Snow Fairy Body Lotion from Lush

It’s hard to believe that it took Lush until 2022 to bring out the Snow Fairy Body Lotion. The scent seems to have been made into every other product format possible through the years.

The Snow Fairy scent is best described as a sickly-sweet blend of candy floss and bubblegum.

I don’t always favour the super-sweet-scented Lush products HOWEVER, with the Snow Fairy scent featuring so heavily in so many of Lush’s products, it’s almost impossible to avoid, especially in the Winter.

Over the years I have slowly warmed to the Snow Fairy scent. The fact that all-things Snow-Fairy-scented are almost always exclusively pink is what always sells it to me. I wasn’t going to buy a pot of the Snow Fairy body lotion but after Lush sent me out a sample of it, I couldn’t help myself.

The most frequent question I have been asked about the Snow Fairy body lotion is how it compares to the Snow Fairy body conditioner.

The body lotion is a much lighter formula than the body conditioner equivalent, it’s just as hydrating but soaks in a lot quicker. I find a small amount goes a very long way which is always a bonus with Lush products, especially with the recent price increases of almost everything in the world right now.

The Snow Fairy body lotion isn’t my favourite of all the body lotions I have tried from Lush. I think my favourite out of the Winter body lotions will always be the Celebrate, Once Upon A Time and Calacas body lotions but it was nice to try something new.

The Snow Fairy body lotions bright pink colour was what won me over when it came to which Christmas products I’d be buying this year. I’m a true princess that can never get enough of anything if it’s pink.

As I said earlier, the Snow Fairy body lotion is hydrating, it’s scent on your skin isn’t as sickly sweet as other Snow Fairy products are, which is a good thing in my eyes as, as I’ve said many times before (especially with the sweet scents) sometimes less is more.

Overall, I am so pleased that I ordered a Snow Fairy body lotion, I probably won’t be buying another pot but only because I prefer other, fruity-scented body lotions more. If you are Snow Fairy crazy, I highly recommend buying yourself a pot of it though!

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Snow Fairy Lights Bath Bomb from Lush

Another day, another review on a limited-edition, Winter-product that shares its scent with the cult classic, Snow Fairy shower gel… The Snow Fairy Lights Bath Bomb is new to Lush this Winter (2021). Designed in the same way as the Love Locket Amazeball bath bomb, I was very excited to get my hands on one.

Just like the Love Locket bath bomb that I mentioned above, the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb is both pink and blue externally. It’s just like all of Lush’s previously released amazeballs, Lush seem to have just dropped the ‘amazeball’ term in the bath bombs name.

Lush’s Amazeballs and the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb have a super fancy design. They are hollow inside and each have a small, bath-bomb-lid – In Snow Fairy Lights case it is the little blue snowflake you can see in the above and below photos.

Inside of the hollow Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb are mini-bath-bomb-circles in various colours. You can see them in the photo below.

There’s no right or wrong way to use the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb. Some sprinkle the mini-bath-bomb-circles into the bath water before adding the rest of the bath bomb, while others put it in all together.

Some even use each bit in separate baths. – A good idea if you want to spread the product out over several baths rather than just the one.

The Snow Fairy scent is best described as a sickly-sweet blend of candy floss and bubblegum.

I don’t always favour the super-sweet-scented Lush products HOWEVER, with the Snow Fairy scent featuring so heavily in so many of Lush’s products, it’s almost impossible to avoid, especially in the Winter.

Over the years I have slowly warmed to the scent. The fact that all-things Snow-Fairy-scented are almost (mostly) bright pink (my favourite colour) really helps sell them to me too.

I was very excited for the bath art from the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb as I expected it to be on par with the bath bomb I mentioned at the start of this review, the Love Locket bath bomb.

Upon hitting the water, the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb created an explosion of pink foam. The Snow Fairy scent fills your bathroom as it starts to fizzle away. Sadly, this is where the show ended for me.

The photo above was taken within the first 15 to 20 seconds of placing the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb into the bath water. I let go of it immediately after that, readying myself for some serious bath art however all of the bath-bomb-pieces sunk to the bottom of the bath; The small coloured bits, the pink star-piece and the blue snowflake simply just disappeared. There wasn’t a single bit of bath art at all. 🙁

The water left behind by the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb is a super-shimmery pink. Its scent remained throughout the bath, and it still lingered in the air for a short while after it had gone down the plug hole too.

My skin wasn’t particularly hydrated after my bath, but the scent lingered on my skin for a few hours after using it.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t very impressed with the Snow Fairy Lights bath bomb once I had given it a go. I much prefer the ordinary Snow Fairy bath bomb as it’s cheaper and has a little more to give during use. I wholeheartedly recommend the Snow Fairy bath bomb and Snow Fairy Roll bubble bar over Snow Fairy Lights.

Never-the-less I do think that the Snow Fairy lights bath bomb is a good ‘novelty product’ that I think children could potentially quite enjoy because of it being in several pieces.

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Snow Fairy Bath Bomb from Lush


The Snow Fairy Bath Bomb was first released as a limited edition Christmas product back in the Winter of 2019.

With the Snow Fairy scent being so popular and featuring in copious amounts of products year-in-year-out, I wasn’t at all surprised to see that the Snow Fairy bath bomb had made a return in the Winter 2020 line.

As shown in the photograph above, the Snow Fairy bath bomb has 2 sides, each has a different variation of the same shaped and sized snowflake.

One side is pink with a bright-white embossed snowflake and the other side of it is the same bright-white with a shimmery ice-blue embossed snowflake.

After Lush decided to retire their jelly bombs, the Snow Fairy bath bomb was created to fill the void that the discontinued Snow Fairy jelly bomb created.

I didn’t dislike the Snow Fairy jelly bomb but I have to say I much prefer this bath bomb version. I like that it’s a stereotypical standard bath bomb, plain and uncomplicated.

My first experience with the Snow Fairy scent was through its shower gel; The Snow Fairy scent is best described as a sweet blend of candy floss and bubblegum.

I don’t always favour the super-sweet-scented Lush products however with the Snow Fairy scent featuring heavily in so many of Lush’s products, it’s almost impossible to avoid, especially in the Winter.

Over the years I have warmed to the scent, the fact that all-things-Snow-Fairy are bright pink (my favourite colour) really helped me warm to the fragrance too. 😉

Immediately after the Snow Fairy bath bomb is placed in the water, you are greeted with a hot pink explosion of fizzing bubbles.

It slowly starts to spin, dancing around the bath creating beautiful bright pink and white patterns on the surface of the water.

It is a fairly slow fizzer, giving you plenty of time to admire the bath art it creates.

Once the Snow Fairy bath bomb is fully dissolved you are left with silky-smooth, hot-pink water decorated with a plastic-free shimmer.

A good soak in a Snow Fairy bath doesn’t dry out my skin at all. I wouldn’t however describe it as hugely moisturising, if you enjoy the scent I recommend that you use the Snow Fairy body conditioner with it too.

This way you don’t mask the Snow Fairy scent with something completely different AND your skin gets an extra bit of added hydration.

Once out of the bath the Snow Fairy scent remains on your skin but is a lot less intense.

If you’re after bath art, the Snow Fairy bath bomb would be a good choice to go for. My photos in this review do the bath bomb no justice at all. I had several other photos I could have added to the review but I think the 7 in this post are more than enough to include in just one review!

Overall I really do like the Snow Fairy bath bomb and suspect that it will be released in Lush’s Christmas line every year for years to come.

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Candy Bubble Brush Reusable Bubble Bar from Lush

What a time to be alive, especially if Lush’s notoriously sweet, Winter-popular ‘Snow Fairy‘ scent is one of your favourites. I honestly didn’t think there were any more products that Lush could give the Snow Fairy treatment to. However here we are with the Candy Bubble Brush Reusable Bubble Bar. – I must admit that I’m not a huge Snow Fairy fan BUT it’s a pink product so of course I had to give it a go.

The 3 bubble brushes that are currently available in pink, blue and yellow, are all reusable bubble bars BUT with a twist. You use them just as you would any other reusable bubble bar, once you have the desired amount of bubbles in your bath, you are then supposed to dip the bubble bar in the bath water just as you would a paint brush. Next you are meant to glide the bubble brush back and forth over the foamy bubbles to create colourful, bubbly-bath-art. (See below photo).

Photo 18-07-2018, 19 25 31

Although my version of ‘Candy bubble brush bath art’ in the above photo isn’t art gallery worthy, if you do a quick search on Instagram almost immediately you will find copious amounts of photos that have done the most fantastic job of showcasing how wonderful and unique the bubble brushes can be.

Underneath the blanket of Candy scented bubbles is brilliant pink bath water. I often find that Lush reusable bubble bars aren’t as vibrant as the single use ones, the Candy bubble brush is however perfectly vibrant. Below is a photo of the Candy bubble brush being dipped into a small jar of water, obviously this isn’t anywhere near as much water as you’d have in your bath but all it took to create this bright pink water was 60 seconds of the bubble brush sat in it, just as pictured.

Photo 08-08-2018, 14 06 08

Out of the 3 bubble brushes currently available, Candy has been the one I have used the most purely because of its colour. Not only does the Candy bubble brush leave your bath water bright pink but also silky smooth too. Bathing in it for just 10 minutes leaves my skin feeling soft and well nourished. I am surprised that the scent lasts throughout the whole of the bath. Its scent could also be detected on my skin hours after getting out of the bath too, this is something that rarely happens with a reusable bubble bar.

The only thing that irritates me about the bubble brushes is that they are so hard to store without making a huge mess. I leave them to dry on a plastic mat before storing them and that seems to be the easiest and cleanest way that I have found to handle them in between uses (so far anyway.)


Much like the Snow Fairy body conditioner and Snow Fairy jelly bomb the Candy bubble brushes scent is sugar-sweet, anything Snow Fairy scented is always hugely popular with younger customers, however I am almost 30 and although it isn’t my favourite scent family, I do enjoy using the odd Snow Fairy fragranced product every now and again. After all, it wouldn’t be Winter without a bit of Snow Fairy something.

I don’t think that the bubble brushes target audience is specifically just children either, they have proven extremely popular with ALL ages, who doesn’t want to take 10 or 20 minutes out of their day to do something fun and relaxing? I love the bubble brushes because they get my creative juices flowing and also help me clock up those ‘me time’ minutes –  and we can all relate to needing more me time! If you’re looking for something a little different and quirky then the new bubble brushes are a must have, I look forward to reviewing the other 2 for you in the near future. Watch this space!

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Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar from Lush


The Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar returns back to Lush’s shelves year in, year out. I can’t actually remember a Lush Winter line without it being a fixture. It is yet another Lush product that is Snow Fairy scented, this is exciting for most of the Lush community but for the people that don’t particularly like the Snow Fairy scent, I can really appreciate your frustration in regards to yet another Snow Fairy product. Apart from the, The Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar Magic Wand was the only other reusable bubble bar that returned this year (2017).

Winter 2016 brought us more reusable bubble bars than we have ever seen before in just one line. There was the Magic Wand, The Magic of Christmas, Santasaurus and Jester reusable bubble bars too. If you’ve read any of my previous reviews you’ll know that I’m normally not the biggest fan of the reusable bubble bars. I was therefore not surprised when only Magic Wand and the, The Magic of Christmas returned for 2017. I feel as though the majority of the reusable bubble bars are purely a novelty product more than than anything else. I also find that the majority of them just aren’t as colourful or vibrant in use as the ordinary bubble bars are.


Lush clearly put a lot of effort into making the reusable bubble bars look beautiful and desirable but in my personal opinion, Lush tend to relax a little with them in regards to how well they work as an actual bubble bar. The Magic Wand reusable bubble bar alongside the, The Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar are however the exceptions to this and I know this is why they both return every Winter without a doubt. The Magic Wand creates just as many bubbles and the brightest of pink water giving the, The Comforter bubble bar (an ordinary bubble bar) a serious amount of competition.

For me the Magic Wand reusable bubble bar ticks every box of the things I look for in a bubble bar. It looks princess-beautiful, smells fantastic, creates mounds and mounds of fluffy white bubbles, all while turning your bath water a sparkly and inviting shade of pink. Pink is my favourite colour so a Magic Wand bath is always a real treat for me.

NEPhoto 25-11-2017, 22 56 08

The Magic Wand reusable bubble bar creates a generous amounts of sugar-sweet scented, fluffy white bubbles in no time at all. I can easily get 6 baths out of just the one bubble bar which makes it incredible value for money. To use it all you have to do is hold it under the tap as you run your bath. Once you have the desired amount of bubbles you simply place it on the side so that it can dry, ready for you to use it again whenever you wish.

Magic Wand’s decoration is very basic but so, so cute. I love seeing a big pile of them all stacked up together in store. The bubble bar part is the pink star, the pink star is held up with a wooden lollipop stick, this makes the process of making bath bubbles so much easier as you don’t need to get your hands wet at all. The Lollipop stick is then finished off with one bell and a beautiful silver ribbon made into the perfect bow.

Although the Snow Fairy scent isn’t my favourite Lush scent, the colour of the water the Magic Wand creates well makes up for it. I say Snow Fairy isn’t my favourite but this by all means doesn’t mean I hate it, I just prefer the spicier or citrus scented Lush scents. The Snow Fairy scent however grows on me that little bit more with every Lush Christmas that passes. When it comes down to bubble quantity, the Magic Wand holds its own, I always get a copious amount of bubbles that last throughout my soak. The only negative is that it doesn’t leave my skin as soft or hydrated as I’d like.

Last year Lush however solved this negative for me with the release of the Snow Fairy body conditioner. Now all I have to do during a Magic Wand bath is slap a bit of body conditioner on my legs, knees and elbows. This leaves me feeling as soft as silk and because both products share a scent I don’t have to mix Lush scents either, I just smell of Snow Fairy through and through!

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Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar from Lush

Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar

This year Lush have decided to change the cosmetics world forever by creating and releasing packageless ‘naked’ products. Yes, they already do bubble bars instead of liquid bubble bath etc but this year they’ve taken things even further, products that you’d never even consider as being without a plastic bottle or glass tub now actually exist. They’ve given us naked shower gels, naked body lotions and even naked lip scrubs too…

The word that is currently on everyone within the Lush communities lips is, NAKED. Although  the Lush community appear to be somewhat divided on whether they are for or against the ‘naked’ products, I always like to give everything a try at least once.

Today I’d like to introduce you all to the Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar. As a part of Lush’s 2017 Christmas range, Lush have released 2 sparkle jars, the Twilight sparkle jar and the Snow Fairy one. Lush sparkle jars are hollow massage bars that have dusting powder in. Gone are the plastic bottles of dusting powder, what we now have instead is a massage-bar dusting-powder-shaker instead.


The sparkle jars are designed to be used as you would a salt and pepper pot, both have 2 sealed holes in, the idea behind it is that you poke the holes through once the product is with you and ready to use.

The Snow Fairy sparkle jar contains the best selling Fairy Dust dusting powder, once you have pierced both holes it is ready to use. To use the Snow Fairy sparkle jar, I gently rub the massage-bar-jar on where I am going to put the dust – obviously you have to keep the jar a certain way up so that you don’t lose any of the powder by accident.

This does make things a little difficult but not enough to make me disregard the product completely. With the recent discontinuation of so many of Lush’s massage bars I was ecstatic to hear of this wonderful new invention and wanted to give it a good try before I made up my mind on it.

When I refer to The Snow Fairy sparkle jar as a massage bar I don’t want to mislead you completely. The sparkle jar isn’t quite as soft or workable as an actual Lush massage bar, they are more robust and solid like the naked shower gels. They do not melt nearly as quickly in your hands and aren’t at all suitable if you are looking to use it for a deep tissue massage, I imagine the pressure required for a deep tissue massage would break the sparkle jar, spreading its dusting powder guts everywhere, (which no one wants!)

Regardless of this I am still a huge fan of the sparkle jars. Once you have finished rubbing the massage-bar-jar in to your skin, all that is left to do is sprinkle the powder out of it, lightly dusting your skin.

Using it as a gentle massage bar before applying the dusting powder leaves you with a subtle sparkly sheen while also adding an extra layer of fragrance to your skin too. After applying it, my skin is not only fragranced with the Snow Fairy scent but is also smooth to the touch. It makes your skin feel silky soft and works wonders in areas of your body that are prone to sometimes get excessively sweaty such as under your boobs, armpits etc.

Although it’s not an antiperspirant it does help keep sweat away for a little longer than when you go without. Overall I am really impressed with this new Lush invention and am eager for others to come out too, A First Snow one would be a Lush dream come true!

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Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel from Lush

Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel

Last Winter I decided to step out of my comfort zone when it came to trying Lush products. There would strictly be no more avoiding a product based on my first impression of it, I was going to give each product a fair chance to impress me. I make it no secret that the super sweet products from Lush are normally my least favourite. Since introducing this new rule of mine it has really helped me broaden my Lush horizons. There are so many Lush scents and products I now love that I wouldn’t ever have considered trying before.

The Snow Fairy scent is one of Lush’s most popular winter fragrances, its scent has been used in so many products in so many formats that it’s not very easy to remember them all. I honestly wasn’t that sold on the scent at first, I have however warmed to it over the years. The fact that it is bright pink works in its favour too as pink is my favourite colour.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll have heard about Lush’s new naked products. Much like the Snow Fairy scent at first I wasn’t sold on the naked products. After trying the Twilight naked shower gel I however decided that they were actually quite a good idea. Especially for people such as myself that struggle with bottles and lids because of bad hands.

The Snow Fairy naked shower gel has pretty much the same ingredients as the original bottled up Snow Fairy shower gel, the only difference is the sodium stearate, this ingredient is what makes the product solid. All of the naked shower gels work in exactly the same way as their bottled equivalents. To look at I’d say it was soap, despite this the naked shower gels contain no soap base at all. You use a naked shower gel just as you would a normal shower gel. Instead of fiddling with a lid and then squidiging the product out of the bottle you now just have to lather the naked shower gel similar to how you would a bar of soap. (It however really isn’t a bar soap!)

The naked shower gels are squishy to the touch, solid enough to hold their bottle-shape but squishy enough to help give you an easy lather. The Snow Fairy naked shower gel is just as consistent as the normal shower gel is, I cannot tell the difference between the naked and normal shower gels once I am lathering it up, washing my body.

Overall I think the naked Snow Fairy shower gel is just as good as the bottled version. I actually find it more moisturising, although you can layer the Snow Fairy scent up onto your skin further by using some Snow Fairy body conditioner alongside it, I don’t feel it is necessary once you’ve used the Snow Fairy naked shower gel. Snow Fairy is not one of my favourites of the winter scents but the Snow Fairy naked shower gel has earnt itself a place up on my shower gel shelf, this way I have easy access to it and can use it whenever I please.

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Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb from Lush

After falling head over heels in love with 3 out of the 4 newly released jelly bombs I was delighted to see that Lush had yet another up their sleeve. The Lush Kitchen announced that on the 14th of August 2017 a small and very limited amount of brand-new-to-the-world, Snow Fairy Jelly Bombs would become available to order. Although I am desperately trying to save money for next months Lush Showcase, I couldn’t help myself and grabbed a few.

Although nothing has been officially confirmed, I have a feeling that the Snow Fairy jelly bombs will be a part of this years Lush Winter line, therefore potentially being available at the Showcase next month. For everyone that missed out on getting one of these jelly bombs through the Lush Kitchen, I am keeping my eyes peeled and my fingers crossed that my prediction of them becoming available everywhere comes true!

Design wise the Snow Fairy jelly bomb is decorated just like the other jelly bombs, quite unique to anything Lush has created before, each individual jelly bomb has its own shape included in its exterior design, for example, Snow Fairy has a star and the Dark Arts jelly bomb has a mysterious and magical looking eye.

Jelly bombs look and work just like the average Lush bath bomb, the difference between a jelly bomb and a bath bomb is that the jelly bombs produce a foam-like-jelly that floats on the surface of the water instead of just either creating foam or changing the colour of your bath water. Although I was initially a little freaked out at the idea of bathing in what I imagined to be thick gloop, I found that this wasn’t the case at all and the experience of sharing a bath with a Lush jelly bomb was in fact very pleasant.

Photo 19-08-2017, 16 28 47

The magic jelly ingredient in Lush’s jelly bombs is sodium alginate, this is what creates the jelly that floats on the top of your water. I have had a lot of people comment on my Instagram account that they just can’t bring themselves to try a jelly bomb as they fear the consistency. It really isn’t like wading through gunge though, it’s very much like any other bath bomb, it is however a lot more moisturising.

Much like the other jelly bombs I have tried before, the Snow Fairy hisses away sending a burst of white foam with the odd speck of pink across the water surface as soon as it hits the water. Its scent is sugar-sweet, there is a Snow Fairy scented product list as long as my arm. In the Winter it is one of Lush’s biggest sellers, last year (2016) Lush released the brand new Snow Fairy body conditioner I loved it and I am hoping that the Snow Fairy jelly bomb is this year’s Snow Fairy scented Winter line newbie.

Photo 19-08-2017, 18 50 13

Just like the Big Sleep jelly bomb, once Snow Fairy hits the water it begins to bob around,  I noticed that the Snow Fairy jelly bomb reacted to being added to the water in exactly the same way as the Green Coconut jelly bomb does, the Dark Arts jelly bomb seems to explode of jelly within seconds, where as the Snow Fairy and Green Coconut jelly bombs take their time.

I didn’t like the Snow Fairy scent that much when I first got into Lush, it did however grow on me and now I always look forward to seeing what product Lush create next with its scent. If the Snow Fairy jelly bomb does become a part of this years Winter line, I don’t think we’ll be seeing the Father Christmas bath bomb again… (also Snow Fairy scented).

Photo 19-08-2017, 18 51 53.png

For scent and design the Snow fairy jelly bomb gets a 10 out of 10 from me, in my opinion it is by far the prettiest of the jelly bombs, I am however biased as I have never been able to resist anything pink or anything that includes stars.

The only thing I noticed about the Snow Fairy jelly bomb in comparison to the others is how long it took to dissolve. I have the patience of a saint but after 25 minutes I ended up crushing what remained of the jelly bomb up in my hands. This task isn’t easy, with the jelly bits covering most of what remained, it was like playing catch with a fish, which I guess would be quite fun for kids.

Photo 19-08-2017, 18 54 56.png

Be that as it may, upon getting out of the Snow Fairy jelly bomb bath, my skin did feel amazingly soft and just as moisturised as when I had used the other jelly bombs. The effect the seaweed based sodium alginate ingredient has on your skin is like nothing I have experienced in a cosmetic product before. The Lush jelly bombs are a game changer in regards to skincare, even after a day has passed, your skin still feels soft, smooth and fabulous after sharing a bath with a jelly bomb.

If you find the Snow Fairy scent too sweet, (I did at first myself, don’t feel like an outsider) you’ll be pleased to know that even though its scent does stay with you, it is no where near as strong as when the jelly bomb is first in your hands. It stays on your skin for the best part of the next day but has a very gentle, soft and pleasant aroma. Like the scent that the So White bath bomb has, I find it really comforting.

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Snow Fairy Shower Gel from Lush

I make it no secret that the super sweet products from Lush are normally my least favourite. It is because of this that I had always avoided the Snow Fairy Shower Gel, reaching out for other products instead.

Last Winter I however decided to give the Snow Fairy shower gel a go as my boyfriend loved it and I also wanted to try to understand the hype around it.

Products that share the Snow Fairy scent have been made in to so many different formats that I just couldn’t avoid embracing it any longer.

Since last year my nose has warmed to it. It’s not the type of scent that I am normally comfortable with and it did take a while to get used to but I am starting to quite enjoy it when used with other Lush products.


The Snow Fairy shower gel is a glorious, bright pink which happens to be the best colour in the world. Smelling of candy floss and bubblegum, I can see why it’s such a hit with the younger Lush addicts.

The shower gel is at the perfect consistency for using in the shower, it’s not too thick and not too runny either.

A little bit of the product goes a long way and although the scent is a little overpowering at first, once you’re out of your bathroom, the scent left on your skin isn’t nearly as fierce.

Once you’re out and the scent has toned down some what,  I begin to really it.

Some Lush scents are very in your face and are very enjoyable I however feel I only like the Snow Fairy scent an hour or 2 after using it.


Snow  Fairy is not my favourite Lush shower gel and I hate saying stuff like this but I don’t think I’d miss it to the point of tears, if it didn’t come back next winter.

This isn’t because I dislike the product, it’s okay, I just prefer other shower gels and because the Snow Fairy scent is featured in so many other products we’d never, ever be fully without it if I ever did decide that I in fact love it…

With it being such a beautiful pink I really do wish I liked it more.

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Snow Fairy Body Conditioner from Lush


It’s no secret that I often leave the sweet Lush products at the back of the cupboard. I don’t dislike them I just always tend to grab the fruity ones as those are the scents I am most comfortable with.

Adding to that, When I very first started my Lush adventure I never really understood the hype behind the Snow Fairy scent. Again, I don’t dislike it I just think there are much better Lush scents out there.

Considering this, you can imagine my surprise when I one day woke up (4 or 5 months after Christmas) with the feeling that I really, really wanted to use something from the Snow Fairy product family.


Luckily for me, my boyfriend loves the Snow Fairy scent meaning we had some Snow Fairy shower gel just hanging about. I’m not quite sure what had happened to me, or why I had suddenly started craving it but I realised then that I had warmed to and therefore opened the door for myself to explore a lot of much loved products that I’d previously never given much thought.

When I found out that Lush would be releasing a Snow Fairy Body Conditioner this winter I will admit to getting a little bit excited. In previous years Lush had released only one body conditioner in their winter line, Christingle. I absolutely adore Christingle but I cannot comfortably use it in the winter time due to how refreshingly cold it is, this meant that being given another much warmer option made me very happy indeed.


Snow Fairy body conditioner has a super smooth, creamy texture that is very similar to perfectly made, smooth custard. It is a beautiful shade of baby pink and because I love pink so much I really have to fight the urge to just tip it all over me. As lovely as that would be, it would be such a waste as a little of the product goes such a long way. Tipping it all, all over me although very tempting isn’t at all necessary.

When using a body conditioner I always begin with a little of it in my hand, I then work it into my body in a similar way to how you would do a shower gel, focusing a little bit more on the dry patches of my skin as well as the other bits of my skin that need a little bit of TLC and attention.

After application you then also rinse it off just like you would shower gel, although I advise that you do not go crazy with the rinsing off, leaving a small amount of it on is the same as applying a body lotion. It soaks into your skin very quickly leaving your skin looking and feeling healthy, hydrated and luxurious.


Now that we are in the winter season I can get my hands on a great range of Snow Fairy scented products. Above is the body conditioner, the shower gel and the Father Christmas bath bomb. They all share the Snow Fairy scent and I am enjoying layering up the scents so much more than I did last year.

I have yet to review the bath bomb or shower gel, I will however have them posted on to my blog very soon. I may wait until December to publish my Father Christmas bath bomb review though as I am not quite ready to embrace Christmas just yet, I’ll stick to just the winter orientated products for now.

There really is a huge list of Snow Fairy products that I still have yet to explore. Keep on the look out here as I will be reviewing Lush galore over the next 4 months. All I know is, is that I am going to smell absolutely fabulous!

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