Mr Loba Loba Bath Bomb from Lush

As soon as the 2022 Lush Valentine’s Day products were revealed, I knew that the Mr Loba Loba Bath Bomb would be the first one that I grabbed. As you can see from the above and below photos, Mr Loba Loba is a gorgeous little lobster shaped bath bomb with a sprinkling of biodegradable red confetti hearts decorating its body.

The Mr Loba Loba bath bomb is approximately 100g, similar in size to the Sleepy Bear and Tick-Tock bath bombs.

Mr Loba Loba is a gloriously bright red and as I mentioned earlier, is lightly decorated with a sprinkling of confetti hearts. I love the inclusion of these in bath bombs, just like the bath bombs that contain popping candy I feel the confetti hearts add something a little extra for your visual pleasure.

The Mr Loba Loba bath bomb contains benzoin resinoid, tonka absolute and almond essential oil. Its scent is sweet yet warm. It smells almost like a blend of vanilla and some type of berry fruit, the almond essential oil adds a nuttiness to its fragrance, rounding off the tonka absolute. It’s incredibly moreish and a scent I would like to see more of from Lush.

What with the recent price hike on all of Lush’s products, I’d say that the Mr Loba Loba bath bomb is actually a quite reasonable price. I can see a lot of Lush’s future bath bombs being of a similar size just so Lush don’t begin to price themselves out. I don’t normally mention exact prices in my reviews as Lush do change their prices a lot.

Sadly, bath bombs are single-use-products, and I can’t even see myself, (a self-confessed Lush addict) wanting to spend much more on a single bath bomb, maybe smaller Lush bath bombs like Mr Loba Loba are the way of the future, who knows?

As soon as the Mr Loba Loba bath bomb touches the water you are greeted with an explosion of red foam. I think it might just be the foamiest bath bomb that I have ever used from Lush.

Like the Lucky Tiger bath bomb, Mr Loba Loba isn’t a bath art creator, its unique selling point is its enchanting scent and just how foamy it is. It makes the most incredibly soft water and leaves your skin super hydrated.

As the Mr Loba Loba bath bomb floats around your bath, the red confetti hearts begin to break away from the bath bomb slowly decorating the water with perfect little love-hearts.

For its size the Mr Loba Loba bath bomb takes a lot longer to dissolve than I expected – a good 5 minutes. As I said earlier, it’s the foamiest bath bomb I have used in a very long time, this foam makes the water so, so soft and hydrating. My skin loved it; I didn’t want to get out of the bath.

Eventually, (and only because the water got too cold) I did have to get out of the bath and pull the plug. The scent remained on my skin for the best part of the rest of the day and left it feeling silky smooth!

Overall, I adore the Mr Loba Loba bath bomb. It’s a fantastic, novelty addition to the Valentine’s line. I’d love to see it year in, year out but am trying to not get too attached as Lush have a habit of making products like this one-hit-wonders…


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Temptation Shower Gel from Lush

The Temptation Shower Gel is a brand-new release from Lush; It is a limited-edition product that is a part of Lush’s 2022 Valentine’s Day line.

Temptation is a rose-red and has a thick but easy to get out of the bottle consistency. Consistency wise it is very similar to the Jolly shower gel from last year’s Winter line.

Temptation contains a long list of perfectly put together ingredients; Cinnamon stick, organic apple juice, myrrh resinoid, orange flower absolute, cinnamon leaf oil, apple cider vinegar, red rose petals and ginseng infusion. It shares its scent with Lush’s Apple Crumble bubble bar.

I am excited to see that Lush have finally brought a new apple-based scent to life. I love Lush’s So White scent (their most famous apple-based fragrance that pops up in products such as the So White shower gel and Once Upon A Time body spray) HOWEVER, new scents are always something I am happy to give a go. After all, we get dozens of different variations of citrus scented Lush products, it’s about time we got more appley ones too!

Temptation’s scent is delicious and smells just like freshly sliced apples sprinkled in sugar and cinnamon powder. It’s the perfect scent to accompany you in the shower in the cold Winter months. Its scent is both warming and refreshing. 

As I said earlier Temptation’s consistency is thick but not so thick it’s hard to get out of the bottle. It lathers up in your hands easily and the warmth from the cinnamon ingredients really comes through when mixed with the hot water and steam of the shower.

Once you’re out of the shower, Temptation’s scent (although a lot more subtle now) can be detected on your skin for several hours after using it. It also leaves my skin feeling clean, soft, and warm; Again, making it perfect for the cold Winter months we have ahead.

It cleanses my skin well and leaves it hydrated enough to get away with not moisturising after your shower, which saves me precious time. – Something we can all do with a bit more of!

I’m ridiculously impressed with the Temptation shower gel. It feels like forever since Lush released a shower gel that I enjoy using this much. The more I use it, the more I love it. My husband has even fallen for it too. – I’ll be ordering him his own bottle so that he doesn’t use all of mine…

Temptation blows older Valentine’s Day shower gels such as Prince Charming out of the water, I cannot wait to see if Lush release more products with this scent.


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Strawberry Heart Shower Jelly from Lush

The Strawberry Heart Shower Jelly is brand new to Lush and a part of the 2022, Valentine’s Day line. Given that it is a Valentine’s Day product you’d expect the Strawberry Heart shower jelly to be the lovey-dovey, anatomically inaccurate heart-shape. Lush have however shaken things up a bit by making the shower jelly the anatomically ACCURATE shape, it’s shaped just like a real life human heart, (see photo below).

The Strawberry Heart shower jelly contains fresh strawberry juice, jasmine absolute and the following essential oils: Sicilian lemon, lime and ho wood. Its scent is a new one from Lush; It reminds me of the super-sour, sugary strawberry lace sweets, positively delicious!

As soon as you take off the Strawberry Heart shower jellies lid, you are greeted with its mouth-watering fragrance, it’s a very, very strong, juicy strawberry scent that quickly takes over the room it is in and even more so when you’re in a hot and steamy shower with it.

There is no right or wrong way to use a shower jelly, I prefer to use mine in the same way as you would a bar of soap, whole. Some people however chop their shower jellies up using a few pieces at a time – a good method if you’re sharing it with someone else.

If you do keep it whole, the Strawberry Heart shower jelly is just the right size to fit snuggly in your hand. It is a lot easier to keep a hold of in the shower being this size too. Once you’ve used it simply rinse it off and then pop it back into the pot until you next want to use it.

The special shaped shower jellies like Strawberry Heart often fall apart a lot quicker than the standard shaped ones; The Strawberry Heart shower jelly has however lasted me through 5 showers so far, making it incredibly cost effective, I can see myself getting many more showers out of it yet!

The Strawberry Heart shower jelly lathers up quickly and creates a super creamy foam. A little goes a long way and glides over my skin effortlessly. As I stated earlier its scent is bold straight from the pot, but it really, really comes to life when you are using it in the shower. For such a small shower jelly it really does have a lot of stamina, scent and robusticity wise.

Normally shower jellies can be quite drying on my skin, the Strawberry Heart shower jelly however leaves my skin soft, clean, fresh, and appearing brighter. It isn’t hugely moisturising but also doesn’t leave me desperate to coat myself in body lotion once I am out of the shower.

Overall, I am really impressed with the Strawberry Heart shower jelly, it’s a fantastic addition to this year’s Valentine’s Day line and I can see it selling well.

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Unicorn Poop Bath Bomb from Lush

The Unicorn Poop Bath Bomb first became available in the UK at the end of November 2021. If you know me, you’ll know I’m absolutely obsessed with anything to do with unicorns, saying I was excited to try the Unicorn Poop bath bomb would be an understatement indeed.

Much like the Follow the Rabbit and Snowman Dreaming bath bombs, Unicorn Poop is full of a rainbow of colours. It is shaped like the poo emoji with pink, yellow, purple and blue swirls in its twisted top. Just looking at it shows you exactly how the Unicorn Poop bath bomb got its name.

The Unicorn Poop bath bomb doesn’t share its scent with the Unicorn Horn bubble bar or the Unicorn lip scrub – it actually belongs to the Cocktail scent family. The Cocktail scent is very similar to the scent found in the Fizzbanger bath bomb BUT not nearly as fruity, its scent is a lot sharper and has musky elements too.

I’d go as far as to say that the Unicorn Poop’s scent, out of all of the scents Lush have created over the years is one of the most mature to date. I therefore find it a puzzling scent choice considering that the bath bomb is literally named after unicorn poo, something that would appeal more to children than senior citizens.

It contains calamine powder, jasmine absolute and the following essential oils – bergamot, davana and ylang ylang.

I’m always honest in my reviews and I hate to start 2022 with a wishy-washy review but the Unicorn Poop bath bomb wasn’t as good in the bath as I had imagined it to be.

Upon hitting the water the Unicorn Poop bath bomb has a little eruption of pink and white foam. Purple foam then begins to trickle out of it too. As the Unicorn Poop bath bomb dances around in your bath water more colours come out of it, although only small amounts.

The bath art side of this bath bomb isn’t nearly as good as I’d had hoped a ‘rainbow bath bomb’ like this to be. It bubbles away until it fully dissolves leaving you with pearly pink bath water.

The Unicorn Poop bath bomb takes approximately 15 minutes to fully dissolve, for such a slow fizzing bath bomb I really did expect more bath art, I’m wondering if the pastel tones of the colours is what dampens the bath art down somewhat.

Once the Unicorn Poop bath bomb has fully dissolved the water is silky smooth. I didn’t find the water very moisturising but it didn’t dry out my skin at all.

Sadly, the Unicorn Poop bath bomb isn’t one I’d get again. It was perfectly marketed to me as a unicorn-mad Lush fan but in my opinion the scent just didn’t fit within the theme of it at all. I’d have also liked to have seen more bath art from it considering its name and how colourful it is.

Lush have recently released some amazing rainbow coloured bath bombs that are so much better than Unicorn Poop. It’s very rare for me to dislike a bath bomb but Unicorn Poop didn’t captivate me in the same way as most other Lush bath bombs do.

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Happy for S.A.D. Shower Gel from Lush

The Happy For S.A.D. Shower Gel was first released by Lush many years ago to raise awareness for SAD. SAD is short for the mental health condition, Seasonal Affective Disorder.

SAD is a form of depression that comes and goes with the seasons. It can happen during any one of the 4 seasons but is most commonly associated with the Winter time, due to the shorter hours of daylight that we get.

I first got a hold of a bottle way back in 2014 and I liked the shower gel so much that I made sure to grab another whenever it came up on the old-style, Lush Kitchen menu.

(pic TBA)

As someone who has lived with depression since my teens it immediately caught my attention just on its name alone.

The Happy for S.A.D. shower gel contains neroli, grapefruit and Mandarin oils. All of which are uplifting, mood-boosting ingredients.

The neroli in particular is very popular in products like this as it has been scientifically proven to boost the serotonin levels in your brain (AKA the happy hormone!)

(pic TBA)

Consistency wise, the Happy for S.A.D. shower gel is a little runnier than the average Lush shower gel. A little however goes a very long way and it lathers up fairly quickly.

It’s a beautiful shade of purple which isn’t the first colour that comes to mind considering it’s ingredients. It’s similar in colour to the Twilight shower gel, which is not what I was expecting at all. From reading the ingredient list I imagined it to be more like the Happy Hippy or Bubbly shower gels.

(pic TBA)

What I really love about the Happy for S.A.D. shower gel (apart from its scent) is how it makes my skin feel. It’s one of the most skin-softening shower gels I’ve ever used from Lush. It’s delicious and a real treat for me to use, I always over indulge as I can never resist.

I also love that it’s scent lasts. Not just on your skin after use but in its bottle too. I still have one bottle of it from 2014 which has about one-fifth of the product left in it. – It still smells just as good as the day I got it. I can only apologise for not reviewing it on here sooner!

I’d love to see Lush create more products with the Happy for S.A.D. scent in the near future. It’s a truly beautiful and incredibly moreish fragrance that I can see working in so many different formats.

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Snowball Bath Bomb from Lush

The Snowball Bath Bomb is yet another brand-new product from this year’s Christmas line-up.

There has never been a bath bomb quite like it either; Each Snowball bath bomb is hand pressed without a bath-bomb-mould so that it looks just like an actual snowball.

I promise they aren’t just ‘imperfect’ bath bombs made by the Lush manufacturing team after helping themselves to the whisky that was meant to be left out for Santa!

The Snowball bath bomb contains eucalyptus, lemongrass, and peppermint oil. Its scent is fresh and crisp which is just how I would also describe snow;

Eucalyptus is a popular ingredient to use if you’re feeling under the weather and features heavily in anything made to help manage the symptoms of a common cold, this is due to its decongestant and antibacterial properties. It is perfect for this time of year.

The Snowball is a sharply scented and incredibly refreshing bath bomb, its scent alone can help clear and balance your mind as well as banishing away any Winter blues.

The Lush website tells you to not be fooled by the Snowball bath bombs initial ‘low-key’ appearance, it may look just like a snowball but inside it’s a whole different story.

As soon as the Snowball bath bomb touches your bath water you are greeted with a burst of ice-white-foam. The Snowball bath bomb floats around for a good 5 minutes spilling out just white, then suddenly blue foam begins to spill out of it too.

At first, I thought that the blue foam wasn’t going to last for very long, but I was wrong… If you’ve had the pleasure of using the Frozen bath bomb before, you wouldn’t be completely bonkers to think that the bath art photos below were created by the Frozen bath bomb.

Surprisingly once it gets going, the Snowball bath bombs bath art is almost identical to that created by the Frozen bath bomb. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the beautiful, blue and shimmery bath art swirls.

The bath art seems to go on forever, after about 10 minutes the Snowball bath bomb is finally fully dissolved.

The water left behind is soft and cooling on the skin, it isn’t quite as sparkly as the water left behind from the aforementioned Frozen bath bomb but it is a very similar blue, with a slight pearlescent shimmer.

Out of all of the new bath bombs from this year’s Winter line, the Snowball bath bomb was the one that surprised me the most. Just like the So White bath bomb from the 2016 Winter line I was not expecting such colourful insides!

The scent is also beautiful and suits the idea of snow perfectly. Alongside the latest version of the Jingle Bells bath bomb I don’t think there has ever been a more powerfully awakening duo, both are well worth a try and 2 products that I’d love to see come back next year too.

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Jingle Bells Bath Bomb from Lush

This year the Jingle Bells Bath Bomb has made a return, it however has a very different scent from before. Jingle Bells now shares its scent with the Baked Alaska soap. – If you really miss the old version of the Jingle Bells bath bomb try the Toby’s Magic Cow bath bomb as it shares its scent with the older version of the Jingle Bells bath bomb.

The Jingle Bells bath bomb is unique to any other bath bomb currently available from Lush. It is hand pressed into a bell-shaped mould.

Inside of it is a small amount of open space (however, it’s not completely hollow) a small amount of loose bath bomb chunks is in this little pocket of space inside of Jingle Bells. If you shake the bath bomb, it’s just like a bell, although to me, it sounds closer to a maraca! 😉

The Jingle Bells bath bomb is white all over with a red bow on its top. Stars are etched into its top half while the bottom of it looks just like a mini circular-bell does, with 4 holes in a cross shape.

When the first version of the Jingle Bells bath bomb was released, it was a lot bigger, now it is the same size as the average sized bath bomb (as a reference, this is the same size as the bestselling Twilight and Intergalactic bath bombs).

Being honest, as always – I much prefer it in its smaller sized format. There’s not much difference between the 2 but I think the smaller bath bombs seem to give you the better bath art.

The Jingle Bells bath bomb contains lemon myrtle, ylang ylang and grapefruit oils. Its scent is a strong citrusy one, so strong that I can immediately smell it as soon as I walk into a room that it is in.

I’ve seen on the Lush website that quite a few customers have said its citrusy scent doesn’t fit in with the Christmas theme at all. I couldn’t disagree more, the scent is perfect for this time of year, it really wakes me up and we all know how hard it is to get out of bed on a cold Winters morning!

I’d go as far as to say it’s even more awakening than the Avobath bath bomb.

As soon as the Jingle Bells bath bomb meets your bath water there is an explosion of bright white foam. The first bit of colour to appear from it is from the red bow that sits on its top.

Slowly but surely. Red and white foam begin to make a swirling pattern as the Jingle Bells bath bomb dances around the water.

After a few minutes the red seems to dwindle a little, mostly white foam comes out of the bath bomb. Just as you think the bath art show is over blue foam bursts out of the bath bomb too.

Red, white, and blue spill out of the bath bomb as its bobs around your bath, my pictures do the pretty-bath-art that the Jingle Bells bath bomb creates no justice at all!

The colours clash so well making the patterns it creates really pop.

Underneath the bath art, your bath water begins to change colour, the water left behind is a beautiful shade of milky violet.

The Jingle Bells bath bomb is fully dissolved within 10 minutes. Its super awakening scent fills your bathroom, banishing away all of your Winter blues.

The milky violet water is also silky smooth, my skin laps it up; Normally the citrusy products don’t hydrate my skin as well as others, but my skin feels and smells fabulous after a good soak in a Jingle Bells bath.

Overall, I am really impressed with the new version of the Jingle Bells bath bomb, the scent is a huge improvement in my eyes, and I have my fingers crossed it comes back in next years’ Winter line too!

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Snow Fairy Lights Bath Bomb from Lush

Another day, another review on a limited-edition, Winter-product that shares its scent with the cult classic, Snow Fairy shower gel… The Snow Fairy Lights Bath Bomb is new to Lush this Winter (2021). Designed in the same way as the Love Locket Amazeball bath bomb, I was very excited to get my hands on one.

Just like the Love Locket bath bomb that I mentioned above, the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb is both pink and blue externally. It’s just like all of Lush’s previously released amazeballs, Lush seem to have just dropped the ‘amazeball’ term in the bath bombs name.

Lush’s Amazeballs and the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb have a super fancy design. They are hollow inside and each have a small, bath-bomb-lid – In Snow Fairy Lights case it is the little blue snowflake you can see in the above and below photos.

Inside of the hollow Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb are mini-bath-bomb-circles in various colours. You can see them in the photo below.

There’s no right or wrong way to use the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb. Some sprinkle the mini-bath-bomb-circles into the bath water before adding the rest of the bath bomb, while others put it in all together.

Some even use each bit in separate baths. – A good idea if you want to spread the product out over several baths rather than just the one.

The Snow Fairy scent is best described as a sickly-sweet blend of candy floss and bubblegum.

I don’t always favour the super-sweet-scented Lush products HOWEVER, with the Snow Fairy scent featuring so heavily in so many of Lush’s products, it’s almost impossible to avoid, especially in the Winter.

Over the years I have slowly warmed to the scent. The fact that all-things Snow-Fairy-scented are almost (mostly) bright pink (my favourite colour) really helps sell them to me too.

I was very excited for the bath art from the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb as I expected it to be on par with the bath bomb I mentioned at the start of this review, the Love Locket bath bomb.

Upon hitting the water, the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb created an explosion of pink foam. The Snow Fairy scent fills your bathroom as it starts to fizzle away. Sadly, this is where the show ended for me.

The photo above was taken within the first 15 to 20 seconds of placing the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb into the bath water. I let go of it immediately after that, readying myself for some serious bath art however all of the bath-bomb-pieces sunk to the bottom of the bath; The small coloured bits, the pink star-piece and the blue snowflake simply just disappeared. There wasn’t a single bit of bath art at all. 🙁

The water left behind by the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb is a super-shimmery pink. Its scent remained throughout the bath, and it still lingered in the air for a short while after it had gone down the plug hole too.

My skin wasn’t particularly hydrated after my bath, but the scent lingered on my skin for a few hours after using it.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t very impressed with the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb once I had given it a go. I much prefer the ordinary Snow Fairy bath bomb as it’s cheaper and has a little more to give during use. I wholeheartedly recommend the Snow Fairy bath bomb and Snow Fairy Roll bubble bar over Snow Fairy Lights.

Never-the-less I do think that the Snow Fairy lights bath bomb is a good ‘novelty product’ that I think children could potentially quite enjoy because of it being in several pieces.

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Sleepy Bath Bomb from Lush

The Sleepy Bath Bomb is a mini version of the giant-sized bath bomb, The Sleeping Giant. It shares its scent with The Sleeping Giant and also features the same super-exclusive, reusable glow-in-the-dark wax stars and moon. Although, the Sleepy bath bombs are ever so slightly smaller in comparison.

The masses will be pleased to hear that this bath bomb is yet another extension of the Sleepy scented range.

Lush’s Sleepy range is huge and because of its ‘magical sleeping properties’ happens to be one of Lush’s most sought after and best-selling scent families. You are most likely to recognise its scent from the bestselling products the Twilight bath bomb and the Sleepy body lotion.

The Sleepy bath bomb isn’t the easiest of bath bombs to get a hold of. At the time of posting this review it is exclusive to just 2 considerably expensive, Winter box sets – the 2021 Advent Calendar, and the Dreamland gift set.

It has also been available individually at Sleepy pop-up shops but again, these pop-up shops are only open for a few days and pop up in places at random.

If I was lucky enough to be near or at the right place at the right time, I’d have definitely purchased myself a few extra.

If the gift sets are a little out of your price range and you haven’t been lucky with a close-by Sleepy pop-up shop, a good alternative to the Sleepy bath bomb is the Sleepy Bear bath bomb. Sleepy Bear is also exclusive to this year’s Winter range, shares the same scent and is available to purchase individually everywhere.

What really sets the Sleepy bath bomb apart from the rest of the bath bombs is its 3 glow-in-the-dark reusable, wax stars, and moon shapes. We’ve had a glow in the dark soap before now (Ghost in the Dark) but nothing like these wax shapes that have been made to last indefinitely.

To activate the glow in the dark moon and stars simply have them sat in natural light so that they can charge, before using them.

The Sleepy bath bomb contains popping candy, lavender, brenzoin resinoid, tonka absolute and ylang ylang oils. Anything from the Sleepy range is perfect to use just before bed. The lavender and tonka absolute are the perfect ingredient to help you wind down after a long, hard day.

I don’t think I will ever get used to the products with popping candy in, even when I know they are featured in a product the first few snaps, crackle and pops always seem to take me by surprise, however, when using the Sleepy bath bomb I was really disappointed as it seemed to have hardly any popping candy in it at all. It popped 3 or 4 times and that was it.

Compared to this year’s Orange Pop bath bomb it was as if there wasn’t any popping candy in it at all.

The bath art that the Sleepy bath bomb creates is a mixture of purple, dark (almost grey) silver and gold swirls. It took a little longer than most bath bombs for the bath art to kick in but once it did, I was mesmerised. In ways, the bath art from the Sleepy bath bomb reminded me of the bath art the original Shoot for the Stars bath bomb used to create.

After using the Sleepy bath bomb its scent stays with you throughout the evening and even lasts on your skin for most of the next day. Not only do you benefit from its beautifully subtle scent hours and hours after using it, you also get soft, smooth and gloriously hydrated skin too.

I’m really sad that the Sleepy bath bomb is quite difficult to get a hold of as it’s a truly unique and spectacular bath bomb. Being honest, I would have liked to have seen a little more bath art from it but what it did create was pretty. It made a very welcome change to the aforementioned, same-old Twilight bath bomb.

I feel sorry for all of the hard-core Sleepy/Twilight fans that won’t get to give the Sleepy bath bomb a go because of how exclusive it is.

Hopefully Lush have a change of heart in-the-near-future and decide to make it easier to get a hold of. The reusable glow-in-the-dark wax stars really make this bath bomb, it’s such a unique idea and I will be keeping them for as long as they last!

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Sleepy Bear Bath Bomb from Lush

The Sleepy Bear Bath Bomb was first released as a single item a few days ago and has proven to be a very popular part of Lush’s extensive 2021 Winter line.

Lush’s Sleepy range is huge and because of its ‘magical sleeping properties’ happens to be one of Lush’s most sought after scent families.

The masses will be pleased to hear that yes, the Sleepy Bear bath bomb does share its scent with the Sleepy body lotion and Twilight bath bomb.

The Sleepy Bear bath bomb is very close in size to last year’s smaller, Winter bath bombs Tick-Tock and (available again this years’) I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.

I really enjoyed the smaller bath bombs last year and am pleased to see some of them return. They were just as good as the larger ones and excellent value for money too.

If you’ve read any of my Lush product reviews before now, you’d know I always have a soft spot for the products that are made into characters (i.e. any Lush product that has eyes, or one eye for my beloved Monsters’ Ball bath bomb).

The Sleepy Bear bath bomb is super cute, designed to look just like a polar bear lying flat on its stomach, it looks like it’s ready to slide on down an icy slope and straight into your bathtub!

The Sleepy Bear bath bomb is white all over except for its bum/back. Its bum/back is covered with a sprinkling of purple-bath-oil-dipped lavender petals.

As well as on its own, the Sleepy Bear bath bomb is also available in the gift set pictured here; The Dreamland Gift Set.

As well as the lavender petals the Sleepy Bear bath bomb also contains organic cocoa butter, fine oatmeal, benzoin resinoid, tonka absolute and lavender and ylang ylang oils.

The scent is perfect to help you wind down at the end of the day. After just one sniff you’ll understand why everything that Lush release in the Sleepy fragrance becomes a best seller.

As soon as the Sleepy Bear bath bomb touches the water you are greeted with a ferocious hiss, white bubbles sizzle out of the bath bomb as it bobs around the water surface.

It doesn’t take long for the water to engulf the whole bath bomb and as soon as the water comes into contact with the lavender petals a small burst of purple explodes from it.

As this happens the lavender pieces start to break free from the bath bomb spreading across the water surface.

For such a small bath bomb the Sleepy Bears’ scent is strong, it’s just as powerful as the larger sized, aforementioned Twilight bath bomb.

Sleepy Bear is also a fairly quick fizzer too, giving you plenty of time to lay back and soak up the relaxing and super moisturising organic cocoa butter and oatmeal infused waters, surrounded by lavender petals you’ll feel like you’re floating on a lavender scented cloud.

Once out of the bath, my skin feels soft and just as hydrated as if I’d moisturised.

The Sleepy Bear leaves its scent on my skin too, I can still smell it on myself the next day.

I always drift off to sleep so much easier after I’ve used a Sleepy scented Lush product before bed. If you’re looking for a product to help you relax this Winter I’d recommend the Sleepy Bear bath bomb every time.

Overall, I really like the Sleepy Bear bath bomb. It’s a good price and plain enough to gift it to someone who may be on the fence about trying Lush.

It’s worth every penny and I will certainly be buying a few more before the Winter line is retired for another year.

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