My Two Front Teeth Bubble Bar from Lush

My Two Front Teeth Bubble Bar

The My Two Front Teeth Bubble Bar from Lush took me by complete surprise, it just looks so different from anything Lush have ever released before. I don’t like to use the word ‘ugly’ but it was the first word that popped into my head when I very first lay eyes on My Two Front Teeth. What I really meant (in my head) was that it didn’t have the same aww factor as previously released Winter bubble bars such as Snowie, Peeping Santa and the, The Christmas Penguin.

Compared to the bubble bars mentioned above, it’s fair to say that the My Two Front Teeth bubble bar is rather unsightly. I however never judge a book by its cover and can appreciate that not every Lush product has to have the cute and beautiful factor. Some may very well impress you in other ways, be that with its scent colours or even bubble-producing-power, the possibilities are endless when it comes down to Lush bubble bars.

Putting its garish appearance to one side what I also noticed when I first see the My Two Front Teeth bubble bar was how big it was, ​​ever so slightly smaller in size to the Plum Snow bubble bar (which is notoriously large) you get a huge amount of product for your money. Its cheaper than I expected price was also a very pleasant surprise. After all, everyone is pleased when they get more for their money.

The My Two Front Teeth bubble bar was rumoured to be Twilight scented. Although the Twilight scent much like the Snow Fairy scent is ‘done to death’ this time of year, I was a little deflated when I learnt the truth, My Two Front Teeth actually shares its scent with 2 other brand new, newly released products from this year, the new Think Pink bath bomb and Pink Custard shower jelly.


The Think Pink scent isn’t one of my favourites, hence this being a product I left at the bottom of the pile while I tried all of the other new Winter stuff first. Once I did however get round to using it I was blown away with how much I enjoyed using it, I actually stayed in the bath for a good hour on first use!

The My Two Front Teeth bubble bar crumbles up easily, a little of it also goes a very long way. Not only is My Two Front Teeth cheap in comparison to other bubble bars but also fantastic value for money! The smallest amount creates bright pink water topped with a thick canopy of fluffy white bubbles.


A soak in a My Two Front Teeth bubble bath leaves your skin as soft as silk, its scent doesn’t hang around on your skin for very long but it is present throughout the whole of your bath. I didn’t think I’d like this bubble bar as much as I do, I love it when a Lush product takes me by surprise like this, it is why I always try a product at least once.

Now, all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth! 😉

The Lush bubble bars from this years Winter range are one of the best line ups they’ve had yet, we have been well and truly spoilt for choice this Winter.

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