Celebrate Body Lotion from Lush

Celebrate Body Lotion is one of my all time favourite Christmas-time Lush products.

When I found out that it wouldn’t be making a return this year, (2016) I was devastated. I had only one pot and a good three quarters of it had been used up. I have been using the last blob of my body lotion sparingly and am now only a week or so away from it being completely empty. *cries*

Luckily the Lush God’s have been listening to me and next week Celebrate body lotion will be up for grabs in the Lush Kitchen. Just one pot should cover me right up until this time next year. YAY!

Celebrate body lotion

The Celebrate body lotion shares its scent with some of the best products Lush have to offer. To name a few there is the Golden Wonder bath bomb, First Snow dusting powder and the Bubbly shower gel. It’s a really popular scent and features in several different formats, the more the merrier and all that… 😉

As soon as you pop open the lid of the Celebrate body lotion you are greeted with the comforting and refreshing scent of warming cognac, sweet orange and zesty lime oils. It is a creamy coloured lotion and its scent alone invites you in to using it, enjoying it with all of your senses.

A little bit of the Celebrate body lotion goes a very long way, one 225g pot has lasted me just over a year and it’s good even past its sell by date as it is self preserving. Just make sure it is stored somewhere cool and that the lid is left on it in between uses.3.0.png

Using Celebrate body lotion lifts my mood, it is perfect when applied after a long, hard day.

Once applied the scent itself stays with you through out the night and most of the next day too. Pairing it up with the First Snow dusting powder makes for a match made in heaven.

Not only does Celebrate leave you smelling fabulous, it also leaves you with soft, smooth and gloriously hydrated skin – it is the perfect body lotion and by far one of the best I have ever used.

This year (2016) they brought Sleepy body lotion out in its place. As I mentioned above I was devastated, Sleepy is however a very good body lotion, I like it a lot. I am just an old school Lushie and love the Celebrate body lotion just that little bit more.

Both Celebrate and Sleepy have their strong points but I believe Celebrate body lotion will always be my all time favourite.

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Christmas Kisses Bubble Bar from Lush

img_4775The Christmas Kisses Bubble Bar is a Lush Cosmetics product that I can never, ever say no to. It shares its scent with one of my favourite Winter shower gels, Hot Toddy.

I love the Hot Toddy scent family, all of their products have an amazing list of warming ingredients.

A Christmas Kisses bath is perfect for soothing and warming up tired and aching muscles. It contains clove leaf, patchouli, cinnamon and sweet orange oil making it a spicy bubble bar with sweet elements too. Its scent is almost identical to the scent of the fizzy cola bottle sweets, it is perfect for the Winter time.

The Christmas Kisses bubble bar makes the long, cold and dull Winter so much easier to endure. Easing yourself into a Christmas Kisses bath is like no other feeling, I hate Winter but this bubble bar really does help me get through it. If my muscles could applaud they would give a standing ovation every single time I used this beautiful bubble bar.


The Christmas Kisses bubble bar breaks up easily. The smallest amount creates mounds and mounds of fluffy white bubbles. It may be a reasonably small bubble bar, however a little really does go a very long way. I can get 3 generously bubbled bubble baths out of just the one bar.

The only negative point I can think of for it is that I don’t have enough. Which is my fault entirely. I love this bubble bar so much that I am already running very low on it, it was only in the Lush Kitchen a few weeks ago too.

The scent remains strong throughout your bath, it is so, so relaxing, it feels like each and every one of my muscles is being delicately seen to by a very good masseuse.


The bubble bar softens the water a great deal, leaving your skin silky smooth, my winter abused skin relishes in it.

Once you are out of the bath the warmth of it and how it feels on your skin remains with you. Any dry patches on your skin disappear and best of all, its scent remains with you right up until you next have a bath…

I am however a little piggy when it comes to bath time, I have a bath at least once a day because they help me manage 2 medical conditions that I have that leave me in constant pain.

I know some people think that 1 bath a day is excessive but if it helps me manage my pain while also limiting the amount of medication I take, it is a no brainer of a solution. I can’t avoid taking pain medication full stop but if I can get relief from a more natural source then I will.

Nothing else from Lush has come close to making me feel as relaxed and care-free as the Christmas Kisses bubble bar does. Next time it’s in the Lush Kitchen I advise you NOT to buy it, NOT one single bar…

…That ensures there’s more for me to grab, mwahahaha! *inserts evil emoji*

The Christmas Kisses bubble bar is one of the very best, you’d be silly not to try it, trust me, I’m a Christmas Kisses addict.

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Abombinaball Bath Bomb from Lush

The Abombinaball Bath Bomb may look really scary but he’s actually a joy to share a bath with… Honest! Until last year (2015) I hadn’t had a chance to try the Abombinaball bath bomb, Lushie’s all over the world raved about it so naturally when it became available in the Lush Kitchen I jumped at the chance to order a few.

As much as I love the Intergalactic bath bomb and its minty freshness, I can’t help but crave something minty that’s just a little different as it gets a bit boring after a while, both the Intergalactic and Abombinaball bath bomb have peppermint oil in. I love peppermint oil based products as they help me manage my nausea levels. I’m on a lot of medication so suffer with it quite frequently.

As good as Intergalactic is, sometimes a change is as good as a holiday so I was super excited when my Abombinaball bath bombs arrived.

Although Abombinaball and Intergalactic both contain mostly peppermint oil, they are far from similar. The Abombinaball’s scent isn’t as sharp as the Intergalactic. I find the Abombinaball bath bomb sweeter and a much warmer scent in comparison.

Abombinaball also contains sweet orange oil and vanilla absolute, when I first learnt this I was a bit confused as I thought the ingredients would clash terribly.

After I however sniffed an Abombinaball I was no longer confused, the ingredients all worked together perfectly…

Its scent reminds me of my Grandad. He always had Trebor mints near him, using an Abombinaball bath bomb really takes me back to being a kid again. Back then I would sit next to him holding a Trebor mint he’d given me, licking it like a cat instead of just putting it in my mouth like a normal person.

He was one of my favourite people on the planet. I love how a scent can just take you back in time. The Abombinaball bath bomb will therefore always have a special place in my heart.

If you thought the Intergalactic bath bomb was shimmery then you clearly haven’t tried an Abombinaball bath bomb. It’s magical!

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with the Abombinaball bath bomb, it’s fresh, sweet and uplifting making it perfect for a boost. Peppermint always seems to wake me up so I’d put this bath bomb down as a daytime one.

I have however used it at night and still slept okay.

Whenever the Abombinaball bath bomb is available I snap them up,  it really is a brilliant Lush product that I can’t recommend enough. 😈

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Please note that this post was originally posted on this website on the 20th of May 2016. I have updated each post on this blog several times as with time my photos have got better as has my product knowledge. – Lulu @ Lush Upon A Time

Fairy Ring Soap from Lush


At the Lush Creative Showcase I picked up the Mistletoe bath bomb and recognised the scent straight away. I squealed at one of the sales assistants, ‘SILKY UNDERWEAR!’ my boyfriend didn’t have a clue as to what I meant but thankfully the sales assistant did.

One of my favourite things about Lush is that you can enjoy their carefully crafted scents in lots of different formats.

The release of the Mistletoe bath bomb has led me into falling back in love with the silky underwear scent. When I see that the Lush Kitchen menu had Fairy Ring Soap, which shares the same scent too, I couldn’t stop myself from ordering a block.


The Fairy Ring soap contains a beautiful combination of yummy ingredients, jasmine, ylang ylang and vetivert oil. Mixed together they give the soap a sweet and musky scent that I can never get enough of.

There aren’t as many products in the silky underwear scent family as I’d like. I hope that the Lush Kitchen bring some of the retro products back soon and that in time its family will grow.

All of the Lush soaps that I have tried seem to last forever. When it came down to using the Fairy Ring soap I found that it lathered up very quickly and left my skin in a surprisingly soft and hydrated condition, this didn’t last very long though, my skin dried up after about half and hour.


This was easily fixed by slapping on some body lotion. I just wish that Lush had a body lotion with the same scent, using something with a different scent sometimes works really well, I however don’t always want to mix scents.

I’d literally buy several thousand litres of it if it was made into a body lotion. There are so many products that I wish had body lotion equivalents but this scent in particular I’d be very interested in.

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Yog Log Roulade Shower Smoothie from Lush

 Yog Log Roulade.pngLush’s Roulade Shower Smoothies do a very similar job to the Lush body conditioners such as Christingle or Snow Fairy. Lush describe them as ‘luxurious moisturisers for smooth, soft, and scented skin.’ They are however slightly more solid than the body conditioners and come pot free, stored in a biodegradable shrink wrap instead.

Yog Log Roulade Shower Smoothie is my very first ever Lush Roulade, I’ve had samples of others before but this is the first one that I have actually bought. It supposedly shares its scent with the Yog Nog bath bomb so I decided to give it a go.

I was so disappointed when I found out that the Yog Nog bath bomb wasn’t going to be a part of the regular Christmas line this year. It isn’t until you can’t get hold of something anymore that you realise how much you did in fact like it.

When I first got my 100g chunk of Yog Log I was a little disappointed by its scent, it has similarities to the Yog Nog bath bomb but it’s just not quite the same. Pushing this disappointment aside and looking at it as a brand new product, I was still keen to try it.


Seeing as this was my first ever Lush Roulade, I wasn’t really sure how best to use it. I’d seen demos of people grabbing the whole thing and lathering it all over themselves and I had also seen people cut theirs into portions, storing them in an old Lush pot.

I decided to portion out mine as I wanted it to last, I feared if I was to submerge it all in water that it would go out of date a lot quicker. I found this strange as I have the complete opposite attitude when it comes to the Lush shower jellies.

I think maybe I just feel that the roulades are creamier than the jellies and therefore have a shorter shelf life. I however have no idea if this is true as all Lush products are crafted to self preserve, using the whole thing could very well be an okay way to do it, I guess it just all boils down to personal preference.


Yog Log becomes workable very quickly, the heat of the water softens it turning it into a gentle and skin-soothing paste, massaging it gently into your skin is so relaxing.

The scent at this point really hits you too. Although it’s still not quite on par with the Yog Nog bath bombs scent I decided while using it that I really liked the product.

Once I have finished I hose myself down and pat myself dry with a towel. My skin smells just like biscuits and is so soft to touch. The scent doesn’t linger on your skin for very long but it stays healthy looking, bright and well hydrated.

I really hope there is a Yog Nog perfume in the Lush Kitchen next week as it’s the only one I didn’t manage to get last year and I’m seriously missing its scent.

Overall I am very impressed with the Yog Log Roulade Shower Smoothie. Now I have finally tried one I can’t wait to use a few of the others currently on offer!

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Father Christmas Bath Bomb from Lush


I held off from publishing this review until December as I try my very best to avoid everything Christmas until you can’t avoid it anymore… I also didn’t want to scare away any of my readers by raving about the Father Christmas Bath Bomb in September, I know a lot of you are Christmas crazy but I know others are complete scrooges like me! 😉

The Father Christmas bath bomb is very basic. This however doesn’t make it bad. It’s the same  size as the average larger sized Lush bath bomb. (The likes of the Think Pink and Butterball being small.)

Last year I described the Father Christmas bath bomb as ‘creepy looking’ I have since changed my mind and warmed to him. He actually looks quite jolly to me now.

This bath bomb is a part of the Snow Fairy scent family. Paired with this years brand new Snow Fairy Body Conditioner makes for one sweet, bath time treat.

Last year I wasn’t that crazy on the Snow Fairy products. I didn’t dislike them, I just prefered others.

For some reason earlier on in this year I started to really crave Snow Fairy. It is however a seasonal scent so I couldn’t get hold of any Snow Fairy products in the Summer at all!

When the Winter line was finally released this year, I grabbed as many Snow Fairy scented products as I could and have been really enjoying them ever since.

I have never been crazy on sweet things – food or products, so am really surprised that I have become so very keen on the Father Christmas bath bomb and all of the other Snow Fairy products currently available.

I can remember using this version of the Father Christmas bath bomb for the very first time last year.

I was very surprised to find that it had green insides! although it doesn’t create bath art that lives up to the likes of the Frozen or Enchanter bath bombs, its sudden burst of colour is very interesting to watch in the bathtub.

The sudden burst of colour reminds me of the bath bomb Ylang Song, so unexpected.

Everyone that first sees the Father Christmas bath bomb notices how pale it is, its exterior colours are not very vibrant at all, white and a very, very light pink. This made it even more of a surprise when you suddenly see dark green foam spurting out of it.

I don’t find the Father Christmas bath bomb to be very moisturising which is rare for a Lush bath bomb, since however bringing out the Snow Fairy body conditioner if used alongside the Father Christmas bath bomb it hydrates my skin and helps the Snow Fairy scent remain on my skin for longer.

I love being able to combine products with the same scent. Some products work really well with other differently scented products but Snow Fairy is quite hard to pair up.

With so many products available in its scent you can’t help but want to layer it up.

Last year (2015) if I really had to pick 2 bath bombs out of all of the ones that were available from the Winter collection that I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t come back, I would have said the Father Christmas and the Yog Nog bath bomb.

I don’t dislike either of them I just prefered others, both have however grown on me through out this year and out of the 2 I feel I like Yog Nog more. I am a little disappointed that Father Christmas lasted another year and Yog Nog didn’t.

It is however always nice to have a bath bomb returning for a season. It gives the indecisive Lush fans like me a chance to try them again. 9 times out of 10 I decide I do in fact like it so as sad as I am about Yog Nog now, I’m still happy to have the Father Christmas bath bomb back.

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Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb from Lush

 Never Mind the Ballistics Bath Bomb.png

2016 has been one of Lush’s best years for products yet. I don’t know how they always manage to do better and better every year, they just do and that’s why I love Lush so much!

Earlier this year, the Mother’s day line introduced us to a completely new type of bath bomb, The Roller.

The Roller was unique to anything Lush had sold before because of its design. The bath bomb is made just like any other bath bomb but the top half of it is dipped into a mixture of hot oil and butters, they are then left to set. Once set you are left with a bath bomb with 50% of it covered in a thin coating of rich and super softening bath melt.

The release of the Roller bath bomb caused mass hysteria in the Lush world, I know sometimes I can exaggerate but Roller honestly caused absolute pandemonium. Everyone wanted to try it and every time they became available they would become sold out within minutes.

The Lush community has (at the point of me writing this review) been spoilt with 2 more bath bombs designed in the same way as Roller. The Over and Over bath bomb and the Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb.


I was first introduced to the Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb at the Lush creative showcase back in September this year. It is currently part of the Lush 2016 Winter range and it has made quite the impression on me.

I do not recognise Never Mind The Ballistics’ scent from any other Lush product and it took me using it a few times to really appreciate it.

Never Mind The Ballistics is a wonderfully fruity scented bath bomb, this is however not very obvious at all. It contains both lime and sweet orange oil and also fresh banana. The banana seems to mask the zestyness that can normally be detected in products that contain lime or orange oil, it still has a very fruity scent but its so unique to any product I have tried from Lush before.

Just like the Roller and Over and Over bath bomb, Never Mind The Ballistics’ is a real treat for the skin.

I am very wary of products with extra melt in as I am not very steady on my feet due to 2 medical conditions, I therefore avoid anything that could make my bath tub excessively slippery.

As with Roller and Over and Over, Never Mind The Ballistics isn’t at all excessively oily, all 3 are in my opinion, in fact the perfect combination of bath bomb and bath melt. I was so scared of using them at first but am so glad that I did.

My photographs do the Never Mind The Ballistics bath bomb no justice at all. The colours and patterns it creates while swirling around your bathtub are almost hypnotic.

You just can’t take your eyes off of it and I always find myself trying not to wriggle or move in case I disturb its work of art!


I am so, so impressed with Never Mind The Ballistics. My only negative is that colour wise it is very similar to the Over and Over bath bomb.

I really like the idea of it having fresh banana in, if you struggle to have your 5 a day this bath bomb won’t help BUT I guess bathing in it is better than nothing at all… 😉

Although this bath bomb doesn’t appear at all Christmassy, I do think it’s a fantastic addition to the 2016 Winter line and I really recommend trying it at least once.

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Butterball Bath Bomb from Lush

butterball-bath-bombThe Butterball bath bomb is one of those products that forever live in the shadow of other more attractive and pleasing on the eye, bath bombs.

With the likes of Frozen and Yoga Bomb to compete with, you can see why Butterball may get ignored and left at the bottom of your drawer…

This year I however promised myself that when it comes to Lush, I would stop just going for the products that speak to me straight away. This is when I decided to give the Butterball bath bomb a go and ever since I’ve been kicking myself for not using it sooner.

Butterball is a small bath bomb compared to most of the other Lush ones. Its smaller price tag however reflects its size so I do not see its smaller size as an issue.

For comparison purposes I’d say that the Butterball bath bomb is close, if not the same in size to the Think Pink bath bomb.

I’ve said many times before and I am sure to say it many times again but never judge a bath bomb until you’ve given it a go in the bathroom.

Believe it or not, not everyone goes for the bath bombs that are bright, colourful and whizz-pop, whizz-bang. Some prefer the softer coloured ones and want to enjoy the bath bombs ingredients rather than just watch a colourful, bath time show.

Butterball is a very gentle bath bomb that has a soft and creamy scent. It contains small chunks of cocoa butter pieces in it that slowly melt as the bath bomb fizzes away.

I was advised to use the Butterball bath bomb in a ‘hot as I could stand it’ bath and wow does it make a difference when you do.

The cocoa butter in this bath bomb soothes tired, dry and irritated skin. My skin absolutely adores the carefully selected ingredients of Butterball. There isn’t very much in it, but that by no means dictates that it’s a bad or boring bath bomb.

My skin just soaks up all of the goodness of its ingredients and once I get out of the bath my skin stays silky smooth and I smell good enough to eat.

As I said earlier the Butterball bath bomb doesn’t put much of a show on in the bath tub and is better desired by those that are looking for something gentle and a little less in your face.

It’s a very good choice of bath bomb to use if you haven’t tried any before and it’s also one that works great as an ingredient for a Lush-bath-cocktail.

I recommend using it with one of Lush’s shower creams, Prince Charming and Yuzu and Cocoa in particular, although any shower gel or cream would work as the Butterball bath bomb is reasonably plain and therefore very versatile.

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Twilight Shower Gel from Lush

Twilight Shower Gel

Out of the never ending collection of Lush scents, I would say that Twilight is a firm favourite throughout the whole of the Lush community. So much so that it appears in a variety of different Lush products released all through the year.

The most common product with its scent at the time of writing this review is the all-year-round and much loved Twilight bath bomb.

The Twilight shower gel is overflowing with some of the world’s most soothing, natural ingredients. Tonka, lavender and benzoin essential oils have each been carefully selected to create a calming and relaxing shower gel. It’s the perfect partner for a night time shower or soak.

The first time I came across the Twilight scent was actually in its bath bomb format. When I very first got into Lush I had been slowly working my way through just the bubble bars. After a month or two of visiting my local store, I decided that it was about time I explored some of the other products too. That day I picked up the Twilight bath bomb and ever since I have been a hardcore fan.

Lavender as I am sure you will all know, is said to lull you into a relaxed state of mind, which in turn aids restful sleep. Although I can’t give the Twilight shower gel all of the credit, ever since using it I have been able to drop off much easier, which is a huge success considering I had previously struggled to fall asleep full stop!

Twilight sg + sp.png

Whenever the Twilight shower gel is in the Lush Kitchen I try to get hold of at least one bottle. My boyfriend is (unfortunately for me) also a fan of the shower gel. It is a shower gel made to last, a little of it goes a very long way, the tiniest amount of product can easily wash your whole body, leaving your skin refreshed and hydrated.

My boyfriend however uses it by the gallon, I honestly cannot keep up with him and neither can the Lush Kitchen. He over indulges with nearly all of the Lush shower gels and shower creams but Twilight is one of his clear favourites as it never lasts long in our bathroom.

I get that his excess use of it is his luxury but it really gets my back up, it really isn’t necessary to use gallons and gallons of it as, as I said above a little really does go a long, long way. Plus it’s mine, go and get your own Joe!

Twilight SG Blob.png

Lush products may be a tad more expensive than the average drugstore product but taking into account that all Lush products have fresh, natural and cruelty free ingredients I think it’s worth splashing a little out on. That is unless you find yourself living with Joe, IF IT’S NOT NAILED DOWN HE WILL HAVE IT, get yourself a Lush safe decorated with barbed wire 😉

Older versions of the Twilight shower gel were quite runny. The more recently made ones from the last 3 or 4 times it has been in the Lush Kitchen have however been a thicker formula. This small change has made this already great shower gel so much better. It lathers up much easier and its scent stays with you for several hours after using it.

Twilight SG Shot

My skin feels soft and hydrated after using Twilight shower gel. If you haven’t tried Twilight shower gel yet I strongly advise that you do. It features in the Lush Kitchen a lot so if you missed out on the batch sold earlier this week don’t panic, it’ll be back soon!

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub from Lush

Check out my review on the Rub Rub Rub @Lushltd’s @LushCosmetics shower scrub


The exfoliation of your skin has a very long list of skin-perfecting benefits. I cannot believe the number of people that do not know how essential exfoliating is for the upkeep of beautiful skin. I never used to think that it was as a very important job myself, that is until I had a chocolate sauce massage followed by the most epic sea-salt body scrub.

It was a birthday treat booked by my boyfriend while we were on holiday in Egypt, we were in our early twenties at the time and ever since the experience, it has changed my skin for the better.

I couldn’t get over how beautiful my skin felt and looked, I was glowing. My sun tan was the best it had ever been and my skin tone was completely even. I have a number of dark and  light patches of skin all over my body. I have always been very self conscious of them and ashamed at how uneven and strange they make my skin appear. Description wise I would compare it to a very bad patchy, fake tan – which we can all appreciate is no fun at all.

Once my Egyptian salt scrub was over I couldn’t quite believe what I was looking at in the mirror. For the first time ever I was confident about the look and feel of my skin. I felt amazing!

Lush’s Rub Rub Rub shower scrub is the closest formula out there to whatever Egyptian magic they used on me that day. Packed with skin reviving ingredients I always make sure I have a pot of this on my shelf to use at least once a week. I dread to think of what my skin would look like without it.

Sharing its scent with the Sakura Bath Bomb, Rub Rub Rub gives off a very refreshing and clean fragrance.


The tiniest amount of this shower scrub goes a very long way, I have heard many positive reviews on Rub Rub Rub. For me, it evens out my skin tone, softens my skin and also helps keep any annoying black heads or breakouts at bay.

It is the perfect product to not only clean and clear your pores of excess oil, dirt and yucky dead skin but also to make your skin softer in appearance as well as to touch.

I’d also like to point out that the Rub Rub Rub scrub is a little more heavy duty than some of the alternative exfoliating products out there. For someone like me having an incredibly noticeable, uneven skin tone it is gold dust!

It’s a fairly gentle but effective formula, not so harsh that it makes my skin sore and not so soft that I can’t see or feel the difference after using it. It is worth every penny.

If your skin is sensitive I would maybe try something more gentle for your face. My go to face exfoliator is Lush’s Cup O’ Coffee. In the Winter I however stick to using Rub Rub Rub or the Ocean Salt and Face Body Scrub.


The consistency of Rub Rub Rub to touch reminds me of a Slush Puppy, it however isn’t as cold, I do know of some people using it straight from the fridge though. I have yet to try it  fresh from the fridge but now the nights are getting warmer I’m leaning towards giving it a go.

As said above, a little goes a long way, I can scrub down the whole of my body with the equivalent of a table spoon worth of product.

Rub Rub Rub isn’t just a shower scrub either, I love when a product isn’t a one trick pony. It can also be used as a shampoo, the sea salt stimulates your roots and massages your scalp so well, it’s my idea of heaven. When I use it, it adds so much volume to my flat, dull and boring hair – another problem I have.

All in all I am very impressed with the Rub Rub Rub shower scrub. It also comes in a solid form but after trying both I find the potted form of it lasts longer and is better value for money.

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