Butterball Shower Gel from Lush

Regrettably I only got into the Butterball products last year (2016). I am now however well and truly making up for it as every time a Butterball product becomes available I snap it up.

The Butterball Shower Gel is the thickest shower gel I have tried from Lush Cosmetics. Its consistency resembles more of a shower cream. It is however, much stockier than Lush shower creams, I can completely understand why some confuse it with a body butter or shower smoothie.

The Butterball shower gel shares its scent with the Butterball bath bomb. In my opinion they aren’t exactly the same, the shower gel is a lot more chocolatey than the bath bomb equivalent. Despite this, both are products I like and would recommend.bbb123The Butterball scent always reminds me of Christmas, this is because of the Butterbear bath bomb. Butterbear is identical to the Butterball bath bomb the only difference being its shape and weight. For the last few years Butterbear has been a very popular Christmas-time Lush product, it was the first product I tried in the Butterball scent and I guess this is why I associate the scent with Christmas.

I find that the smallest blob of the shower gel goes a very long way especially when used alongside hot-as-you-can-stand-it water.

My skin adores Butterball and because of this I always go back for seconds. If I have used the shower gel I do not need to moisturise after getting out of the shower or bath. It leaves my skin perfectly hydrated, soft and smelling of chocolate chip, shortbread biscuits.butterball group.pngMy other half seems to like it a lot too, he would never admit it but I can always tell when he does take a shine to one of my shower gels, they run out at such a ridiculous rate when he does. I know I said I go back for seconds when it comes to the Butterball shower gel but I honestly use such a small amount as it’s all you need.

He has no idea of how precious some Lush products are, Butterball is only available in the Lush Kitchen so I can’t just grab another bottle, he isn’t even that much bigger than me yet in just one shower he manages to use triple the amount I would do. He obviously can’t get enough of it, I think it is one of his secret favourites for sure.

The last thing I’d like to point out is how versatile Butterball shower gel is, it works well alongside so many other Lush products making it a very good ingredient to add to any Lush cocktails you may have in mind. It is because of this, its beautiful scent and its skin loving ingredients that makes the Butterball shower gel an essential product in my bathroom.

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