Butterball Bath Bomb from Lush

butterball-bath-bombThe Butterball bath bomb is one of those products that forever live in the shadow of other more attractive and pleasing on the eye, bath bombs.

With the likes of Frozen and Yoga Bomb to compete with, you can see why Butterball may get ignored and left at the bottom of your drawer…

This year I however promised myself that when it comes to Lush, I would stop just going for the products that speak to me straight away. This is when I decided to give the Butterball bath bomb a go and ever since I’ve been kicking myself for not using it sooner.

Butterball is a small bath bomb compared to most of the other Lush ones. Its smaller price tag however reflects its size so I do not see its smaller size as an issue.

For comparison purposes I’d say that the Butterball bath bomb is close, if not the same in size to the Think Pink bath bomb.

I’ve said many times before and I am sure to say it many times again but never judge a bath bomb until you’ve given it a go in the bathroom.

Believe it or not, not everyone goes for the bath bombs that are bright, colourful and whizz-pop, whizz-bang. Some prefer the softer coloured ones and want to enjoy the bath bombs ingredients rather than just watch a colourful, bath time show.

Butterball is a very gentle bath bomb that has a soft and creamy scent. It contains small chunks of cocoa butter pieces in it that slowly melt as the bath bomb fizzes away.

I was advised to use the Butterball bath bomb in a ‘hot as I could stand it’ bath and wow does it make a difference when you do.

The cocoa butter in this bath bomb soothes tired, dry and irritated skin. My skin absolutely adores the carefully selected ingredients of Butterball. There isn’t very much in it, but that by no means dictates that it’s a bad or boring bath bomb.

My skin just soaks up all of the goodness of its ingredients and once I get out of the bath my skin stays silky smooth and I smell good enough to eat.

As I said earlier the Butterball bath bomb doesn’t put much of a show on in the bath tub and is better desired by those that are looking for something gentle and a little less in your face.

It’s a very good choice of bath bomb to use if you haven’t tried any before and it’s also one that works great as an ingredient for a Lush-bath-cocktail.

I recommend using it with one of Lush’s shower creams, Prince Charming and Yuzu and Cocoa in particular, although any shower gel or cream would work as the Butterball bath bomb is reasonably plain and therefore very versatile.

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Author: Lulu

Hello, my name is Lulu and I am a 33 year old with a very unhealthy obsession with Lush Cosmetics. I mostly blog about Lush but I also do posts that touch upon disability, mental health and invisible illnesses on various other social media platforms. If you can read this then I guess I should thank you for visiting my blog, I hope to see you again soon! :)