Yummy Custard Body Wash from Lush

The Yummy Custard Body Wash is a brand-new, limited edition, 2022 Mother’s Day product. This year’s range isn’t as large as those from years before BUT each product in it is of the highest standard. I much prefer quality over quantity and this year’s Mother’s Day line is the best seasonal line we’ve had in a long time.

Yummy Custard body wash contains vanilla oat milk, fair trade organic aloe vera gel, corn starch, vanilla pod powder and glycerine.

It shares its scent with the Let the Good Times Roll fresh cleanser and the now discontinued, Nana shower gel. Both of those products are loved by all in my household so the chance of trying a body wash equivalent had us all eager to try it.

In October 2021, Lush released another body wash called Posh Chocolate. Yummy Custard is very similar consistency wise. It’s a lot like the butter icing you get on the last slice of a big cake, almost solid on the outside but fluffy and creamy underneath that very thin outer layer.

As you can see in the photo above, Yummy Custard is a creamy off-white colour and is speckled with tiny black vanilla seeds. A little amount of it goes a very long way making it excellent value for money.

It’s creamy consistency just glides onto your skin, melting and sinking in like butter on hot toast; It’s amazing for my dry skin. It’s quite literally the best in-shower-product that I have used on my dry skin.

It instantly soothes and my skin has never looked so well nourished and smooth in such a short space of time. One minute my skin is dry, the next I use Yummy Custard and it’s like my skin was never dry at all!

To use, all you’re meant to do is scoop a little amount of it out of the pot and then slather it all over your body. You just massage it in, concentrating a little more on your dryer areas such as your elbows and knees, then you simply rinse it off. I then just pat myself dry with a towel.

The tiny black vanilla seeds in it do not scratch or irritate you at all, if I’m being honest, I don’t even notice them – Amazingly, its sweet popcorn like fragrance remained on my skin right into the next day, my skin is also just as smooth and nourished 24 hours after using it too, something I was pleasantly surprised with.

I will most certainly be taking a large pot of this on my next sunny holiday, I can imagine it feeling amazing on your skin after a long day in the sun. I love how gentle the formula is too. My skin has never felt so good!

If you love the Posh Chocolate body wash then I highly recommend you trying out Yummy Custard. I think I may in fact like Yummy Custard more than I do Posh Chocolate…

Overall, I LOVE the Yummy Custard body wash, it is so much more than just your standard body wash, my skin is quite dry but I could see it working just as well as on all skin types. I can’t get over how amazing it makes my skin feel. You really do have to grab a pot while it’s still available. 

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Posh Chocolate Body Wash from Lush

The Posh Chocolate Body Wash was first released a few months ago, at the time of writing this review it is currently an all-year-round product that is available online and in all stores in the UK. *For everyone outside of the UK, have a look on your home countries websites to check for availability.*

Posh Chocolate contains hazelnut milk, fair trade organic aloe vera gel, cocoa powder, Australian sandalwood oil and vanilla absolute.

Fresh from the pot the Posh Chocolate body wash smells just like a tub of cocoa powder.

It’s scent however changes ever so slightly when you use it. The heat of the water and steam from the shower really brings out the vanilla and hazelnut in it.

I personally think it smells just like a pot of chocolate mousse.

Its consistency is also very similar to chocolate mousse, although – slightly thicker as it’s not as light. It’s almost like the butter icing you get on the last slice of a big cake, almost solid on the outside but fluffy and creamy underneath that very thin dry outer-layer.

At first, I was wary of how much to use as I had visions of huge brown smears all over my body – which I am sure we can all agree, is not something you want to have all over you, fresh out of the shower…

There was however no need to be afraid of it easily lathers up and just melts into the skin like butter on hot toast. No brown smears in sight!

A little amount of the Posh Chocolate body wash goes a very long way making it is excellent value for money. I of course always overindulge, using much more than is needed but my skin just can’t get enough of its soft and creamy formula.

I don’t think I have ever come across a body wash this nourishing before. It’s a game changer!

Its scent stays on your skin for a good few hours after you have used it and your skin stays hydrated and smooth right up until your next shower, there is no need to moisturise in between.

Overall, I am super impressed with the Posh Chocolate body wash, I can see it being a staple product in my collection for a very long time. I also feel as if it would work for me no matter the season. I am looking forward to using it next Summer as well as for the rest of the Winter we’re currently in too.

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