Kiss Me Quick Wash Card from Lush

Kiss Me Quick Wash CardThe Kiss Me Quick Wash Card is a brand new product that is a part of the Lush 2018 Valentine’s range. If you remember last years line up, you’ll probably be familiar with the ‘Kiss Me Quick’ name. This Kiss Me Quick wash card is however not to be confused with last years Kiss Me Quick business wash card.

There are several of these ‘soap paper’ products available from Lush right now, you can find them in a variety of different colours and scents. That being said, the wash cards are relatively unexplored by myself. This is where I admit that I am fairly new to this type of product, I think this particular wash card is my 4th or 5th one to try? Even though I have got on really well with all of the ones I have tried previous to this, I still can’t shake away the thought that the wash cards are more of a novelty product than anything else.

Novelty product or not, the idea behind Lush’s wash cards is really clever. With it being a paper-like consistency, it weighs less than a shower gel and of course, it is ‘naked’. This in the world of Lush means a packageless product but I’m pretty sure if you are reading this, that you knew that already. Whether you think that the wash cards are a novelty or not they can prove to be a useful product when it comes down to travelling. They’re small, light and where they are not liquid, they can be taken on to planes etc.

The Kiss Me Quick wash card is roughly about the size of my hand making it a lot bigger than the Kiss me Quick business and Butterbear cards. To use the Kiss Me Quick wash card all you need to do is rip a tiny bit off of it, followed by you then getting it wet and then beginning to work it in your hands the same way as you would a soap. This creates a decent lather almost instantly, leaving it ready to use just like a liquid shower gel or hand wash.

This years Kiss Me Quick wash card has a brand new Lush scent that hasn’t featured in any other product before. When I very first opened the box full of the Valentine’s goodies it was by far the strongest scented product in the collection. Even when it was the other side of the room I could still smell it.

I always struggle to describe scents but the first word that springs to my mind to describe the Kiss Me Quick wash card is sweet. It is such an intense sweet too, it makes the likes of the Snow Fairy shower gel appear subtle.


Ingredients wise the Kiss Me Quick wash card includes mimosa, clove bud oil and tonka absolute, the clove bud oil adds a light spicy layer to the sweetness of the tonka. During use the scent does become more subtle which is its saving grace for me. If its scent was just as strong or even stronger during use I know I wouldn’t like it, its scent fresh out of the box really is an intense one to say the least.

After use my skin feels super smooth and remarkably hydrated which I did not expect from a wash card at all. The scent lingers on your skin for a few hours after using but at a much more friendlier level (for my nose anyway). Although the wash cards won’t ever replace my shower gels or creams they are worth having a few around just in case. For example I always have one in my purse because you never know when you may need some soap to wash your hands etc. Obviously the whole of the Kiss Me Quick wash card doesn’t all fit into my purse but split in half, it’s perfect and keeps my purse smelling crazy-fresh.

I thought of doing something a little bit different for this review, the Kiss Me Quick wash cards have become the number 1 selfie-prop of the Valentine’s season. I wanted to share a few of them with you all so this explains the photos below. I’m still waiting on a few more people to send theirs over to me (I will add them to this post when they do) but for now, here are some of the ones that I have received. A big thank you to all that took part, I have linked all of their Instagram accounts at the end of this post, please go give all of them a follow!



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