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Described as the perfect way to ‘smother yourself in sunshine,’ the Uluru Shower Gel is quite literally Summer in a bottle. Inspired by the always beautiful Australian sunsets, I can never help but pick up a bottle of it whenever it comes up on the Lush Kitchen menu.

If you have read any of my other Lush reviews previous to this one, you’ll know that I tend to favour the Lush products that have a citrus twist, I am therefore unconditionally in love with the Uluru shower gel on its scent alone, it is a citrus fans dream shower gel.

The Uluru shower gel contains a variety of cheery and uplifting ingredients, sandalwood, lemon and Brazilian orange oil to name a few. Together they make a deliciously zesty shower gel that brightens your skin and your soul. I haven’t mentioned it in this post so far as I haven’t reviewed it yet but Lush also do an Uluru bath bomb.


As you can see in the picture above, the Uluru shower gel is a bold, bright and beautiful orange colour. Its consistency is a lot like the Snow Fairy shower gel, not too thick and not too runny either. Some Lush shower gels are a little runnier due to all of their natural ingredients (essential oil etc), the Uluru shower gels consistency is however in my personal opinion, just right.

Lush products are all hand made and when put on the shelves are normally even fresher than most foods you find in the supermarket. All products wherever you shop have a shelf life. This is not an indication that your product goes off by this time though. Some products like Lush’s Prince Charming shower cream do start to separate after a few months, a good shake of the bottle however makes the cream (in Prince Charming’s case) go back to normal.

I have a bottle of Uluru shower gel that is well over a year old and it hasn’t separated at all. In comparison to the Prince Charming shower cream, this shower gel lasts. It looks, smells and works in the exact same way as when I very first got it which is always a bonus.

I find that the Uluru shower gel lathers up really quickly and with ease too, a little of it also goes a very long way. Even though this is the case I always over indulge with it as I can never get enough of the scent.

I wouldn’t say my skin was particularly moisturised after using it, I do however notice that my skin appears brighter and feels softer after use. Overall I am very pleased with the Uluru shower gel, it’s the perfect summer pick me up.

One day I would really like to see Lush bring out a body lotion equivalent so that I can moisturise myself with something of the same scent.

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