Rudy Gift Set from Lush

I don’t normally buy the Lush gift sets however this year I haven’t been able to resist, I spotted them on my last trip to Lush Oxford Street and thought I’d treat myself to something different because why not?

Most of my Winter Lush purchases have been online so far this year, that or from the Creative Showcase back in September. I haven’t actually visited my local store for about 6 weeks… We have a world record right here… *shivers with withdrawal symptoms* I’ve just had so much going on with the wedding and have also been recovering from surgery so I just haven’t had the time or energy. I’m hoping I do get to pop into my local store on Tuesday though, I have my eye on several of the new brightly coloured paper bags! what better excuse for a top up of bath bombs?


Although the Rudy Gift Set looks more like a bunny rabbit to some, you can see it’s a reindeer if you try. With his red nose he is in fact the most important reindeer of them all, Rudolph!

Inside the Rudy  gift set is 1 Butterball bath bomb and 1 Shoot for the stars bath bomb.

Yes, buying the 2 bath bombs individually is slightly cheaper but I quite like the idea of presenting them in a knot wrap like this, it’s creative, different and sure to impress anyone as a Christmas gift.

Using a knot wrap instead of gift wrap helps the planet. I know there are different rules for different areas but where we live a very high percentage of the gift wrap used at Christmas just goes straight to landfill, I know this because my hubby-to-be is the manager of the local recycling center. A good 90% of wrapping paper cannot be recycled and it’s this time of year that we throw away the most.

Using knot wraps as an alternative to wrapping paper is a great solution to help the planet, buckling down on the over use of non recyclable waste is a step in the right direction for the world.

Knot wraps can be used time and time again. Tying them up may appear tricky but it is in fact very easy, there are hundreds of different ways of doing it, I learnt how to do them from just watching Youtube tutorials. It’s easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.

If you aren’t any good at stuff like that and the Youtube tutorials still have you puzzled do not worry as the Rudy gift set comes ready wrapped/knotted. If you did want to try doing one for yourself for someone else the shop assistants at Lush are always more than happy to help you knot-wrap your Lush goodies.

As mentioned above the 2 bath bombs included in the Rudy gift set are the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb and the Butterball bath bomb.


To see my review of the newly designed Shoot for the Stars bath bomb please click here.

Butterball Bath Bomb.png

To see the review on the Butterball bath bomb click here. Butterball is very similar to the Butterbear bath bomb but is sold all year round as opposed to the Butterbear bath bomb only being available in the winter months.

Overall I really like this gift set and I think it would make a very good present to someone who you want to turn into a Lushie or for a Lushie you already know of.

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