NEW Butterbear Bath Bomb from Lush

After not being a part of Lush’s 2019 Christmas line, many customers are glad to see that the Butterbear Bath Bomb has made a return for Christmas 2020 AND with a brand new look.

Lush have clearly been having a lot of fun being creative with their 3D printer, making their in-house-recycled product-moulds more and more intricate. Over the last couple of years more and more products have become a lot more detailed because of this new technology.

Butterbear’s new, super-detailed and intricate design is so far away from how it used to look that I can see some people who don’t know about the bath-bomb-pressing-process thinking that they were no longer handmade. For the doubters I’d like to point out that they still are very much hand made, just in fancier moulds!

Butterbear is a bear shaped version of the Butterball bath bomb, although it is a bit dull performance wise, (no colour) it is a very gentle bath bomb that many customers with sensitive skin enjoy using time and time again, I have a friend with eczema that swears by it saying that it keeps her flare ups at bay.

The Butterbear bath bomb has an incredibly simple ingredients list, it contains ylang ylang oil and plenty of skin-softening cocoa butter. The first time I ever tried the aforementioned Butterball bath bomb, I was told by the sales assistant that I should use it in a really hot bath, she was not wrong. The hot water really helps melt the cocoa butter and your skin drinks it up.

The Butterbear bath bomb is one of Lush’s smaller sized bath bombs so is a fairly quick fizzer. Even in just a luke-warm bath, the cocoa butter in Butterbear melts well (it just takes a little longer) creating a bath full of super hydrating, moisturiser infused, skin loving water.

It is definitely a bath bomb that I personally avoid getting in to my hair just because of how oily it would make it, it is however perfect for your skin, especially in the Winter time when your skin is dry from being put through the mill in the unforgiving cold weather.

In fact, I also find the Butterbear really good for my skin after a day in the sun, I actually took one on my last sunny holiday and alongside the Big Blue bath bomb it worked a treat at soothing my skin.

It’s good to see the Butterbear bath bomb back after not being available last Winter as it really isn’t a proper Christmas line without it! 😊

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Author: Lulu

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