozen bath bomb.

Surprisingly once it gets going, the Snowball bath bombs bath art is almost identical to that created by the Frozen bath bomb. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the beautiful, blue and shimmery bath art swirls.

The bath art seems to go on forever, after about 10 minutes the Snowball bath bomb is finally fully dissolved.

The water left behind is soft and cooling on the skin, it isn’t quite as sparkly as the water left behind from the aforementioned Frozen bath bomb but it is a very similar blue, with a slight pearlescent shimmer.

Out of all of the new bath bombs from this year’s Winter line, the Snowball bath bomb was the one that surprised me the most. Just like the So White bath bomb from the 2016 Winter line I was not expecting such colourful insides!

The scent is also beautiful and suits the idea of snow perfectly. Alongside the latest version of the Jingle Bells bath bomb I don’t think there has ever been a more powerfully awakening duo, both are well worth a try and 2 products that I’d love to see come back next year too.

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Happy Skin Facial Exfoliator from Lush

The Happy Skin Facial Exfoliator was one of 6 products from September 2021’s Lush Kitchen subscription box. At the time of writing this review I am sad to say that it hasn’t been available in any other capacity again since.

At the risk of sounding like a complete drama queen, THIS IS NOT OK, AT ALL! – I’ve never liked an exfoliator for your face more. Regrettably, I let my husband try it and just like that I had to now not just ration the product on my uses of it, but his uses of it too.

Considering I have been using it at the most 2 times a week since September, (my husband considerably more because he is a diva) I think it has lasted quite well, I still have about a quarter of it left.

The Happy Skin facial exfoliator contains, bamboo stern extract, tagua nut powder, fresh jackfruit juice, sesame seed absolute, vanilla absolute, tonka absolute and the following essential oils: argan, rose hip and extra virgin olive oil.

It is described as an ‘enzymic, vitamin rich’ exfoliator filled with ‘ground tagua nut’ and is said to ‘help gently clear and brighten your skin’. To use, all you have to do is splash your face with warm water, scoop out about a pound-coin-sized amount of it from the pot, followed by you then gently massaging it over your face and neck. I like to pay special attention over my nose and the apples of my cheeks and my chin.

Once you’ve finished gently buffing the product around your face, you then simply rinse it off. Your skin immediately feels and appears a lot smoother and brighter, just 30 seconds of using this cream banishes all of the dead skin cells and microscopic dirt away while also calming the skin of any redness down too.

With it having quite a vast amount of ingredients its scent is difficult to describe, it’s like a nutty vanilla with a slight pineapple twang. My face LOVES it. My husband’s face is equally as obsessed.

The formula is light and not at all cakey like most other facial exfoliators. If Lush do not bring this out as a part of their new all-year-round skin care line next year, then we are going to fall out. It’s amazing. For me to rave about a skincare item is very rare indeed.

Lush, you probably won’t see this as you’ve sworn off of social media (🙄) but Happy Skin needs to become permanently available, my face depends on it. Plus, I’d like to get my husband his own pot so that he will stop using all of mine!

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Jingle Bells Bath Bomb from Lush

This year the Jingle Bells Bath Bomb has made a return, it however has a very different scent from before. Jingle Bells now shares its scent with the Baked Alaska soap. – If you really miss the old version of the Jingle Bells bath bomb try the Toby’s Magic Cow bath bomb as it shares its scent with the older version of the Jingle Bells bath bomb.

The Jingle Bells bath bomb is unique to any other bath bomb currently available from Lush. It is hand pressed into a bell-shaped mould.

Inside of it is a small amount of open space (however, it’s not completely hollow) a small amount of loose bath bomb chunks is in this little pocket of space inside of Jingle Bells. If you shake the bath bomb, it’s just like a bell, although to me, it sounds closer to a maraca! 😉

The Jingle Bells bath bomb is white all over with a red bow on its top. Stars are etched into its top half while the bottom of it looks just like a mini circular-bell does, with 4 holes in a cross shape.

When the first version of the Jingle Bells bath bomb was released, it was a lot bigger, now it is the same size as the average sized bath bomb (as a reference, this is the same size as the bestselling Twilight and Intergalactic bath bombs).

Being honest, as always – I much prefer it in its smaller sized format. There’s not much difference between the 2 but I think the smaller bath bombs seem to give you the better bath art.

The Jingle Bells bath bomb contains lemon myrtle, ylang ylang and grapefruit oils. Its scent is a strong citrusy one, so strong that I can immediately smell it as soon as I walk into a room that it is in.

I’ve seen on the Lush website that quite a few customers have said its citrusy scent doesn’t fit in with the Christmas theme at all. I couldn’t disagree more, the scent is perfect for this time of year, it really wakes me up and we all know how hard it is to get out of bed on a cold Winters morning!

I’d go as far as to say it’s even more awakening than the Avobath bath bomb.

As soon as the Jingle Bells bath bomb meets your bath water there is an explosion of bright white foam. The first bit of colour to appear from it is from the red bow that sits on its top.

Slowly but surely. Red and white foam begin to make a swirling pattern as the Jingle Bells bath bomb dances around the water.

After a few minutes the red seems to dwindle a little, mostly white foam comes out of the bath bomb. Just as you think the bath art show is over blue foam bursts out of the bath bomb too.

Red, white, and blue spill out of the bath bomb as its bobs around your bath, my pictures do the pretty-bath-art that the Jingle Bells bath bomb creates no justice at all!

The colours clash so well making the patterns it creates really pop.

Underneath the bath art, your bath water begins to change colour, the water left behind is a beautiful shade of milky violet.

The Jingle Bells bath bomb is fully dissolved within 10 minutes. Its super awakening scent fills your bathroom, banishing away all of your Winter blues.

The milky violet water is also silky smooth, my skin laps it up; Normally the citrusy products don’t hydrate my skin as well as others, but my skin feels and smells fabulous after a good soak in a Jingle Bells bath.

Overall, I am really impressed with the new version of the Jingle Bells bath bomb, the scent is a huge improvement in my eyes, and I have my fingers crossed it comes back in next years’ Winter line too!

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Hey! Hollywood! Bath Bomb from Lush

I first got a hold of the Hey! Hollywood! Bath Bomb when Lush’s advent calendar arrived on my doorstep back in late August 2021. You’ll find this refreshing and festive treat behind door number 8.

I held off on reviewing the Hey! Hollywood! Bath bomb until now as, as you can see from the photos in this post, its design screams Christmas.

For the purpose of this review, I am going to refer to Hey! Hollywood! Without the exclamation marks from now on as they’re driving me mad and I’m not even 100 words into my review of the bath bomb yet… 😆

The Hey Hollywood bath bomb is a gorgeous shimmery green with a red-berried holly-crown on its top. At the time of writing this review it is currently available to purchase in store and online, although, with Christmas fast approaching it won’t be available for much longer!

The Hey Hollywood bath bomb contains peppermint oil and shares its scent with an old Lush product that was most recently in November 2021’s Lush Kitchen subscription box – the Salt and Peppermint Bark body scrub. 

Its scent is a subtle, sweet-peppermint fragrance. It is so delicate that I found when I left the Hey Hollywood bath bomb amongst other Lush products, the scents from the other products completely masked it’s fragrance making it almost impossible to smell.

It’s the complete opposite of the dominatingly sharp Intergalactic bath bomb – another peppermint based Lush product.

Hey Hollywood is the same size as the average sized bath bomb, it fits snuggly in my hand. Just like when I first used the, The Golden Pudding bath bomb, I expected a lot more foam than there was when I first put it into the water.

I thought that I had sadly got a dud bath bomb – however, when I let go of it, against all odds, it continued to float. At first all that really came out of the bath bomb was a stream of red bubbles, the green was barely noticeable.

The Hey Hollywood bath bomb was a very slow dissolver. Looking through my photos and checking their time stamps, it was well over 10 minutes before it had completely gone. It took a good 5 minutes of it being in the water before the bath art really started to put on a show.

Blue, purple, pink and light green patterns shoot out of Hey Hollywood creating a beautiful blanket of bath art on the surface of the water.

Once the Hey Hollywood bath bomb has fully dissolved, the water left behind is just like the end-bathwater created by the original Lord of Misrule bath bomb, something I know a lot of customers will be very pleased with since the Lord of Misrules much-protested update this year…

It’s not the same but if it’s the end-watercolour you miss about the Lord of Misrule, Hey Hollywood is well worth a go!

The beautiful, wine-coloured bath water shimmers as you swish it around. The soft peppermint scent really comes to life with the heat of the bath water too, it’s a super-refreshing bathing experience.

I didn’t find its waters particularly moisturising, but it didn’t dry my skin out either. I’d like to try a few more of the Hey Hollywood bath bombs as the bath art photos I have included in this review do not do the bath bomb any justice at all.

There’s no guarantee that the Hey Hollywood bath bomb will return next Winter. It’s rare that the new bath bombs ever do, I however have my fingers crossed as Hey Hollywood is one of the best bath bombs to come out of 2021.

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Merry Christmas Shower Gel from Lush

The Merry Christmas Shower Gel is a fairly rare shower gel as (at the time of writing this review) it is currently only available in Lush’s 2021 advent calendar, behind door number 4.

You’ll recognise its scent from the discontinued, Valentine’s Day product the Cherryish body scrub.

Cherryish happens to be my most favourite of all of Lush’s body scrubs so I was very excited to try its shower gel equivalent.

The Merry Christmas shower gel is jam-packed with the prettiest golden shimmer, getting a photo of it was a very difficult task, the photo above is the best I could capture, and it does the real thing no justice at all. You really have to see it for yourself to truly appreciate how beautiful it is.

To look at the Merry Christmas shower gel is quite similar to the Hot Toddy shower gel, it is however a lot brighter shimmer wise and also more transparent. Consistency wise, the Merry Christmas shower gel is thick but still very easy to get out of the bottle.

The Merry Christmas shower gel contains aloe vera, agave syrup, cocoa absolute, cinnamon, and almond essential oil. Its scent is a very soft cherry fragrance with a small hint of chocolate.

Its scent is both warm and tangy like a sweet jam. As I said earlier its consistency is thick but not so thick it’s hard to get out of the bottle. It lathers up in your hands easily and the chocolate element within it really comes through when mixed with the hot water and steam of the shower.

I will admit that I find less-is-more when it comes down to using this shower gel. Its scent is a lot stronger in this shower gel form than it is in the Cherryish body scrub.

I find that using too much of the shower gel at once gives me a bit of a headache. Luckily a very small amount of the shower gel goes a very long way. This is also a bonus when you consider that this shower gel only comes in 100g bottles in a very expensive advent calendar set!

Merry Christmas’ scent although a lot more subtle now, can still be detected on your skin once you’re out of the shower. It also leaves your skin appearing brighter, as well as softening it too; It’s perfect to use in the cold Winter months.

I would love to see bottles of the Merry Christmas shower gel becoming available outside of this year’s advent calendar (2021)

We were given 2 brand new Winter shower gels in Jolly and Plum Duff this year, I think Merry Christmas would have complimented those 2 as a trio really well if they were all sold individually.

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Snow Fairy Lights Bath Bomb from Lush

Another day, another review on a limited-edition, Winter-product that shares its scent with the cult classic, Snow Fairy shower gel… The Snow Fairy Lights Bath Bomb is new to Lush this Winter (2021). Designed in the same way as the Love Locket Amazeball bath bomb, I was very excited to get my hands on one.

Just like the Love Locket bath bomb that I mentioned above, the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb is both pink and blue externally. It’s just like all of Lush’s previously released amazeballs, Lush seem to have just dropped the ‘amazeball’ term in the bath bombs name.

Lush’s Amazeballs and the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb have a super fancy design. They are hollow inside and each have a small, bath-bomb-lid – In Snow Fairy Lights case it is the little blue snowflake you can see in the above and below photos.

Inside of the hollow Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb are mini-bath-bomb-circles in various colours. You can see them in the photo below.

There’s no right or wrong way to use the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb. Some sprinkle the mini-bath-bomb-circles into the bath water before adding the rest of the bath bomb, while others put it in all together.

Some even use each bit in separate baths. – A good idea if you want to spread the product out over several baths rather than just the one.

The Snow Fairy scent is best described as a sickly-sweet blend of candy floss and bubblegum.

I don’t always favour the super-sweet-scented Lush products HOWEVER, with the Snow Fairy scent featuring so heavily in so many of Lush’s products, it’s almost impossible to avoid, especially in the Winter.

Over the years I have slowly warmed to the scent. The fact that all-things Snow-Fairy-scented are almost (mostly) bright pink (my favourite colour) really helps sell them to me too.

I was very excited for the bath art from the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb as I expected it to be on par with the bath bomb I mentioned at the start of this review, the Love Locket bath bomb.

Upon hitting the water, the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb created an explosion of pink foam. The Snow Fairy scent fills your bathroom as it starts to fizzle away. Sadly, this is where the show ended for me.

The photo above was taken within the first 15 to 20 seconds of placing the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb into the bath water. I let go of it immediately after that, readying myself for some serious bath art however all of the bath-bomb-pieces sunk to the bottom of the bath; The small coloured bits, the pink star-piece and the blue snowflake simply just disappeared. There wasn’t a single bit of bath art at all. 🙁

The water left behind by the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb is a super-shimmery pink. Its scent remained throughout the bath, and it still lingered in the air for a short while after it had gone down the plug hole too.

My skin wasn’t particularly hydrated after my bath, but the scent lingered on my skin for a few hours after using it.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t very impressed with the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb once I had given it a go. I much prefer the ordinary Snow Fairy bath bomb as it’s cheaper and has a little more to give during use. I wholeheartedly recommend the Snow Fairy bath bomb and Snow Fairy Roll bubble bar over Snow Fairy Lights.

Never-the-less I do think that the Snow Fairy lights bath bomb is a good ‘novelty product’ that I think children could potentially quite enjoy because of it being in several pieces.

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Posh Chocolate Body Wash from Lush

The Posh Chocolate Body Wash was first released a few months ago, at the time of writing this review it is currently an all-year-round product that is available online and in all stores in the UK. *For everyone outside of the UK, have a look on your home countries websites to check for availability.*

Posh Chocolate contains hazelnut milk, fair trade organic aloe vera gel, cocoa powder, Australian sandalwood oil and vanilla absolute.

Fresh from the pot the Posh Chocolate body wash smells just like a tub of cocoa powder.

It’s scent however changes ever so slightly when you use it. The heat of the water and steam from the shower really brings out the vanilla and hazelnut in it.

I personally think it smells just like a pot of chocolate mousse.

Its consistency is also very similar to chocolate mousse, although – slightly thicker as it’s not as light. It’s almost like the butter icing you get on the last slice of a big cake, almost solid on the outside but fluffy and creamy underneath that very thin dry outer-layer.

At first, I was wary of how much to use as I had visions of huge brown smears all over my body – which I am sure we can all agree, is not something you want to have all over you, fresh out of the shower…

There was however no need to be afraid of it easily lathers up and just melts into the skin like butter on hot toast. No brown smears in sight!

A little amount of the Posh Chocolate body wash goes a very long way making it is excellent value for money. I of course always overindulge, using much more than is needed but my skin just can’t get enough of its soft and creamy formula.

I don’t think I have ever come across a body wash this nourishing before. It’s a game changer!

Its scent stays on your skin for a good few hours after you have used it and your skin stays hydrated and smooth right up until your next shower, there is no need to moisturise in between.

Overall, I am super impressed with the Posh Chocolate body wash, I can see it being a staple product in my collection for a very long time. I also feel as if it would work for me no matter the season. I am looking forward to using it next Summer as well as for the rest of the Winter we’re currently in too.

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