Snow Fairy Body Lotion from Lush

It’s hard to believe that it took Lush until 2022 to bring out the Snow Fairy Body Lotion. The scent seems to have been made into every other product format possible through the years.

The Snow Fairy scent is best described as a sickly-sweet blend of candy floss and bubblegum.

I don’t always favour the super-sweet-scented Lush products HOWEVER, with the Snow Fairy scent featuring so heavily in so many of Lush’s products, it’s almost impossible to avoid, especially in the Winter.

Over the years I have slowly warmed to the Snow Fairy scent. The fact that all-things Snow-Fairy-scented are almost always exclusively pink is what always sells it to me. I wasn’t going to buy a pot of the Snow Fairy body lotion but after Lush sent me out a sample of it, I couldn’t help myself.

The most frequent question I have been asked about the Snow Fairy body lotion is how it compares to the Snow Fairy body conditioner.

The body lotion is a much lighter formula than the body conditioner equivalent, it’s just as hydrating but soaks in a lot quicker. I find a small amount goes a very long way which is always a bonus with Lush products, especially with the recent price increases of almost everything in the world right now.

The Snow Fairy body lotion isn’t my favourite of all the body lotions I have tried from Lush. I think my favourite out of the Winter body lotions will always be the Celebrate, Once Upon A Time and Calacas body lotions but it was nice to try something new.

The Snow Fairy body lotions bright pink colour was what won me over when it came to which Christmas products I’d be buying this year. I’m a true princess that can never get enough of anything if it’s pink.

As I said earlier, the Snow Fairy body lotion is hydrating, it’s scent on your skin isn’t as sickly sweet as other Snow Fairy products are, which is a good thing in my eyes as, as I’ve said many times before (especially with the sweet scents) sometimes less is more.

Overall, I am so pleased that I ordered a Snow Fairy body lotion, I probably won’t be buying another pot but only because I prefer other, fruity-scented body lotions more. If you are Snow Fairy crazy, I highly recommend buying yourself a pot of it though!

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