Butterbear Wash Card from Lush

Butterbear Wash Card

Last year (2016) I decided that I did in fact quite like the Butterbear bath bomb, when I first got into Lush I was one of those ignorant shoppers that just went for the brightest and biggest product never giving products like the Butterbear or Butterball a chance. It wasn’t until I used the Butterball shower gel that I realised just how moreish the Butterball scent family was.

The Butterbear Wash Card is a brand new Lush product that is a part of their recently released Winter line. There are several of these ‘soap paper’ products available from Lush right now. Before I tried the Kiss Me Quick wash card earlier this year I had always thought of the soap paper products as a bit of a novelty, Kiss Me Quick however opened my eyes so I couldn’t wait to give the Butterbear wash card a go.

The idea behind soap paper is that it is solid. Having a paper consistency means it weighs less than a shower gel and of course, it is naked and doesn’t need packaging. It is also the perfect product to travel with, it’s small, light and because it’s not liquid it can be taken on to planes etc. To use the Butterbear wash card all you need to do is rip a tiny square off of it, you then work it in your hands the same way as you would soap. It lathers up easy peasy and is surprisingly hydrating for your skin.

Although the wash cards won’t ever replace my shower gels or creams they are worth having a few around just in case, I always have one in my purse because you never know when you may need one.

In the Butterbear wash card Lush have captured the Butterball scent perfectly, it has the same soothing and warming, vanilla and cocoa-butter fragrance that I’ve loved ever since trying the Butterball shower gel. Apart from its scent, my favourite thing about the Butterbear wash card is how much use you got out of such a small amount of the product.

Pulling off his little leg wasn’t easy but he didn’t lose his leg in vain. I have seen a lot of people shocked by this wash cards smaller size, please don’t let this put you off of picking one up though. The Butterbear wash card is small but it runs rings around some of the larger products available at Lush, especially when it comes to how many uses you get out of just the one wash card, it’s a bargain!

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